Kure-nai 07: How not to go into hiding

“Even I could find me”

1. Don’t change your name

You went through all that trouble to escape; now you risk getting caught because you’re too lazy change your name? This is the same shit they pulled in Seirei no Moribito. At least Balsa made up some excuse about nobody believing she’d still be alive. Sure. Hey, check out that insanely hot spearswoman with a once-in-a-generation talent for kicking ass in every way imaginable. Is that Balsa? Couldn’t be, I heard she’s dead. Wait, did that kid just call her Balsa? Eh, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Besides, your name probably sucks. This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself that badass moniker you’ve always dreamed of, like Dick Masterson.

2. Don’t change your appearance

How the hell is a girl with that distinct purple hairstyle supposed to blend in with the general public? The fact that she doesn’t stand out in the middle of Tokyo just reinforces the stereotype that all Asians look the same. Cut her hair. Dye it. Give her a ponytail. Do something.

3. Walk around aimlessly in public

I’m pretty sure they didn’t even leave town, or at least the general vicinity. This story makes no sense. I can’t believe a man wrote it.


WikiHow has an shitty guide for How to Go into Hiding.


These are Bikyaku jeans:

Men don’t steal fashion trends from women; it’s the other way around. See bell-bottoms:

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  1. Overlook Shinkurou’s stupidity in not giving Murasaki a disguise of some sort, and we have ourselves an awesome anime, right?

    Because kure-nai is awesome. Say it with me, kure-nai is fucking awesome.

  2. Want a good anime? Watch Jigoku Shoujo. A) It has a badass girl who takes evil people to hell by request (voiced by mamiko noto) B) the poor bastard who made the request gets a one way ticket to hell aswell when he/she dies C) the episodic stories are well written and arent repetitive.

    2 seasons and third will air this year. Watch it if you havent yet. Oh, and take the Ayu release instead of SHS, the video quality is a lot better.

    Nice post by the way Baka-Raptor :p

  3. I am very ashamed indeed, how could I have forgotten? Haven’t checked your archives since I read them when you posted them. I was wondering why the name seemed familiar when I stumbled upon it in anidb.

    The two seasons will be ready by today, so I can get watching^^ I just finished watching the first few episodes and its totally awesome. Who cares about repetition when its about real human emotions, you can’t get bored of that.

    But a thing that bothers me, that thing should have an age limit, why let 11 year olds’ use it when they cant comperehend something like hell.

    “Pull the string and when you die, you are going to hell as well” – “hell? mm, ok”

    The soundtrack is damn good, has a very higurashi vibe in it though, but it fits the theme.

  4. right, right. anime. the medium that brought us the LeDouche Brittaniamatic Plot-Hole Generator 5000. Kure-nai is actually awesome, though.

  5. Everyone knows that if Kurenai was realistic, Murasaki would have been vaginally explored agaist her will multiple times already. She’s a Loli AND a Miko… in JAPAN!?

    My proof is the current Megami poster of Murasaki; it is a bit unsettling to say the least!

  6. @Shin: I’m going to pretend you didn’t do that on purpose because it’s funnier that way.

    @Viktor: Agreed.

    @Lelangir, Nagato, otou-san, digitalboy, & Teeif: You realize this is going to result in some sort of revenge post, don’t you?

  7. Don’t fall for this trap dude. If you try to make a post in the defense of anime’s plot, the voices of dissent shall only grow. Then again, with the chance of it being a multi-blog event, go for it.

  8. @Teeif: Don’t be fooled – Baka-Raptor is just a name. Just like TeeifyoukeepthisupI’llwritethemosthatefulreviewofKurenaiever is just a name. Doesn’t mean anything.

  9. Kure-nai is quite disappointing.
    It shines at moments and yet. :I


    @TeeifyoukeepthisupI’llwritethemosthatefulreviewofKurenaiever: You have your goal in life.

  10. man continue with good work…. i hv liked the anime, but the end was a crap… but its your opinion, i dont know why people are saying craps like “go to hell, awesome blah blah”.

    P.S. if dont like dont read it (i am not the autor) but its nice done i hope to read more

  11. I finished watching this piece of shit today. I realize this is very old, but anyways: she wasn’t supposed to be hiding. The woman that took her out said that she was just following her dead mother’s wishes: to let her see the outside world and know love. After that it was ok if she went back to her prison to be raped by his brothers forever.

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