The 20,000 Hit/1,000 Comment/Otakon Form Results 3-in-1 Filler Spectacular!

2.5 years in existence

135 days since selling out (2/29/08, so I won’t have to celebrate it next year)

0 pre-sellout page rank

1 post-sellout page rank (still 0 by my original page rank checker)

40,000 pre-sellout hits

20,000 post-sellout hits

64 pre-sellout e-mails

63 post-sellout mail-mails

0 pre-sellout comments

1,000 post-sellout comments

258 spam comments (excluding lolikit)

212 comments from the top commenter (me)

65 comments in one post (high)

58 posts

12 posts tagged “ShizNat” (most common tag)

5 days between posts (high)

3 blogs on my pre-sellout blogroll

89 blogs on my post-sellout blogroll

348 hits in one day (high)

2520 hits for one post (high)

1 blog aggregator had the balls to list me (Anime Nano)

5 The Offical Suck Up to Baka-Raptor at Otakon Forms filled out

0 The Official Suck Up to Baka-Raptor at Otakon Forms filled out by females, pre-sellout fans, new fans, and real-life acquaintances combined (traitors)

And now for the contestants:


96 words too short. F


Excellent. A


DefinAtely? I don’t think so. B


Over the word limit. Did you think I wouldn’t count? C


Terrible. F

Nearly half a year after selling out, I can safely say that adding comments to the site has been a success. I have a great hit/comment ratio, which makes people think my site is a lot more popular than it actually is. I owe it all to my editing and moderating powers. Fans appreciate that I moderate all their comments. It means that I care enough to read every word they say. They also appreciate that I edit their comments, which protects them from looking stupid when they immortalize themselves on my site.

…but it’s ok to slack off once in a while. To celebrate my 1000 comment milestone, I will not moderate or edit any comments for 24 hours. Enjoy.

60 people love sucking up to me

  1. Come to my site and watch all the Baka-Raptor pr0n your reproductive organs can handle!


    And I did not submit an application form due to me being halfway around the world. I suck.

  3. I came here with a dinosaur joke but forgot it in the time it took to read all this crap… Er, I mean excellent, award winning content. I love all the useless stats at the top too.

    PS: Dinosaurs never existed.

  4. I was going to submit a form, but it just would have been a hello message with “screw Flanders” enough times to get to 100 words.

    P.S. Pre-sellout fan.

  5. @korosora: Nice of you to finally update. I’m flattered to be your source of inspiration.

    @Ina: If he wanted it to count as three words, he should’ve spelled it out.

    @C.I.: Don’t encourage korosora.

    @IcyStorm: D-

    @Yamcha: I don’t trust anything you said in that comment.

    @Joe: Stupid sexy Flanders…

  6. @Dancing Queen: Thank you, female fan #3 who won’t be going to Otakon but promised to fill out a form anyway. I hope you aren’t lying to me like the other traitors.

    @j.valdez: Sorry, I’d have to time travel to add you to the pre-sellout blogroll, and I swore never to abuse my time-traveling powers for personal gain.

  7. Yes! Adding comments to the site is good for popularity…but only when people REAAALY POST comments on it…back these days i was taking a look at korosora’s blog and although it has a comments engine, no one post comments on it anyway ! lol ! I am suggesting to baka-raptor put back again the page count link, as i it is another way of measuring the popularity of a certain page.

  8. I’m the same as Dancing Queen. I’m all the way in Southern California, so no Otakon for me. Plus I’m only fourteen, so you probably wouldn’t have wanted my form anyway.

  9. Shit what do I do? no editing? I guess I’ll just….


  10. @Laguna: Go back to my post-sellout pre-Anime Nano days, I didn’t get many comments either. But I’m still better than korosora.

    @Ina: You can still fill it out. I’ll save it for Anime Expo 2012.

    @digitalboy: Only 12 more hours…

    @Kabitzin: He didn’t color the tail. An incomplete picture is worth less than 1000 words.

    @Hung: But I love the green/red color scheme.

  11. @Korosora : I apreciate your response, it should recieve a *** rating .
    @Baka-Raptor : YOU-ARE-THE-BEST ! don’t trust anything that’s writen in korosora’s blog.

  12. I think Impz should kill himself for making Alice weep.

    Anyways, congrats for 1000 comments. And so quickly too OMG!

    More fun times are ahead, right? 😛

  13. @TheBigN: I’m just getting warmed up. I haven’t even broken a sweat. It’s about time I started getting serious. Now I’ll show you my true power. I’ve only been using my left hand this whole time.

    @ID Sojourner: It’s the thought that counts.

    @korosora: I draw the line at 3 pingbacks per post. May I suggest spamming my PersaCon post next? That one only has 11 comments, my lowest in three months.

    @C.I.: Sure you will.

    @Riex: Missed the deadline (see comment #32). Did I mention I haven’t gone under 11 comments in three months? I am so impressed with myself, along with the rest of the world.

    @Susie Q: That, and painstaking MS Paint editing.

  14. Jeez. I hate critics. Keep in mind, MY form said to describe in 1000 words.

    Either way, hit me up with an e-mail so we can exchange numbers like little girls and then meet up with me and lolikit who will most definitely be with me at all times or I’ll hate him forever.

  15. @Os: lolikit isn’t a little girl?

    @korosora: That’s next Memorial Day weekend. I don’t plan that far ahead. I’ll keep it in mind though. I’m in Nashville at the moment, not too far from North Carolina, though I don’t know where I’ll be next summer.

    @Thesouges: You had your chance. I won’t be turning it off again until the 10,000th comment. See you in five years.

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