The Clannad Quiz

So Kyou, Ryou, and to some degree, Tomoyo got ripped off. At least one of my bold predictions came true:

I also watched the Clannad movie. Here are the key differences:

  • Fuko doesn’t exist
  • Ryou doesn’t exist. Oh wait, nothing changed.
  • Kotomi is a voiceless character in a completely irrelevant role
  • Kyou is Tomoyo’s lackey
  • Fuko’s sister flogs Sunohara
  • The animation sucks relative to the TV series
  • The Dango song is slightly different but equally pedophilic
  • No shitty overkilled bedpan jokes
  • There’s a convincing explanation for why Nagisa wants to act
  • The robot with feelings was replaced by a creepy puppet with feelings
  • There’s a dramatic time skip (by far the most compelling reason to watch the movie)
  • Dinosaurs!

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  1. @Geyyyyy: Never considered watching the anime (read the manga, though, as far as it went), but after your post I feel inclined to do so.

    Also, I’m thinking of watching Clannad, as well. Now, if I only get to cram in those viewing sessions in my schedule…

  2. Other Key differences between the Movie and the Series:
    -Naoyuki (Tomoya’s dad) works as grave-keeper (has better personality) instead of being an unemployed drunk
    -Fuko’s sister is the advisor of drama club instead of Koumura
    -No one else join the drama club besides Tomoya & Sunohara
    -Nagisa remains deceased at the ending (I hope Ushio won’t die as well since in the series if Nagise dies, Ushio will die too)
    -Tomoya is more sarcastic (I think as he even tell Nagisa not to meet him again)
    -Nagisa wears scarf on her neck while in the series she doesn’t
    -Tomoya confess Nagisa right after her performance over instead of waiting several days in drama club room
    -Sunohara never fight Tomoyo
    I was wondering, does Tomoya also leave his house then stay at Nagisa’s house before her performance like in the series?

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