6 people love sucking up to me

  1. dude i only watched the first 15 seconds and it already kicks ass. thanks for restoring my faith. i might actually start visiting the new site more often(even though it screams sellout) .

  2. @Kairu: Agreed.

    @Gnarfard: That’s a character from the show. It’ll make sense if you check out the video. Start the download before you go to sleep and watch it first thing in the morning. It’s worth the wait.

    @thekungfukid: Just rewatched the first 15 seconds. It goes downhill. But it’ll climb back uphill later…

  3. I’ve been ignoring your flippant disregard for the only shonen action anime that matters for long enough. That is, it’s incredibly hard to rip off ANYTHING from Dragon Ball Z, inasmuch as it is 3 percent original content, and entirely based off one single filler episode of Hokuto no Ken.
    That shouldn’t be surprising. EVERYTHING came from HnK.
    And that three percent original content is “fighting to protect” and “inept writing”, which you yourself said was impossible to rip off.
    In short, if you want to know dick about what you’re talking about, head the fuck down to Heart of Madness and give the first 22 episodes a try. Jesus.

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