Anime needs more Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, like lesbians, make everything better. No exceptions.

1. Dinosaurs = Drama

The other day I was watching some boring anime about a little girl whose dog died. Boo hoo hoo, go down the pound and get a new one. They’ll even spay or neuter it for free! Nobody cares when dogs die. Dinosaurs, on the other hand, don’t just die – they go extinct. It’s like The Last of the Mohicans, except with dinosaurs. That’s tragic.

You know why Air TV kicked ass? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t because of that useless shit Potato. Gao!

2. Dinosaurs = Comedy

Dinosaurs are hilarious, especially when they try to speak Japanese.

3. Dinosaurs = Action

Guess who won…

Thanks to dinosaurs, I even approve of Magical Heart Kokoro-chan.

4. Dinosaurs = Romance

You had me at Hypsilophodon

5. Dinosaurs = A Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity

I offered you assholes an unbelievable opportunity two weeks ago, but nobody capitalized because you were all too busy fondling little boys on crowded trains. Stop beating off to Lolicon Phoenix and FIND MY KIBURE! Somebody has to have some spare time; otherwise there wouldn’t be a few hundred Caramelldansen videos on YouTube.



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  1. IKnight says:

    At the end of the day, anything endorsed by Infinite Ryvius must be good. Isn’t there an early episode of Space Runaway Ideon featuring dinasaurs?

  2. Kabitzin says:

    Sometimes dinosaurs = sci fi. They had some dino-maybe-aliens in Gantz if I recall correctly.

  3. Amex_Yohko says:

    Dinosaurs and lesbians – two elements that makes most recent anime better shows.

    However these two elements have a major problem. Most female viewers don’t like them. Most recent shows now are filled with bishounens instead. Even in this spring alone we already have some shoujo shows like Special A, Kyo Kara Maoh(yes, its a shoujo) and Junjo Romantica(a full-blown yaoi).

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    Female viewers will like what I tell them to like.

  5. IKnight says:

    Baka-Raptor: yuri-dinosaurophile taste-patriarch.

  6. Baka-Raptor says:

    Haven’t seen Space Runaway Ideon, though I do have a soft spot for 80’s anime…

    Still haven’t seen Gantz, unfortunately.

  7. Yes… dinosaurs definitely make everything better 🙂

  8. Kabitzin says:

    Between my comment and that review, I don’t know what’s stopping you. Although I only know the dinosaurs from the manga and cannot confirm that they appear in the anime.

  9. Ender says:

    The Gantz anime didn’t get to the missions with the dinosaurs, unfortunately.

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