Code Geass Explained

Code Geass is about a genius named Lelouch.

Lelouch has a power called “Geass,” which allows him to control people.

Sometimes Lelouch wears a disguise.

Lelouch wants to create a world where he can live happily every after.

But many obstacles lie in his path.

Lelouch formulates some brilliant strategies.

And defeats all his enemies!

Then he gets killed by his best friend.

Or perhaps he’s still alive?!

Or is he really dead?!


As long as we have fanart, it really doesn’t matter.

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  1. @Epi: I am also wildly impressed with myself.

    @Shin: But not the freaky kind (a.k.a. yaoi)

    @Asperger’s & IKnight: I don’t think ShizNat fanart could explain Lucky Star, only less boring things like Income Tax filing procedures.

    @Nagato: I did! Most of these are Mai Hime. Big difference.

    @digitalboy: Sure, once I get past the “desperation” phase of my job hunt.

    @biankita & keke: Just as tranned.

    @kanzeon: ShizNat is for all! It transcends sexual orientation.

  2. Okay, Mai Hime, fine. Both those characters are also in Mai Otome so I usually guessed Mai Hime and would be wrong, so I thought I’d try a different tangent this time.

  3. @LJ: Ctrl+Alt+Del

    @lolikitsune: Amen.

    @Nagato: I accept your apology.

    @Dancing Queen: ShizNat is awesome; explaining Code Geass is just riding its coattails.

    @Hoshi: This is the “luluko” you’ve been hearing so much about.

    @Riex: Get thee to a nunnery.

    @Ina: As long as we have fanart that doesn’t suck and contains ShizNat, it really doesn’t matter. Oh wait, that’s redundant.

  4. I am the bone of my fanart.
    Steel is my Pen and Ink is my blood.
    I have created over a thousand doujinshi.
    Not known to sanity, nor known to sleep.
    I have withstood pain to create many artbooks.
    Yet, the hands will never fap to anything.
    SO, AS I PRAY.

    Nice post btw.

  5. I’m disappointed at how lacking in with this was – yes, you skillfully utilized Mai-Hime/Otome fanart, but I expected something caustic and sarcastic, a total shredding of Code Geass, and this was not. Sadness.

  6. @C.I.: You deserve some ShizNat for that beautiful poem:

    @LJ: Michael picked up on it from its very first application.

    @A Day Without Me: That’s the point. Code Geass never inflamed my passions as it did for practically every other blogger out there. They can analyze, bash, praise, and speculate as much as they want. I don’t care. I’ve never written about Code Geass before, and I’ll probably never write about it again.

    @amayalee: You watched Season 2 without having seen Season 1? You’re a masochist, even more so than the Pig of Capitalism.

  7. *Geasses Baka-Raptor*

    You will only post NatsuNao pictures to explain things from now on. And you will lend me $20 for gas! Fufufu, I’m so evil it hurts~

  8. @LJ: Easy on the memes, I’m still stuck on 16th century playwrights. Are they not “fine too”?

    @Yamcha: Yes, your majesty!

    @A Day Without Me: I’m not surprised.

  9. I’m pleased with this. As soon as I’m done overthrowing a country that is vaguely similar to Britannia, I’ll be back for moar NatsuNao.

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