Non-Haruhi Shows that Need a Second Season

Ouran High School Host Club II:
Auron High School Host Club

Auron would be the perfect apology for the first season’s unbridled gaiety.

Scene 1: Auron breaks the host club’s precious vase/knee caps.

Scene 2: All the girls fall hopelessly in love with Auron.

Scene 3: Auron rejects them all because he’s not pedophile.

Scene 4: Auron taunts the jealous male students by bragging, “That’s how it’s done!”

Scene 5: The school gets renamed “Auron High School” in honor of Auron’s badassery.

Scene 6: “This ends NOW.”

Aria the Origination II: Aria the Continuation

No explanation necessary.

Strawberry Panic II

But Baka-Raptor, where’s the clever subtitle?

Strawberry Panic doesn’t need one – its brilliance is its simplicity. Just look at the cast of characters:

What a diverse cast of lesbians. I can’t think of any other show with a lesbian to non-lesbian ratio of infinity. Sheer brilliance.

UPDATE: Season II should be all about Chikaru and how everybody else falls in love her. Chikaru is a FUCKING BADASS:

Chikaru is a winner. Despite having black hair (the least flashy hair color in anime) and displaying no lesbian tendencies, she still managed to beat out Shizuma to be the coolest character on Strawberry Panic. What makes her stand out? The difference between Chikaru and the other girls is that Chikaru knows how to handle herself. She kicks ass at everything and never cries or bitches when things don’t go her way (which is never).

Chikaru is so lazy that she was elected president of Lilim, the lazy school. She has to attend student council meetings, which might be a pain if she didn’t have the quintessential slacker’s talent of contributing nothing and letting everyone else do all the work.

Whereas other popular characters on Strawberry Panic are stalked by rabid fangirls, Chikaru is worshipped by devoted minions. Chikaru recruits the most loyal ones into the “Henshin Club”, also known as the “Transformation Club” and the “I’m Chikaru’s Bitch Club”. Basically, Chikaru tells them what to do, and they do it.

Even the girl with the teddy bear isn’t as lame as she should be when she’s next to Chikaru.” – Me

Lucky Star II

Just kidding, Lucky Star isn’t a non-Haruhi show.

My Balls II: The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary

Not only does My Balls need a second season, but it could also use a first. Think I’m kidding? I don’t throw around the title The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary lightly. I’d say My Balls is even better than Kamen no Maid Guy. Yeah, that Kamen no Maid Guy. Kyoto Animation, get on it.

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  1. But Baka-Raptor, you just missed an opportunity to stress that Chikaru is FUCKING BADASS! Strawberry Panic II should totally be about her, and about how everyone else falls in love with her. I’m so tired of Nagisa.

  2. Damn it, you scared me with the My Balls II title. I was alrady despairing that I’d missed the 1st season, ’till I read further. 😉

  3. Auron would make any show better. But I’ve got a question for you: what would happen if you threw him in an anime full of lesbians like Strawberry Panic!?

  4. I need to watch Strawberry Panic. I loved your remark of L/NL ration of Infinity. It’s like dividing by zero: OH SHI-

  5. Maybe winning all those awards will finally get you the respect you deserve and enough credit to get your first season. Long live Aya “Baka-Raptor” Hirano!

  6. >>But I’ve got a question for you: what would happen if you threw him in an anime full of lesbians like Strawberry Panic!?

    They’ll become straight. Duh.

  7. >> Golden Boy needs some new episodes, a movie, a live-action spinoff, and a line of children’s lunch boxes.

    And toilet seat covers. Hahahahaha. Hell make Golden Boy toiletries.

  8. @Viktor:

    Where L is a positive constant denoting the number of lesbians on Strawberry Panic, and x is a non-negative variable representing the number of non-lesbians.

  9. Oh god, not limits again! I thought I was over with this shit after the Christmas exams! It haunts me even in the world of anime…

  10. Auran High School Host Club sounds like the best fucking thing since… well Ouran High School Host Club. However if they made a Strawberry Panic 2, I would kill everyone. EVERYONE. IN THE WORLD.

  11. @Nagato: I don’t get why girls are so into lying.

    Besides, while you’re here, you’re a guy. To help you play your role better, here’s a quick primer into why guys love lesbians:

    1. They look like women but think like men – the best of both worlds.
    2. We only like the hot ones. Liking the ugly ones would defeat rule 1.

    If you’re not into lesbians, there’s no absolutely no reason to watch Strawberry Panic. It’d be like watching Ouran High School Host Club if you’re not into yaoi.

  12. I’m not into yaoi, and Ouran is in my top 30, meanwhile I LOVE yuri, and I hate Strawberry Panic with the fury of disgruntled Thor. You may know me as ‘backwardman.’

  13. @Nagato: Only if they’re both at least 18 years old, unless you’re under 18, in which case you should look into local rules/regulations to see what’s acceptable. If they’re too young, they’re not hot, just amusing.

    @blissmo: Watch Aria.

  14. I have only seen one of the anime to compare you to. As such, I voted ‘other’, and thought of GTO. A very MANLY show. If there was an Office Space anime, I would choose that one.

  15. I am DISMAYED at the amount of effort spent promoting Strawbery Panic, it was pretty much a yawnfest.

    All they did was DNA resequenced Maria Sama ga Miteru with MOAR lesbos and renamed it to get Strawberry Panic. We all know how much Marmite’s second season suck so Strawberry Panic 2 will FAIL!

  16. NO. Marimite is incredible, especially the second and third season. SP replaced the shoujo with moe and threw in as much fanservice as possible – the audience is completely different.

  17. do you know who need their own anime? Binkan Salery Man from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. He is fricken bad-ass

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