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  1. I feel that your two lesbians capture the very essence of Shinji’s psyche. The motorbike represents the task at hand, ever moving forwards at unnerving pace – as the conflicted individual both looks back smiling and stares forwards seriously. The (golden?) chains of bondage signify the binds of personal psychic unity which tie Shinji to self-love and separate him from other people. Truly this doom of self-unity is “adults only”, for ’tis the final fate of the developing human mind. The final picture with its unintelligible text mirrors our own inability to understand esoteric Japanese stuff that makes no sense but is clearly in some way about young girls in compromising positions.

  2. @IKnight: You don’t need to spoon-feed me. I can figure out who’s a lesbian on my own.

    @dood: Especially Hime eps 22-25.

    @Patz: No need to thank me. I see it as my civic duty to spread ShizNat love among the masses.

    @korosora: What is this danbooru you speak of, and how can I use it in furtherance of my quest for the holy ShizNat grail?

    @coburn: Close, you neglected the hot springs pic. Perhaps that was a statement in and of itself? I’m not buying it. You can accept a 75 or retake for full credit.

    @blissmo: Filler is nothing to “yayy” about. ShizNat on the other hand…

    @digitalboy: Then by my calculations, I’ll have to post 500% more ShizNat.

  3. Danbooru is an(nother) image hosting website with searchable tags.

    Unlike others, this has porn. Also unlike others, you have to register. This is fail-win; Just like Mai-hime, which wins for ShizNat but fails for having a good end when a bad one would’ve been better!

    There’s no harm in registering for Danbooru, I haven’t noticed any change in penis increasing adverts since submitting my e-mail to them.

  4. So Mai-Hime eps 22-25 were the good ones? Ok I’ll check those out only.
    If I start seeing Danbooru pics appearing everywhere on this blog all ShizNat is going to break lose, god damn that site has ruined so many….
    Yeah but seriously after reading the line “Shinji runs away.” after the first pic, I was laughing to tears.

  5. @Teeif: The good ending led to some ShizNat. A bad ending might not have.

    @ExiledShinobi: So did I.

    @Chumura: 22-25 were the ShizNat heavy episodes. If you’re rewatching just for the ShizNat, those are the must-see eps. If you haven’t seen the series, start from the beginning. Eps 22-25 will spoil everything. Especially the ShizNat.

  6. Episode 25 is a GREAT ending for the ShizNat story. Almost Shakespearic!

    Episode 26 is a ending that ruins it all, I knocked 2 points off Mai-Hime because of that ending.

  7. I don’t want to see the series, besides the lesbianism it looks silly. But if you say a few eps have some good ShizNat, I’ll definitely check them out. Lesbians + ShizNat must be something great.

  8. @ coburn: the golden chains are plainly a reference to Milton’s preference of a pre-Galileian cosmos for Paradise Lost – despite having met Galileo himself – with earth suspended from heaven by a golden chain (not unlike, I imagine, the brass ones used to flush the antiquated loos at my first school). This highlights ShizNat’s Miltonic grandeur: these characters are as archetypal as Milton’s Adam and Eve (though considerably less varied in physical sex); the pairing is a cultural touchstone to which we return whenever we need to be reminded that lesbians only exist for the enjoyment of fanboys.

  9. But of course. And perchance that insight provides us with the key to the layers of mystery within Dr-Raptor’s hot springs image? The nipple protecting strands of hair are as figleaves for the shy lesbian, signifying the absurdity of her repression – that she is somehow clothed even when actually naked. By concieving of the two lesbians as anime archetypes we realise that they can only be understood in the context of a harem. For are not the irate redhead, frantic-arm-waver, small child etc. essential to our understanding of the essence of the two?

    Thus Shinji must be seen as not only the Other to his fellow cast members, but as a marriage of certain eternal characteristics which, embodied in his self, coexist in lesbianiacal unity within the hot springs of human society as a whole. The assertive lesbian of power, the bluehair lesbian of wimpishness, separate conceptual entities which combine to create his essence.

  10. @IKnight: Lesbians do not exist for the enjoyment of fanboys. They exist to torment them with unrequited love. That and I asked a girl out once and she rejected me because she already had a girlfriend in a serious relationship. No lie. I guess we had more in common than our appreciation of Anime, but also women.

    @Baka-Raptor: I have nostalgia for Nostalgia-Raptor. Did he die of old age or something, or will he come out of retirement?

  11. Don’t be silly, AAB, back in the day, filler wasn’t any of that “running away” crap, it was just an even more gimmicky villain (Uhh…he really likes taking baths. AND HE’S A WARLORD IN A DESERT! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Immoderation! And the hero drowns him! Poetic!) than usual or perhaps some form of character development in the form of an actual accomplishment. Nostalgia-raptor wouldn’t want anything to do with this pointless overplaying of the Heroic BSOD.

  12. @Asperger’s: Fear not, anime lesbians will never reject you. Nostalgia-Raptor is busy acquiring more ShizNat. There haven’t been any good lesbian couples since ShizNat…

    @LJ: Sounds like every episode of Power Rangers.

  13. The Power Rangers wandered a postapocalyptic wasteland in search of vengence, righting injustices they came across via brutal and poetic murder? Damn, they were a lot cooler than I remember.

  14. I bet you will be unable to find ShizNat awesome enough to cover your reaction to the final two episodes. They are the apotheosis of filler, only there to explain [spoilers spoilers not that anyone cares].


    What am I saying?! ShizNat is by nature the most awesome thing in the universe! I beg my pardon.

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