The Rape Fantasy: A Vestige of Natural Selection?

According to anime, there are worse things in life than lesbian rape

The All-Girls Round-Robin (and a dude) recently took on the topic of rape fantasies. I’ve already given my opinion on rape fantasies, but now I’d like to push the conversation in a new direction: why rape fantasies might exist in the first place. The rapist’s motivations are obvious, but what about the rapee? As with all sociological absurdities, there can only be one explanation: Natural Selection.

Why do girls love assholes? Natural Selection:

“Thousands of years ago, some women were attracted to nice guys. Unfortunately for the nice guys, food was scarce, and in order to provide for your family, you had to be a greedy aggressive asshole. The assholes pushed around the nice guys and took all their food. Women who were attracted assholes were always given food and thus survived to pass on the asshole-loving gene to the next generation. The nice guys and the women who refused to put up with assholes all died of starvation. That’s why in modern times, men are all assholes, and women who prefer nice guys no longer exist.”

Why does cuteness exist? Natural Selection:

Thousands of years ago when men hunted, women gathered, and children did jack shit, what reason was there to share your food with kids when you could eat them or abandon them in the wild? Cuteness. Thanks to the perception of cuteness, children were more likely to survive to adulthood and spread the cuteness perception gene. That’s all cuteness is: a primitive urge to put up with bullshit from useless children.”

Why would anyone fantasize about being raped? Natural Selection:

Thousands of years ago, some women had rape fantasies and some didn’t. The women who had rape fantasies were more likely to walk alone at night in bad neighborhoods. They got raped, impregnated, and gave birth to a new generation of rape-fantasizing children.

More Rape → More Pregnancy → More Offspring → Survival of the Species

Simple enough? Not quite. If rape were that convenient, wouldn’t everybody love it? The survival value of rape is curtailed by an antithetical vehicle of pregnancy: consensual sex. From a perspective of genetic fitness (definitely not societal morals):

Consensual sex > Rape > No sex

Thousands of years ago, some women hated sex, some women desired only consensual sex, and some women fantasized about rape. Women who hated sex contributed nothing to the species and died off. Women who had consensual sex chose the fittest, most attractive partners they could seduce, producing the most genetically fit children of the next generation. The women who were raped couldn’t choose their partners, so their children varied in genetic fitness. The children of genetically fit rapists survived, while the others died. Ultimately, the only genetically sustainable rape fantasies involved genetically fit rapists. In other words, modern women only fantasize about rapists so sexy that they would’ve consented in the first place. Rape is hot – if they want it.

Remember, this is only a theoretical examination of rape as a primitive urge. Like many primitive urges, rape has no place in a civilized society. If you like rape, go fuck around in the jungle.

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  1. Well, they call Tokyo an urban jungle due to the complexity and size of the place.

    If you are a ganjin though, don’t expect to be left off through shame. Xenophobia outweighs paternalism/dishonour. If however, you are a dinosaur… what do you think the chances of the police believing the story?

  2. @Hinano: Thank you. Rape is a leery topic, so it helps to have a prominent female blogger’s approval at the leadoff comment.

    @omo: QED

    @Kaiserpingvin: Apes can fight back. Ever seen Planet of the Apes? I haven’t, but they looked pretty fierce in the commercials.

    @IKnight: I know who Peter Singer is, but just in case some of my readers don’t, who is he?

    @Teeif: I’ll give them the Gaijin Smash!

    @blissmo: That’s ok. I can’t expect everyone to be a magnanimous champion of women’s rights like me.

  3. And we also see that as those with rape fantasies reproduce with the rapists, they share genetic stock – mixing the raping and rape-needing genes. Thus, deep down, all current-day rapists want to be raped. They could form their own society, on some distant island somewhere…

  4. It is possible to be raped by a woman. It happened to Henry Darger, that outsider artist guy who drew and wrote The Vivian Girls. After seeing a documentary about Henry Darger that mentioned he was raped by a woman I’ve been terrified the same thing could happen to me. I’m not so desperate I’d put up with a woman exploiting me for non-consensual getting jiggy. Guys have rights too, but women are more likely to be raped.

    Still I tend to avoid dark alleys or Amazonian tribal jungles for fear of being unwantedly ravished by a girl…

  5. @coburn: It’s called Alcatraz.

    @Asperger’s: Me too.

    @Sexual Harassment and Rape in the Land of Anime << GAR GAR Stegosaurus: […]

    @usagijen: ShizNat was my Rosetta Stone.

    @digitalboy: We never actually saw what Shizuru may or may not have done to Natsuki. She’s innocent until proven guilty.

  6. Now it ALL makes SENSE. Yes, now I completely understand and embrace my random urges to follow strange men down dark allies and have them mop the ground with my battered face. Thank you for bringing about this self-acceptance. You complete me.

    Also, “a magnanimous champion of women’s rights” <– Oh, you. Manwhore McTittie is your real name.

  7. @itsubun: You’re welcome. But I think you’re confused about what rape is. Simply put, rape is sexual intercourse without affirmative consent. You didn’t mention anything of this nature in your comment. Are you suggesting that women have battery fantasies too?

  8. @A Day Without Me: So your mind says no but your body says yes? Leave me out of your twisted fantasies.

    @itsubun: Whatever lights your candle. I’m not into those freaky uncouth jungle gorilla behaviorisms. Nothing turns me on like asking a prospective sexual partner “Do you consent to have sex?”, having her seriously contemplate all the consequences of her response, putting it on paper and signing it (notarized for special occasions), and then running a full-scale background check to make sure she’s reached the statutory age of consent. Gosh, all this dirty talk has given me the vapors. Excuse me while I take a cold shower.

  9. I have read loads of articles and a book on rape as a result of natural selection, so the most interesting point in this post was actually the cuteness part. It makes so much sense! *hrr hrr*
    But for real, if you think about it longer, it sounds like people (mainly women) make use of their cuteness to make up for their uselessness 😉

  10. @A Day Without Me: I hope that’s an “or”.

    @Sasa: Thank you for admitting that everything in this post is scientifically viable. As for cuteness shielding uselessness, it happens all the time at tech schools (like CMU). Women exploit their “cuteness” to get timid guys to do their math homework and build their robots. It’s sad how eager these guys are to do the girls’ work. The girls never even put out when it’s all done. Then some women have the gall to accuse men of trying to exclude women from science and engineering. What a load of crap.

    @Michael: You get a crappy sketch of a geyyy cowboy.

    @Lelangir: I accept your apology.

  11. @ Baka-Raptor – I’m now trying to figure out how you could cross a BL-fantasy with an Eli Manning fantasy…

    As for the bit about women accusing guys of excluding them from science and engineering, I do think there’s some truth in it. I’m sure that there are some women who get foolish guys to do their work for them, but I think this happens a lot less than people would like to allege. There was a really good article in the New York Times a few years back about a guy who had been a woman for most of his life and was an engineer and had gone to MIT. He said he definitely noticed a difference in how people treated him once he was a guy versus how he’d been treated as a woman. I’m trying to find the article, but I forget the year it appeared, so am having difficulties doing so…

    In the meantime, back to those BL/Eli Manning and you-themed fantasies =D

  12. Meh, late on this one. From my dim memory, Singer is a utilitarian philosopher who advocates the extension of some rights to higher animals (primates, dolphins &c). Though how he fits ‘utilitarian’ and ‘rights’ together is beyond me – maybe he’s a rule utilitarian, or something?

  13. Rape is not rape, and it also is. Double-think courtesy the vagaries of vocal language.
    It’s really quite typical when civilization is now chock full of groups doing everything they can to wrest more power from The Man (in this case quite literal). So because the men are the rapists, and penetration is all it takes to become rape, it’s absolutely effortless for a woman to go back on her previous consent, and suddenly that passionate lover becomes a filthy rapist because he doesn’t have a written affidavit.
    It’s really fucking common, and for good reason: The men in question have money and power, and the women in question want said money and power. So they take it.
    Nowhere in this equation does the ‘raped’ consider what they’re metaphysically doing to the actual rape victims (guess what).
    In a completely desensitized society that theoretically emphasizes free will, people forget what it is to be completely reft of one’s volition. And so we have young boys who don’t even get any counselling because they’re “lucky”. “Dude! So what! She’s hot!” (a special fuck you goes out to Mary Kate Letourneau). So naturally, we have people growing up in a state where mental normalcy is completely impossible, and through all that, nobody gives one whit in return. SURPRISE. While I could go on to subjects such as the completely overused LOL HE GOT RAPED UP THE ASS IN PRISON gag, I will have to abstain from that because this response is already meandering and rambling quite wildly. I could also go on about how many people think that not only helplessness but even panic are arousing, something that Freud would have a fucking field day on, but my time to write this is quite limited (damn you, life). While I could leave a compelling ending, I don’t see that as necessary either; Everything I’ve written has been patently obvious. It was also not.

  14. If the rapists fuck around in the jungle then we may end up getting “genetically-fit hunter-rapists”, who may then make their way to civilisation and… it all goes downhill from there.

  15. @Baka-raptor: “Rape isn’t a fantasy — innocent until proven guilty is.”
    Great statement.

    However, I believe fantasies are harmless. What do you say on fantasizing?

  16. @A Day Without Me: I remember reading about him/her. Academia can be stubborn, especially among the older generations, but younger techies would bend over backwards to see more women get ahead. Microsoft has a notoriously rigorous interview process: several rounds, difficult on-the-spot coding problems, rejecting people with stellar resumes, etc…. However, a girl from my high school (who’s pretty smart but definitely not as smart as me) got the job after one “how are you” interview. That’s reality. If I were a girl, I don’t know why I’d do anything other than engineering. Guys would do my homework, give me a job, and then do my job for me. That’s almost as sweet a deal as being a lazy housewife.

    @IKnight: Doesn’t make sense to me either.

    @LJ: The laws are terrible. Rape laws used to require absolute resistance from the victim. That was rightfully lessened to a reasonable degree of resistance. Then it was lessened to the rapist using some degree of force above and beyond what normally occurs during sex. Then some dumbass activist judge decided that penetration is force in and of itself, so penetration alone can be rape absent any real force. Going back to itsubun’s comments about battery, she’s perpetuating a common misconception that rape requires real force, a misconception that tragically lands many seemingly innocent men in the slammer (where they actually get raped). Rape can be unintentional. Most sex could be legally viewed rape because few people explicitly ask for consent. “It just happened” is legally rape. “We were in the mood” is legally rape. “One thing led to another” is legally rape. Explicit consent that’s later withdrawn is legally rape. Some college campuses require students to sign written forms before they have sex; otherwise it’s rape. It’s ridiculous.

    @digitalboy: Sorry.

    @Michael: You’re right. It’s only gay if somebody sees you watching it.

    @Ina: If you liked this post, you’ll love every other post I’ve ever written, ever.

    @Omisyth: That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment.

    @korosora: Fantasies are fine. I’m always fantasizing about violence, not that I’m actually going to roundhouse kick every bicyclist riding past me. In fact, fantasizing may serve and important role in relieving urges to actually go out and do these things.

  17. @ Baka-Raptor – Alright, point taken – although I do think less girls/women actually mooch off on homework than would seem. Anyway, besides, if the guy is stupid enough to let her, man, isn’t it his own damn fault?

    As for housewives… I think the only one’s who have it easy are the rich ones, and they’re just trophies anyway.

  18. @C.I.: I never get tired of hearing it.

    @A Day Without Me: Being a housewife is the best “job” ever. I want to be a housewife. That’d rule. I’d sit at home watching anime all day.

    @A Day Without Me: BL fantasies are like quicksand: the harder you struggle, the harder it is to get out. If I just ignore them, they’ll eventually go away.

  19. Do Tom DuBois’ prison rape dreams count as ‘fantasies’? If so, how is it explained by natural selection?

  20. @Praz: Thousands of years ago, some men feared prison rape and some didn’t. The ones who didn’t fear prison rape were more likely to commit crimes and go to jail. The men who feared prison rape avoided criminal activity and were less likely to go to jail. These men had more opportunities to have straight, child-producing sex. Over time, the prison-rape-indifferent gene died out with prisoners while the prison-rape-fearing gene flourished. That’s why all modern men live their lives in fear of prison rape.

  21. is this to much for a 11 year old girl to read cause i read stuff like dis all the time and i luv watchin anime thats not apropiate for girls my age of course my parents dont know i watch it but that just makes it more exciting u know well its nice to take my feelings out anyways thnx 4 making dis site its awesome ^_^

  22. @hikari: This site is appropriate for all ages. 11 year olds get raped. If you don’t know anything about rape until it actually happens, how are you supposed to protect yourself?

  23. omg i never noticed it before the cuteness thing!! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!
    well some questions were answered while more arose, like why would
    they fantisize about being raped in the first place?
    what in the world made them come up with the idea that
    having sex with someone unknown is a good thing?

  24. Sorry to drag you back to the whole women/engineering thing but hell I’m going to do it anyway. I admit it is easy as pie to be lazy and not to much in engineering but on the other hand its kinda hard to actually do your own work when people take it out of your hands and do it for you assuming your not capable. Or tweak things without your knowledge. Or hand you a project that’s ready made. Even a little do you see my point?

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