100 Reasons to Vote for Baka-Raptor

With all the one year anniversary posts popping up recently, I thought I’d get in on the action by celebrating my not one, not two, but 2.2 freaking years of rocking the internet.

I could take the opportunity to humbly thank all the people who’ve helped make this possible, or I could crank out one last-ditch effort to secure an Anime Blog Award nomination…


All of these images exist somewhere within the dark depths of Baka-Raptor.com. I know I promised 100, but I got carried away and put up 113. My bad.

Now that you know who I am and what I’m all about, you can pause your uncensored Kodomo no Jikan for a few seconds to vote for me. If you’ve already voted, don’t cry – you can always change your vote. Suggested categories:




  • Best Episodic Blog
  • Best Editorial Blog
  • Best Team Blog
  • Best Manga Blog
  • Most Influential Blog
  • Best Dorama
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Funniest Blog
  • Best Satire Blog
  • Best Seiyuu-Orientated Blog
  • Most Thought-Provoking Blog
  • Best Blog-related Comic
  • Best Figurine Blog
  • Best Art/Doujin/Visual Novel Blog
  • Best News Blog


If you don’t want to vote for me, that’s your choice – a choice you may regret…

29 people love sucking up to me

  1. @Nagato: I went through each of my pages and carefully handpicked the finest images for your viewing pleasure.

    @lolikitsune: I believe in two things: Drastic my Soul and lolikitsune. If you say you changed your vote, it is so.

  2. How can you create a collage of your Baka-Raptor career without including the greatest images of all: The Crappy Sketches???

    And did ‘Nagato’ just say ‘lawl’? Just checking…

  3. Never seen that Maddox photo? When/where (Not that it will say anything to me, living in Norway, but…)?

  4. @ Praz: Did I just say it? I don’t know, I believe I use it quite frequently. Or were you comparing me to a character from a certain anime?

  5. I forgot about the Crappy Sketches because they’re no longer accessible through direct links (I sold out to make this site a true anime blog by removing all my old non-anime links). However, incidental links are permitted:


    As for Nagato’s lawl, I shall allow it because he recommended the manga Boukun Tyrano-san, thereby making him my new best friend.

  6. That was at Maddox’s book signing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 26, 2006.


    I missed what would’ve been my final intramural football game to go to that signing. I also ended up dropping a class because I was at that signing instead of doing a homework assignment due the next day. It was totally worth it.

    More on his book tour: http://alphabetofmanliness.com/?u=tour

    Also, that final Shizuru pic is a first on this site, but it was too good to put on hold.

  7. @ Raptor: Hm, I don’t remember saying I was male. It’s fine though.
    Btw, is that you getting your book signed by Maddox? 😮

    @ Praz: You’re still confusing me, but that’s okay.

  8. Yes, that was me two years ago. I was so young…

    Note: It’s a policy of mine to assume that anyone is male until proven otherwise. You can never be too careful.

  9. Baka-Raptor, you are such a masochist :< Taking 15 mins for me to load all the images!

    Happy birthday 2.2 year old raptor you!

    Can’t think of anything else right now, over and out!

  10. Oh, and to save us lazy bastards time, could you just tell us what categories you are nominated in so we can skip every other category?

  11. My computer is still in the process of loading all those pictures, but I am sure they will secure my vote.

  12. I may be considered ignorant by you, Baka-Raptor (just in case I really didn’t notice it before, when I had a chance), but is your real name really Sarv? A pretty cool one, I admit.

  13. That’s what most people call me. My true name is Sarv + a few more letters at the end that make my name substantially less cool and more difficult to pronounce. During the old days of this website, I tried to go by the name Sarv, but everybody kept calling me Baka-Raptor, so now I’m Baka-Raptor.

  14. you need to find an anime talking about some sort of programming and put up mf’s image with the physical frame allocator bubble. caaaaaaman

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