Detroit Metal City Is NOT Over

1. Anime News Network says there are 24 episodes

Anime News Network is a reputable, trustworthy source of information. There’s no way they’d get this wrong.

2. The phrase “Detroit Metal City is over” at the end of episode 12 refers to the episode being over, not the series

3. Not every character got a scene in the opening sequence

Each character in the opening sequence appeared in the show. This doesn’t mean every character in the show appears in the opening sequence. What about Jack? What about Krauser-tan? There are plenty of characters we have yet to see.

4. Jagi still hasn’t done anything

5. They left out too many easy jokes

How fast does Krauser eat?


Ten grapes per second

UPDATE: Apparently this joke was so easy that it inspired a new Japanese soft drink.

The existence of Tentacle Grape proves my point: the grape/rape pun is too easy and irresistible to overlook. Regardless, I’m so bitter that it was independently conceived stolen from me that only the song Fuckingham Palace adequately expresses my rage.


6. Negishi always acts like he’s quitting. Then he comes back.

We shouldn’t be surprised when the series comes back too.

7. The Mad Monster counter hit 20

And the bottom of the counter is at 12. Should we take this at face value? Hell no. Episode 12 isn’t the end; it’s simply a new beginning.

8. Our thoughts shall summon DMC from hell

9. It’s impossible to prove a series is over

18 people love sucking up to me

  1. A series is never definitively over – look at Slayers, or Cutey Honey, or Birdy the Mighty, all of which have gotten reincarnations or sequels ages after their original existence. Or look at Fullmetal Alchemist, which Bones danced around for ages and claimed was DONE DONE DONE only to go “LOLZZZZ JK!!1”

  2. @Day: I was going to list examples of point #9 but figured someone else would do the work for me. Thanks! By the way, your Patriots were 11-5 and didn’t make the playoffs. They’ll play the same number of postseason games as the Lions. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    @TheBigN: I typically say “Get thee to DMC” to best resolve “Get thee to a nunnery” and “Go to DMC.”

    @double: If more manga = more anime, I’m looking forward to a 7th episode of Golden Boy.

    @tflops: I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m the world’s most useless blogger for anime news, and even I’ve heard rumors of a Hollywood remake.

  3. BakaRaptor, didn’t you see that each of the 12 episodes of DMC is in fact not one but two eps? I know it’s sad because I would enjoy moar Detroit Metal City too.

  4. Good point, haven’t seen DMC in a while.
    Don’t really care much for Krauser if he never comes back, actually, but dang..Jagi-sama!! I revere his bass playing.

  5. Naruto is a proof that anime series never end… anime news could point out that there’re 999 episodes so far…

  6. Well, it’s already got a live action movie and tons of popularity, it’s likely to continue. Maybe it’s hiatus to let the manga develop more?

  7. @Kabitzin: Touché

    @otou-san: Not only do I wish some series would stay dead, I wish many ongoing series would die out.

    @Day: When Peyton loses in the first round, we all win.

    @Hyunk: Sure, I “know” there are 12 double-episodes, but why acknowledge it when I can construct an elaborate conspiracy theory?

    @Hoshi: Thank you, it was a good point if I do say so myself. And everyone knows that bass players don’t do anything.

    @Laguna: Thank you for not saying Over 9000.

    @shirokiryuu: They can let the manga catch up while making some Naruto-style filler eps. I can’t wait to see Krauser & company working at ramen stand.

  8. Ok Im suck Of This Shit! Its Been Almost a year now Give me a season Two Before I fuck the Living hell right out off all you fucking Pigs! This SHow Makes Metalacawhatever its called look like pussy Shit No Bitch could ever Cum In her pantys to that shit! Bring On me DMC “Go WIth DMC!

  9. Im pretty sure there not gonna make second series its 2011 for fuck sake. I wish there would be a second series though that would be genious.

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