The Rapacious Avenging Pernicious Time-travelling Omnislashing Renegade Syndicate


His Imperial Majesty. Leader of the RAPTORS. Writes fair and balanced anime reviews.


Baka-Raptor’s twin sister.


Your host, like Shizue Nana, except smooth, charismatic, and not evil.

The Ghost of Pizza-Raptor

Once a lovable sellout, Pizza-Raptor got axed due to poor ratings. Now his ghost wanders the internet seeking revenge.

BaRappa The Raptor

A hip, streetwise raptor who speaks in rhyme.


Block-A-Raptor keeps this blog troll-free and family-friendly. Spoilers are prohibited. Yes, that’s the Maid Guy Badge.


Graduated Caltech with a joint degree in Literature and Philosophy. Definitely a female.


A decrepit old dinosaur who came out of retirement to lecture young whippersnappers about the superiority of old-school anime.

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  1. I didn’t understand half of those words in the title, but it doesn’t matter.

    Would a Lick-A-Raptor be good(possibly licking a lollipop)? He/She would have the duty of sugarcoating all the bad shows that the other raptors so blatantly throw in the trash.

    Or not(to save face from this humiliating proposal).

  2. @keke: What kind of hat would a Lick-A-Raptor wear?

    @Michael: I came first. Haven’t you seen Raptorko and Pizza-Raptor before? Or perhaps you were living in a nunnery?

  3. BaRappa The Raptor made me lol. Anyway, I’m going to create my own, better mascot squad! And it’s gunna have hookers! And blackjack! In fact, forget the mascot squad!

  4. TRAPTORS? TRAP-TORS? Oioi, I thought I was the only one…

    (Or you could just leave out the first word, but that’s lame.)

  5. It’s good to see that this is still a dry blog and there is no Vodka Raptor. I liked the addition of oldass raptor, too.

    Shin’s gonna get his kneecaps busted he if doesn’t call Raptorko back the next day.

  6. @digitalboy: +10 points for reminding me of that line.

    @Shin: Cock-Block-A-Raptor wants to have a word with you.

    @CCY: T-Raptor? It’s a trap: really a T-Rex.

    @Kabitzin: Keke’s earlier suggestion for a Lick-A-Raptor made me think of doing a LiquoRaptor

  7. In honor of those who give their lives, youths, and sanity(s) to cut you open and play with your bowels, I propose the OpeRaptor: A badass surgeon!!

    Then again, that could easily be misconstrued as a telephone operator, or worse, some girly opera singer! NOOOOOOO!!

  8. @Baka-Raptor

    Good point. But the rest came later, and they were probably prompted into existence with the explosion of these site/blog mascots. 🙂

  9. Do you realize that you can get R(ape) A(nd) P(illage) T(owns) as the first four letters in RAPTORS? Also, if you have the second R stand for R(aptors), your acronym suddenly becomes recursive. With S easily becoming S(indicate) or S(quad), all that is left is O.

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