Evangelion 01: Shinji Sucks

This episode begins with Shinji ogling erotic photography.

Then he sees a ghost!

I’m liking this show already!

An “Angel” appears! The UN takes it on and gets crushed.

Wreckage falls dangerously close to Shinji but just far enough away to leave him unharmed.

How convenient…

As the Angel nears Shinji, Misato comes to the rescue!

UN attacks continue to be ineffective against the Angel.

If only there were some sort of giant robot surpassing all futuristic ballistic weaponry that Shinji could pilot…

There is! But first, too take our minds off the tragic, meaningless deaths of UN soldiers, fanservice!

No panty-shot? No cleavage? No incidental contact? You call that fanservice?

Quiet hippie! Back in my day, we left something for the second episode! Kids these days can’t even appreciate a good old-fashioned thigh-shot…

After more fanservice and a comical soliloquy, they finally reach the underground NERV base. Shinji bitches about his father until he gets distracted by the sweet view.

Then he gets distracted again, this time by some more fanservice.

A one-piece swimsuit? Reasonably sized breasts? She’s apparently over 18? Booooooooorrrrring.

Look at those bare collarbones! Oh, to be young again…

Misato says the probability of Shinji being able to pilot the robot is only 0.0000000001%.

Gee, I wonder if Shinji will defy the odds and—

Nii-sama, must you sarcastically criticize every minor flaw/abnormality/inconsistency/cliché you see in any show?


Shinji finally reaches the room with the giant robot. He screams when the lights go out and screams again when the lights go back on.

The lady in the lab coat is suddenly wearing clothes. When did she have time to change out of that swimsuit?


The giant robot is called “Evangelion.”

That’s pronounced with a hard E (as in “evil”) and a hard G (as in “get”) from its Greek roots.

Shinji’s father tells Shinji to pilot the Evangelion. Shinji cries like a little girl from 14:53 to 17:15. Then a heavily wounded Rei gets carted out to the Evangelion.

The Angel’s attack suddenly knocks some heavy metal beams at Shinji. The Evangelion moves of its own free will to protect him. Nobody can explain why.

I can: the robot has feelings and something to protect.

After seeing Rei’s injuries firsthand, Shinji gathers up all his courage and volunteers to be its pilot. The rest of the episode is spent launching the robot.

And Shinji nearly drowns. That was pretty cool.

Final Thoughts:

Shinji sucks

He has no guts

I hope a football

hits him in the nuts


I’m already seeing Evangelion’s influence on later anime. For example, Idolm@ster Xenoglossia had a similar synchronization/harmonics test for pilot/robot compatibility. Also, Shinji seems to be the archetypal wussy male lead, inspiring such recent characters as Raki and Watanuki. Block-A-Raptor, report on Cameron’s comment.

“[N]othing is more manly than a whiny 14 year old.” – Cameron Probert, Talk-A-Raptor 02 Comment #14 (#637 overall)

Liar! At least Rei, Misato, that scientist chick, and Shinji’s father seem interesting.