2008 Anime Blog Awards Nominations

I have two types of nominations: Seeds and Wild Cards.

Seeds: Nepotism at its finest. These are blogs I regularly read, link to, comment on, etc…

Wild Cards: When I run out of Seeds, I browse the list of nominees and select a worthy candidate.

Best Episodic Blog

Seed: Random Curiosity

Seed: Sea Slugs!

Seed: Star Crossed Anime Blog

Comments: Taking screenshots every 10 seconds is a pain in the ass. I tried it once. It gave me cramps.

Best Editorial Blog

Seed: In Search of Number Nine

Seed: The Animanachronism

Seed: Drastic my Anime Blog

Comments: So many good ones. I ended up going with The Twin Stars (No. 9 and Animanachronism), and Drastic my Anime Blog is just a really cool name.

Best Team Blog


Seed: Yukan

Seed: THAT Animeblog

Comments: Yukan has 9 bloggers. If that doesn’t deserve an award, what does? Running a team blog is no easy task. Baka-Raptor started out as a team blog. Ghetto was the primary author of the White Suits page, the Stepping on Twigs page, and then he decided to get a life. Bastard.

Best Manga Blog

Wild Card: Manga Blog

Wild Card: Manga Cast

Wild Card: Manga Maniac Cafe

Comments: They all have Manga in the title…

Most Influential Blog

Seed: Hop Step Jump!

Seed: Derailed by Darry

Wild Card: Danny Choo

Comments: I trust Jeff Lawson. Jason Miao may be lolikitsune’s mortal enemy, but that doesn’t change the fact that over 1000 people voted in his mako-cakes poll. My polls barely hit 20. Danny Choo is the most popular anime blogger I know absolutely nothing about.

Best Dorama

Seed: Cruel Angel Theses

Seed: Hontou ni sou omou?

Seed: The Scrumptious Anime Blog

Comments: Owen’s “April” “Fools” “Day” “Joke” apparently changed people’s lives. Zyl has threatened me on more than one occasion. Usagijen’s inflammatory post got me trolling.

Rookie of the Year

Seed: In Search of Number Nine

Seed: The Animanachronism

Seed: Are-Are

Comments: The Twin Stars strike again. Nagato’s manliness is second only to my own.

Funniest Blog

Seed: Minaide Hazukashii

Seed: Not Dotq

Wild Card: Lovely Kitsune

Comments: I’m going to be a sore loser no matter who wins, unless it’s Lovely Kitsune, the genius behind Misuzu’s Diary. The blog reminds me of my own, before I sold out.

Best Satire Blog

Seed: Not Dotq

Seed: In Search of Number Nine

Seed: The Animanachronism

Comments: A hat trick for The Twin Stars.

Best Seiyuu-Oriented Blog

Wild Card: Hashihime

Wild Card: Seiyuu3

Wild Card: j1m0ne

Comments: These seem to be only three…

Most Thought-Provoking Blog

Seed: In Search of Number Nine

Seed: The Animanachronism

Seed: Anime Otaku

Comments: The Twin Stars end their run with 4 nominations. Although I only discovered Anime Otaku a few days ago, its post titles alone were thought-provoking enough to make the cut.

Best Blog-related Comic

Wild Card: Beta-Waffle

Wild Card: Mistakes of Youth

Wild Card: Dango Blog

Comments: What’s wrong with my comics?

Best Figurine Blog

Seed: Cross Channel

Wild Card: Happy Soda

Wild Card: Figure News

Comments: It’s funny when it doesn’t happen to you

Best Art/Doujin/Visual Novel Blog

Wild Card: Radiant Dreamer

Wild Card: Eroge Review

Wild Card: Heisei Democracy

Comments: Another category that conspicuously ignored me…

Best News Blog

Seed: a geek by any other name

Wild Card: moetron

Wild Card: Canned Dogs

Comments: The tag cloud at animeblogger antenna says it all.

One final note: NOMINATE ME! Need a reason? HOW ABOUT 100 REASONS!?!

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  1. Is this a troll lol? Cross Channel isn’t a figure blog.

    They need a Best Otaku Blog category because I think I’d be under that. My blog can’t just be pigeon holed into one category, sadly.

  2. @Koji Oe: Oops, I guess I got caught making sarcastic nominations. If you don’t like it, perhaps you get get revenge by nominating me for an irrelevant category…. Seriously though, I don’t really read any figure blogs, and I remembered you had a Kotomi figure. Your blog is well-rounded (just like mine) and I don’t think any single category really captures its essence.

    @Michael: Gee, if only there were some way to express your thanks…through, like, nominations or something…. Yeah, I’m lazy. Your titles made me think. Someday I might actually read the whole post.

  3. >>@Michael: Gee, if only there were some way to express your thanks…through, like, nominations or something…. Yeah, I’m lazy. Your titles made me think. Someday I might actually read the whole post.

    Baka-Raptor, don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll regret your nomination for the rest of your life if you read his posts’ contents.

    Also, I’m glad that you recognize Lovely Kitsune’s greatness.

  4. Baka-Raptor@ Yeah, they really needed an all around category. Honestly, what were the thinking not having one?

    I’m not participating because I don’t really think of other blogs as being good at something. I just read whatever is written if it interests me. I hardly ever read one blog religiously just to read something.

    I think this is where an all around blog has an advantage. I dunno.

  5. Thanks for the nominations! I guess iniksbane and I are like Castor and Pollux. Or something. So long as we’re not Cagalli and Kira, because then we’d have to argue over who was Cagalli.

  6. @IKnight: I was thinking Mittermeyer and Reuental, although I haven’t yet decided who’s who.

    @lolikitsune: You need to send me a comprehensive list of which blogs you hate and why. I still don’t get what all the Miao bashing is about.

  7. M-manliness?! q_q

    In any case, you’ve secured my vote for the Satire category. Your site IS modeled after Maddox’s, so it’s not an unfeasible nomination.

  8. @Nagato: We’ve already established that you’re a man. You even admitted it:

    “Hm, I don’t remember saying I was male. It’s fine though.” – You

    As far as this website is concerned, you’re a man. End of story. It’s not such a bad thing. You don’t have to shave your legs, and auto mechanics won’t automatically assume they can rip you off.

  9. Well, that whole 100 pics post just takes the cake. I didn’t read all the posts you made, just enough to make out that the design on this blog is hella bad. Anywho, I made the nominations before I added your blog, I think.

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