Why Noe is Crazy (from a Man’s POV)

Approximately 10 days ago, I left a comment on The Scrumptious Anime Blog explaining why men don’t like Noe:

“The problem with Noe is that she’s crazy. She’s always jumping out of trees and talking to chickens. No guy wants to be in a relationship with a girl who tries to make him eat chicken feed. Unless he’s desperate.” – Baka-Raptor

Her response:

“@Baka-Raptor: ouch :| Noe is not crazy =___= she might be eccentric, but her actions before were playful and innocent. The pureness of her heart is admirable, but I don’t think a Noe-hater would understand that, unless you look deeper into her heart and her actions .___.” – usagijen

Whoa, let’s try to be civil here. I’m not saying we should throw Noe in a padded cell (though I’m not saying we shouldn’t). I’m only saying she’s too crazy eccentric to date. Suffice it to say this doesn’t take much. Guys are quick to call their girlfriends crazy for all kinds of reasons:

  • Calling twice in one day
  • No sex after four dates
  • Crying for any reason whatsoever
  • Laughing hysterically at a moderately funny joke

Guys always have an easy way out when things don’t go their way: calling the girl crazy. After all, we’re steadfast, rational, resolute men. They have mood swings and PMS. When I complain, I’m insightful. If I were a girl, I’d sound like a bitch. Is it fair? No, but in exchange for first-glance credibility, women have plenty of advantages over men:

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Cars stop for them at crosswalks
  • Courts are more likely to condone their use of deadly force in self-defense
  • No social stigma for watching TV all day while their spouses slave away at the office

Still don’t think gender makes a difference? Just look at Owen. It’s my understanding that Owen once ruled the anime blogosphere with an iron fist. Then as soon as everyone found out she’s a girl, they couldn’t help but patronize her. For example, Kurogane wrote a whole post calling her beautiful. If Kurogane called me beautiful, I’d kick his ass!

Back to Noe, it’s not like she’s the only crazy anime girl. You don’t get much crazier than Priscilla. I mean, she likes Raki. Oh yeah, and she eats people.

A few more crazy anime girls:

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  1. I agree that Noe is at least too crazy to date, especially in the first 10 episodes. I also don’t want to date some little kid, which is what naive and innocent imply. However, none of this stopped Jun. Sometimes you need laws…

    I also agree about Nodame and Kotonoha, although in Nodame’s case she did have the whole music thing to trick music-loving guys. Haruhi is a tough choice, because she could end the world on a whim. Can’t comment about Miyako, since I never saw ef.

  2. Oh yeah, also Noe was originally too crazy to have friends as well, so the females in her school couldn’t stand her either. Even when Hiromi faked trying to be her friend, they ended up rumbling.

  3. Well, “normal” is defined not by the society – only by that little thing between your ears. Nodame may seem incompatible with ‘normal’ people, but there’s plenty of characters I consider further from sanity. Like about every main character of a typical shounen anime. Energetic charismatic 14-year old idiots with a moral code, that are not kicked in the ass, exist mainly in cliché productions, not in the real world.

    A real crazy man would be someone who considers Naruto/Ruffy/Ichigo as normal. A real lunatic is someone who actually thinks he’s not wasting his time watching every anime with a premise of brainless action(and not thinking about lesbians, the core of high culture).

    Crazy girls? They are merely a hyperbole of ‘normal’ girls, I think.

  4. Oh, come on; that was a completely unfair comparison! Sekai was only taking steps to rid this world of those filthy orcish spies and their black blood.

  5. Well you have your own definition of crazy, though the apt way to describe Noe would be semi-autistic, as some people have pointed out. I still think you won’t call someone crazy if you are able to understand the person, like the example you gave regarding guys and their girlfriends. Or in this case, understanding Noe’s eccentricity.

  6. Guys definitely have their own definition of “crazy”:

    Getting mad when I forget our one month anniversary? Crazy.

    Asking me go shopping with her friends? Crazy.

    Expecting me to spend time with her instead of watching the football game, just so that she can have the satisfaction of knowing she’s more important than the football game? Crazy.

    It all boils down to the fact that guys can’t stand drama. Noe = drama. Hiromi = obedience.

    Maybe Noe is great once you get to know her. Some of my readers even rose up against me to make that point. However, in my view, Noe is just too much to handle, especially when Hiromi is a viable option.

  7. I’d say Hiromi would be some drama by herself. But it seems like it would be short-term as soon as you got together. Noe would seem to have constant drama in her relationship, and it would keep things from getting boring for me. 😛

  8. As much as I support the pair, I pondered for ages how did Chiaki come to like Nodame after breaking up with Saiko. I’m guessing it’s because of her faithfulness and dedication, but still..

  9. Hm, sexism rears it’s ugly head again. Ah well, my gender does suck sometimes. I’ve seen crazier women than Noe though. Have you seen Myself, Yourself? That chick is just ridiculous. Slappin a boy cause he didn’t recognize her after five years, what a bitch.

    On another note, in answer to your nicely compromised lists..XD I call my boyfriend maybe once a week at most, otherwise he’s always phone-stalking me. I don’t laugh at jokes unless I find them to be truly funny, moderately funny doesn’t interest me much. I don’t cry in front of people. Interesting reasons against women, but I’ve seen more valid ones.

    And for the record, don’t you think being with someone spontaneous and eccentric would be more fun and eventful that being with someone droll who’s always wholed up in the emo corner? I’m sorry, but Hiromi was pretty emo there for a while. 😛

  10. Ooh, and in your comments, just out of curiousty! Are women supposed to be obedient? I’m not, I do what I want when I want, but I grew up around a lot of guys. ^.^ AND, I agree with you on the football game thing, that’s just stupid. I’d let him watch football while I watched anime.

    Hm…I think I had too much to say about this post. Lol.

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