Talk-A-Raptor 03: Reason of the Fist

Stuff from the episode: [spoiler]



Find Kibure!

You can find the other Talk-A-Raptor episodes HERE.


Indisputable proof that I breathe fire

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  1. Praz says:

    That ending sucks. “Dear my place, Oh so long!” is a nonsensical phrase.

  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Praz: “Oh so long” could’ve been the name of his place. Way to be a culturally insensitive asshole.

  3. digitalboy says:

    This episode is inherently awesome for featurin Galneryus, the Prodycers, and Kure-nai, but fails majorly for featuring the yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

  4. Praz says:

    That still doesnt explain how one can ‘Dear’ their place.

  5. Laguna Loire says:

    Finaaaaly a non “filler” post of baka-raptor, but there’re some points that should not be ignored in this episode:

    1.Can really baka-raptor spit fire ??? — he was not willing to demostrate at all
    2.If korosora is really his twin , why don’t we got a TALK-A-KOROSORA-RAPTOR episode instead ? — at least a mail reference from korosora was aceptful
    3.How did he managed to put a TALK-A-RAPTOR episode so fast…even a day after a post ? — maybe baka-raptor is not being his usual self slacking 99 % of the time
    4.Kaiji description has “Naked Mens”, is baka-raptor gaaaaaayy ?

    Too short episode…but should recieve a (*) rating.

  6. Baka-Raptor says:

    @digitalboy: Really? I wanted to join, but if they suck…

    @Praz: The “place” he’s endearing could be any geographic area, such as his country. Are you saying you can’t love your country? Traitor.


    1. I was willing – I just never got the chance due to a barrage of mail-mail.

    2. Never trust anything korosora says.

    3. I got in my time machine and filmed it over the weekend.

    4. “Mens” could be the name of a woman. For example, the first google search result for “mens” is this picture.

    Your comment was too long…it should receive a (~) rating. Yours was 104. Mine is 100.

  7. LJ says:

    Oh, Alsatia, how you haunt my every waking moment with your harsh, grating and inexplicably charming pseudo-english…

    Anyshit, if Kibure actually IS in episode 14, I’ll probably have a heart attack. Or mail you a dead cat. Which I plan on doing anyways.

  8. Laguna Loire says:

    @Baka-Raptor : If you reaaaly can time travel , prove it and post a comment right before THIS VERY POST. My comment’s rating is the same as your post rating, so if you give me an (~), you’re automatically giving yourself a (~) πŸ˜‰

  9. Patz says:

    I have to say as usual the ShizNat was quite awesome.

  10. IcyStorm says:

    kure-nai sucks? Time to boycott this shit.

  11. issa-sa says:

    Hmm, I think I’ll start watching Ryvius past ep 2 now.

  12. Shin says:

    I want SING-A-RAPTOR next.

  13. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Patz: Agreed.

    @IcyStorm: Still not convinced? I’ll just have to make a(nother) full post about it.

    @issa-sa: Find Kibure! I’ll reward you with sugary delectables.

    @Shin: Rapping isn’t good enough?

  14. korosora says:

    @Baka-Raptor: “@Shin: Fapping isn’t good enough?” was your original post.
    I NEVER lie.

  15. Laguna Loire says:

    @Baka-Raptor: But you obeyed it anyway…

  16. Baka-Raptor says:

    @korosora: Liar!

    @CCY: So I get a 6-word filler post in a MAL blog. Thank you very much.

    @Laguna: Obeyed what?

  17. ExiledShinobi says:

    Oh Christ the beginning scared the shit out of me. Had my volume on far too loud. Screechy.

    One of these days Kibure will appear have faith.

  18. Shin says:

    Rapping is for black people and gangsta wannabes; I want you to pour your heart out singing anime songs πŸ™

  19. Dude, my browser says that the video is no longer available. I hate YouTube so much now that it’s been corporatised to the extent videos get taken down so easily these days…

  20. Baka-Raptor says:

    @ExiledShinobi: I’m sure she’s there, but if me and Detective LJ couldn’t find her, who can?

    @Shin: But George Jetson rapped in the Jetsons Movie:

    Rudy 2: There’s the drilling bore. It brings up the ore.
    George: The bore brings up the ore, got it!
    [hits the start-up button]
    Rudy 2: The ore makes the sprockets.
    George: The ore makes the sprockets?
    Rudy 2: Uh-huh.
    George: Uh-huh.
    Rudy 2: Pack the sprockets into packets.
    George: Sack the packets into brackets?
    Rudy 2: For the lockers.
    George: For the lockers!
    Rudy 2: Lock the sprocket locker key in the pocket of your jacket.
    George: Got the sprocket locker key in my outer jacket pocket.
    Rudy 2: Are you ready?
    George: I’m ready.
    Rudy 2: Take the bore ore sprocket packets from the packet brackets.
    George: And we rocket…
    Rudy 2: While we’re rappin’.
    Rudy 2, George: Yes we rocket while we’re rappin’ and we’re rockin’ and a rollin’ and we rocket the sprockets to Spacely. Yeah!

    Maybe I’d take your request more seriously if you sent me a mail-mail…

    @Asperger’s: It’s still up. The “no longer available” message can show up when a video doesn’t load properly, even if it’s actually there (I think).

  21. Just saw it, and it was amusing.

    Guess YouTube wins this round…

  22. C.I. says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about never getting my lazy ass ’round to watching Kure~nai Final Episode.

    Also, I demand fire breathing in the next Talk-A-Raptor. Lulz must be had.

  23. Ina says:

    I second the Sing-A-Raptor.

  24. Laguna Loire says:

    @ C.I. : I bet Baka-Raptor won’t use his breathing technique in the next episode again due to an barage of mail-mail.

  25. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Asperger’s, C.I., Ina, and Laguna: You people are never satisfied…

  26. LJ says:

    Just never expect anything in the first place. That way you folks will always satisfied.

    Society would be a lot better off if everyone converted to Buddhism. Granted, suicide-by-self-immolation rates would probably septuple within a day, but who’s to say that’s a bad thing?

  27. Teeif says:

    I’m not convinced yet…

    You have one month to build up a belly of fire (or at least learn adobe After Effects)!

  28. Laguna Loire says:

    @LJ: Shut up ! I can never be depressed watching anime…why everyone convert to ShizNat instead of Buddhism in the first place ? Baka-Raptor is the best! otherwise i wouldn’t spend my precious time coming back here to post comments to encorage baka-raptor to post more episodes of TALK-A-NON-BREATHING-FIRE-RAPTOR!

  29. Baka-Raptor says:

    @EVERYONE: Find Kibure in episode 14. I’ll review any anime you want. I’ll sing. I’ll breathe fire. I’ll drink a bottle of tabasco sauce. I’ll perform the Maid Guy Healing Dance. I’ll do anything. Just find her!

  30. Michael says:

    Too short. 😐


  31. LJ says:

    @Laguna Loire:That post made so much sense I think I just attained enlightenment.

  32. Omisyth says:

    Will you ever do something that won’t make me laugh?

  33. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Michael: You’re too short πŸ˜•

    @LJ: Even Alsatia makes more sense.

    @Omisyth: Yes, if you like Kure-nai.

  34. Riex says:

    Shameless plugs for Yukan Blog! eh? I guess since blissmo draws you looking all super-awesome she deserves it. Hell, I’m still an unappreciated triangle.

    And yes, Kurenai is dumb. Would’ve been better if that one kid’s neighbors were lesbians.

  35. biankita says:

    like i told blissmo… she draws baka-raptor better than baka-raptor draws baka-raptor.

    episode too short!!! >,<

  36. Laguna Loire says:

    @Baka-Raptor: it seems that only you like kibure…i haven’t watched Infinite Ryvius so it can’t be helped anyway…

  37. digitalboy says:

    B-R have you heard? The 15th is now the 11th, I don’t know why. ANNOUNCE THE DAMN RESULTS!

  38. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Riex: If you want a cool drawing so badly, just go by the name Tyrannosaurus Riex.

    @biankita: Blissmo is too short.

    @Laguna: Then watch it! If you’re not with me, you’re against me…

    @digitalboy: B-R? Who might that be?

  39. digitalboy says:

    >> 39.

    @digitalboy: B-R? Who might that be?

    your fine ass.

  40. blissmo says:

    Of course you breathe fire XD

  41. Riex says:

    Your name suggestion was pure genius. So I’m using it.

  42. @Baka-Raptor:

    I actually was satisfied by the episode even without fire breathing, referencing a gag from the previous episode. The “Mail Mail” segment is good, as the running but evolving (do Raptors/Dinosaurs evolve?) gag that goes with it.

    I checked the comments on my blog, by the rate you comment you’re one of my biggest fans. But there’s probably even bigger fans of you than I am, despite my obsessive tendencies from my Aspies Syndrome…

  43. […] Talk-A-Raptor Episode 3: Reason of the Fist, Baka-Raptor claimed he could breathe fire as in a webcomic done by blissmo where he did it. But […]

  44. Michael says:

    Come you spirits who tend on mortal thoughts unsex Baka-Raptor here . . .

  45. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Asperger’s: You just moved to a new site. I don’t think you’re on any of the blog aggregators yet. It’s only natural that the comments are slow. As for bigger fans of me, it’s true. I’m definitely my biggest fan. I currently account for 212 of my nearly 1100 comments.

    @Michael: Spirits won’t spare the time and effort to unsex me. Not after what I said about them.

  46. blissmo says:

    >>This episode is inherently awesome for featurin Galneryus, the Prodycers, and Kure-nai, but fails majorly for featuring the yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

    >>fails majorly for featuring the yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

    >>yuken blog. Those guys suck : p

    >>Those guys suck : p

    >>suck : P

    I KNEW IT!

    It was all a lie …

    lols, ignore him Baka-Raptor, we are too awesome~

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