Wanted: Kibure

Yes, you

Name: Kibure

Alias: Kikki

Age: 14-16

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Last seen: Infinite Ryvius, Episode 13

Reward: If you can locate Kibure in episode 14 of Infinite Ryvius, I will write a review of any anime you want. This is a perfect opportunity for you to suck up to me/piss me off without blowback. Claim your reward by posting the approximate time when she appears in the comments. The first reasonably accurate time wins.

Background: As you all know, Kibure is my favorite random character. She loses her dinosaur costume in episode 6 and spends the rest of the series trying to get it back.

She’s supposedly in every episode, but after at least five rewatches, I haven’t been able to find her in episode 14. I’d rather watch something new instead of the same episode repeatedly, so if you can find her for me, I’ll watch something you recommend, even if it sucks.

Leads: In episode 13, Kibure had one arm and one leg. She recovered the head in episode 15. In episode 16 she was seen with one arm, one leg, and the head. Therefore, she probably had only one leg and one arm in episode 14.




Let the hunt begin

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  1. […] I offered you assholes an unbelievable opportunity two weeks ago, but nobody capitalized because you were all too busy fondling little boys on crowded trains. Stop beating off to Lolicon Phoenix and FIND MY KIBURE! […]

  2. Ninj4 says:

    Hey, I might have found Kibure!

    In episode 13 at 21:25 Behind the guy in the yellow shirt, on a ladder

    It kinda looks like Kibure (this is my first time watching, and the only thing i know about her is her white headband)

    The subs say “It’s meaningless. They have no chance against Ryvuis!”

    I hope this helped.

  3. Ninj4 says:

    omg, sry, looked at wrong ep, my bad

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Ninj4: That was the second toughest episode, so I’ll give you get a special reward. Because you found her in episode I already found her in, I’ll write a review of any anime you want that I’ve already written a review of.

  5. Ninj4 says:

    Yay, a review on an anime that you’ve already reviewed!

    Well, I asked my Japanese friend to look on some Japanese websites for sitings of Kibure


    According to this, she was not sited in episodes 4, 14, and 22.

  6. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Ninj4: I must admit, that’s an awesome site, but I did find her in episodes 4 and 22.

    But I watched 14 at least 5 times and couldn’t find her.

  7. jcpenguin says:

    Apparently, someone has tracked all other Kibure spottings…other than in episode 14.

  8. Loki says:

    Actually, she is in every episode in opening. Time 2:32 in episode 14: http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/9563/a4einfiniteryvius14divx.jpg … top right corner.

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