Anime sets unreasonable standards for food

Everybody loves to bitch about how anime sets unreasonable standards for relationships, but what about food? People don’t need relationships, but we sure as hell need food. I’m hungry. I think I’ll eat some more of my brother’s birthday cake.

Buying this cake was the nicest thing I’ve ever done intentionally. I’d say it even beats that time I got him a pack of pencils with his name printed on them.

Unfortunately, I forgot that my brother lives approximately 470 miles away from me, so I had no choice but to eat the cake alone. It was heartbreaking – heartbreakingly delicious!

Why can’t all food be utterly scrumptious like the birthday cake my brother will see mouthwatering pictures of but never taste? Nothing at the grocery store turns me on anymore. After wading through aisles of organic vegetables and dolphin-free tuna, I thought I finally found something worth eating:

This shitty cereal wasn’t even made from real Pandas. To top things off, the word search puzzle on the back of the box was way to easy. TOUCANGMDH, gee, I wonder if there’s a word in there.

I blame anime for setting the bar too high. Everything in anime looks delicious.