PersaCon 2008

I reached the con at 6:50, just in time to pick up my badge.

…or so I thought. They closed down the pickup booth early and kicked me out. Bastards. I went back to my hotel room and cried myself to sleep.

On Saturday they gave me a $10 refund. Great. $10 totally makes up for my hotel costs, not to mention missing key events like “Yuri? Yes, Please!” and the Pajama Party. I was heartbroken to learn that I’d brought my sexy pajamas all the way to Alabama for nothing. At least the AMV Contest winner cheered me up:


There were two events on Saturday night: a dance and a hentai screening. Like any self-respecting male, I went to the hentai screening. Some jackass in the back row was batting about .250 on loud sarcastic comments, which he thought gave him the right to swing at every pitch. Thanks to him I missed all the dialogue. Am I the only one who wanted to know why the male lead was having a threesome with his mom and his sister?

The anime trivia contest was won by a team of old-school otaku who could name every Gundam model but failed on questions like:

Who defeated Tenten during the Chuunin exam?

My favorite cosplay at the convention was this guy dressed as a warlock from Warcraft.

The Alphonse Elric from MTAC was also there. Supposedly her costume cost only $45 to make. Big deal, I spent half that on hairspray, face paint, and sharpie markers.

Another personal favorite was Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of paddles, a gay moogle kept hitting on me and requested to spank me with a yaoi paddle. Even excluding the google (gay moogle), I think I got my picture taken by more guys than girls. Have I become too GAR for my own good? I guess that’s expected when I’m cosplaying as a guy who cut off his arms, dragged a boulder around town, and blew himself up for fun.

12 people love sucking up to me

    • Hey, I stumbled across your blog when I clicked on a picture of myself. I’m the Alicia cosplayer and I’m so flattered to hear that you like my costume. I understand you’re frustration with the con. Its unfortunate but I had trouble with them as well.

  1. @blissmo: Patience, they’re on their way.

    @Michael: I know how much you want to run around swinging a yaoi paddle.

    @Hinano: The paddle disintegrated when I glared at it. I forgot to mention that part.

  2. I’m cosplaying as a guy who cut off his arms, dragged a boulder around town, and blew himself up for fun.

    I thought everyone did that.

    BTW, you should have taken confiscated the paddles to give to Aria cosplayers.

  3. @Patz: As long as I didn’t miss any ShizNat, I’ll survive. Oh man, I just came up with a great idea: I should volunteer to do a ShizNat panel at the next convention!

    @Kabitzin: So my blockquotes just look like indentations? Man, my web design sucks. I at least need to stick in a “>>”. Sadly, there was only one Aria cosplayer. On the bright side, that was one more than I expected to see in Alabama.

  4. It is my strongest belief that the value of a human is to be judged by their inability to answer detailed questions about Naruto. You can bet a YMS-07B Gouf against an MS-06 Zaku II on that one.

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