Vote Krauser-tan in SaiMoe

Somebody vector this pic

Krauser-tan murdered her parents, and then raped them. She also does a mean cover of the Bitch Pig Symphony. How could you vote for anyone else?

But Baka-Raptor, Krauser-tan isn’t in SaiMoe 2008!

I’ve started this campaign for SaiMoe 2009. SaiMoe 2008 is already over.

No it’s not!

Yes it is. All the non-pedophilic characters are out (except Tomoyo, and she won’t win). I can’t believe Alice lost in the first round. She still has so much to learn from her Athena-sempai (who didn’t lose until the second round).

You may be wondering why I’d care about a pedofest like SaiMoe. Normally I wouldn’t, but I got my hopes up when I heard that everyone’s favorite little masochist won last year’s tournament.

Then I found out that Shizuru and Natsuki were quarterfinalists in 2005. I’m assuming they only lost because they were matched up against each other and committed mutual suicide.

Why aren’t there any lesbians in this year’s quarterfinals?

More Krauser-tan:

Proof that Krauser-tan is the spawn of the devil: the English letters on her forehead spontaneously changed to hiragana.

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  1. Ahh I’ve finally realized what it is that Kurogane writes about on his blog for 1/2 of his posts haha. I thought he was holding an imaginary tournament in his head or something.

  2. Alice had too strong of an opponent (who, according to my predictions, is the group victor, too). I’m more frustrated that Akari lost, but THEN AGAIN it was quite obvious that Tsukasa would mince her… ah, saisrs saibsns.

    Good Luck in Saimoe Krauser-tan, you’re gonna need it. And I shall not vector you, my Illustrator is pretty sensible to exaggeratedly moe entities (sic)

  3. according to the wikipedia article about the saimoe-tournament, natsuki and shizuru were in quarterfinals in 2005, not 2006, baka-raptor

  4. Why bother hoping that the rest of the anime fans in the world become smart? Create your own tournament and you rig the results as you see fit. You don’t even have to ask for other people’s opinions.

  5. Incidentally, do those words spell “Madah”?

    What in the world does that mean? Maybe a simplistic and engrish version of mofo? interesting…

  6. @shirokiryuu: She defines moe, period. There wasn’t a satisfactory definition until Krauser-tan came around.

    @Z: I raped Wikipedia.

    @Curtdissel: Creating and rigging my own tournament? That’s such a great idea that I already started one two years ago and indefinitely suspended it until I improve my art skills enough to draw battle-by-battle fanart.

    @Kabitzin: How is that a problem?

    @Yamcha: I can’t wait to see a Krauser-tan cosplayer.

    @Hoshi: It means Krauser-tan will appear at Tokyo Tower on the night of the next full moon.

  7. @Gnarfard: I read Bleach and Naruto, not because they’re Shonen Mainstream manga, but because they kick ass. However, I don’t read One Piece. I watched a few episodes of the anime and never liked it. Too much screwing around.

    @Kairu: I hope you’re not talking about Shizuru.

  8. >>But if Akari won, lolikit would bitch nonstop about how Akari was being objectified.

    You really have me figured out, don’t you? Damn it, if Akari had won I’d be walking away with at least three awards from ABA 2009: satire, humor, and drama. As it is, only that first one is in the bag at this point.

    More seriously, I just don’t care at all about SaiMoe. IcyStorm tried to get me to care, and I was just like, “Akari isn’t moe to me. Moe isn’t moe to me. I don’t give a fuck about your popularity contest—Akari and I are above it” and then he told me to go fuck myself. Go figure.

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