Next Week: MTAC

Next weekend, I’ll be taking a break in the middle of finals to attend the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention.

But Baka-Raptor, why would you go to an anime convention? Thousands of people go to anime conventions! Don’t you hate people?

Yes, but once in a while it’s important to do things that you hate, just to keep your hatred in perspective. Having done nothing remotely social this past year, it’s about time I got back in touch with the common man to reassess why I hate him so much. An anime convention is the perfect place to do this:

  • Unlike the real world, I can leave (and come back) whenever I want
  • They’ll surely overcharge for pizza, a great reason to go on a diet
  • I’ll be in disguise

But aren’t you ruining your disguise by posting it online?

That might be the case if anybody actually read this website. Also, this picture is only a pathetic dress rehearsal. I guarantee the real thing won’t suck as much.

1. Surprise, I know nothing about makeup

I applied it with my thumb. Judging by the results, that’s apparently not the proper technique.

2. Drawing on your arm is a pain in the ass

Contrary to popular belief, drawing a complex tattoo on your own arm isn’t easy. If I had any friends, I’d get them to do it for me.

3. I completely forgot about the clothes

It never occurred to me that I’d actually have to wear something. Scar in jeans and a t-shirt?

I also need to figure out which events to attend. Any suggestions? Here’s the schedule.

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  1. I’m told that the thumb is not necessarily the ideal way to apply makeup, no. But then, I will never understand cosplay – or attend a convention, for that matter.

  2. Yay, an FMA cosplay… As much as I hate cosplay (especially when middle-aged overweight japanese guys dress up as Sailor-warriors or something… Gross, just gross…), dressing up as Scar is actually a pretty good idea (He’s manly enough to be worthy of cosplaying).

    [May I tell you a little secret? FMA is the only series I’ve ever bought in actual paper format, and the only series I am ever considering buying in the future. I consider this to be the best anime/manga ever]

  3. Well, at first I thought that thing on your face was something like the White Cross Of Saint Andrew without the blue background. But then I noticed the tatoo.

    I think you should use some thick black paint, hire someone to put it on your face properly, then go to a solarium. After that, get some Heiligkräutergeist(or just …some spirit/ethyl alcohol) and wash out the paint. What should be left is supposed to be an untanned area on the skin.

    Oh, and then you have to watch the whole series of Sailor Moon late at night in order to get those freaking red eyes.

  4. @Coaxen: the real problem is that Baka-Raptor already has a somewhat dark skin (I assume he is from India, since he mentioned a couple of Indus (sp?) relatives in his earlier articles). Your trick might not work at all, even though it would be the ideal for a bright-skinned anime fan.

  5. My parents are from India. I am not. India sucks. Also, the correct adjective is Indian, not that it matters. India by any other name is still a diseased shithole.

  6. Problems with keke’s suggestion:

    1. I actually wear glasses on occasion, so if I did get contacts, they’d have some +/- on them.
    2. Colored contacts probably won’t come cheap.
    3. I can’t wear contacts. The thought of sticking plastic in my eyes terrifies me. Yes, I realize the moé implications of that statement.

  7. If I could dress up as any anime character, Id dress up as Bear Walken. Then Id hook up with a girl dressed as Sherrie Walken, in a strange combination of incest and eroticism. Of course, I would only do that if Sherrie had 2 hot, lesbian sisters named Shizuru and Natsuki, all lined up for you.

  8. I’ve never been to an anime convention before!! And everytime I read something like this I get extremely jealous xD But if I could cosplay, I dunnoes what I’d be nor am I any good with dressing up and make-up etc. BUT guess what?! In September there’s gonna be a MANIFEST which I will definitely go to with my friends. I accidentally missed out on Supanova, and those anime conventions are just for people of Melbourne. I’m excited and I haven’t even ordered the tickets yet, which I’m not sure if they’re available yet. I’m using precious $15 to just go there >_>

  9. If I cosplayed, I’d probably go with something out of FMA as well (see my comment above). I am one head too high for Edward (190 cm), but then there’s Mustang, or Bradley (and his 4-sword technique), or maybe Hoenheim, or even Envy (*shudders*).

  10. Well… umm… I’m not exactly the muscular type, if you know what I mean… Unless I use some inflatable muscles (Hello, Spongebob!), I will look like a dried-up version of Major Armstrong. Also, shaving head for the sake of a mere cosplay… a bit too daring for me.

    Ahaha, it’s not like I will cosplay anyway, but it’s nice to speculate ideas and possibilities.

  11. And dark-skinned to boot! Add in some red eyes, and a REAL scar (I might help you on this one: I love burning things), and you’re basically Scar’s evil twin.

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