Checkpoint: New Year’s Resolutions 2008

Last year I listed four New Year’s Resolutions on this site. Let’s see how they’re progressing:

1. Play More Video Games

Goal: Beat Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII

Status: Beat Kingdom Hearts II in early March, currently about halfway through FFXII

Progress: 75%

2. Make More References to Heretofore Underrepresented Anime

Progress: -20%

How did I screw up my easiest resolution? From now on I’m making a conscious effort to reference old anime in every post. Believe it.

3. Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion

Watched: 11 Episodes

Blogged: 4 Episodes

Progress: 42% Watched, 15% Blogged

4. Learn to Draw

Bad News: I can’t draw any better.

Good News: I can draw the same crappy sketches a lot faster.

Progress: 30%

25 people love sucking up to me

  1. Count yourself lucky. Over a six month span, I’ve completely lost the ability to finish a doodle in less than ten minutes.

  2. @blissmo: “You have just made this girl happy” – You’d be surprised how infrequently I hear that.

    @Kabitzin: It’s pencil on white paper just like all the other crappy sketches; I just inverted the colors after scanning it.

    @dawwe: Never seen it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write about it.

    @j.valdez: Crap, have I accidentally been drawing T-Rexes all these years?

    @Ez: I definitely think it is.

    @C.I.: As long as our hearts are connected, we’ll never be defeated.

    @LJ: They aren’t “doodles” – they’re crappy sketches™.

    @dood: It’s also my new wallpaper.

  3. I have tried a few times to get through FFXII and I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. It just gets so repetitive to me running around killing monsters and shit. Feels too much like a MMO which I find boring as shit.

  4. @The Sojourner: Sephiroth kicked my ass, mainly because I hadn’t leveled up my Drive Form jumping abilities. I didn’t do the Underworld battles any more than was necessary to get the Orihalcum to forge my Ultima Weapon.

    @Patz: I’ve never played an MMO, but I do agree that there’s too much running around. You have an airship pretty early on in the game; why can’t you ever use it?

  5. I liked FFXII alot. It didn’t tear me up like FFX did, but the story was somewhere between good and great and the gameplay was quite fun. Grinding is something I don’t mind as long as alot of strategy plays into it, and being the micromanagement lover that I am, there is alot of micro.

    That said, go play Persona 3 FES. It’s fucking awesome.

    I just got Odin Sphere and Kingdom Hearts. But I’m still addicted to Persona 3.

    Also, does anyone have a copy of ICO? It’s like a collector’s item rare now. And I’ve been wanting to play it ever since I finished Shadow of the Colossus (@BakaRaptor: Go play it. Now.).

    @Blissimo: “You have just made this girl happy” I frequently hear that, unfortunately, they have never been happy enough…

    @Patz: I think you should just focus on the main storyline. It’s a quick run through if you do that.

    @Baka-Raptor: Where the fuck is episode 3? GIMMIE.

  6. I need a new ps2 so I CAN FINISH Kingdom Hearts 2!! I’ve got DRE, so I refuse to feed the Suny cash cow and buy another just to play this game.

    I’m 10% because thats as far as I can get on failed HDLoader copy.

  7. @korosora and @Baka-Raptor I only managed to make it to the point where you have the whole party and you have to get through this big ass desert with like Sand People you have to deal with then I just got sick of running and gave up. I love RPGs and 12 in the art dept I was in love with but just running around like that got so old so fast that I would rather play through one of the other FF games again then bother with it.

  8. @korosora: Is Persona 3 anything like Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne? I still haven’t beat Nocturne. I played through most of the plot, but I still need to go up the Obelisk. At some point I stopped playing because the hack-the-battle-system-as-much-as-possible tactics got annoying. I still haven’t worked up the will to get back into it.

    @C.I.: Dance water, dance!

    @Teeif: Broken link.

    @Patz: Yeah, running around the desert was a pain the ass. I realize I’m playing the game right after KHII (in which mazes are pretty much nonexistent), but still, it was a long ass desert.

  9. I dunno, I feel like you could’ve done better than have a City Hunter reference for the under-represented… I’m pretty sure stuff like St. Luminous Mission High School and Tokyo Revelation beat it out on an under-represented scale. I’m kind of disappointed, I expect better from you.

  10. “That said, go play Persona 3 FES. It’s fucking awesome.” — /AGREE

    Also, please, for the love of all that is holy, just keep drawing like you do now. And do it more often. I don’t have enough pictures of dudes looking at a dinosaur’s dick with a telescope in my life.

  11. I couldn’t really get into Kingdom Hearts, I think it was the idea of playing Goofy and Donald Duck that made me want to stick my head into an oven and whisper, “Is it over yet?”

    And I am epic fail that I still haven’t broken out my copy of FFXII. But I did finally start playing FFV.

  12. @Michael:

    So… very hard… not to make Brokeback comeback (you know the line)

    @Baka-Raptor: I succeed in fulfilling my new year’s resolutions by not making them. I just do things without agonising over whether I will. However, i did get “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” read before the end of the year, and my goals of purchasing Final Fantasy III and The World Ends With You and then playing them have been reached, as is my goal to start illustrating my books again. Capturing the pathos of a man who has run out of milk on his birthday is difficult…

  13. @A Day Without Me: Yeah, I was being lazy. I’d taken that screenshot two years ago and finally found a chance to use it.

    @Pontifus: Will do. Both.

    @Cameron: Going back to the SNES era is fine, I know you don’t care for fancy graphics. 🙂

    @Michael: /quit

    @Asperger’s: Instead of making new year’s resolutions, you copied mine. That’s fine, I can’t think of anyone better to copy.

  14. @Baka-Raptor: Well, I enjoyed the Final Fantasy XII Battle system to an extent, but once i got all the Gambits, yeah it got boring. I stopped at about 80% of the storyline and took a break and started playing P3 FES.
    About SMT: Nocturne, I havent played it. Sorry.
    I need to get a copy of that. Its pretty rare. I need that and ICO. :/

    You will like P3. I guarantee it. I don’t know how they did it, but it’s a lot of fun.
    Trying to play a perfect run though atm.

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