Talk-A-Raptor 02: Penetrate the Center with an Enormous Bombshell?

The Original Fanservice Bingo Post

You can catch the other Talk-A-Raptor Episodes HERE.

Episode Pics: [spoiler]


Great news: my hiatus, which began after I posted Talk-A-Raptor 01, is officially over! Here are the stats:

10 points for anyone who can guess when the hiatus began

Now a new Evangelion-related hiatus begins. Details to come…

UPDATE: INGO gained nine levels, evolved into B(L)INGO.

31 people love sucking up to me

  1. What, not using blogflux anymore? xP Congrats on gaining one on your pagerank, though. ^^ Mine’s stayed the same. :'(

    And you totally made me laugh multiple times. lolikit is such fun to pick on, isn’t he? =D How long does it take you to make one of these, usually?

  2. @korosora: Don’t get your hopes up – only mine talks.

    @Nagato: Filming and editing takes a whole weekend. Basic planning took place over the past few weeks (since the last episode), but that’s the kind of stuff you can do in the shower/car/walk to class/etc…, so it’s not really a burden on your schedule.

  3. Another awesome episode. I can definately see the Colbert influence heheh. Finally got around to Evangelion? About time! Can’t wait for a review for that.

  4. Gee, so you finally decided to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion? Caved in to the begging crowd? Oh well, I will pity you after you [try to] watch the last few episodes (or, god forbid, the films).

    Anyways, your show gave me quite a laugh. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Don’t fret, Anime Nano has accepted you with open arms! Also, Basugasubakuhatsu isn’t really a real blog. It’s more of a marketing wonderland!

  6. Damn it, my ‘G’ key is stuck, and Im too lazy to fix it. Now, this is all I can do to properly express my impression of this video (fill in the blank): “_eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

  7. @Praz: Damn it, my ‘G’ key is stuck, and Im too lazy to fix it. Now, this is all I can do to properly express my impression of your comment (fill in the blank): “_o fuck yourself!”

    Unless you’re talking about INGO, which is undeniably “_eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

  8. Dear Webmaster,

    I saw your URL listed in the credits of an AMV I watched on Youtube called “Penetrate the Center with an Enormous Bombshell?” I hope that I have the right person—the guy who made that video is clearly a very, very lonely person. I wish to abate this loneliness.

    I am in the business of starting shit.

    Shit can range from drama to clubs.

    Would you be interested in joining a collective of awesome non-serious anime bloggers? If so, have your raptors talk to my raptors. This offer is limited-time only, though, due to the ever-fluctuating nature of the all-determining graphs.

    -Intelligent Dinosaur


    re: your reply to Praz’s comment
    You totally failed; there’re “g”s all over the fucking place (“talking,” “INGO”).

  9. Hey look! It’s me! I mean us! I BEAT THE SYSTEM! My secret to getting onto AB? I bothered Maestro so much he paid me to stop… and by paid, I mean he put us on there.

  10. @Viktor & ExiledShinobi: I totally caved in. And it was conveniently on sale.

    @Hung: Yeah, but I’ve been on Anime Nano long enough that I can take it for granted.

    @digitalboy: I was going for drama towards the end, but I’ll settle for funny any day.

    @Cameron: Raxhephon is better than Evangelion. There, I said it, happy? I haven’t seen Raxhephon yet (I will someday), but I did read the manga a few years back. I get the feeling the anime isn’t full of cheap fanservice gags, in a good way.

    @lolikitsune: “G”s are only prohibited inside the quotation marks. Oops. As for your offer, I’ll think about it get back to you later this week (don’t want to seem too desperate).

    @LJ: I can’t help it; self-esteem is 100% correlated with my site’s traffic. And from now on, you’re that detective-looking guy in the picture. My picture made you look too much like a pirate.

    @Os: Maestro, eh? What a fittingly evil name for my enemy.

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