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  1. This episode is inherently awesome for featurin Galneryus, the Prodycers, and Kure-nai, but fails majorly for featuring the yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

  2. Finaaaaly a non “filler” post of baka-raptor, but there’re some points that should not be ignored in this episode:

    1.Can really baka-raptor spit fire ??? — he was not willing to demostrate at all
    2.If korosora is really his twin , why don’t we got a TALK-A-KOROSORA-RAPTOR episode instead ? — at least a mail reference from korosora was aceptful
    3.How did he managed to put a TALK-A-RAPTOR episode so fast…even a day after a post ? — maybe baka-raptor is not being his usual self slacking 99 % of the time
    4.Kaiji description has “Naked Mens”, is baka-raptor gaaaaaayy ?

    Too short episode…but should recieve a (*) rating.

  3. @digitalboy: Really? I wanted to join, but if they suck…

    @Praz: The “place” he’s endearing could be any geographic area, such as his country. Are you saying you can’t love your country? Traitor.


    1. I was willing – I just never got the chance due to a barrage of mail-mail.

    2. Never trust anything korosora says.

    3. I got in my time machine and filmed it over the weekend.

    4. “Mens” could be the name of a woman. For example, the first google search result for “mens” is this picture.

    Your comment was too long…it should receive a (~) rating. Yours was 104. Mine is 100.

  4. Oh, Alsatia, how you haunt my every waking moment with your harsh, grating and inexplicably charming pseudo-english…

    Anyshit, if Kibure actually IS in episode 14, I’ll probably have a heart attack. Or mail you a dead cat. Which I plan on doing anyways.

  5. @Baka-Raptor : If you reaaaly can time travel , prove it and post a comment right before THIS VERY POST. My comment’s rating is the same as your post rating, so if you give me an (~), you’re automatically giving yourself a (~) 😉

  6. @Patz: Agreed.

    @IcyStorm: Still not convinced? I’ll just have to make a(nother) full post about it.

    @issa-sa: Find Kibure! I’ll reward you with sugary delectables.

    @Shin: Rapping isn’t good enough?

  7. Oh Christ the beginning scared the shit out of me. Had my volume on far too loud. Screechy.

    One of these days Kibure will appear have faith.

  8. @ExiledShinobi: I’m sure she’s there, but if me and Detective LJ couldn’t find her, who can?

    @Shin: But George Jetson rapped in the Jetsons Movie:

    Rudy 2: There’s the drilling bore. It brings up the ore.
    George: The bore brings up the ore, got it!
    [hits the start-up button]
    Rudy 2: The ore makes the sprockets.
    George: The ore makes the sprockets?
    Rudy 2: Uh-huh.
    George: Uh-huh.
    Rudy 2: Pack the sprockets into packets.
    George: Sack the packets into brackets?
    Rudy 2: For the lockers.
    George: For the lockers!
    Rudy 2: Lock the sprocket locker key in the pocket of your jacket.
    George: Got the sprocket locker key in my outer jacket pocket.
    Rudy 2: Are you ready?
    George: I’m ready.
    Rudy 2: Take the bore ore sprocket packets from the packet brackets.
    George: And we rocket…
    Rudy 2: While we’re rappin’.
    Rudy 2, George: Yes we rocket while we’re rappin’ and we’re rockin’ and a rollin’ and we rocket the sprockets to Spacely. Yeah!

    Maybe I’d take your request more seriously if you sent me a mail-mail…

    @Asperger’s: It’s still up. The “no longer available” message can show up when a video doesn’t load properly, even if it’s actually there (I think).

  9. Now I don’t feel so bad about never getting my lazy ass ’round to watching Kure~nai Final Episode.

    Also, I demand fire breathing in the next Talk-A-Raptor. Lulz must be had.

  10. @ C.I. : I bet Baka-Raptor won’t use his breathing technique in the next episode again due to an barage of mail-mail.

  11. Just never expect anything in the first place. That way you folks will always satisfied.

    Society would be a lot better off if everyone converted to Buddhism. Granted, suicide-by-self-immolation rates would probably septuple within a day, but who’s to say that’s a bad thing?

  12. @LJ: Shut up ! I can never be depressed watching anime…why everyone convert to ShizNat instead of Buddhism in the first place ? Baka-Raptor is the best! otherwise i wouldn’t spend my precious time coming back here to post comments to encorage baka-raptor to post more episodes of TALK-A-NON-BREATHING-FIRE-RAPTOR!

  13. @EVERYONE: Find Kibure in episode 14. I’ll review any anime you want. I’ll sing. I’ll breathe fire. I’ll drink a bottle of tabasco sauce. I’ll perform the Maid Guy Healing Dance. I’ll do anything. Just find her!

  14. Shameless plugs for Yukan Blog! eh? I guess since blissmo draws you looking all super-awesome she deserves it. Hell, I’m still an unappreciated triangle.

    And yes, Kurenai is dumb. Would’ve been better if that one kid’s neighbors were lesbians.

  15. @Baka-Raptor: it seems that only you like kibure…i haven’t watched Infinite Ryvius so it can’t be helped anyway…

  16. @Riex: If you want a cool drawing so badly, just go by the name Tyrannosaurus Riex.

    @biankita: Blissmo is too short.

    @Laguna: Then watch it! If you’re not with me, you’re against me…

    @digitalboy: B-R? Who might that be?

  17. @Baka-Raptor:

    I actually was satisfied by the episode even without fire breathing, referencing a gag from the previous episode. The “Mail Mail” segment is good, as the running but evolving (do Raptors/Dinosaurs evolve?) gag that goes with it.

    I checked the comments on my blog, by the rate you comment you’re one of my biggest fans. But there’s probably even bigger fans of you than I am, despite my obsessive tendencies from my Aspies Syndrome…

  18. @Asperger’s: You just moved to a new site. I don’t think you’re on any of the blog aggregators yet. It’s only natural that the comments are slow. As for bigger fans of me, it’s true. I’m definitely my biggest fan. I currently account for 212 of my nearly 1100 comments.

    @Michael: Spirits won’t spare the time and effort to unsex me. Not after what I said about them.

  19. >>This episode is inherently awesome for featurin Galneryus, the Prodycers, and Kure-nai, but fails majorly for featuring the yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

    >>fails majorly for featuring the yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

    >>yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

    >>Those guys suck : p

    >>suck : P

    I KNEW IT!

    It was all a lie …

    lols, ignore him Baka-Raptor, we are too awesome~

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