Pizza-Raptor: We’ll Never Forget You

4/1/2008 – 4/30/2008

I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers where he was when Pizza-Raptor first graced the Baka-Raptor homepage:

Pizza-Raptor’s month-long tenure left us with many unforgettable memories:

Alas, the month of April is now over. Pizza-Raptor has passed on to that big tar pit in the sky (unless your browser cached his banner [yes, Pizza-Raptor was male. No apologies if you got trapped]). We must move on with our lives; it’s what Pizza-Raptor would’ve wanted. I leave you only with this elegy:

Pizza-Raptor went to town,

Riding on a pony;

Stuck a Pizza in his Hat,

And called it baka-roni.

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  1. Haha, I just realized that many of you weren’t familiar with my website prior to April. Pizza-Raptor was only supposed to be the mascot for my April Fool’s Day joke, but I whimsically decided to keep him around for the rest of the month. I’m now reverting to my original mascot, Baka-Raptor.

  2. What will be the next addition to the Raptor family? Maybe a Shushi-Raptor with a shef hat?

    Only time will tell!

  3. I’m an oldie here, so I was both surprised and amused. I think I stuck with this site for at least half a year.

  4. Your Pizza-Raptor gave me several simultaneous pulminary failures. I only just got around to figuring out how that was possible, and he up and vanishes on me? DOUBLE SHOCK! AND TWIN WATERFALLS OF TEARS!

  5. go fuck yourself faggots. your site is meaningless and your opinions are even more so. yes naruto filler was shit but it was either that or nothing. would you have rather naruto had ended? and the kakashi mask episode was the single shittiest episode, there are way worse ones you moron. such as the ninja cook filler episode. atleast the kakashi one was originally a manga.

    once again go fuck yourselves. your site looks like shit too and your opinions stink of it.

    BAKA-RAPTOR EDIT: This jerkwad probably doesn’t know I approved his comment. The fact that I moderate all my comments probably made him feel sufficiently dumb. Regardless, feel free to take his ass to school. This comment was just too amusing to delete. (He’s referring to my classic Naruto Filler is Bullshit page)

  6. Actually, narutofan has a point. The site looks like shit and Raptor’s opinions stink of it.

    And isn’t that what we the readers love about it?

  7. Objection!

    Apparently, if I try commenting with just the above link my comment doesn’t go to the moderating queue but directly to some spam filter. Apologies for this explanation and apology; they really break the full power of OBJECTION! … yeah.

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