Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret is the Cheesiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


Haruka’s secret is that she likes anime. Yawn. I hate anime about people who like anime. I also hate people who like anime. And I hate people. That’s three strikes. HNS was bound to suck.

Or so I thought…

Facts are facts: this show has every clichรฉ in the book (except stepping on twigs).

Slipping & falling into that position
Stalking someone around town with no juicy payoff
Misinterpreted double entendres
Presents being judged by sentimental rather than monetary value
Nth degree cockblocking
Spying from behind a bush

Get thee to a shrubbery

There are dozens of reasons to reject this show, but there’s one reason that makes it all worthwhile: the couple works. It’s a rarity in anime.

Haruka and Yuuto have something called mutual affection. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Teenage relationships in anime are typically one-sided and/or shallow. One side chases until the other side gives in. Either that or they just want to bang each other. There’s never any substance. Haruka and Yuuta actually care about other’s feelings. They have common interests. They enjoy spending time with each other. Shit, it makes me want to fall in love too…except I hate people.

HNS also benefits from the perfect amount of fanservice: some. And it’s never the show’s focal point.

Just look at those sugary delectables. I want to go to that restaurant, but I can’t remember whether it’s WenDonald’s or Cafe Nap Rabbit.

Final Grade: +

Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret may be cheesy, but you know what isn’t? Baka-Raptor fanart:

by soggywaffle

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  1. Heeeey, baka-raptor ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s indeed a problem to fall in love with some girl around if you hate people, unless she hates people too and instead of loving each other , you two start to hate each other… i guess it might work for you…this is my hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The other one starts way back from korosora’s post, but he might be gay and deleted it, so i couldn’t find the link…

    Where korosora convinced me to watch Honey and Clover, and i bet your ass you’re gonna love it ! Final Grade : +++

    These’re my two hints for this weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Haruka Nogizaka is cheese but is still fun to watch despite being so unbelieavable and relying on so many cliches. Also because I am lolicon for the hilarious Mika.

  3. The show did have potential but it all went downhill once it fell into the pitfall of unoriginality. I would say its winning point would be the dancing ED… but then the fall season came around with Kannagi.

  4. I love this show because it’s very light to take. Anyways, the Fall season has several good shows… Well it depends on your taste though.. (since I heard you’re into lesbians, Mouryou no Hako is for you… and if you hate humans and stick only with 2d girls, Chaos;Head is for you…)
    Good luck on finding a show to watch :)…

  5. @Laguna: Exactly โ€“ I need to find a girl who’s exactly like me. Too bad they don’t exist. Hell, I don’t even know any guys like me. Anyway, I saw Honey & Clover a few years ago but never got around to reviewing it. Great show.

    @The Sojourner: You would.

    @Yamcha: You would be.

    @digitalboy: It did.

    @FFVIIKnight: “once it fell into the pitfall of unoriginality” โ€“ I assume you mean episode 1.

    @kanzeon: Are any of the lesbians yandere? Those are the best kind.

  6. Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s the old baka-raptor. Feelings? I’d expect you to call ‘porn’ true feelings.

    I strongly advise you to watch Nodame Cantabile Drama. It has al lot of the usual clichรฉ, but also all those things you apparently liked in HNS. And the music rocks.

    About falling in love… there was(or still is, I don’t remember) a wonderful tv series called “Penn & Teller: Bullshit”. It’s about exposing bullshit. After watching it, you get to hate people even more.
    E.g. people who pay lots of cash to dance imitate a seaweed. I know you probably see such people every day, but not with Penn’s witty satire.

    There had evem been an episode about love ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It’s a must-watch.

  7. the show was enjoyable enough, but i wouldn’t have touched it if they had something better that season. i guess in the end, it didn’t meet so many people’s expectations because 1. it didn’t give out too much otakuness 2. it didn’t show enough love-love. but you’re right about the mutual affection thing.

    now watch more anime and post some more!

  8. I agree with digitalboy, but even then there are some scenes between the two that annoyed me. Like the cliche scene in the classroom and the response to it.

  9. NOGIZAKA HARUKA NO HIMITSU is almost like MARMALADE BOY, only shorter.

    Why are the best shows, these days, one-off 12-26 episode shows…. Why can’t we have GOOD SOLID 72 episode shows we can cry ourselves to sleep over, like back in the day…?? *sigh*

    You damn kids keep off of my lawn!! *grump*

  10. @Baka-Raptor: There’s a yandere at Chaos;Head (but I don’t she’s lesbo). Btw, there’s a suicidal lesbian in Mouryou no Hako… If that might interest you…

  11. @Coaxen: I watched the first episode of the Nodame drama a few months ago. It’s certainly good, but it didn’t seem to cover anything the anime didn’t (correct me if I’m wrong). I also just watched the Penn & Teller love episode. Great stuff. My kind of guys.

    @biankita: Thank you for admitting I’m right. I personally don’t care for otakuness in anime, unless it’s brief and satirical. Why do otaku like watching otaku? I’d rather watch yandere lesbians.

    @Michael: I’m working on a Lelouch tribute. Don’t get over your sorrows until I’m done.

    @TheBigN: Wow, to think you of all people would view anything in life more negatively than digitalboy ๐Ÿ™

    @Fat Nakago: Because all the pedophiles out there hate anything over 18.

    @kazeon: Why didn’t you say so earlier!

  12. Baka-Raptor, keep an eye for One Outs, if you’re not already. It’s basically akagi + baseball (baseball gambling), and although not actually a fukumoto work, the anime staff for this worked on Akagi and Kaiji.

    I kind of hate myself for actually watching this series through; it was the definition of the series that I watched because there was nothing else at the time. Shit sucks.

  13. I find Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu one of those over-the-counter titles that you can past through anytime, but when it takes your attention in one moment, you eventually want to watch. That’s what happens to me most of the time.

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