The True Meaning of GAR

Meet Karna, a legendary badass from the Mahabharata. ((An ancient epic ten times longer than the Illiad and Odessy combined, and the only thing in the history of India that doesn’t suck)) Never heard of him? It’s a damn shame. There are at least three crappy anime adaptions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms but none for the Mahabharata. It has so much potential, not just to become an epic anime, but to become a bestseller. One billion Indians would pay good money to watch it! ((Too bad 900 million Indians don’t have any money))

You will never find a character more GAR character than Karna.

Karna’s birth is a long and complicated story. ((See Wikipedia)) For the purposes of this post, you just need to know two things:

  • Karna was born with the sun god’s earrings and armor attached to him, which basically made him immortal
  • Karna was born to a princess who feared the social stigma of being an unwed mother

Karna was abandoned by his mother and adopted by a low-caste family. ((A caste is basically a social class. For details, see Wikipedia)) He grew up humbly and kicked ass at everything. Although he had the talent to become an elite warrior, he was denied the opportunity to train at a school for warriors due his caste. Karna wasn’t about to give up, so he did what any real man would do: he went to train in the mountains.

Of course, mountain training isn’t complete without instruction from a bitter old hermit. Unlike the school that rejected Karna for his low caste, this old hermit only refused to train nobles. Unaware of his true lineage, Karna promised he wasn’t a noble and submitted himself to the hermit’s training. The old hermit bitched Karna around. ((The most effective way to teach anyone anything because it instills discipline)) One day the hermit took a nap on Karna’s leg. Karna knew he’d fail if he woke up the hermit, so he remained absolutely still. While the hermit was napping, a beetle came along and bore into Karna’s thigh. Karna didn’t flinch. His profuse bleeding eventually woke up the hermit, who surmised that Karna was so GAR for toughing out the pain that he had to be a noble. The hermit got pissed off, kicked Karna out, and cursed him.

Now aware of his noble blood, Karna crashed a battle skills competition for princes and schooled them all, most notably Arjuna, the man ((not some Earth Maiden)) who would become his rival. Everyone acknowledged that Karna was the mightiest warrior ever, ((Yes, mightier than Conan)) yet nobody accepted him as a noble because he couldn’t identify his family. Then the prince who would someday become the evil emperor stepped forward and pronounced Karna the ruler of one of his recently conquered territories. Karna swore his friendship to the prince, thus binding him to the side of evil and ensuring his untimely demise.

Far from being corrupted by evil, Karna was renowned for his honesty, generosity, and humility. Although he was constantly treated like shit because of his background, Karna never bitched or cried, instead letting his actions speak for him. One time Karna attended an archery competition in order to win the hand of a princess. ((How romantic <3)) To win, a competitor would have to lift an infamously heavy bow, bend it far enough to string it, and then use it to shoot a revolving target while only looking at the target’s reflection.

Karna easily lifted and strung the bow, but before he could shoot, the princess declared that she wouldn’t marry him because of his commoner’s background. The princess ended up marrying Arjuna. Karna got his revenge several years later by calling her a whore as she was forcefully disrobed in front of the royal court.

When war about to break out, the gods realized that mankind was doomed as long as Karna was alive to fight for the side of evil. In order to render Karna mortal, they needed to somehow separate Karna from his armor and earrings. The rain god came up with a slick plan. He knew that Karna would never refuse a request at noon. ((Owing his life to the sun god, Karna would always pray at noon (when the sun is at its highest point) )) One day the rain god disguised himself as a peasant, approached Karna at noon, and asked Karna for his armor and earrings. Without a moment of hesitation, Karna pulled out a dagger and severed the armor and earrings from his body. ((OH SHIT!)) The rain god was so GAR for Karna that he impulsively gave Karna a divine weapon as compensation.

In an attempt to prevent the war, Karna’s mother met with Karna and revealed her true identity. ((Spoiler: Karna and Arjuna were brothers. There is so much potential for a kickass anime here…)) She also told him that he was the true successor to the throne. Even though Karna could’ve prevented the war by accepting the crown, he declined because he was too honorable to betray his allegiance.

During the war, Karna and Arjuna faced off in a battle for the ages. It was more or less even ((Despite the fact that Arjuna’s charioteer was a god (who was a total badass in his own right) )) until one of the wheels on Karna’s chariot got stuck in the mud. ((Due to a curse (not the hermit’s curse, another one he picked up. Poor Karna could never catch a break.) )) Typically it’s the charioteer’s job to free a stuck wheel, but Karna’s charioteer was a jerk, so Karna had to get out of the chariot to fix the wheel himself. According the the laws of war, the battle was supposed to be suspended until the chariot was fixed, but Arjuna realized that he couldn’t beat Karna in a fair duel and had to shoot him while he had his chance. ((He was also pissed off that Karna killed his son. Karna was too brave to accept the kid’s surrender)) Due to the hermit’s curse, Karna was unable to summon a divine weapon to protect himself. Instead, he accepted his fate, stood his ground, and took the decapitation like a man.

In sum, this is what it took to kill Karna:

  • The second most powerful warrior in the world breaking the rules of war
  • Voluntarily discarded immortality
  • Two curses
  • Divine intervention
  • A jackass charioteer
  • Acceptance that his death was necessary for the well-being of humanity

After the war was over, Karna’s mother revealed that Karna was her firstborn and the true successor to the throne. The current successor, her eldest living son, was so infuriated that he cursed all women to never be able to keep a secret again. ((The curse holds true to this day))

Here’s why Karna is more GAR than any anime character I’ve seen:

  • Golgo 13: Lacks Karna’s righteousness
  • Kenshiro: Hesitant to fight his friends and brothers
  • Maid Guy: Gets beaten by women
  • Archer: Worse at archery
  • Kamina: Died a much less manly death

If you’d like to draw a Mahabharata manga, contact me. Warning: I plan to retell the whole story in a completely different setting so nobody bitches at me for minor historical inaccuracies. ((Giant robots?))

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    • Well the REAL GAR is “ARJUNA” from Indian Mythological story-Mahabharat….

      ARJUNA was the “One Man army” & the best warrior ever the whole world has ever seen….!!

      ARJUNA thrashed Karna 7 times & ultimately killed Karna in a fair one-on-one war…..
      Arjuna was undefeated all his life…..

      Arjuna single-handedly Thrashed a whole army of Kauravas(which included warriors like Karna, Bhishma, Ashwatthama, Duryodhana, Dronacharya, Dusshashan etc) at Viraat war…. Arjun made all of them Senseless & Stripped them all of their clothes & made them naked… And it was Arjun’s mercy that he did not kill any of them & Spared the life of these warriors…..

      Arjun defeated all Kings of India during Ashwamedh Yagya & Captured whole India & established his elder brother-Yudhisthira as the Emperor of whole India…..

      Arjun had so much dominance over his contemporary warriors that the 2nd best warrior(Bhishma) was nowhere close to Arjuna’s class…..

      Arjuna was one heck of a GAR…..

      On the Contrary, Karna was not even a MAN, leave alone being a GAR…. Just see the below ACTUAL EVENTS of Karna’s failures from Original Vyas MB(KMG):

      1. Gurudakshina war: Karna RAN AWAY from Drupad……!!

      2. Draupadi Swayamwar war: Karna backed off from a fight with Arjun, hence defeated…..

      3. Gandharva war: Karna RAN AWAY, leaving his best friend-Duryodhan in Danger…… what a coward & cheat friend….!!

      4. Viraat war: Karna RAN AWAY 3 times from Arjun…… And on the 4th time, Karna was made naked by Arjun(after Uttar striped off Karna’s clothes)……. And it was Arjun’s Mercy that Karna lived to see another day…. what a pity….!!

      5. In MB war: Karna got defeated & RAN AWAY some 4 to 5 times from Bhima, 2 times from Arjun, 1 time from Abhimanyu, 1 time from Satyaki, 1 time from Ghatotkach…… what a poor warrior….!! Karna’s life was Spared by Bhima, Satyaki etc because of Arjun’s vow(to kill Karna)…..

      6. And in 17th day final battle, Arjun killed Karna in a fair one-on-one battle…..

      So it is clear that Karna was just an Ordinary warrior (Not a GAR) & nowhere close to Arjun in warrior status…..

      Now, lets see Karna’s Character :

      1. Karna’s “Daanveerta”

      A lot has been said about Karna’s “Daanveerta” in MB, but nobody noticed that Karna himself received the “Daan” of Angadesh from Duryodhana…..A real Daanveer would never have accepted such ‘Bheekh'(Beggery).

      Karna gave his “Kavach-Kundal” to Indra as ‘Daan’….but nobody noticed that he himself then asked for the ‘Daan’ of ‘Shakti-astra’ from Indra…..

      2. Karna was a liar:
      Karna received all the war education from Parshuram, by telling a lie that he was a Brahmin….but actually he was a ‘Suta'(By Karna’s own knowledge at that time)….hence he cheated his own guru Parshuram….It proves Karna was a cheater….

      3. Karna was a Wretch :
      Karna was equally involved in planning the ‘Laksha-gruh'(House of Lac) Killing of Pandavas….. Now what kind of greatness is there in burning your opponents by such devil means…..

      4. Karna was an “Ehsaan-faramosh”(Cheat) friend :
      After being defeated by Gandharvas, Karna ran away to save his own life, leaving Duryodhan alone to die…..Now is it called the real friendship ?????

      Karna refused to participate in MB war under Bhishma’s commandership, due to his ego problems…. This shows that Karna was more concerned about his ego than for Duryo’s friedship & loyalty…..

      Karna’s only aim was to prove himself as the Greatest Archer & better than Arjun…… & Karna had nothing to do with the Duryodhan’s cause & so he ran away on many occasions leaving Durodhan helpless, to save his own life….e.g. In Viraat yudh, Jaydrath wadh etc.

      Also, if Karna cared about Duryodhana’s victory then he would not have promised Kunti that he would spare the life of 4 Pandavas(except Arjun)….because without killing all Pandavas.. victory would never been achieved by Duryodhana……

      Now, some people might say that Karna was a caring elder brother, that is why he promised Kunti….then why didnt he cared about Arjun’s life…??

      Karna could have returned his Angadesh to Duryodhan & refused to fight to save all 5 Pandavas…..but he didnt do it because he didnt want to miss the chance of proving himself better than Arjun…..

      This proves Karna was neither a caring elder brother…..

      5. Karna never respected his elders:
      Karna never gave due respect to great peoples like Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya etc…..

      6. Karna was a “Apne Muh miya Mitthoo” (Self boastfull)
      Karna always used to boast about himself & his Greatness….But he always used to runaway in crunch situations……..That is why Karna has been scolded many times by Bhishma, Krip, Ashwatthama etc….

      7. Karna insulted a helpless women-Draupadi at the Dyuta…….. What kind of a gentleman the Great Karna was??

      8. Karna killed Abhimanyu in a joint attack with 7 other Maharathis….
      Now, a great warrior who has confidence in his own ability, would never have done such thing….. instead he should have condemed such thing…..

      9. Karna’s Bravery:
      Karna ran away a number of times from many fights after been defeated, to save his life…..
      It is a shame for a warrior to fly away to save his life…… A Great warrior would have accepted his death instead of running away…..

      Now, looking at all the above examples, it is clear that Karna was neither a Great warrior nor a Good human being……

      • only upper garment of karna was taken at virat. 7 million times Arjuna was saved from karnas missiles by sri Krishna other wise arjunas nangi baraat would be at virata itself as karna did not fire weapons there

        • Dont talk in air Mr Niraj…. Prove from KMG that “only upper garment of karna was taken at virat”…. Fact is that Arjun stripped Karna naked at Viraat…..

          Also, one more fact is: Bhima vs Karna = 6:0 victories in favor of Bhima….

          • you prove karna was naked at virata and bhima vs karna 6 – 0 in bhimas favour from KMG

      • Petty bandits litrally made arjuna piss in his pants. virat yudha was surprise attack. Karna was not expecting arjuna there. draudadi swayamvara arjuna played his Brahmin card hence karna stopped battle. karna fired naga astra arjuna pissed in his pants ditto for Bhargava astra. arjuna victory of karna at kurukshetra were only chariot breaking in nature in final fight karna got back on his chariot fired a sizzling arrow on which arjuna balls were hanging out. arjuna knew he could not kill karna in fair fight hence killed him unfairly. Karna was true meaning of Gar. Arjuna was true meaning of hijda

    • Dragging the mighty bhima with his – its mentined in moola Mahabharata adiparva that Karna dragged Bhima like a tiger dragging lamb. AND LET HIM GO. Krishna had to rescue Arjuna from Karna umpteen occasions especially divastras of Karna. Capturing KING Yudhishthira and letting him go. Just to name a few heroics of Karna. Karna and Krishna were the only GAR of Mahabharata.

  1. Damn, I see you’ve shared my recent rekindling with the Mahabharat. I agree that Karna is in the top 5 for most badass characters in Mahabharat. Still, I maintain that the most badass, and my personal favorite, is Abhimanyu. He truly died like a man. It took 10 of the best soldiers in the world to surround and take him down, unarmed. Hell, even Karna, for all his badassery, showed cowardice and lost his balls in that fight.

  2. Love the footnotes.
    It is a sad reflection on my current state that the second after I laughed at “Giant Robots?” I found myself thinking of all the ways it’d work.

  3. TYPE-MOON should have used some influence from these epics as well. They missed out.

    Awesome story, and awesome that someone else watched the Conan The Adventurer series. The OP was one of my favorites as a kid, but I hadn’t listened to it in years till now. Thank you. 😛

  4. Nonetheless, in order to be properly GAR, the character must have a good deal of fatherly (or at least big-brotherly) traits, not including beating children.
    Enlighten me, if your narrative missed anything.

  5. :’) HOLY CRAP !!! This was baka-raptor’s best post to date… It would made a baddass anime if MADHOUSE or some serious studio would do it…because if the makers of naruto puts the hands on such a BADDASS history like these…i can’t imagine how bad this could become…
    As it has potential to have fillers too… 🙁
    Or just have Dragon Ball Z hour span ( one hour = 63 episodes , which in fact gives us 21 earth hours)


    * claps *

    Congrats baka-raptor, for the excelent post.

    The only thing that was missing in this history is dinosaurs…

    Chariots pulled by dinosaurs kick ass !

  6. You hand this Indian epic over to the Japanese and you shall get one beach episode and one hot springs episode, gender-bent Karna and pantyshots of Karna from a certain angle while [s]he rides the chariot.

    Do want. But people rather watch moe shows. But… still… do want.

  7. @Owen: If you could sit through my summary, your next step is the Wikipedia page. Like my post, it’s still a “Mickey Mouse” version of the story but with proper names instead of clumsy placeholders like “evil emperor” and “bitter old hermit.”

    @lolikitsune: In other words, never?

    @Kairu: Season 1, episode 21.

    @Kabitzin & The Sojourner: It’s true, I’ve seen Shiva genderbent time and time again in the Final Fantasy franchise. That’s why I need to draw the manga before the Japanese get their hands on it.

    @Praz: Abhimanyu was a more talented fighter than Karna, but he had a fatal character flaw: cockiness. Karna had only two blemishes to his record: calling Drupadi a whore and taking part in the cheap killing of Abhimanyu.

    @Asperger’s: Will do.

    @IKnight, coburn, schneider: You guys probably know more about Giant Robots than I ever will, so answer me this: how can I add giant robots without diminishing the importance of archery to the story?

    @TheBigN: To be honest, I don’t remember anything about the show other than the intro, which my brother and I used to reenact with toy swords.

    @Omisyth: It’s pretty damn long. First see if you can handle this synopsis. There’s also an old live action version. The writing is great, but the visuals are awful. You can find the first 70 subbed eps on YouTube. The first episode starts a few generations before Karna’s story. It involves a king who marries a mysterious lady who makes him promise never to question anything she does. Then she starts drowning all their newborn children one by one…

    @rollchan: GAO

    @LJ: Got the pic here. A Google image search for Karna turned it up. I can’t recall many situations when Karna interacted with members of a younger generation (except when he killed Arjuna’s son). He was a great ruler if that counts as fatherly in any way. He was really more of a big brother character. He was the half-brother of Arjuna and the future emperor and half-cousin of the evil emperor. All of them respected him and admitted they would’ve accepted him as the true king.

    @digitalboy: Ridiculously too.

    @Laguna: Screw giant robots, I’m going with dinosaur chariots!

  8. Dinosaur chariots and GAR characters are fine and all, but if you’re going to anime-ize a story it also needs lesbians/ruri to complete the circle.

    Otherwise very interesting story!

  9. Personally, I’m just waiting for an anime adaptation of Beowulf or the Prose Edda. And I prefer the Ramayana to the Mahabharata, specifically the versions where Sita actually takes on Kali’s qualities to fight the demons herself.

  10. The RahXephon had a giant ‘energy bow’. It glowed a lot and pierced the heavens.

    Way I see it, a gun on a robot is just a big gun, a bow is connected to the direct strength of the robot. That makes it more powerful, because giant robots are always the ultimate power source. It’s the same logic that makes a mecha sword more deadly than a missile salvo – robotic physicality trumps all.

    Plus, if it’s a physical action, our hero can train with his real body (GAR). So any old bloke can get into a large robot, not any old bloke combines giant robot skill with proficiency in archery.

  11. Awesome. I love mythology, so I’m contractually obligated to love this post. ; )

    Seriously though, great. It makes me wonder, though — I think Cuchulainn might be more GAR. He fought an entire army by himself, purposely killing the people around the leaders to scare the shit out of them. And when I say army I mean it, two forces combined to raid Ulster held off by a dude.

    Oh, and he swore to a chick that he’d get more badass (this is before the army-fighting), so he found a crazy hermit woman and learned from her.

  12. An Excellent Advent …. Just thought of addinga few pointers :–

    1. Karna’s Chariot wheel Sunk — bcos–> … Once during his younger days he saw a small kid crying over spilt milk (literally)… To save her ass from her step mother Karna takes a chunk of the earth & squeezes every bit of the milk into the vessel …… Just when the vessel fills up ..he sees an image of the mother earth on the milk …. who promptly says ….” The milk was an offering for me, however unintentional … i know that you can offer me anything to replicate it .. but that is not my desire …Let it be known though ..that I would take an offering from you in the least moment you can give it ” … We are of course talking about the chariot weel that sunk into the battlefield …(After Karna died , the wheel came out ) …

    2. Karna didnt kill Abhimanyu treachorously ..The whole game starts with the battle strategy “Chakravyuha” .. where a”tiger” is lured deep into a trap by a “goat” who escapes deeper into it . The goat HAS to be some great warrior who acts as if he is losing & retreats (Karna in this case) .. Seeing this, Abhimanyu ( thanks to his cockiness) .. assumes that he has defeated Karna and begins pursuing him .. only to be met with a atragic death at the hands of the son of a Enemy King ….. Its sheer ridiculous Crap when they say that he was killed unfairly there was no Pandava inside the Chakravyuha ..and this theory of unfair killing was in all likelihood a rumour to encourage Arjuna to hasten the death of Karna ..( We all know who the badass might be )

    Whew!! Sorry long post …. Old Habits die hard!! Hee Hee !!

  13. Ohh .. and one small wee point .. The Insect sting that Karna had ..well technically speaking ..Karna shouldn’t be bleeding he has that impregnable body armour ..!!! ….So poor laddie thought that ” What the heck !!! It doesn’t pain me .. Why bother to scoot it out & disturb my master ? ” .. Sadly the old hermit didn’t take his viewpoint & drew the most wrse conclusion humanely possible …..and in a terrible fit of rage cursed him to lose his skills at the most needed point ….Later .. when he was brought to his senses by Karna who vouched that he was not a noble caste ..did the old hermit regret his curse …. Too bad , the curse couldn’t be countered ..but the old hermit assured him that he was an equal now …. ( Incidentally … the old hermit was the teacher of the teacher of Arjuna ( the one who killed Karna ).. Funny how things go !!

  14. @The Sojourner: Maybe. I won’t know unless I watch a movie about him.

    @Epi & jcpenguin: Would I make a show without lesbians?

    @Day: Never heard of that version of the Ramayana. It would certainly make a great anime, but I think the Mahabharata would be better. The Ramayana is a straightforward good vs. evil story. The Mahabharata is much more complex. However, I think the Ramayana would have better fight scenes. It’s gods vs. demons whereas the gods in the Mahabharata don’t take a fighting role in battle.

    @IKnight & coburn: I haven’t seen either of those, but I’ll look into them.

    @Cuchlann: Sounds pretty damn GAR to me. Now I question the army commander’s intelligence. Why not just have everyone try to run past him?

    @Urchin: I know, right?

    @Propheticverses: Thanks for the info, especially on the Chakravyuha. I’d never heard that side of it, but it certainly makes a lot of sense. One of the things I love about the Mahabharata is the extent of the interrelationships between the characters. Karna was taught by Parashurama who taught Drona who taught Arjuna whose son was defeated, in part, by Karna. Arjuna then defeats Karna thanks to Parashurama. And Karna and Arjuna were brothers all along. Great stuff.

    @Shin: I don’t know where you can find a torrent, but if you can, good luck fitting it all on your hard drive. The are over 90 episodes at 45 minutes each. Just check it out on YouTube (see comment 20 @Omisyth).

  15. @propheticverses: I dont know if Id be so fast to dismiss the death of Abhimanyu as ‘sheer, ridiculous crap’. Even though no other pandavas were in the circle, there were plenty of other ways for information to leak out of the battlefield (ie, spies). Furthermore, the Pandavas could have found plenty of evidence of a gang beatdown by simply examining the corpse, such as a pattern of attack that would have been almost impossible for a single individual to pull off during battle. Incidentally, do you have a source for any of this?

  16. @Praz :

    Ridiculous Crap –NOT — > Abhimanyu’s Death
    Ridiculous Crap –> The so called label “unfair Killing ”

    My Wee justification follows lest you unfortunately assume I am prejudiced towards “over-glorifying” Karna or undermining Abhimanyu ” .. I assure you my source is the original version … Here’s the link .. for the entire story .. I recommend you read the “Abhimanyu & Karna section ” …

    The Slaughter goes like this — >

    Kauravas design Chakravyuh to capture Yudhisther alive ..( considered impossible as Arjun is around ) …So,to side step Arjun .. a couple of buddies of Duryodhana ( The Sindhus ) agree to engage Arjuna elsewhere, leaving it open for Drona’s twisted plan .. Now , only 5 guys COMPLETELY know about this Chakravyuh thing ( Bhisma, Drona , Karna on Kaurav side …& … Arjuna & Krishna on Pandava side ) .. …

    On seeing the changed lines of Kauravas , Yudhistir realizes that it is a trap but has no clue as to how to break it .. Abhimanyu who also witnesses it..suggests that it is the “so & so” trap ..I know how to enter it but how to exit it ( How he learnt it is a pretty amusing story in itself ) ..

    Now the Pandavas suggest to him to enter the fray .. and that they will provide “Cover” fire ..Sadly just when our young chap enters the Trap .. the rest of the pandavas are cut by Jayadratha ( a typical villain ) .. who for some strange reason had been blessed with a boon to hold all Pandavas except Arjuna for one day !!! ( Seems very convenient , eh ? ) …

    So this guy holds the Support group leaving Abhimanyu all alone in the trap .. However , it hardly causes a worry to our hero ..and he goes on “systematically decimating ” ( to quote one of my friends) the Kaurava army ..

    Things go like this –>

    1. Abhimanyu humilates Dushasana ….
    2. Seeing his brother humilated Duryodhana goes afetr Abhimanyu ..
    3. Seeing Duryodhana go after Abhimanyu , Drona orders the army to protect Duryodhana at all cost ..( Apparently he didn’t have much faith in Duryodhana’s skills)…
    4. On Seeing Duryodhana go, Karna follows ..
    5. On seeing Karna go , his younger brother ( his adopted parent’s real son ) goes after Abhimanyu ..
    6. Abhimanyu and Karna exchange pleasantries ( arrows taking the dignified place of flowers !!)

    7. Karna gets slightly raw deal ..( he is to be blamed .. for his own reason he does not seek to kill Abhimanyu but seeks to protect Duryodhana from Abhimanyu ) ..
    8. On seeing Karna being thus hurt .. his younger brother joins the fray but sadly brotherly love doesn’t ensure him invulnerability against Abhimanyu …
    9. On seeing this, Karna howls with depair & seems shell-shocked ..

    10. On Seeing this ( lol, lotz of ‘seeing’ here!! ).. Duryodhana comments as to who cn sefeat Abhimanyu if Karna is incapable ..and wishes to secede the battle … As he is about to convey the order … his son Lakshmana fights with Abhimanyu ..and Abhimanyu breaks one of his solemn oaths .!!!! ( He had taken an oath that he would not kill Kaurava’s children as his uncle had already beaten him to that oath .. and thus if he killed then ..his uncle’s oath would be null & void with disastrous consequences…. ) .. and in those days ..oaths apparently had a tremendous effect .. So ..he kills Lakshmana ..

    11. A furious Duryodhana then orders the entire army “Slay him!! Slay Him !! ” ..
    12. Still impossible to kill Abhimanyu .. and the Drona tell something …..” I have taught his dad how to make such impregnable armors”.. At a shocked look from Duryodhana, he narrates ” reserved for only the best student” .. Only the higher weapons can penetarte it ..but that is out of the picture as it would harm us more ..I suggest that Karna cut his bowstring .. and we will do the rest …

    13 .. So Karna cuts the bowstring & disable all attempts of Abhimanyu to take any weapon … while Drona and other guys neutralize the steeds ..

    14. Still he is up and roaring ..when Dushasana’s son comes into the picture and offers him a mace ( following the Kshatriya Code ) ..The two slug it out and finally Abhimanyu is killed by a blow on his crown …

    Thus ends the saga

    @ Baka : I apologize if I have put down too much into the paper .. but I felt it might be needed lest Praz assumes that i might be making a mockery of a great text.

    And hey !! you might have heard it many times ..and I hope hearing it one time more won’t hurt !!! ” Your site rocks!! “

  17. @Michael: Get thee to a similarity.

    @Propheticverses: It’s fine, I allow comments that are shorter than their corresponding posts. My post is about 1200 words; your comment is about 800. In any case, awesome comment.

    @Rakuen: I do have a way with words, don’t I?

    @blissmo: Sure you are.

    @Funeral: Keep practicing (I still have no offers)

  18. Little late to comment on this one, but i believe there are a few comic adaptations of Indian mythology, though no Japanese manga ones. Look up Virgin Comics.

  19. Of course Golgo isn’t as righteous as Karna. Righteousness isn’t really a skill set for assassins.

    Also, I would love to take you up on your offer, but I got way too many projects to take on another one…

  20. Quote>>Of course, mountain training isn’t complete without instruction from a bitter old hermit.

    This “hermit” you speak of here is none other than Parasuram,he is nor old geek,nor a calm man

    He is a more terrible than his disciple karna.

    Check this pic


    “Furious at his father’s murder, Parashurama killed all sons of Sahasrajuna(King) and their aides. His thirst for revenge unquenched, he went on killing every adult Kshatriya on earth, not once but 21 times, filling five ponds with blood. These are the actions which highlight his warrior characteristics.”

  21. I missed out it seems on the Mahabarata, I read Bhagavad-Gita where Arjuna was the lead (I realize now that B-G is but a story arc for Arjuna in Mahabarata). I had a point, but only when I was ignorant. Karna owns Arjuna, I concede.

  22. Hi,

    Please email me, I think we need to talk. I have had plans of developing this for some time now, of course I had my own visions but it isn’t too far off what you want to re-create. Maybe we can colab.

    Get in touch with the email provided here.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  23. Actually, I’ve always thought Karna would be the obvious choice for a Grail War Archer. It’s not like he’s lacking in Noble Phantasms: his armor, Vijaya, the Vasavi Shakti, and a crapload of divine astras (arrows, each significantly more badass than Caladbolg and Hrunting and the like).

    Incidentally, Arjuna had a lot more divine astras and a fricking deity as his charioteer. In absolutely every way that battle was stacked against Karna and he still would in all probability have won if not for the TRIPLET (not pair) of curses that hit him simultaneously.

  24. agreed that karna was an unparalleled archer …. but arjuna was no less…..
    whoever is saying karna was better should also read about the VIRAT yudh… where bhrinlala(arjuna) decimated the whole karuava army all by himself. that army included BHISMA, DRONA, ASHWATHAMA, KRIPACHARYA, DURODHANA and everyones HERo KARNA himself. they all attacked him at once and in the end were no match to arjuna’s might.
    b4 and during the war the KURU grandfather BHISMA (who had a boon to select the time of his own death)repeatedly said that if all of us combined couldnt handle arjuna then who is going to take care of him in this war.
    moreover arjuna had lord SHIVA’s infallible weapon “PASHUPATA”… against which karna never stood a chance…. cuz there was no counter attack for this weapon.
    karna had the bramastra but to counter arjuna was also capable of invoking the same weapon …..
    but arjuna told lord krishna that he wouldnt use the DIVINE weapons as he didnt want the future to say that arjuna won the war using DIVINE weapons and not by his own archery skills….

    those days an archer was measured by the number of arrow he would shoot to inflict an injury to the enemy….
    in that regard too …. arjun used 7 arrows to find karna’s flesh …. where as karna had to shoot 13 arrows to achieve the same feat……

    • @ random…Arjuna was a greta warrior no doubt about that but why do you forget that Karna became a parallel to Arjuna WITHOUT the tutelage of Drona. Think what would have he been if he was tutored by Drona. In the war Krishna praises KArna 2-3 times upon which Arjuna gets miffed and asks that why does Krishna praises Karna when Arjuna’s arrows makes the chariot of Karna move back feets and upon beinmg hit by Karna’s arrows Arujuna’s chariot moves back just inches? upon this Krishna replies that in Arjuna’s chariot, he (Krishna), and with him the whole universe is seated in addition to Hanuman and even then Karna is able to move Arjuna’s chariot retreat a little while Karna’s chariot holds just Karna and Shalya.

  25. Well…to start with, im a Muslim and mighty infatuated by Mahabharat and all its characters..more so by the unsung hero, Karna. Although a great warrior (greater even than Arjun), and by far the noblest of the princes who surrounded him, he was derided and humiliated time and time again by virtue of his lower birth. His grace, however, remained as immovable as his will. @ random…Arjuna was a greta warrior no doubt about that but why do you forget that Karna became a parallel to Arjuna WITHOUT the tutelage of Drona. Think what would have he been if he was tutored by Drona. In the war Krishna praises KArna 2-3 times upon which Arjuna gets miffed and asks that why does Krishna praises Karna when Arjuna’s arrows makes the chariot of Karna move back feets and upon beinmg hit by Karna’s arrows Arujuna’s chariot moves back just inches? upon this Krishna replies that in Arjuna’s chariot, he (Krishna), and with him the whole universe is seated in addition to Hanuman and even then Karna is able to move Arjuna’s chariot retreat a little while Karna’s chariot holds just Karna and Shalya.

    • although my favorite character is Karna but I have no intention to be an eternal member of the Arjuna hate club. Sorry dude I don’t agree with your above statements. Arjuna was also a great hero and not a coward

  26. Well, to the most part its accurate, but I do, however suspect that 900 millions of us dont have money. Anyway, moving on, Karna is indeed one of the greatest antihero of all time. Actually its the case with the whole epic, each character, men, women, protagonists or antagonsists are created with litarary perfection. I take you viewed this epic from Karna’s perspective and hence missing some points about him. End of the day like every other character in that epic he wasnt without fault. He was proud of his skill to the limit of vanity, the insults he placed Upon Draupadi during the game which made Arjun pledge to kill him, were disgusting. And the episode with Abhimunyu, Arjun’s son who was killed by severel warriors including Karna is a huge black spot in his character. abhimunyu actually beaten him in straight combat that day before all of them attacked the teen together and murdered him.The death of abhimunyu was followed by one of the most brutal revenge story where arjun launched a vast attck killing more than 100000 people in a single day to reach whom he believed to be the reason of his son’s death. But thats another story. Now coming to his death, Arjun can be many things, a playboy stubborn, but you can hardly call him afraid. Remember, he broke Karna’s bow in Draupadi’s wedding party. That day, in war when Karna’s chariot’s wheel sank in ground, Arjun wanted to wait until Karna put ir back on ground. But it was lord Krishna who adviced him to shoot, remembering him how Karna killed helpless Abhimunyu.
    Besides these small facts, great job anyway and still not convince though that 900 mil of us dont have any money.

    • Had to stop here. Karna was not defeated by Arjuna at all at Draupadis swayamvara below is what happened ” Then the illustrious Arjuna beholding Karna, the son of Vikartana (Surya), advancing towards him, drew his tough bow and pieced him with his sharp arrows made Radheya (Karna) faint. Recovering consciousness Karna attacked Arjuna with greater care than before. Then Karna and Arjuna, both foremost of victorious warriors, desirous of vanquishing each other, fought madly on. And such was the lightness of hand they both displayed that (each enveloped by the other’s shower of arrows) they both became invisible (unto the spectators of their encounter). Karna, the son of Surya, fought with greater vigour. And parrying all those impetuous arrows shot at him by Arjuna, Karna sent up a loud shout. And this feat of his was applauded by all the warriors. ( Here its acknowledged Karna made an impressive recovery ) Then addressing his antagonist, Karna said, ‘O thou foremost of Brahmanas, I am gratified to observe the energy of thy arms that knoweth no relaxation in battle and thy weapons themselves fit for achieving victory. No other person except the husband himself of Sachi or Kiriti, the son of Pandu, is capable of fighting with me when I am angry on the field of battle.’ (Yes Karna stopped the fight but please realize he stopped after equaling Arjuna and matching him shot of shot. Not after being rendered unconscious ) Phalguna replied, saying, ‘O Karna, I am only a Brahmana . By the grace of my preceptor I have become accomplished in the Brahma and the Paurandara weapons. I am here to vanquish thee in battle. Therefore, O hero, wait a little.’ Thus addressed (by Arjuna), Karna the adopted son of Radha desisted from the fight, for that mighty chariot-fighter thought that Brahma energy is ever invincible. ( Friends Brahmastra is an ultrapowered divine weapon. When such weapons clash it has a very nasty impact on the near by vicinity. Ved Vyasas mentions this when he scolds Ashwatthama at the end of the battle.Karna being a wielder of Brahmastra knew this. Hence when he saw Arjuna threatening to fire the Brahma weapon acted responsibly and refrained from fighting him. You cant fire these weapons irresponsibly for personal vendetta. In any case Karna respected Brahmanas. Krishna himself mentioned this to Arjuna. Remember when Indra came to take the Kavach he too was disguised as a Brahmin. People say that Arjuna with his divine weapons could have finished the mb war in 1 day but refrained becoz he did not want universal danger as his weapons were very deadly. This is totally false. When faced by a divine weapon of even a formidable opponent Arjuna had no hesitation in firing divine weapons. Here we see him threatening to fire Brahma weapon. Even when Ashwatthama fires his Brahmastra Arjuna fired his brahmastra without any hesitation to counter it. Where was his care for universal danger then ? He had Krishna by his side didn’t he ? He had seen Krishna diffusing powerful weapons like Vaishnav astra and Narayanastra earlier. Its not Arjuna but Karna who had this sense of responsibility to show restraint in firing ultra powered divine weapons for fear of its harmful effects thus excusing him from many of his so called defeats.

  27. Jai Sri Krishna. My salutations to all readers
    Karnas victories over Arjuna are far more impressive than any of Arjunas victories over Karna. On 15th day of battle Karna locked Arjunas hands behind the chariot and was about to kill him when sunset took place. Those days it was against the rules to fight after sunset and Karna being commander in chief of kauravas decided to respect that rule. In draupadis swayamvar Arjun was disguiesd as a brahmin and Karna respected brahmins hence his attack on Arjuna was half hearted (Please realise Indra too was disguiesd as a brahmin when he came to take Karnas kavach. Karnas bow being cut by arjun is shown only in T.V serials. Scholars like sanskritC. Rajagopalachari and R.C Dutt say that Krishna came to the pandavas rescue. Swami Vivekandas summary mentions Pandavas held out their own in that battle. There is no victory of Arjuna recorded here(there is a differance between holding out our own in a fight and defeating your opponent ). In Viraat yudha Karna did not fire his divine weapons possibly becoz when 2 divine weapons clash there is a harmful effect in nearby vicinity (this is explained when vyasa scold ashwatthama in then end) In virat battle field cows where there in vicinity hence this incident is called go rakshan. Its resonable to assume that with ordanary arrow also Karna could have been diffident as in his younger days he had accidently killed a cow – a holy animal for the hindus for which a brahmin had cursed him bitterly. Most of Karnas defeats remind me of a cricket match where an ordinary bowler is beating the master batsman regularly out side the offstump.
    best regards

  28. Jai Sri Krishna. I criticize Karna for insulting Draupadi. But critisism for Karna stops right here. We cannot ignore the fact that Bhima and Draupadi themselves have uttered verbal insults to Karna and even Duryodhan. When he fell in the pond Draupadi laughed and said blind son of blind father. Karna never insulted Arjunas parents Bhima and Arjuna insulted Karnas father Adiratha. Coming to the Abhimanyu episode according to the Hindu philosophy a maharathi or a supreme warior is a person who can handle a large number of warriors single handedly at a radius of 360 degrees. C. Rajgopalacharis Mahabharat shows Satyaki and his ten sons attacking a warrior called Bhurishrava and this Bhurishrava without fussing and complaining tackled all of them single handedly. A supreme warrior does NOT need his bow also to fight of enemies. Ashwatthama took a small twig and charged it with the Brahmastraa and fired it at the Pandavas at the end of the war. Hence Abhimany being attacked by many warriors including Karna or Karna cutting Abhimanyus bow form behind cannot be sanctioned as a serious offence.

  29. Okay, this is getting hillarious by each day. We are forgetting the basic idea of Mahabharata in the process of proving who is greater archer between Karna and Arjuna. Lets review some basic stats, shall we? Both are EQUAL in archry, period. Arjuna’s bow Gandiva (with its history and power) is surely better than Karna’s Vijaya. Both are armed to the teeth with divine weapons with Arjuna having a slight edge with Pashupata, and Parashurama’s curse on Karna. During the course of the epic they faced each other severel times, with Arjuna winning some of the encounters (call them or compare them with whatever you wish, the fact is they happened, and if you dont agree then read your Mahabharata one more time:-))and Karna winning some as well(ditto like before). Killing Abbhimunyu is viewed as one of gravest crime commintted by Kuru army, and there is no way one can justify that and trying is ridiculous and hilarious at same time. Next day Arjun killed Karna’s son right infront of his father with Karna watching helplessly. But all this is pointless when it came to the final battle. That particular day, every other confrontation between them that happened priviously became insignificant. What really counted there, is the choice of the both warriors. Karna choosed( this word is in quotes) to be with the wrong side. To follow one dharama he broke all the others. Again remind you Arjuna wanted to wait till Karna lifts his wheel but it was on Krishna’s suggestion and reminding of the death of his son made him released Anjalika.
    But come on, think for a sec, like all the death in that war Karna’s death also supplemented something much more cosmic and the simple rule of action-reaction(except Abhimunyu’s, which was pure adharma, but it was necessary to create a path for what rule-breaking was to follow). Everyone, on both side, were connected to this and whenever they performed something wrong, they had to paid for that, and in same savage way.
    I actually find this healthy, that after severel thousands years we are still arguing about it. But just remember what Mahabharata is actually about. That just will do:-)!

  30. Jai Shri Krishna. My salutations to everyone
    Agreed entirely with above posting. But Mahabharat is so vast every event has 2 or 3 versions. Sanskrit Scholar K. M Ganguly mentions the final confrontation as follows. When Karna jumps to extact his wheel he sees Arjuna taking aim and pleads that this is against the rules. Arjuna feels sorry for Karna ( Arjunas greatness is proven )Sri Krishna chastises Karna and mentions this as a weak excuse and instigates Arjuna to fire at Karna. According to Proffesor Ganguly Karna jumps back on his chariot and fires a powerful arrow on Arjuna and renders him unconsouis and then jumps down to attend to his chariot wheel. Here greatness of Karna is proven. Despite the fact that it was made clear to him that he will be killed even by unfair means because he has not follow dharma he did NOT kill Arjuna in that unconcious state and instead chose to attend to his chariot wheel. Later Arjuna recovere and fired the Anjalika weopen. Karna was incaple to answer it due to Sri Parshuramas curse and hence got killed. Coming to Karnas sons scenario. Prof K. M Gangulies Mahabharat mentions Karnas sons taking part in the war. Ditto for Shivaji sawants novel Mrityunjay. But C. Rajgopalchari who was under the direct influence of great people like Gandhiji does not mention any son of Karna getting killed. R.C Dutt was a disciple of Rabindranath Tagore he also does NOT mention any son of Karna getting killed. Sant Dnyaneshwar one of the greatest saint of India has written the Gyaneshwari which is based on the Gita. In this book he has made a record of all the significant and insignificant warriors taking part in the kurukshetra battle. No mention of Karnas any son is there. I doubt is Srimad Bhagwatam mentions Karna sons but it mentions that Parikshit the son of Abhimanyu acknowledging Bheesma dorna and Karn superior to Arjuna and Sri Ved Vyasa disciple agreeing with him
    Best regards

    • Jai Sri Krishna. I am sorry I made a mistake. Mr R.C Dutt was not a disciple of Sri Rabindra natha Tagore but Its Sri Tagore who worked under Mr. R.C Dutt. Mr. R.C.C Dutt served as the first president of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad (Bengali: বঙ্গীয় সাহিত্য পরিষদ) in 1894, while Rabindranath Tagore and Navinchandra Sen were the vice-presidents of the society.
      Best regards

    • K. M. Ganguly mentions karna as a son of radha even during war scenes and also son of suta. But Karna was surya putra. Hence KMGs mahabharta calling a person a son of karna doesnt not necessarily mean that he was karnas biological son

  31. Jai Sri Krishna
    below are the confessions of Sanskrit Professor K. Ganguly who mentions Karnas sons getting killed ” The entire translation
    is practically the work of one hand. In portions of the Adi and the Sabha
    Parvas, I was assisted by Babu Charu Charan Mookerjee. About four forms of the Sabha Parva were done by Professor Krishna Kamal Bhattacharya, and
    about half a fasciculus during my illness, was done by another hand. I
    should however state that before passing to the printer the copy received
    from these gentlemen I carefully compared every sentence with the original,making such alterations as were needed for securing a uniformity of stylewith the rest of the work.
    Quoting him. I should here observe that in rendering the Mahabharata into English I have derived very little aid from the three Bengali versions that are supposed to have been executed with care. Every one of these is full of inaccuracies and blunders of every description.
    I cannot lay claim to infallibility. There are verses in the Mahabharata
    that are exceedingly difficult to construe. I have derived much aid from
    the great commentator Nilakantha. ” As you can see friends that Prof Ganguly himself mentions that he has erred and his version in his own opinion cannot be considered authentic.
    best regard

  32. Jai Sri Krishna. Coming to the bow scenario The ultimate test of a warrior is wielding or firing arrows from a bow given by Sri Parshurama. This is evident in Sitajis swayamvar. Even though Sri Ram broke the bow of Lord Shiva, Sri Parshuram was NOT impressed. He challanged Sri Ram by saying take my bow and fire an arrow from it then I will be convinced that you are the greatest warrior- which Sri Ram did. In the Mahabharata there is only one warrior who wielded a bow given by Parshuramji and that is Karna. His bow Vijay dhanush was given by Parshuramji. Parshuram was a hard taskmaster and whatever weopens he had with him were always the best of the best. Thats precisely the reason he gave Sri Ram his bow. Indirectly Karna duplicated Sri Rams feat. So you can see that handling Karnas bow was no joke. Coming to weapons Yes Arjuna had the Pashupat astre but Karna also has recorded firing divine weapons like Bhargava astra and Vaishnav astra. Its a recorded fact in Mahabharata that at the end of the war Arjuna chariot blew up to smithereens when Lord Krishna got of the chariot and when Hanumanji also left it.
    Enough said.

  33. Thing is there always will be one logic and another to counteer. Amazing thing about great literatures such as Mahabharata, Macbeth, Streetcar named desire etc is the numbers of interpretations can be made of them. With all due respects to the scholers mentioned above, their versions of the story is simply that, “an interpretation”. Again, I am NOT saying Arjuna was better than Karna. And I would never say Arjuna was better than Dronarchya or Bheeshma. Jishnu himself would probably say that they were much greater warrior than him. The character of Karna was created in the form of an archetype antehero, a classic tragedy, like Macbeth. He was born in great things with great gifts. But his choices combined with a fierce hand of fate was what that destroyed him. Point of Mahabharata is not who was better warrior. Point of the epic is the choices you make between good and evil and its consequences. I am not going into the stats again because I think I made my point clear on my last post. Granted, there were severel sages who considered Karna as better between the two, but there were enough also who said it was Arjuna who was better. In the last apocalyptic battle between the two, both were evenly matched until Karna’s wheel sank in ground. Like every death in that war this too was caused by dharma. If Arjuna didnt fired, then who knows, either could have win.
    Dont waste time on arguing who was better. As I said sometimes it was Arjuna who excelled and sometimes it was Karna. But at the end it was much more profound thing that caused Karna’s death than a mere broadheaded arrow. Just like Duryodhana’s death it wasnt just a mere broken thigh, it was much more complex than that.

  34. Jai Sri Krishna. Your point ” Thing is there always will be one logic and another to counteer Amazing thing about great literatures ” is wellmade. Your message Dont waste time on arguing who was better is also correct. In the end dharma had to prevail and hence for humanity sake the noble saintly Pandavas had to be victorious. But you must realise that what prompted stalwarts like Bheeshma, Drona and Karna to side with the evil Duryodhna was a philosophy NOT evil nature. Bheeshma had pledge eternal loyalty to Hastinapur throne. Drona was suffering from poverty and his own friend Drupad deserted him thats when Dhrithrashtra – duryodhans father gave him a job opportunity as a Guru. Hence he had to repay that debt. Karna was indepted to Duryodhan as duryodhan had come to his rescue when embarrasing questions were asked to him about his birth. If you study Mahabharata well you will realise that these 3 gentlemen were better than many people like Drupad who was with the Pandava army and ditto for Drishtadyumna. They were not bothered about dharma. They were assiting the Pandavas for their own selfish reasons ie killing Drona for revenge. Mark my words if Drona would have joined the Pandavas you would have seen both these peaople hand in hand with Duryodhan so that they could kill Drona. Even today coaches of great sportsman are honoured with dronacharya award there is no Drishtadyumna award or Drupad award whatsoever. Great philanthropists are compared to Karna not Drupad.
    best regards
    Niraj Sharma

  35. There is no arguement there that it was indeed one of Drupad’s intentions was when he joined pandava army. But come on, it is not as simple as it may appear, that drupad’s intention was only his revenge on Dronarchya when he joined panadavas. Granted, he wanted Arjuna as the son-in -law to get the revenge on Drona, because he knew that there is only one person who can stand against the teacher is his best student. But if pride and honour is in question (that was the very thing for what Drupad seeked revenge as he believed he lost them when his own kingdom was given to him by Drona in charity), one’s daughter’s, and one’s sister’s honour is much more imprtant in Indian history. Thing is no matter what Drupad would have joined pandavas, and no matter what Drona would have joined Kauravas. First was to make it appear that the odds are against Pandavas (which wasnt really the case, as the Preserver himself was driving the chariot of the peerless Bowman for them), second reason….no matter how much we argue end of the day, Arjuna is center character of the epic. Just look at the passages after passages dedicated to him, and to his skills, you will know. Even his enemies, including Karna and Ashwatthama, the other two great archers of the generation has praised him severel times. Anyway, returning to the point, Drupad was no match for Drona, as he was killed by him. Dhristadyumna, whose very existence was to destroy Drona couldnt have killed him either. But here Abhimunyu’s death again comes into play. The part that Drona played in it and consequences that he must suffer for it. Drona met a violent and not a noble end. Dhristadyumna himself wasnt spared either, his death was equally violent. Point is, that war was a decisive war between good and evil, and no matter which side you fought for, your actions will bring adequate consequences.

    I would never say it was for their characteristics that those five( Bheeshma, Kripa, Drona, Karna, and Ashwatthama)joined Kauravas. Each had their own reasons. But three of them suffered for thier actions on the battlefield. Bheeshma suffered for something that he had done two generation ago. See if these people were evil, Arjuna wouldnt have doubts before the war and Sri Krishna didnt need to utter Gita to him:-).

  36. There is no plain white and black characters in Mahabharata, but they are gray to the core, with leaning on good and evil sides. Karna, the antehero although in severel aspects was a great human being, but in some others his actions were qustionable. Although he was the son of sun god, he was also a partial reencarnation of a demon. Duryodhana, although was devious and wicked in his plots against pandavas, he was alos a just ruler. Even Shakuni, had reasons for all his actions. Same goes for pandavas as well. Everyone of them had fallen from grace one time or another. Funny isnt it, the decisive battle between good and evil was fought between people who are quintessentially humans?

    • That is true Utkarsh…when humans are involved…I doubt if we can ever seperate them as good or evil people…
      but its the deeds..those deeds are good or evil

      And I didnt knew about him being reincarnation of demon…all I know is that according to spell, Sun God had to bless Kunti with a son with best qualities.
      Only fault in Karna was his arrogance..but mostly, it would be hard to find a nobler character in entire mahabharat

  37. Actualy, insulting the princess as whore is about the worst mistake of karna’s life….or atleast he thought so!

    (It turned out that she said no to him only cause of class system, but in the end she ended up admiring him a lot….until he insulted her ofcourse XD)

    And agreed about divine intervention! even after that they had to break the rules to end him

  38. Personaly, I admire five characters the most in Mahabharata

    Shree Krishna,

  39. it seems that you have modified the mahaabhaarat to your liking. part of what you are saying about karn is true, part of it is your own imagination. well, you have the liberty, as the epic is not copyrighted. but i’m afraid, misinterpretation of it would lead to misappropriation of its purpose – telling people about what dharm (the sense of correctness)was all about in bhaaratvarsh at the peak of the aryan culture.

    i would suggest you to read an authentic edition of the epic once more before you start working on any kind of project on it. please note that this is not meant to demean your effort or enthuse at any level. it is just an honest feedback of a researcher, who has spent years after analyzing the greatest epic of all times and drawing inferences from it.

  40. Just a few words.

    -The KM ganguly version is no substitute for original manuscripts and contains numerous flaws.
    – Apart from other feats, when Pandavas were in forest, Karna went alone to conquer all the kings in aryaavart and came back victorious. He than made all kings accept the monarchy of Duryodhana.
    – Arjuna would always be invincible because he too was an Avatar of an immortal being ( Nara) just like Krishna.
    – Another instance when Karna proves ineffective is when Duryodhan is made captive by the king of Gandharvas, despite karna being there and ultimately it is Arjuna who gets him released.
    – Krisha (no match for him)
    -Bheeshma (but he had already decided not to let Duryodhan win)
    – Arjun (the friend of the almighty, how could he lose?)
    – Karna (heroic, tragic)

    • glad you posted this^^

      I’d posted a reply earlier to this anecdote but later thought I hadn’t pointed out the flaws enough…it seems your post and some others have spoken of them fine^^

      Anyway here’s something else from me:
      For the writer of this Karna article…
      You mention that Karna was the best warrior and that Arjuna was second to him multiple times…but hey you got some facts wring again…

      The most powerful ones were
      1)Lord Krishna

      This list has been prepared from what Bheeshma rebukes Duryodhana with…When the latter had walked upto him and asked him to finish the war…he’d mentioned exact amount of days in which each can finish the war…He himself c’d do that in one day…the other two gurus, I forgot…and as for Lord Krishna, even Bheeshma dropped his weapon when the almighty Krishna picked up a chariot wheel to destroy Bheeshma though he was stopped by Arjuna reminding him of his vow not to use weapons in the battlefield…

      And although there’s been a lot of confusion regarding the way Arjuna and Karna w’d size up to each other…but hey they were both awesome archers…But hey real power isn’t just ’bout the weapons you use or how good you use them…rather it’s with the person who’s guided all the way by the Lord himself…and only Arjuna was blessed enough to have this opportunity in its full possibility…

  41. Awesome Post. I totally agree that Karna is GAR – one of the first anti-heroes the world has ever seen.

  42. But well one thing I’d say is wrong with your anecdote is:
    You mention the revenge he got when Draupadi (the princess…you didn’t name her I see>.>) gets forcefully disrobed…but man…they attempted disrobing her…and couldn’t…’cos of divine intervention of Lord Krishna…the cloth just continued elongating…and Dushashana lost consciousness as he got tired when he pulled at the sari for too long without it coming off Draupadi’s body

    And one thing is…your anecdote is one-sided…yeah Karna was a victim of misfortune…and fate…but these are the very things that plague the other characters including Arjuna in this story…

    And the relations and everything is much more complicated than shown here…although yeah it’s not possible to describe it all in a short anecdote…but you sh’d have tried >.>

    Anyway… I acknowledge that Mahabharat will make one awesome anime or even manga…really loved that one always…really intense politics and psychological aspects to it…

    And the best thing is that a lot of characters including Arjuna, Krishna (for sure) and well almost everyone else has so many faces to their character it’s mind-boggling…awesome

  43. For those who think that Arjuna was a knight in shining armour here are some thoughts for you.
    Arjuna was great but not flawless. Below is a list of his misadventures.

    1. Has extra knowledge of vyoohas and training from Indra and fails to pass on knowledge to brothers and sons. Desire to be the best more important then benefit to brothers and sons

    2. Kept the Bhagvaan Sri Krishna for his own purpose as charioteer. The brave but inexperienced Abhimanyu definitely needed Krishna more to save himself from chakravyooha.

    3. When challenged left Yudhishthira and the others alone to face the chakravyooha. Personal ego before teamwork and brotherly love.

    4. Receiving news of Abhimanyus death instead of accepting responsibility starts blaming Jayadratha who was not even close to Abhimanyu when he died. Being in the opposite army its but obvious Jayadratha would do something against the Pandavas. But he did not kill Abhimanyu its Drona who was incharge of the chakravyooha and Dushasanas son who killed him

    5. Instead of opposing Yudhishthira while he was gambling he is silently watching his wife insulted makes big speeches about how he will kill Karna. Personal vendetta more important than wifes protection . Remember prevention is better than cure. Stopping Yudhishthira was definitely the better option.
    6. Feeling happy when Eklavyas thumb gets cut. Whether Eklavya was good or evil Arjunas envy is definitely a black mark on his character.

    7. Is so arrogant that time and again has to be humbled by Sri Krishna.and Shiva I understand even Hanumanji had humbled Arjuna on one occasion.

    8. This supposedly great warrior failed to protect Yadava ladies after Shri Krishna died and did not even have the commonsense to send an army after those dacoits ( some people speculate that astra vidya was taken away at that time but that’s a lame excuse Arjuna was called mahabaho he had physical strength of Gods, remember he had wrestled with Lord Shiva ). Here his ego is so high that sending army would nullify his greatness hence kept a hush hush stand on it.

    9. During the Bhima – Duryodhana duel slaps on his thigh to hint Bhima for the foul blow and acted as of he approved of it but when Balrama started chastising Bhima Arjuna quietly slunk behind Krishna as if he disapproved of the act. Did not support Bhima and stand upto Balrama for his brother. Considering the fact the Bhima had sacrificed his son Ghatotkachas life to protect Arjuna this is infact a high level ungratefulness.
    10. Makes Uloopi pregnant and goes away. ( womans rights activists may not look kindly at this act Children rights activists would certainly be unimpressed by this performance. )
    11. His unscrupulous behavior while tackling Bhurishrava and his increase and decrease of Gurubhakti is well known. Remember he married Draupadi and established a friendly relationship with Drupad and Drishtadyumna to men who were the sworn enemies of his guru. The Drona Drupad enimity was not hidden from Arjuna and the Pandavas. When he needed training from Drona his gurubhakti was exemplary. Prospect of getting a beautiful bride Draupadi. Drona yeh naam kuch suna suna sa lagta hai. Strange isn’t it. ?
    12. Moola Mahabharata says that his favorite son was Abhimanyu. How can a father have a favorite son? Another angry look from children’s rights activists would not surprise me.

    • I title this post

      Bhima the unfortunate jealous egoistic warrior

      Its bhima who is the worst character of Mahabharata. He was worse than duryodhan also.
      He bullied the kauravas right from childhood. Children being bullied can become bad because of hostile circumstances. Its bhima to be blamed. For all his shameless shakira like belly dancing around the dead body of dushasana he could not protect draupadi from the ultimate grief. Her 5 sons also died. In his arrogance he disrespected the naryanastra then on krishnas instructions bowed clearly where others bowed of humility he bowed of fear. He was a perfece package of a bully and a coward. . The Vedas say he was to reincarnate as madhavacharya in kalyuga. Madhavacharya too like bhima was all self glorifications. He wrote books declaring bhima as greatest hero in Mahabharata whereas the gita clearly says it was arjuna supreme among the pandavas. Bhima was nothing more than a glutton who only knew eating and revenge

      • Are the vedas 1005 true. I doubt it because the vedas ( I thing rig veda ) says that the earth is stationary where as we know that it isnt.
        This is affirmed by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavata (11.3.44) – “paroksa-vada vedo’yam” (The Vedas speak indirectly). Hence Bhima being glorified in vedas cant be authentic

  44. You know Karna was really GAR, but I think bhisma was equally GAR too…..he was smart, briliant and the gr8 archer he defeated his, drona and karna`s teacher parshurama in a single combat…….

    • Jai Hari
      Yes Bheeshma had a great battle with Sri Parshuramji an avtar of Vishnu and was undefeated. But lets see the reason before ascribing greatness to Bheeshma. Sri Parshuram used to instruct his disciples not to kill the following. A woman, a eunuch, a warrior who is retreating and an eklauta putra of his mother ( only son of his mother ). Bheeshma had told this to Yudhishthira on the first day of the battle. That’s the reason none of the 3 disciples of Parshuram could defeat Abhimanyu ( he was only son of subhadra ) and Ghatotkach ( only son of hidimba. Karna did defeat him but not with Parshuramas missiles like bhargava astra etc. He used shakti Indras missile.)
      Parshuramji practiced what he preached. Bheeshma was his dear disciple ek lauta putra of Ganga and a devotee of Sri Vishnu. Incarnations of Vishnu never kill the devotes of Vishnu. Of course Bheeshma was a great warrior as great as Karna and Arjuna but that’s all.

      • Bheeshma didn`t just prove himself to be a great warrior, he was the ablest administrator. He had renounced the throne, but he ended up ruling the longest period. He was a student of Parshurama for weapon-lore and niti from braspati the guru of the gods.
        as a child he used to stop the flow of the mighty Ganga river with his arrows.
        >Incarnations of Vishnu never kill the devotes of Vishnu.
        True but they have defeated their devotees e.g Lord Krishna teaching humility to Lord Indra by lifting the govardhan.
        so Parshurama could have defeated Bheeshma, but he couldn’t.

        • My learned friend.
          Both the circumstances and character of Indra were different from bheeshma. Indra desperately needed to be humbled becoz he was in the process of hurting innocent people with torrents of rain. Indra had raped Ahalya in previous birth hence in humbling Indra Vishnu ( in whatever incarnation ) will show a high level enthusiasm. Bheshma was not a slave of lust. As you yourself have acknowledged that he was a punya atma above selfishness. Lord Ram also had a battle with Hanuman and did not defeat him. Because Hanuman to had that selflessnees and high quality devotation. Hence he had nullified the Ram baan. Indra lacked that devotion hence was soundly beaten by Vishnu ( Krishna ) especially during the Parijat tree incident. Just as all warriors are not equal in prowess all devotees are also not equal in devotion. Lord Parshuram was testing Bheeshma adherence to dharma and his battle competency. Bheeshma fighting Abhimanyu and not soundly beating him does not hamper bheeshmas greatness by the same logic Parshuram fighting Bheeshma who was an excellent devotee and disciple need not challenge Parshurams supremacy. There is not record of Parshuram using his battle axe on bheeshma which he had received from Lord Shiva. There is no record of Parshurama firing the Bhargava astra which he had given to Karna and which made Karna a great force to reckon with. Below is the prowess of the bhargava astra (named after Parshurama )

          Bowing at the feet of Bhagwaan Parshurama I qoute Karna firing the Bhargava astra. ” the mighty Karna of immeasurable soul fixed on his bow-string the weapon known by the name of Bhargava. From that weapon flowed, O king, millions and millions of keen arrows in that great battle. Entirely shrouded with those blazing and terrible arrows winged with feathers of Kankas and peacocks, the Pandava army could not see anything. Loud wails of woe arose from among the Pancalas, O king, afflicted, in that battle, with the mighty Bhargava weapon. In consequence then of elephants, O king, and steeds, by thousands, and cars, O monarch, and men, falling on all sides, deprived of life, the Earth began to tremble. The vast force of the Pandavas became agitated from one extremity to another. Meanwhile Karna, that scorcher of foes, that foremost of warriors, that tiger among men, while consuming his foes, looked resplendent like a smokeless fire. Thus slaughtered by Karna, the Pancalas and the Cedis began to lose their senses all over the field like elephants during the conflagration in a forest. Those foremost of men, O tiger among men, uttered loud roars like those of the tiger. Loud became the wails of woe, like those of living creatures at the universal dissolution that were uttered by those crying combatants struck with panic and running wildly on all sides, O king, of the field of battle and trembling with fear. Beholding them thus slaughtered, O sire, by the Suta’s son, all creatures, even beasts and birds, were filled with fear. The Srinjayas then, thus slaughtered in battle by the Suta’s son, repeatedly called upon Arjuna and Vasudeva like the spirits of the dead within Yama’s dominions calling upon Yama to rescue them.
          (Above statement shows that Arjuna is being called for help by people killed by Karna )
          Hearing those wails of the troops slaughtered with Karna’s shafts, and beholding the terrible bhargava weapon invoked into existence Kunti’s son Dhananjaya said unto Vasudeva these words, “Behold, O Krishna of mighty arms, the prowess of the bhargava weapon! It cannot, by any means, be baffled! ( Here Arjuna admits his incapability to nullify Karnas Bhargava astra ) Behold the Suta’s son also, O Krishna, filled with rage in this great battle and resembling the Destroyer himself, in prowess and employed in achieving such a fierce feat! Urging his steeds incessantly, he is repeatedly casting angry glances upon me! I will never be able to fly away from Karna in battle! The person that is living, may, in battle, meet with either victory or defeat. To the man, however, that is dead, O Hrishikesha, even death is victory. How can defeat be his that is dead?” Thus addressed by Partha, Krishna replied unto that foremost of intelligent men and chastiser of foes, these words that were suitable to the occasion, “The royal son of Kunti hath been deeply wounded and mangled by Karna. Having seen him first and comforted him, thou wilt then, O Partha, slay Karna?” Then Keshava proceeded, desirous of beholding Yudhishthira, thinking that Karna meanwhile, O monarch, would be overwhelmed with fatigue! ( Here its clear that Krishna also considers Karna a formidable opponent and an equal warrior to Arjuna and Bhargava astra the supreme weapon )

          • hehe this is the beauty of this great saga…..lets agree to disagree on this for now.

            I just found out about another great character, the most powerfull warrior of mahabharata, Barbarik.

            here is his tale:

            Before the Mahabharata war began, Lord Krishna asked every maharathi (warrior) how many days he would take to finish Mahabharata war alone. Bhishma answered that he would take 20 days to finish the war. Dronacharya replied that it would take him 25 days. When Karna was asked, he said he would take 24 days. Arjuna told Krishna it would take 28 days for him to complete the battle by himself. In this manner, Lord Krishna asked each warrior and received an answer.

            Finally, Lord Krishna asked Barbarika the question. Barbarika replied that he would take one hour. Krishna asked Barbarika to prove his claim: “If you can tie all the leaves of the peepal (sacred fig) tree, I will believe that you can finish the war in one hour,” Krishna challenged.

            Barbarika took one arrow from his quiver, put it to his forehead and chanted a mantra that would allow him to succeed in his task. Meanwhile, Krishna broke one leaf from the peepal tree and hid it beneath his foot. Barbarika shot the arrow, stringing every leaf of the tree with it. The strength of his meditation gave his arrow the power to find the single leaf Krishna had hidden to test Barbarika. Barbarika’s arrow humbly circled around Krishna, and fell to his feet in reverence. Lord Krishna was pleased with Barbarika’s ability and blessed him as the greatest living Kshatriya (warrior).

            Then, Lord Krishna asked Barbarika on which side he would fight in the battle of Mahabharata. Barbarika told Krishna that he had pledged to always fight on the losing side. Krishna replied, “If you fight, the side against you will surely be the losing side. But you must decide which side you will fight on.” Barbarika remained true to his promise, realizing that as the greatest warrior he could never be on the losing side and so must withdraw from the war.

            Krishna finally asked Barbarika who he considered his teacher. Barbarika replied, “O supreme Lord, You are my teacher.” Krishna asked the warrior to then give him his Gurudakshina (gift to teacher). Barbarika agreed to give Krishna whatever he asked for. Krishna said, “as an offering, I ask for your head.” Barbarika obediently drew his sword and severed his head, gifting it to Krishna. Krishna was impressed with Barbarika’s devotion and so told him to ask for a boon. Barbarika asked Krishna if he could watch the battle of Mahabharata take place. Krishna granted his wish, and placed his head on a nearby mountain from where Barbarika witnessed each moment of the whole battle.

            At the end of the Mahabharata war, those who survived on the Pandava’s side claimed that it was their valor that led to winning the war. They began to quarrel, when Krishna decided that they ask Barbarika, as he had seen all the events as they happened. They all went to Barbarika and asked him who had truly won the war. To this Barbarika replied, “Lord Krishna, I had not seen anyone other than You doing anything in this war. Every move was yours, every action was yours. You have done everything.”

            He really was GAR….:)

  45. Dear all. Karna is the lead character in mahabharta apart from krishna and ARjuna. Great people like swami vivekanda also have acknowldeged his greatness. In MB if you observe those who praise Karna even after doing bad deeds go to heaven. Eg Duryodhana he did go to heaven. Those who insult Karna like Ashwatthama did and kripacharya. They meet with ever lasting doom. Ashwatthama is roaming the earth even now with a black mark on his forehead. Ie Karna has nothing to do with it. It just shows that they are narrow minded people. I have seen some morons who create blogs to insult Karna. One moron I know is a certain chiraan. Any way may Lord Haris blessing be on all of us

  46. Swami Vivekandanda was one of the greatest man in modern times. He was a saint who was all knowing. He has glorified Karna. ( he had paid tribute to Karna at a holy place called Karnaprayag. This is recorded in history. ) But I see some anti Karna blogs insulting Swami Vivekananda as well which saddens me. Any way tomorrow is Holi. I wish all the readers a very happy and an auspicious holi and may the blessings of Sri Krishna be an all of us.
    best regards

    • On this auspicious day I would like to thank this wonderful blog which has enlightened me and gave me an opportunity to share my views. I Will also take the opportunity to discuss the significance of holi Hiranyakashipu was a king of demons, and he had been granted a boon by Brahma which made it almost impossible for him to be killed.. Consequently, he grew arrogant and attacked the Heavens and the Earth. He demanded that people stop worshipping Vishnu nd start praising him. His own son, Prahlada was a devotee of Lord Vishnu . In spite of several threats from Hiranyakashipu, Prahlada continued offering prayers to Lord Vishnu. He was poisoned by Hiranyakashipu, but the poison turned to nectar in his mouth. He was ordered to be trampled by elephants yet remained unharmed. He was put in a room with hungry, poisonous snakes and survived. All of Hiranyakashipu’s attempts to kill his son failed. Finally, he ordered young Prahlada to sit on a pyre on the lap of his demoness sister, Holika who could not die because she also had a boon. And a boon which would prevent fire from burning her. Prahlada readily accepted his father’s orders, and prayed to Vishnu to keep him safe. When the fire started, everyone watched in amazement as Holika burnt to death, while Prahlada survived unharmed, the burning of Holika is celebrated as Holi.
      I feel this is very significant as this teaches us the power of Lord Vishnu and also enlightens us to beware of mordern Hiranyakashipus and Holikas who do exist in our modern society. They may give themselves auspicious names eg Swamiji Keshav or Usha etc but are more vendetta oriented.
      May Sri Ramas blessings be on all of us.

  47. Mostly I see the following accusations on Karna in general
    When Drona refused to teach him , he went to Drona ‘s Guru Shri Parshuram to learn the astras.
    • Refutation – I see nothing wrong in that. If some one refuses you kndowledge ie one college refuses me admission I will go to another college.
    •He lied to God Parshurama that He is Bramhin to learn astras.(God Knowingly teaches him all , because God knew Duryodhan would wage a war against Pandavas only on the confidence of Karna’s capability.)
    •Refutation – Yes that’s wrong he shouldn’t have lied but then he had no choice. Parshuramji taught only brahmins. Some people may ask how come he taught bheeshma a kshatriya. Firstly Bhismas mother was Goddess Ganga. Father Shantanu was known as bharatvanshi but Bharata the kshatriya had NOT given his sons the throne. Rather it was Bhumanyu the son of Rishi Bharadwaja who succeded him and his lineage followed. Hence Shantanu too had brahmin blood in his veins and hence Bheeshma was tutored by Sri Parshurama. And lets not forget Karnas guru bhakti in a hurry. He bore the scorpions bite with patience so that his Gurus sleep doesn’t get disturbed.
    •Karna accepts Friendship of Duryodhana only to oppose Arjun.( Lack of morals)- Refutation – Its Drona who created those circumstance by asking irrelevant questions like his birth etc. Common guys he was there for a battle not a wedding proposal.
    • When Father (Sun)advises him not to give kavach kundal to Indra , he disobeys Father and gives it away.- He had taken a pledge. He had to fulfill it. Bheeshma to refused to marry Amba when his Guru Parshuram told him to do so.
    •When Mother kunti asks him not to harm Pandavas, He displeases her saying He would kill Arjun. ( Hence its admitted that he had potential to kill Pandavas eh. Lord Krishna also granted that he will pardon Shishupala a 100 times. Daan ka bhi limit hota hai. Karna Eeshwar se bada daani to naheen ho sakta.
    •When Lord Krishna offers him the entire Kingdom of the universe to join Pandavas as eldest brother in war , He rejects Lord’s suggestion and fights for Duryodhana.( Ego before the Lord) Refutation – Karna explained his point. Lord Krishna himself accepted his explanation.
    • Was he loyal to Duryodhan? No , when Bheeshma calls him “ardharathi”, He does not enter battelfield for 10 days till Bheeshma falls. So much for a false friendship.(Given to anger) Refutation – Karna knew that he and Bheeshma were at Loggerheads. Staying in the army with Bheeshma would mean bees stinging each other in a bottle and would be more harmful than useful to Duryodhana.
    •He was acclaimed as Daan Veer , but He had taken a vow that he would donate only till he kills Arjun, his dana was only out of ego and jealousy towards Arjun, to attain fame and not to please God or recipient . Refutation. Lord kRishna himself has described Karna as Vrisha ie kind hearted to his enemies. Is the challenger superior to Sri Krishna.
    Another clumsy accusation. He was defeated thrice by Bheemasena during Rajsuya yagna this even when he had Kavach and Kunadala.(was he veer). Refutation – this is a balatant lie. It may be supported by commentaries of various communities which are respectable but not accurate. Below is the proof that Karna was not conquered by Pandavas as refuted by renown sanskrit scholar C. Rajagopalachari. “ Sisupala, the king of Chedi, who hated Krishna as wickedness alone can hate goodness, could not tolerate it. He laughed aloud in derision and said: “How ridiculous and unjust, but I am not surprised..” Some of the assembled princes applauded Sisupala. Encouraged by their applause he addressed Yudhishthira: “When there are so many kings gathered here, it is a shame that you paid the first honor to Krishna. ” O Yudhishthira, You could not have honored him as your preceptor surely, for your preceptor is Drona who is here in this assembly. Is it as an expert in performing sacrifices that you have honored him? It cannot be, for Vyasa, the great master, is present. It would have been better even if you had paid the first honor to Bhishma, for dotard as he be, he has still the merit of being the oldest man of your house. Your family teacher, Kripacharya, is also present in this assembly. How could you then pay the first honor to this cowherd? Ashwatthama, the hero who is expert in all sastras, is here. How did you choose Krishna, forgetting him? Among the princes assembled here, there is Duryodhana. And there is also Karna, the disciple of Parasurama. Leaving him aside, out of childish partiality, you chose Krishna for the first honor Thus you have dishonored us all, whom you have invited here. O kings, it is not out of fear that we assented to Yudhishthira’s assuming the title of emperor. We personally do not much care whether he is friend or foe. But, having heard much prate of his righteousness, we wanted to see him uphold the flag of dharma. He has now wantonly dishonored us.
    Readers here you see Karna being nominated above as the first honor. Now although Shishupala was an adharmi you see him nominating other revered characters like Bheeshma Vyasa Kripacharya and also Karna. He did nominate Duryodhana ( after all shishupala was evil but Duryodhana cannot be conquered by Pandavas as he at that time was family and under Bheeshmas protection ) This is the proof the only unconquered kings could be nominated. After all Shishupala didn’t nominate his friend Jarasandhas son who certainly was conquered by the Pandavas. This speech also makes it clear that all kings of the world were not defeated. After all he says it is not out of fear that we assented to Yudhishthiras assuming the title of emperor.
    Too my humble knowldege Shalva at that time received the news of Shishupalas death (this is clear evidence that he was not at Rajsuya yagna and hence did not know of the shishupal incident) He did not even know that the Rajsuya yagna is taking place let alone paying tribute to Pandavas. Then he proceeds to Dwarka to attack Yadavas in his magical aircraft. He battles Pradyumna not Shri Krishna as the Lord is at Indraprastha attending Rajsuya – more proof that Rajsuya does not mean all kings conquered..
    Sanskrit scholars differ from each other but this episode is unanimous. Here I quote R. C. Dutts translation.
    Not to Vrishni’s uncrowned hero should this reverence be paid, Midst these mighty crownéd monarchs in their kingly pomp arrayed,Pandu’s sons are yet untutored, and with knowledge yet unblessed, Knowing Bhishma blessed with wisdom hath the rules of courts transgressed, In this throng of crownéd monarchs, ruling kings of righteous fame, Can this uncrowned Vrishni chieftain foremost rank and honour claim? Doth he as a sage and elder claim the homage to him done? Sure his father Vasudeva hath his claims before his son! Doth he as a wise preceptor claim the highest, foremost place,
    When the great preceptor Drona doth his royal mansion grace? Unto Krishna as a rishi should the foremost rank be given? Saintly Vyasa claims the honour, Vedic bard inspired by Heaven! Unto Krishna should we render honour for his warlike fame? Thou, O Bhishma! Death’s Subduer, surely might precedence claim! Unto Krishna for his knowledge should the noble prize we yield? Drona’s son unmatched in learning surely might contest the field! Great Duryodhan midst the princes stands alone without a peer, Kripa priest of royal Kurus, holiest of all priests is here! Archer Karna–braver archer none there is of mortal birth Learnt his arms from Par’su Rama, he who slew the kings of earth!
    This tallies with what Bhagwaan sri krishna said at the end of the mahabharata.
    Upon the conclusion of these words by Duryodhana, a thick shower of fragrant flowers fell from the sky. The Gandharvas played upon many charming musical instruments. The Apsaras in a chorus sang the glory of Duryodhana. The Siddhas uttered loud sound to the effect, Praise be to king Duryodhana. Fragrant and delicious breezes mildly blew on every side. All the quarters became clear and the firmament looked blue .
    Seeing all these happen from the sky and this kind of worship and admiration to Duryodhana, the Pandavas headed by Krishna became ashamed. Hearing invisible beings cry out that Bhishma and Drona and Karna and Bhurishrava were slain unrighteously, they became afflicted with grief and wept in sorrow.
    Seeing the Pandavas deeply filled with anxiety and grief, Krishna addressed them in a deep voice :
    All of them were great car-warriors and exceedingly quick in the use of weapons. If you had put forth all your prowess, even then you all could never have slain them in battle by fighting fairly. Duryodhana also could never be slain in a fair encounter. ( Here Krishna sanctions even Duryodhana was superior to Bhima.)
    The same is the case with all those mighty car-warriors headed by Bhishma. From desire of doing good to you, I repeatedly applied my powers of illusion and caused them to be slain by diverse means in battle. If I had not adopted such deceitful ways in battle, victory would never have been yours, nor kingdom, nor wealth. ( here Krishna sanctions that pandavas were incapable of winnings the war ) Those four were very high-souled warriors and regarded as Atirathas in the world. The very Regents of the Earth could not slay them in fair fight. Similarly, the son of Dhritarashtra, though fatigued when armed with the mace, could not be slain in fair fight by Yama himself armed with his bludgeon. You should not take it to heart that this foe of yours had been slain deceitfully. When the number of one’s foes becomes great, then destruction should be effected by contrivances and means. The gods themselves, in slaying the Asuras, have trod the same way. That way, therefore, that path adopted by Gods can be followed by all. We have been crowned with success. It is evening. We had better depart to our tents. Let us all take rest. Now the Pandavas, still with shame ( READERS HERE YOU CAN SEE THE PANDAVAS ASHAMED ) for having seen the Gandharvas and others admiring Duryodhana, retired back to their respective tents.

  48. One of the greatest Sanskrit scholars in recent times in C. Rajagopalachari. His version makes it very clear that its Karna who had spared bhimas life. And no he is not biased to Karna. His version says that Karna had failed in Draupadis swavamavar.
    “After thus admonishing the blind king,Sanjaya proceeded to tell him whathappened. Five sons of Dhritarashtra,Durmarsha, Dussaha, Durmata, Durdharaand Jaya, when they saw Karna put toflight by Bhima at once rushed on thelatter.When Karna saw this, he was heartenedand turned back to resume his attack.Bhimasena at first ignored the sons of Dhritarashtra and concentrated on Karna.But they became so violent in their assault that Bhima got incensed and, turning his attentions on them, disposed of all five of them. They lay dead on the field, withtheir horses and their charioteers.The young warriors with their bleedingwounds presented the appearance of aforest with trees, uprooted by a strongwind and lying flat on the ground withtheir beautiful red blossoms.When Karna saw another batch of princesslaughtered for his sake he fought moregrimly than ever before. Bhima too wasmore violent than before, thinking of allthe evil that Karna had wrought againstthe Pandavas..”Seeing Duryodhana’s brothers, who came to help him, slain one after another in this manner, Karna was overwhelmed byanguish. He leant back on his seat in thechariot and closed his eyes unable to bearthe sight.Then recovering control over his emotionshe hardened his heart and began again hisattack on Bhima. Bow after bow was broken up by Bhimasena’s shaft, butKarna kept the battle.Eighteen times he had to take up a freshbow. In the renewed and fierce battle betweenBhima and Karna, Bhima lost his horsesand charioteer. Soon his chariot also wassmashed to pieces. Then, Bhima hurledhis spear at Karna who was in his chariotand as Karna parried it with his shaft,Bhima advanced with sword and shield.But Karna broke the shield at once withhis shafts. Then, Bhima whirled his swordand hurled it, and it cut Karna’s bow intotwo and fell on the ground. But Karnatook up yet another bow and assailedBhima with arrows more fiercely thanbefore.Bhima, in a fit of uncontrollable rage,sprang upon Karna. Radheya took coverbehind his flagstaff and escapeddestruction. Thereupon, Bhima jumpedout of Karna’s car down into the field of battle where, deprived of all arms, he usedthe elephants lying dead on the ground toprotect himself from Karna’s arrows andcontinued the fight.He picked up anything he could lay handsupon, wheels of broken chariots, the limbsof horses and elephants that were lyingabout, and hurling them at Karna, kepthim engaged without interval. But thiscould not long continue and Bhima wassoon at a great disadvantage. Karna saidexultingly:”Foolish glutton, you do not know thescience of war; why do you engageyourself in battle here? Go to the jungleand fill yourself with fruits and roots andgrow fat. You are a savage, not fit forkshatriya battle. Get away!” Hurlinginsulting taunts at him, he made thehelpless Bhima burn with rage, but mindful of his word to Kunti, refrained from killing him.( KARNA SPARES BHIMAS LIFE )
    “There, Arjuna! See how poor Bhima isbeing harassed by Karna,” said Krishna.Dhananjaya’s eyes burned red with wrath,when he saw the plight of his valiantbrother. ( THIS CONVERSATION MAKES IT CLEAR THAT BHIMA WAS BESTED BY KARNA ) He bent his Gandiva bow and dischargedhis arrows on Karna who then gladlyturned his attentions from Bhima toArjuna. He had pledged his word to Kuntinot to kill more than one of the Pandavasand he reserved that option for the great Arjuna.
    Yes although Bhima had an upperhand over Karna , Karna kept coming back. But when Karna defeated Bhima
    He ( Bhima was completely pinned down )

      • I am indeed enlightend by this superb blog. If I was bhima in my previous birth I would wake up early in the morning and worshipped Lord Shiva as my God and acknowledged Karna as the better warrior.Cant really beleive the vedas more so when Sri Krishna says. – “paroksa-vada vedo’yam” (The Vedas speak indirectly). the puranas are full of incidents of the inferiority of devas including Vayu. Lord Shiva was worshipped by Sri Rama by Parshurama( this avtar of vishnu got his battle axe from him ) and Karna was a disciple of Parshurama.

  49. I think the srimad bhagawatam written by Ved vyasas son shuka deva also states that Bheeshma, Drona and Karna were the supreme warriors and divine help of sri krishna was needed to defeat them

  50. First thing first, nice job here, Baka-raptor. This is the first time I’ve seen a “GAR article” about Karna.
    For you guys who have been waiting for Karna to take part in the Holy Grail War and may not have known this, Karna has taken part in Type-moon’s recent video game (Fate/Extra CCC) and light novel (Fate/Apocrypha). Story-wise, Extra CCC and Apocrypha are not related. Extra CCC is a “virtual Holy Grail War” and Apocrypha is a 7 vs 7 servant battle (yes, a friggin 7 vs 7 servant battle + the referee is another servant by the class “Ruler” so there are total of 15 servants). Here’s the links

    If we consider Fate’s system of servant classification and Karna’s background, he can easily be archer, lancer, and rider.
    Being summoned as Lancer in both series, Karna still has the access to all of his astras (yes, despite of being summoned as Lancer for his Valsavi, he can use his bow and STILL HAS HIS ARMOR AND EARRINGS! That means both in ranged or melee fight he’ll still have the upper hand for having the strongest bow, lance, and armor.). In extra CCC, his attacks can be so destructive that his master renamed his class as “Launcher” (a pun maybe?).

    man, I really wish type-moon will do another project with ufotable (anime studio that makes kara no kyoukai, fate/zero, and fate/stay night remake) to make an anime of Apocrypha.

  51. Happy new year to all.
    Karna was an expert in handling group attacks. Below from Org mahabhara

    Indeed, Shikhandi, and Bhima, and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, and Nakula, and Sahadeva, and the (five) sons of Draupadi, and Satyaki, surrounded the son of Radha, pouring showers of arrows upon him, from desire of despatching him to the other world. The heroic Satyaki, that best of men, struck Karna in that engagement with twenty keen shafts in the shoulder-joint. Shikhandi struck him with five and twenty shafts, and Dhrishtadyumna struck him with seven, and the sons of Draupadi with four and sixty, and Sahadeva with seven, and Nakula with a hundred, in that battle. The mighty Bhimasena, in that encounter, filled with rage, struck the son of Radha in the shoulder-joint with ninety straight shafts. The son of Adhiratha, then, of great might laughing in scorn, and drawing his excellent bow let off many keen shafts, afflicting his foes. The son of Radha pierced each of them in return with five arrows. Cutting off the bow of Satyaki, as also his standard, O bull of Bharata’s race, Karna pierced Satyaki himself with nine shafts in the centre of the chest. Filled with wrath, he then pierced Bhimasena with thirty shafts. With a broad-headed arrow, O sire, he next cut off the standard of Sahadeva, and with three other arrows, that chastiser of foes afflicted Sahadeva’s driver. Within the twinkling of an eye he then deprived the (five) sons of Draupadi of their cars, O bull of Bharata’s race, which seemed exceedingly wonderful. INDEED, WITH HIS STRAIGHT SHAFTS CASTING THOSE HEROES TO TURN BACK FROM THE FIGHT, THE HEROIC KARNA BEGAN TO SLAY THE PANCALAS AND MANY MIGHTY CAR-WARRIORS .

    These two passages clearly show Karnas superiority over bhima.
    Indeed, Nakula and Sahadeva and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, surrounded by a full Akshauhini of troops, thus proceeded towards Yudhishthira. BHIMASENA also, in that battle, crushing the great car-warriors of thy army, proceeded towards the Karna surrounded by foes. Karna, otherwise called Vaikartana, O king, shooting dense showers of arrows, checked, ‪‎single‬-handed, all those mighty bowmen thus advancing (to the rescue). Though they shot dense showers of arrows and hurled innumerable lances, fighting with determination, yet they were unable even to look at the son of Radha. Indeed, the son of Radha, that master of all weapons offensive and defensive, by shooting dense showers of shafts checked all those great bowmen.
    Even with full battalion bhima gets booted away by Karna
    Karna struck that mace with numerous shafts of beautiful wings, sped with great force, and once again with other shafts, Thus struck with Karna’s shafts, the mace turned back towards Bhima, like a snake afflicted with incantations. With the rebound of that mace, the huge standard of BHIMA, broke and fell down. Struck with that same mace, Bhima’s driver also became deprived of his senses. Then Bhima, mad with rage, sped eight shafts at Karna, and his standard and bow, and leathern fence, O Bharata. The mighty Bhimasena, that slayer of hostile heroes, with the greatest care, O Bharata, cut off, with those keen shafts, the standards, the bow, and the leathern fence of Karna. The latter then, viz., the son of Radha, taking up another invincible and gold-decked bow, shot a number of shafts, and quickly slew Bhima’s steeds of the hue of bears, and then his two drivers. When his car was thus injured, Bhima, that chastiser of foes, quickly jumped into the car of Nakula
    Clearly bhima was no match for karna he was a d grade warrior and the only reason why he came up with some good performances against Karna was because of Karnas lack of aggression as with battalion he could not prevail over karna ( here karna has to fight with full intensity )
    Group attack number one

    Hearing that din made by the Kurus, desirous of protection, Adhiratha’s son (Karna), loudly assuring the troops with the words ‘Do not fear’ proceeded to face Arjuna. Then (Karna) that foremost of Bharata car-warriors, that delighter of all the Bharatas, that first
    of all persons acquainted with weapons, invoked into existence the Agneya weapon. Dhananjaya, however, baffled by means of his own arrowy downpours the flights of arrows shot by Radha’s son, that warrior of the blazing bow, that hero of bright shafts. And similarly, Adhiratha’s son also baffled the shafts of Arjuna of supreme energy. Resisting Arjuna’s weapons thus by his own, Karna uttered loud shouts and shot many shafts at his antagonist. THEN DHRISTADYUMNA AND BHIMA AND THE MIGHTY CAR-WARRIOR SATYAKI, ALL APPROACHED KARNA, AND EACH OF THEM PIERCED IN WITH THREE STRAIGHT SHAFTS. THE SON OF RADHA, HOWEVER, CHECKING ARJUNA’S WEAPONS BY HIS OWN ARROWY SHOWERS, CUT OFF WITH THREE SHARP SHAFTS THE BOWS OF THOSE THREE WARRIORS. THEIR BOWS CUT OFF, THEY LOOKED LIKE SNAKES WITHOUT POISON. HURLING DARTS AT THEIR FOE FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE CARS, THEY UTTERED LOUD LEONINE SHOUTS. THOSE FIERCE DARTS OF GREAT SPLENDOUR AND GREAT IMPETUOSITY, LOOKING LIKE SNAKES, HURLED FROM THOSE MIGHTY ARMS, COURSED IMPETUOUSLY TOWARDS KARNA’S CAR. CUTTING EACH OF THOSE DARTS WITH THREE STRAIGHT ARROWS AND SPEEDING MANY ARROWS AT THE SAME TIME AT PARTHA, THE MIGHTY KARNA uttered a loud shout.

    Another Group attack

    Then many foremost of warriors of the Pandava army,
    endued with great energy and quick in the use of
    weapons, speedily wheeling round, encompassed Karna on
    all sides. Karna agitated that hostile force with showers of
    weapons like the leader of an elephantine herd plunging
    into a lake adorned with lotuses and covered with swans.
    Penetrating into the midst of his foes, the son of Radha,
    shaking his best of bows, began to strike off and fell their
    heads with his sharp shafts. The shield and coats of mail
    of the warriors, cut off, fell down on the Earth. There was
    none amongst them that needed the touch of a second
    arrow of Karna’s.

    One more GROUP ATTACK
    Again all pandava warriors comes to rescue arjuna n
    attack on karna together.
    At this, Karna, leaving Satyaki quickly pierced Arjuna with
    three arrows and Krishna with twenty, and Partha again
    repeatedly. Although many were the arrows that he shot
    while slaying his foes in that battle, like Indra himself
    inspired with wrath, Karna yet felt no fatigue. Meanwhile
    Satyaki, coming up, pierced Karna with nine and ninety
    fierce arrows, and once more with a hundred. Then all the
    foremost heroes among the Parthas began to afflict
    Karna. Yudhamanyu and Shikhandi and the sons of
    Draupadi and the Prabhadrakas, and Uttamauja and
    Yuyutsu and the twins and Dhrishtadyumna,and the
    divisions of the Cedis and the Karushas and the Matsyas
    and Kaikeyas, and the mighty Chekitana, and king
    Yudhishthira of excellent vows, all these, accompanied by
    cars and steeds and elephants, and foot-soldiers of fierce
    prowess, encompassed Karna on all sides in that battle,
    and showered upon him diverse kinds of weapons,
    addressing him in harsh words and resolved to compass
    his destruction. Cutting off that shower of weapons with
    his sharp shafts, Karna dispersed his assailants by the
    power of his weapons like the wind breaking down the
    trees that stand on its way. Filled with wrath, Karna was
    seen to destroy car-warriors, and elephants with their
    riders, and horses with horse-men, and large bands of
    foot-soldiers. Slaughtered by the energy of Karna’s
    weapons, almost the whole of that force of the Pandavas,
    deprived of weapons, and with limbs mangled and torn,
    retired from the field.

    RESULT : Again karna managed all warriors along & slain
    many of them.

    Then Dhristadyumna pierced Karna with ten arrows, and
    the sons of Draupadi pierced him with three and seventy,
    and Yuyudhana with seven. And Bhimasena pierced him
    with four and sixty arrows, and Sahadeva with seven. And
    Nakula pierced him with thirty arrows, and Satanika with
    seven. And the heroic Shikhandi pierced him with ten and
    king Yudhishthira with a hundred. These and other
    foremost of men, O monarch, all inspired with desire of
    victory, began to grind that great bowman, viz., the
    Suta’s son, in that dreadful battle. That chastiser of foes,
    viz., the Suta’s son of great heroism, performing quick
    evolutions with his car, pierced every one of those
    warriors with ten arrows. We then, O king, witnessed the
    lightness of hand displayed by the high-souled Karna and
    the power of his weapons. Indeed, what we saw appeared
    to be highly wonderful. People could not notice when he
    took up his arrows, when he aimed them, and when he let
    them off. They only beheld his enemies dying fast in
    consequence of his wrath. The sky, the firmament, the
    Earth, and all the quarters seemed to be entirely shrouded
    with sharp arrows.
    RESULT : Again all pandava warriors beaten by karna.
    Another group attack on karna by all pandava warriors
    “‘Beholding Karna thus slaughtering the Pancalas in that
    dreadful battle, King Yudhishthira the just rushed in wrath
    towards him; Dhrishtadyumna and the sons of Draupadi
    also, O sire, and hundreds of warriors, encompassed that
    slayer of foes viz., the son of Radha. And Shikhandi, and
    Sahadeva, and Nakula, and Nakula’s son, and
    Janamejaya, and the grandson of Sini( satyaki ), and
    innumerable Prabhadrakas, all endued with immeasurable
    energy, advancing with Dhrishtadyumna in their van,
    looked magnificent as they struck Karna with shafts and
    diverse weapons. Like Garuda falling upon a large number
    of snakes, the son of Adhiratha, singlehanded, fell upon all
    those Cedis and Pancalas and Pandavas in that
    encounter. The battle that took place between them and
    Karna, O monarch, became exceedingly fierce like that
    which had occurred in days of old between the gods and
    the Danavas. Like the Sun dispelling the surrounding
    darkness, Karna fearlessly and alone encountered all those
    great bowmen united together and pouring upon him
    repeated showers of arrows.
    Expected group attack of drishtdyumna along with all
    kings on karna.
    Dhrishtadyumna,O monarch, with all the kings (on the
    Pandava side) and those mighty car-warriors–THE
    the mountain receiving a vast body of water, Karna,
    unaided by anyone, received in that battle all those
    advancing warriors filled with joy and longing for victory.
    Those mighty car-warriors encountering Karna, were beat
    off and broken like a mass of water, and beat back on all
    sides when it encounters a mountain.
    RESULT : All pandava warriors were beaten & many slain
    Similar group attack of pandava warriors on karna to
    rescue yudhistira.
    Indeed, Nakula and Sahadeva and Dhrishtadyumna,the
    son of Prishata, surrounded by a full Akshauhini of troops,
    thus proceeded towards Yudhishthira. Bhimasena also, in
    that battle, crushing the great car-warriors of thy army,
    proceeded towards the king surrounded by foes. Karna,
    otherwise called Vaikartana, O king, shooting dense
    showers of arrows, checked, single-handed, all those
    mighty bowmen thus advancing (to the rescue). Though
    they shot dense showers of arrows and hurled
    innumerable lances, fighting with determination, yet they
    were unable even to look at the son of Radha. Indeed, the
    son of Radha, that master of all weapons offensive and
    defensive, by shooting dense showers of shafts checked
    all those great bowmen.
    RESULT : All attack of pandava warriors were totally failed
    against karna.

    he despatched Bhima’s driver to the presence of Yama. Next quickly cutting off the bow of Pandu’s son with another winged arrow, Karna deprived Bhima of terrible feats of his car. Deprived of his car, O chief of Bharata’s race, the mighty-armed Bhima, who resembled the Wind-god (in prowess) took up a mace and jumped down from his excellent vehicle. Indeed, jumping down from his car with great fury, Bhima began to slay thy troops, ( Here we see bhima realizing he cant prevail over karna and infact was bested by karna here attacking others now )Meanwhile, Karna also, O king, covered Dharma’s son (Yudhishthira) that chastiser of foes, with thick showers of arrows, and felled his driver. Then that mighty car-warrior beholdingYudhishthira fly away in that battle, pursued him, shooting many straight-coursing shaftsequipped with Kanka feathers. KARNA TOO, OTHERWISE CALLED VAIKARTANA, O BHARATA, IN THATBATTLE, RESISTED BHIMASENA, AND THE KARUSHAS, THE KAIKAYAS, AND THE SRINJAYAS. MEANWHILESHARADVATA’S SON, IN THAT BATTLE, O SIRE, WITH GREAT ACTIVITY, SPED MANY ‘MEANWHILE VIKARTANA HIMSELF, RESISTING BHIMASENA SUPPORTED BY THE PANCALAS AND THE CEDIS AND
    BHIMASENA, AVOIDING KARNA, THAT BEST OF CAR-WARRIORS, PROCEEDED AGAINST THE KAURAVA TROOPS LIKE a blazing fire towards a heap of dry grass. The Suta’s son also in that battle, began to slay the mighty bowmen amongst the Pancalas, the Kaikayas, and the Srinjayas, in thousands. Indeed, the three mighty car-warriors viz., Partha and Vrikodara and KARNA, BEGAN TO EXTERMINATE THE SAMSAPTAKAS, THE KAURAVAS, AND THE PANCALAS, RESPECTIVELY. “‘MEANWHILE THE MIGHTY KARNA, HAVING VANQUISHED SATYAKI AND DESIROUS OF RESCUING THE (KURU) KING, ( Here Satyaki is clearly defeated by karna and after seeing karnas prowess again bhima is avoiding him)

    ( All pandava warriors including bhima , Satyaki ,
    drishtdyumna , 5 uppandavas , shikhadi , nakula ,
    sahdeva , panchala warrior & many other warrior together
    attack on alone warrior karna. But all these warriors were badly
    beaten by ati-maharathi karna )

  52. Ultimate proof of Karna the true meaning of Gar from org mahabharata

    Arrived at the pavilion of the Kuru king, the Pandavas, those foremost of car-warriors, O monarch, dismounted from their cars. At that time, always engaged, O bull of Bharata’s race, in the good of his friend, Keshava, addressed the wielder of gandiva, saying, “Take down thy gandiva as also the two inexhaustible quivers. I shall dismount after thee, O best of the Bharatas! Get thee down, for this is for thy good, O sinless one!”

    Pandu’s brave son Dhananjaya did as he was directed. The intelligent Krishna, abandoning the reins of the steeds, then dismounted from the car of Dhananjaya. After the high-souled Lord of all creatures had dismounted from that car, the celestial Ape that topped the mantle of Arjuna’s vehicle, disappeared there and then. The top of the vehicle, which had before been burnt by Drona and Karna with their celestial weapons, quickly blazed forth to ashes, O king, without any visible fire having been in sight. Indeed, the car of Dhananjaya, with its quick pairs of steeds, yoke, and shaft, fell down, reduced to ashes.

    Beholding the vehicle thus reduced to ashes, O lord, the sons of Pandu became filled with wonder, and Arjuna, O king, having saluted Krishna and bowed unto him, said these words, with joined hands and in an affectionate voice, ‘O Govinda, O divine one, for what reason hath this car been consumed by fire? What is this highly wonderful incident that has happened before our eyes! O thou of mighty arms, if thou thinkest that I can listen to it without harm, then tell me everything.’

    Vasudeva said, ‘That car, O Arjuna, had before been consumed by diverse kinds of weapons. It was because I had sat upon it during battle that it did not fall into pieces, O scorcher of foes! Previously consumed by the energy of brahmastra, it has been reduced to ashes upon my abandoning it after attainment by thee of thy objects!’

    Then, with a little pride, that slayer of foes, the divine Keshava, embracing king Yudhishthira, said unto him, ‘By good luck, thou hast won the victory, O son of Kunti! By good luck, thy foes have been vanquished! By good luck, the wielder of gandiva, Bhimasena the son of Pandu, thyself, O king, and the two sons of Madri have escaped with life from this battle so destructive of heroes, and have escaped after having slain all your foes! Quickly do that, O Bharata, which should now be done by thee!

    After I had arrived at Upaplavya, thyself, approaching me, with the wielder of gandiva in thy company, gavest me honey and the customary ingredients, and saidst these words, O Lord: ‘This Dhananjaya, O Krishna, is thy brother and friend! He should, therefore, be protected by thee in all dangers!’ After thou didst say these words, I answered thee, saying, ‘So be it!’

    That Savyasaci hath been protected by me. Victory also hath been thine, O king! With his brothers, O king of kings, that hero of true prowess hath come out of this dreadful battle, so destructive of heroes, with life!’ Thus addressed by Krishna, King Yudhishthira the just, with hair standing on end, O monarch, said these words unto Janardana:

    Yudhishthira said, “Who else save thee, O grinder of foes, not excepting the thunder-wielding Purandara himself, could have withstood the brahmastras hurled by Drona and Karna! It was through thy grace that the samsaptakas were vanquished! It was through thy grace that Partha had never to turn back from even the fiercest of encounters! Similarly, it was through thy grace, O mighty-armed one, that I myself, with my posterity, have, by accomplishing diverse acts one after another, obtained the auspicious end of prowess and energy! At Upaplavya, the great rishi Krishna-Dvaipayana told me that thither is Krishna where righteousness is, and thither is victory where Krishna is!'”

  53. This is superb blog. A friend of mine Mr Niraj Sharma has recommended this blog on his facebook and his own pages dedicated to Karna as well.
    A further observation on Karnas defeats are as follows

    Draupadi swayamvara karna stopped battle after arjuna played his Brahmin card. Arjuna too did the same during Bhargava astra incident hence no defeat here
    Virata Yudha – Arjuna was lucky karna did not use his great divyastras like Bhargava and other divyastras which he used at kurukshetra lucky ashwatthama didn’t fire Narayana astra as these weapons while firined discretion is required. Otherwise it would have been RIP Arjuna at Virata yudha itself. At kurukshetra arjunas victories were only bow breaking and chariot breaking in nature and chariot breaking is not defeat its only Sanjay declaring Karna as vanquished fact is chariot change is not defeat as below passage shows.

    The mighty car-warrior Karna then speedily jumping down, O king, from his steedless car, MOUNTED THE CAR OF VRISHASENA. The valiant Bhimasena then, having VANQUISHED Karna in battle, uttered a loud shout deep as the roar of the clouds…………DURING THE PROGRESS, O monarch, of that battle, making the hair stand on end, and when all the combatants were filled with anxiety and greatly afflicted, the son of Radha. O bull of Bharata’s race, PROCEEDED against Bhima for battle.”

    See friends above karna does chariot change vanquished and see below

    The son of Radha, taking up another invincible and gold-decked bow, shot a number of shafts, and quickly slew Bhima’s steeds of the hue of bears, and then his two drivers. When his car was thus injured, Bhima, that chastiser of foes, quickly JUMPED INTO THE CAR OF NAKULA like a lion jumping down upon a mountain summit.”
    Ha ha ha Bhima does chariot changed described as LION hence my point proven

    Further bhimas helpless bheegi bakri status in front of Karna the TRUE MEANING OF GAR by dhritharasthra sanjay conversation as follows

    “ When I heard that Karna even though he had got Bhima within his power
    allowed him to escape after only addressing him in contemptuous terms and dragging him with the end of his bow, then, O Sanjaya, I had no hope of success. “

    Virat yudha non contextual as karna did not fight with divyastra and hence Arjuna was litrally living a borrowed life. At kurukshetra Arjuna didn’t do anything of note against Karna apart from killing him unfairly and getting saved from Karna by Krishna naga astra incident ie just to name a few. Hence Karna > Aruna Karna > Bhima. And he was undefeated by Bhima noncontextual victory of arjuna at virata. I am not expressing opnion I have passages to prove my point

  54. Was Karna a real Hero of Mahabharata ? I have my doubts. Can any one recommend any blog which clear my doubts ?

  55. Arjuna Fan

    Below is sample of how superior Karna was to the Pandavas
    “Sanjaya said, ‘Then the Kurus and the Srinjayas once more fearlessly encountered each other in battle, the Parthas being headed by Yudhishthira, and ourselves headed by the Suta’s son. Then commenced a terrible battle, making the hair to stand on end, between Karna and the Pandavas, that increased the population of Yama’s kingdom. After that furious battle, producing rivers of blood, had commenced, and when a remnant only of the brave samsaptakas, O Bharata, were left unslaughtered, Dhrishtadyumna, O monarch, with all the kings (on the Pandava side) and those mighty car-warriors–THE PANDAVAS THEMSELVES, ALL RUSHED AGAINST KARNA ONLY. Like the mountain receiving a vast body of water, Karna, unaided by anyone, received in that battle all those advancing warriors filled with joy and longing for victory. THOSE MIGHTY CAR-WARRIORS ENCOUNTERING KARNA, WERE BEAT OFF AND BROKEN LIKE A MASS OF WATER, AND BEAT BACK ON ALL SIDES WHEN IT ENCOUNTERS A MOUNTAIN.
    So Arjuna the pandavas themselves were booted away on group attack pandavas themselves is all pandavas including arjuna and bhima.
    He was the true meaning of GAR.

  56. Aaj ka yeh post un ullu ke pattho ko samarpit hai jo kehte rehte hain bhima defeated Karna many times

    defeats of karna by bhima oh really ???

    Bhima defeats Karna-
    Let see again karna entering vrishasean and continuing battle ha ha deemed as defeat by Sanjay.
    Karna was there in battle and was changing chariots. Sanjay biased reporting well observed. Bhima didn’t even continue battle after he jumped on nakula chariot karna was continuing battle Changing chariots of karna from your own quote
    Suddenly shrouded with shafts by that firm bowman, viz., Karna, the son of Pandu, smiling the while, cut off Karna’s bow-string. And then with a broad-headed arrow, he despatched Karna’s charioteer to the abode of Yama. And that mighty car-warrior, viz., Bhima, deprived the four steeds also of Karna of their lives. The mighty car- warrior Karna then speedily jumping down, O king, from his steedless car, mounted the car of Vrishasena. THE VALIANT BHIMASENA THEN, HAVING VANQUISHED KARNA IN BATTLE
    Dude that’s not KMG that you opinion(because Karna Left the ACTIVE battle),
    IN that page only this happens
    O king, from his steedless car, mounted the car of Vrishasena. The valiant Bhimasena then, having vanquished Karna in battle, uttered a loud shout deep as the roar of the clouds. Hearing that roar, O Bharata, Yudhishthira became highly gratified, knowing that Karna had been vanquished by Bhimasena. And the combatants of the Pandava army blew their conchs from every side, Their enemies, viz., thy warriors, hearing that noise, roared loudly. Arjuna stretched Gandiva, and Krishna blew Panchajanya. Drowning, however, all those sounds, the noise made by the roaring Bhima, was, O king, heard by all the combatants, O sire! Then those two warriors, viz., Karna, and Bhima, each struck the other with straight shafts. The son of Radha, however, shot shafts mildly, but the son of Pandu shot his with great force.’” HA HA HA mounting vrishasenas chariot he is again fighting with bhima

    Second fake defeat
    Then Bhima pierced the Suta’s
    son in return with three shafts endued with the impetuosity of Garuda
    and he pierced the latter’s charioteer also with seven. Then, O king,
    Karna thus afflicted by Bhima’s might, became exceedingly distressed.
    My ans HA HA HA HA what forsaking sanjay next him self says continuing battle as below
    “Beholding Karna defeated by Bhimasena, five of thy sons, those uterine brothers that were great bowmen, could not, O sire, brook it. They were Durmarshana and Duhsaha and Durmada and Durdhara and Jaya. Clad in beautiful mail, all of them rushed against the son of Pandu. Encompassing
    p. 289
    the mighty-armed Vrikodara, on all sides, they shrouded all the points of the compass with their shafts looking like flights of locusts. Bhimasena, however, in the battle, smilingly received those princes of celestial beauty thus rushing suddenly against him. Beholding thy sons advancing against Bhimasena, Radha’s son, KARNA RUSHED AGAINST THAT MIGHTY WARRIOR, SHOOTING ARROWS OF KEEN POINTS THAT WERE EQUIPPED WITH GOLDEN WINGS AND WHETTED ON STONE. BHIMA, HOWEVER, QUICKLY RUSHED AGAINST KARNA, THOUGH RESISTED BY THY SONS.
    Ha ha now if sons intervene in karna bhima fight makes bhima winner aree yaar then arjuna interfering in karna vs bhima auto matically make him winner
    Then the Kurus, surrounding Karna, covered Bhimasena with showers of straight shafts. With five and twenty arrows, O king, Bhima, armed with his formidable bow, despatched all those bulls among men to Yama’s abode with their steeds and charioteers. Falling down from their cars along with their charioteers, their lifeless forms looked like large trees with their weight of variegated flowers uprooted by the tempest. The prowess that we then beheld of Bhimasena was exceedingly wonderful, inasmuch as, resisting Adhiratha’s son the while, he slew those sons of thine. Resisted by Bhima with whetted arrows on all sides, the Suta’s son, O king, only looked at Bhima. Bhimasena also, with eyes red in wrath, began to cast angry glances on Karna, stretching his formidable bow the while.’”

    Bhima defeats Karna-3:
    Then, O monarch,
    Bhima, excited with rage, sped nine straight shafts at the Suta’s son.
    Those keen shafts, piercing through Karna’s coat of mail and right arm,
    entered the earth like snakes into an ant-hill. Shrouded with showers
    of shafts shot from Bhimasena’s bow, KARNA ONCE MORE TURNED HIS BACK
    ‘Go ye quickly from all sides towards the car of Radha’s son.’ ‘Then,
    O king, thy sons, hearing these words of their brother that were to them
    a surprise, rushed towards the son of Pandu for battle, shooting showers
    of shafts.
    Ha ha ha then this is what happened
    Shrouded with showers of shafts shot from Bhimasena’s bow, Karna once more turned his back upon Bhimasena. Beholding the Suta’s son turn back and flying away on foot, covered all over with the arrows of Kunti’s son, Duryodhana said, ‘Go ye quickly from all sides towards the car of Radha’s son.’ ‘Then, O king, thy sons, hearing these words of their brother that were to them a surprise, rushed towards the son of Pandu for battle, shooting showers of shafts. They were Chitra, and Upachitra, and Charuchitra, and Sarasan, and Chitrayudha, and Chitravarman. All of them were well-versed in every mode of warfare. The mighty car-warrior, Bhimasena, however, felled each of those sons of thine thus rushing against him, with a single arrow. Deprived of life, they fell down on the earth like trees uprooted by a tempest. Beholding those sons of thine, all mighty car-warriors, O king, thus slain, Karna, with tearful face, recollected the word of Vidura. MOUNTING UPON ANOTHER CAR THAT WAS DULY EQUIPPED, KARNA, ENDUED WITH GREAT PROWESS, QUICKLY PROCEEDED AGAINST THE SON OF PANDU IN BATTLE. –
    HA HA HA HA HA He just doing what bhima did obviously warrior will have to run to get to another chariot he wont fly on his oodang khatola.

    Piercing each other with whetted arrows, equipped with wings of gold, the two warriors looked resplendent like two masses of clouds penetrated by the rays of the sun. Then the son of Pandu, excited with rage, cut off the armour of Suta’s son with six and thirty broad-headed arrows of great sharpness and fierce energy. The mighty-armed Suta’s son also, O bull of Bharata’s race, pierced the son of Kunti with fifty straight arrows. The two warriors then, smeared with red sandal-paste with many a wound caused by each other’s arrows, and covered also with gore, looked resplendent like the risen sun and the moon
    We see karna continuing battle. Bhima also after running away only will continue battle. Karna did the same as passages clearly show. I don’t recognize the fleeing vanquished etc just as you don’t recognize beguile. I can see that Karna was continuing battle as relevant passages from KMG show.

    “obliged to TURN BACK pursued by Karna.
    Beholding the elephants, huge as hills that had been slain by Arjuna, lying (near), unarmed Bhimasena entered into their midst, for impeding the progress of Karna’s car. Approaching that multitude of elephants and getting into the MIDEST of that fastness which was inaccessible to a car, the son of Pandu, DESIROUS OF SAVING HIS LIFE, REFRAINED from striking the son of Radha. DESIROUS OF SHELTER, that subjugator of hostile cities viz., the son of Pritha, UPLIFTING AN ELEPHANT that had been slain by Dhananjaya with his shafts, waited there, like Hanumat uplifting the peak of Gandhamadana. Karna, however, with his shafts, CUT OFF that elephant held by Bhima. The Suta’sson, however, with his sharp shafts, repeatedly caused the distressed Bhima, to lose the sense. But Karna, recollecting the words of Kunti, TOOK NOT the life of the unarmed Bhima
    Now I know that its what actually happened not what a peson thought should be taken into account but still bhimas arms competent to kill is more imp than what actually happened ie bhima running around loosing sense and actually getting life spared.


    When I heard that Karna
    even though he had got Bhima within his power
    allowed him to escape after only addressing him
    in contemptuous terms and dragging him with
    the end of his bow, then, O Sanjaya, I had no
    hope of success.

    Bias of Sanjay I can see as follows

    The mighty car-warrior Karna then speedily jumping down, O king, from his steedless car, MOUNTED THE CAR OF VRISHASENA. The valiant Bhimasena then, having VANQUISHED Karna in battle, uttered a loud shout deep as the roar of the clouds…………DURING THE PROGRESS, O monarch, of that battle, making the hair stand on end, and when all the combatants were filled with anxiety and greatly afflicted, the son of Radha. O bull of Bharata’s race, PROCEEDED against Bhima for battle.”

    Here battle continues on another chariot karna defeated

    The son of Radha, taking up another invincible and gold-decked bow, shot a number of shafts, and quickly slew Bhima’s steeds of the hue of bears, and then his two drivers. When his car was thus injured, Bhima, that chastiser of foes, quickly JUMPED INTO THE CAR OF NAKULA like a lion jumping down upon a mountain summit.”


  57. Aaj ka yeh post un ullu ke pattho ko samarpit hai jo kehte hain ki Arjuna defeated Karna 7 time ie arjuna vs Karna 7 0 in Arjunas favour.
    Actually the Result is 2 0 in Karnas favour
    Draupadis swayamvara arjuna declared himself Brahmin equal
    Virata yudha dismissed as supernatural
    Jayadratha vadha defeats all those were just upperhand ie chariot breaking in nature and that’s not defeat.
    Karna screwing bhima and arjuna interfering cant be counted as victory
    Final battle when weaponed Arjuna rendered unconcisous by Karna arjuna balls hanging out. After karna dropped weapons killed unarmed Karna Hence Arjuna never defeated karna in his career and below he got thrashed along with his worthless brothers
    Arjuna defeat 1
    O monarch, with all the kings (on the Pandava side) and those mighty car-warriors–the Pandavas themselves, all rushed against Karna only. Like the mountain receiving a vast body of water, Karna, unaided by anyone, received in that battle all those advancing warriors filled with joy and longing for victory. Those mighty car-warriors encountering Karna, were beat off and broken like a mass of water, and beat back on all sides when it encounters a mountain.

    Second defeat taken away from battle field bhargavastra episode.

    Hence Karna defeated Arjuna twice and arjuna never defeated Karna in his career

  58. Sachin are you the same bum headed idiot who has been defeated by me on umpteen occasions on dhruvs blog greatest warrior of all time – Karna. So finally you have realized the greatness of Karna at last .

  59. Hi Niraj, Sachin and Dhruv

    Nice to know you guys are here as well!
    Dhruv you are more active here than on your own blog?

    Hope to see Sachin’s antics here as well….

  60. Hi Sanjay. I welcome you to this blog. Sachin and I come in the catagoree of hum nahee sudherenge. You will see more of my antics here though.

  61. You are absolutely right Dhruv. I am forced to admit Karna > Arjuna. Karna > Bhima. Karna was inferior only to Sri Krishna.
    I don’t know why you allowed people like me on your blog greatest warrior of all time – Karna

  62. Dude,arjuna defeated karna in 3 occasion droupadhi suyamvar
    Ans: when karna vs arjun fight meets stalmate karna heard that his son sudhama get died so he refused to fight and fled to see his son gandharva fight
    Ans:he could not fight at gandharva because he had already intoxicated virat war
    Ans: in virat war arjuna used sanmohan asthra which make the arjun invicible so he couldn’t defeated by kaurav army,and another thing the sanmohan asthra should not be used in battle as per war rules
    Karna also had asthras like sanmohan named twasri asthra he did not used that at any occasion
    At kurukshetra war both arjuna and karna face ups and downs ,in one occasion arjuna nearly as downfall at that time satyaki saved arjuna by interfering with karna,
    And arjunas (+)
    1.krishna as charioteer
    2.divine and powerful horses and chariot
    3.hanuman sitting in chariot flag
    4.devi durga protecting chariot
    5.krishna protected him from naagasthra
    For karna well wishing charioteer divine horse and chariot chariot protection
    4.he already lost his armour by indra second launch of naagasthra due to his mother
    6.parashuraam cruse
    7.brahmin cruse
    8.boomadevi cruse
    Having all the positive things he(arjuna) couldn’t defeat karna while VIJAYA bow is on his(karna’s) hand
    And one more thing karna only used VIJAYA bow on 17th day of kurukshetra war while facing arjuna With GANDIVA
    Unlike arjuna karna will not fight with normal person with powerful bow
    Iam not saying arjuna is worst but karna is well human being and in abhimanyus death, karna killed abimanyu due to free him from pain of death given by kauravas,while killing abimanyu karna whispering some words in abimanyus ear
    The words are
    Abimanyu The best archer is neither KARNA nor ARJUNA ‘its you abimanyu ,its you

  63. @ Niraj,

    Well Niraj, it seems Dhruv has closed down his “Greatest warrior..” blog…. So we have left with no other option then to discuss on this “Baka-raptor” blog, because u r too scared to discuss with me on my facebook page…. Ha..ha..ha…

    Your statement-“Petty bandits litrally made arjuna piss in his pants.”

    My ans- Prove it from Vyas MB or DONT TALK IN AIR…..

    Your statement-“virat yudha was surprise attack.”

    My ans- Cheap old EXCUSE…..

    Your statement-“draudadi swayamvara arjuna played his Brahmin card hence karna stopped battle.”

    My ans- Cheap old EXCUSE again….. From the beginning Karna knew that Arjun was in a brahmin getup, but he backed off from that fight ONLY AFTER he found Arjun too hot to handle, hence accepted defeat…..

    Your statement-“karna fired naga astra arjuna pissed in his pants ditto for Bhargava astra.”

    My ans- Punctured point…..

    Your statement-“arjuna victory of karna at kurukshetra were only chariot breaking in nature”

    My ans- Pure LIE……

    Your statement-“in final fight karna got back on his chariot fired a sizzling arrow on which arjuna balls were hanging out.”

    My ans- But still Karna could not kill Arjun, but Arjun indeed killed Karna…..

    Your statement-“arjuna knew he could not kill karna in fair fight hence killed him unfairly.”

    My ans- U already FAILED to prove the Unfairity in Karna killing, hence PUNCTURED point of a NZ player proved……

    So the fact remains that Karna was the biggest faticharr of MB…..

  64. Ha ha ha ha I am Sachin the same clown defeated by Karna fans all over. These points against Karna have been punctured all over. I will still keep repeating them ha ha hah haa hah ha ha Arjuna was a fucked up fatichar of all times proven on umpteen occasions ha ha ha ha

  65. baka raptors assessment is correct. all proven from KMG MB
    In sum, this is what it took to kill Karna:
    The second most powerful warrior in the world breaking the rules of war
    Voluntarily discarded immortality
    Two curses
    Divine intervention
    A jackass charioteer
    Acceptance that his death was necessary for the well-being of humanity

  66. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Niraj (the bitch of Bhima), has become so much desparate due to his frustrations of losing every debate with me that he has now lost his mind, & instead of giving valid counter-arguement, Niraj (the bitch of Bhima) has accepted his defeat & he is now acting like a Sour loser (NZ player) by posting in this blog as different FAKE names (like Anonyoumous/Sachin the slave of Karna/Dhruv/Arjun Fan etc)….. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Poor Niraj, i had never thought that i would thrash you so much in our debate that u would lose your own IDENTITY & your Mind….!! Poooooor Niraj….. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha….

    And since u failed to refute any of my point, hence the fact remains that Karna was the biggest faticharr of MB & nowhere close to Arjun in warrior status….

  67. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Sachin (the bitch of Karna a), has become so much desparate due to his frustrations of losing every debate with me that he has now lost his mind, & instead of giving valid counter-arguement, Sachin the bitch of Karna ) has accepted his defeat & he is now acting like a Sour loser (NZ player) by posting in this blog Poor SAchin I had never thought that i would thrash you so much in our debate that you would try to challenge me on blogs
    And since u failed to refute any of my point, hence the fact remains that Arjun was the biggest faticharr of MB & nowhere close to Karna in warrior status…. Our debeat took place on greatest warrior of all time – Dhruv and all sachins points refuted there. NO use defeated a defeated clown again and again. Your challenging me here initself proves you had lost there. Its loosing boxer who wants rematch

  68. Germany lost world war one wants wanted world war two
    Loosing politicians wants reelection not winning politician
    Boxer John Watson wants a rematch after narrowly losing to Gavin Rees
    Very fact a clown wants round two ie he is desparate to make his point hence he had lost that debate. Wining boxer refusing for rematch doesn’t nullify his. Keep yapping like a dog. Like an elephant I will keep walking unperturbed ocassionly kicking you away knowing that its the fact that you lost that debate you want a rematch.

  69. Loosing boxers psychology fresh evidence

    WBO welterweight world champion Manny Pacquiao said on Tuesday he felt like a young man in his twenties and would relish another crack at Floyd Mayweather.

    The Filipino icon, 37, made a winning comeback from his brief retirement earlier this month and said he was in great shape to try to avenge his defeat to Mayweather last year in the richest fight in boxing history.
    So Mr. Manny this Floyd is not ready to give you another crack at a title. You had your chances and lost on all occasions. You may be an unemployed wretch with nothing to do. I am a working man and have sales targets to meet.
    Your mentatility is proven as blog of dhruv was blocked and you were the one kicked hence wanted the rematch not me dude just as Manny wants rematch not Floyd the winning boxer enough said.

  70. Sachin Karna Arjuna debates to main jeet chukka hoon No point in defeating you again. Your wanting a rematch is proof of your defeat. Yes If you get personal on me I will retaliate accordingly. If I see you abusing Karna I will counter with equal abuse on arjuna. Passages and debates already given and proven to you I need not post relevant passages from KMG vyasa as you keep barking. haathi kutte ka ghulam nahee.

  71. Now see what winning boxer does

    By Chris Williams: For those who remember the great Muhammad Ali’s shocking 8th round stoppage of the then unbeaten George Foreman on October 30th in 1974, they saw a great fight from Ali in which he used a now famous rope a dope, along with a lot of pawing and clinching to tire out and eventually stop a young 26 year-old Foreman in the hot outside ring in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo. What people don’t remember, however, is that Foreman pursued Ali (Just as Sachin pursued Niraj ) afterwards trying to get a rematch with him and having no luck whatsoever in getting Ali back in the ring.

    Instead of facing Foreman once again, Ali moved on to a long series of easy fights against the likes of Chuck Wepner, Joe Bugner, Jean-Pierre Coopman, Richard Dunne, all without giving Foreman another rematch.
    So Sachin my Mohammed Ali stance is well maintened. No rematch with loosing Foreman.

  72. @ Niraj-The NZ player,

    Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Niraj-The NZ player after losing the World cup at Sydney Cricket Ground(Dhruv’s blog), this NZ player runs away to Wankhede stadium (Baka-raptor blog) & starts shouting – “I won the World cup”.. “I won the World cup”…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. such a sour loser…….!!

    And the most funny part is, this NZ player is wearing the Dress of Australian Cricket player & himself impersonating as an Aus player & shouting that “I lost the WC to NZ player”…!! Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. (This equates to Niraj impersonating My/Dhruv/Arjun fans’ name in this blog)…… Ha…ha…ha…. what a funny loser…….!! I was really surprised to see Niraj dancing naked like a clown in this blog while impersonating Anonyoumous/Me/Dhruv/Arjun Fan etc.. etc…. Ha…ha…ha….

    And another FUNNY part is, instead of replying to my arguement, Niraj(The NZ player) has taken names of Germany/Boxer John Watson/Gavin Rees/Manny Pacquiao/Mayweather/Muhammad Ali/Foreman etc etc to prove that he won the debate with me… but this Poor guy doesnt know that Crying in Wankhede stadium wont make him a world cup winner…..!! Ha…ha…ha….

    So niraj, what’s it gonna be ??? do u want to debate with me in this blog… or want to dance naked like a clown in this blog ??

    And since u failed to refute any of my point, hence the fact remains that Karna was the biggest faticharr of MB & nowhere close to Arjun in warrior status….

  73. Sachin the naked Bangladeshi clown.
    Dancing naked is your profession on bangladshi clown Sachin. You came to this stadium challenging me perfectly reflecting the loosers psychology desparate for a rematch. Fact remains that I proved it to you on Dhruvs blog that Arjuna was such a big faticharr that calling him a faticharr is a compliment for him. Behind your laughter actually I can hear you crying and sobbing. purchase a handkerchief.

  74. Tennis player Novak Djokovic also impersonates tennis players whom he has beaten. Ha voh baat alag hai he doesn’t ask for rematch.
    winners may or may not impersonate opponents s but loosers always want a rematch understand naked beggar Sachin. I should not have called you a clown they too have some integrity. All the clowns in this world I humbly apologizes for comparing you to Sachin.

  75. @ Niraj-The NZ Clown,

    Stop crying Niraj…..

    The NZ player(Niraj) runs away to Wankhede stadium (Baka-raptor blog) & starts shouting – “I won the World cup”…. so the Australian player(i.e. Me) is simply asking him to prove that he won the World cup….. so in reply The NZ player(Niraj) is saying that since the Aus player came to Wankhede stadium (Baka-raptor blog), hence this proves that NZ player(Niraj) won the World cup…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha.. what a clown Niraj is…..!! Poor guy, behaving like he lost his favourite Candy AGAIN (when he saw me in this blog)…… Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha…. Ha…ha…ha….

    And your Bhagoda attitude(just like Karna) towards a debate with me, clearly proves that u r too scared to debate with me….. Ha…ha…ha…. Poor Niraj…..

  76. Uff yeh tadap rematch ke liye. O my dear clown I can still see George foreman syndrome percolating till new year poor Sachin defeated by me is still wanting a rematch. I am laughing all along. Muhammad Ali (Niraj ) is not giving George Foreman ( Sachin)a rematch. Any way wish you a happy new year.

  77. Cricket matches are played in the same stadium and a team loses or wins in that stadium. No change of stadium ie winning ausie says I defeated nz in worldcup in this stadium now I will challenge nz for same world cup rematch at another stadium. If you had won why you want a rematch at another stadium. As I said Aus player after defeating NZ didn’t want another rematch at another stadium. But George foreman wanted rematch with Ali. As far as arjuna is concerned I needn’t say anything about him. Baka raptor the boss of this great blog has already said. up there. My ans to you was on 13th December your ans to me on 3rd Jan. Clearly you must have used some foul abusive language and then it was struck off. Then you had to give a test message to see if you are not permantly blocked. Hence your reply on 3rd January which you forcibly had to censor. You have lost that debat at that time zone. Even if dhruv reopens his blog no debating with you . I repeat Muhammad Ali is not giving foreman a rematch in any stadium. ( even the stadium where he had defeated foreman earlier ) The fact that you want to have go at me again in itself is thrilling news for me that you had lost that debate and Karna > Arjuna. You can continue with your personal remarks against me. But that too will have limis as Baka raptor is more strict than Dhruv. I may retaliate accordingly. On 3rd jan you made comments on me on 3rd jan you got retaliation this in itsslf is proof I am a more welcome guest than you on this blog

  78. Mr. Sachin I made comment on you on 13 December you got the permit to retaliate on 3rd jan 2017 ek saal baad. So my dear fake aussie hoping for a rematch and going to other stadiums is initself refutes your aussie status or for that matter winning status. Karna was true meaning of gar just as baka raptor declared.

  79. Please be informed that None had access to original Mahabharata below are confessions of 2 researched sources which are considered authentic but actually are not.

    BORI ;
    To prevent misconception in the mind of the casual reader, it is best to state at
    first what the constituted text is not.1
    The editor is firmly convinced that the text presented in this edition is not anything like the autograph copy of the work of its
    mythical author, Maharṣi Vyāsa. It is not, in any sense, a reconstruction of the
    Ur­Mahābhārata or of the Ur­Bhārata , that ideal but impossible desideratum. It is also
    not an exact replica of the poem recited by Vaiśampāyana before Janamejaya. It is
    further wholly uncertain how close it approaches the text of the poem said to be recited
    by the Sūta (or Sauti) before Saunaka and the other dwellers of the Naimiṣa forest.

    Kmg :

    cannot lay claim to infallibility. There are verses in the Mahabharata that are exceedingly difficult to construe. I have derived much aid from the great commentator Nilakantha. I know that Nilakantha’s authority is not incapable of being challenged. But when it is remembered that the interpretations given by Nilakantha came down to him from preceptors of olden days, one should think twice before rejecting Nilakantha as a guide.

    About the readings I have adopted, I should say that as regards the first half of the work, I have generally adhered to the Bengal texts; as regards the latter half, to the printed Bombay edition. Sometimes individual sections, as occurring in the Bengal editions, differ widely, in respect of the order of the verses, from the corresponding ones in the Bombay edition. In such cases I have adhered to the Bengal texts, convinced that the sequence of ideas has been better preserved in the Bengal editions than the Bombay one.

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