Midterm Grades: Fall 2008

I picked up several shows from Fall 2008, but I’m only giving midterm grades for these five. You know why? Because most of them were too damn short. One season = 26 episodes. Let me reiterate:

1 Season = 26 Episodes

I’m generous enough to give out midterm grades for series with 24 or 25 episodes. 13 episodes? Not a chance. You don’t know shit about a series after 6 or 7 episodes. You might as well be writing a first impressions post.

Clannad After Story

Episodes seen so far: 15

Premise in terms of other anime: Clannad Season 1 – half the cast

Motivation for watching: As an anime blogger I’m obligated to watch anything done by Kyoto Animation no matter how much it sucks.

Good call: Minimal Fuko

Bad call: Minimal MamiKotomi IchiNoto

Notable checklist inclusions: Stylish Visual Effects, Random Cat, Dinosaurs

Tragic checklist exclusions: Comical Victimization (several attempts, but complete failure to be comical), Lesbians, Time Travel

Best character: Tomoya (runner up: the dinosaur on that book cover)

Please kill off: That little girl who skips around during the first four seconds of the ending sequence

I want more: Serious business

I want less: That damn Dango song

Does loving this show make you a pedophile: No (unlike the first season)

Bold prediction: The robot dies

Projected trend: Getting better. I foresee less screwing around and more legitimate drama.

Other thoughts: I still can’t figure out when/how Nagisa got pregnant.

Midterm Grade: B


Episodes seen so far: 16

Premise in terms of other anime: (Every school life anime ever made) / (# of school life animes ever made)

Motivation for watching: Michael’s biggest fanboy craze since Code Geass R2

Good call: Evil eyes

Bad call: Inko

Notable checklist inclusions: Failed Confessions, Ghosts, Trademark Infringement

Tragic checklist exclusions: Hilarious ambiguously gay dude, Giant Robots, Catchy Dance Sequence

Best character: Ryuuji

Please kill off: Inko

I want more: Violence

I want less: Inko

Does loving this show make you a pedophile: Yes

Bold prediction: Inko finally says her name, inspires Ryuuji/Taiga, gets shot with an arrow

Projected trend: Consistent, perhaps even downhill. Good luck topping episode 16.

Other thoughts: It really is “a touching story about the power of love.

Midterm Grade: A- (would’ve been a B+ before watching episode 16)


Episodes seen so far: 14

Premise in terms of other anime: Legend of the Galactic Heroes + Moé

Motivation for watching: I heard it was the second coming of Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Good call: The ending song (I didn’t care for any of LoGH’s)

Bad call: Giving half of the male cast girly, vision-impairing bangs

Notable checklist inclusions: Rivalry, Character who vaguely resembles me, Graphic Violence

Tragic checklist exclusions: Soft-spoken girl voiced by Mamiko Noto, Tournament Competition, Obligatory Hot Springs

Best character: Fan Hyulick (Jouslain isn’t far behind)

Please kill off: Zarlish’s mother

I want more: Manly tea-pouring

I want less: Episodes without Fan Hyulick

Does loving this show make you a pedophile: No

Bold prediction: Moé Princess does something useful

Projected trend: Rising (assuming Fan Hyulick gets more involved)

Other thoughts: Tackling someone with a gun into a pool of man-eating fish is a pretty cool way to die.

Midterm Grade: A

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsugane

Episodes seen so far: 14

Premise in terms of other anime: (Jigoku Shoujo Seasons 1 & 2) / 2 + those Lesbians I’ve been asking for since Season 1

Motivation for watching: Saw the first two seasons

Good call: Regular characters

Bad call: Opening song no longer by SNoW

Notable checklist inclusions: Themes of Hatred/Suffering/Revenge, Lesbians, Soft-spoken girl voiced by Mamiko Noto

Tragic checklist exclusions: Frequently updated intro/ending visuals, Badass mid-episode transitions, Soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura

Best character: Sparkly Wanyuudo

Please kill off: Kikuri

I want more: Change-up episodes (multiple people dying, unexpected characters dying, no deaths at all, etc…)

I want less: Cheesy Enma cosplay fanservice

Does loving this show make you a pedophile: Depends on the episode

Bold prediction: There will be a fourth season regardless of how conclusive this season’s ending may seem

Projected trend: It’ll have its ups and downs. You can never tell with this show.

Other thoughts: Enma needs a new computer

Midterm Grade: B

One Outs

Episodes seen so far: 15

Premise in terms of other anime: (Hiruma + Akagi) / 2 + Baseball

Motivation for watching: Can’t turn down a gambling anime

Good call: Non-pedophilic character design, except for…

Bad call: Tokichi’s anorexia

Notable checklist inclusions: Mangled English, Non-Mangled English, Exaggerated Foreign Accents

Tragic checklist exclusions: Dinosaurs, Lesbians, Failed Confessions

Best character: Tokichi (did I just pick the male leads as my favorite characters for every show that has one?)

Please kill off: Big Momma

I want more: Kojima. He’s interesting enough to warrant screen time, not to mention he has manly sideburns.

I want less: Tokichi’s teammates acting like he’s crazy every time he develops an unconventional tactic. By now they should know better.

Does loving this show make you a pedophile: No

Bold prediction: The Lycaons win the championship

Projected trend: Consistent

Other thoughts: If the losing team forfeits the game, don’t they keep the score instead of changing it to 9-0?

Midterm Grade: A

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  1. 1 year = 52 weeks, so 1 season = 13 weeks = 13 episodes. 😛

    Totally agree with you about the Jigoku Shoujo Mitsugane grade. I hate Kikuri.

    Tytania and One Outs are amazing and are the high points of this otherwise less-than-stellar season.

  2. 3 Shows we are both watching: Tytania, Toradora!, One-Outs.

    You gave Tytania a grade much higher than I’d give. I’ve put the show on hold until I really don’t know when. I’ve had the last straw when Fan Hulic went on yet another trip to… whatever. I’ve stopped caring.

    We’re pretty even with Toradora! and One-Outs, and yes One-outs can get even better (especially if his teammates stop hamming up their skepticism/surprise for Toukuchi’s tricks.

  3. @Joe the Anime Watcher: 1 season begins every 13 weeks, but they each last for 26. There were a few other strong shows from the Fall 2008 season, but those were only half-season (12-13 episode) shows (Mouryou no Hako, Ga-Rei Zero, ef – melodies).

    @Michael: I’ll think about it once Inko dies.

    @ghostlightning: If you’re looking for another LoGH, you’ve got the wrong show. I laugh at Tytania as much as I praise it. Still great though. If you could sit through the entire series of Lucky Star, you can sit through a few episodes of Fan on vacation.

    @Omisyth: JSM 11-13 were all change-up episodes and therefore awesome.

  4. “You don’t know shit about a series after 6 or 7 episodes.”

    But…isn’t that relative? Perhaps # eps in a percentage would be better…

    “I want less: That damn Dango song”


    “Projected trend: Consistent, perhaps even downhill. Good luck topping episode 16.”

    IMO they didn’t top 13.

    we only share clannad and TD at any rate.

  5. What anime is your dead parrot screen from ?
    4:3 + old school colors + scene I don’t remember = oldie I didn’t watch ?

  6. I agree that Inko needs to die. Freaking annoying bird that takes up screen time. Still, I would have thought Toradora would be an A flat.

    Besides Toradora, I haven’t watched any of the other Animes you have ‘thar.

  7. @lelangir: We could always go with a constant plus a percentage. How about 5 episodes + 30%?

    @lonny: Same here.

    @Windspirit: Good eye, that’s Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star).

    @Aizen: “A flat” is the musical equivalent of an “A minus.”

    @Laguna: I’ll rape the dango daikazoku.

  8. Only Toradora, Clannad and Jigoku Shoujo on my watchlist right now. I agree on episode counts under 20 not being a full season. Too many anime from the fall were too damn short.

  9. @ Baka-Raptor

    Yeah, I think Tytania suffers by comparison – which I can’t help but make since I’m watching both at the same time. Will probably pick it up again when it’s done; which should mean a good number of weeks after I’ve finished LOGH.

  10. I agree about Inko. Good lord, kill that diseased, godforsaken, pile of putrescent feathers before it’s too late.

    You forgot the beauty of killing off Alses in Tytania. Now that was awesome. I felt so much better after he died.

  11. Well, the girl who skips around on that first 4 seconds of the ED sequence will (spoiler to those who haven’t played the game) eventually die. So don’t worry.

    If Inko dies, it might turn into a mutation that might kill off unwanted characters…. On second thought, kill the damn bird. What I want to know is how Ryuuji and Taiga are gonna hook up, if they will hook up! Less Tsun, more Dere!

  12. Yes I agree with you, Inko is horrible. Almost as bad as the Ostrich from Tide-Line Blue…

    …wait I take that back. But still.

    Ep 16 of Toradora will be hard to top. Extra points for bloody nose Taiga.

    Fan Hyulick started off being a clone of Yang, but no longer, he’s a different guy altogether. Altogether great character. You know that Jouslain is supposed to be the main final boss guy, because he’s the guy who looks the most ‘Japanese’ (well with dyed red hair). Sadly anime always does this, LOGH was the only exception. Reinhard forever!

  13. @Persocom: Then vote in my poll; the 13-episode season side is currently winning.

    @Praz: If you’re talking about my DMC is Not Over post, I categorized it under Observations, not Reviews. Therefore it’s not a review.

    @ghostlightning: After watching episode 15, I take it all back. Fan spent the whole episode screwing around again. Bump that A down an A-.

    @iniksbane: Yes, we all cried tears of joy when Alses died, but I try to keep death spoilers to a minimum in my midterm reviews.

    @Rakuen & vendredi: Let’s not jump to conclusions about who that girl is. We can’t see her face. It could be anyone. Even a trap.

    @Epi: Jouslain won’t be the final boss if Moé Princess turns him into a flower-picking sissy.

    @Day: Some people seem to think its any different from the first two seasons in any way whatsoever. It’s not. Except for Kikuri’s boy toy.

  14. I can’t be the only person who wants to julienne somebody’s trachea (or something similar) every time a hack with a keyboard tries to use pregnancy as a drama-bomb. At least School Days had the excuse that it could be seen from a mile away, but when the topic’s handled clumsily, I feel there is no mortal means that can adequately express my rage in a stylish manner.

    The fact that I already think Kyoani’s everything that’s wrong with anime doesn’t help.
    A question I pose all shows with casts composed entirely of teenagers* is: why should I care about characters that aren’t even old enough to pick their own clothes?
    Kyoani’s answers don’t work, because I am not a paedophile and I do not know how to be profoundly saddened over someone I was apathetic about or hated to begin with.
    (Time skips: If I hated them then, I’ll hate them now.)

  15. Why Inko must die? I thought Baka-Raptor was fond of the birds, after all they are the evolution of the dinosaurs. Anyways, A weird bird is funny and doesn’t have too much screen time, there are even episodes where it only appears in the OP.

  16. @Baka-Raptor: I better brace myself then.

    *whispering* Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. Please let it be a delicious trap. *end of whispering*

    I hope not.

  17. Well if u want the girl that skips in the beginning of the ED, then fine, but it makes a big connection if you keep on watching.

  18. “Please kill off: That little girl who skips around during the first four seconds of the ending sequence”

    … So you were the one behind it?? How could you do such a thing??

  19. does anyone know what is up with episode 12 volume 2 of Clannad. I don’t get what any of it has to do with the rest of the episodes.

  20. whats so sad… but kinda funny.. and ironic… they do end up killing off the girl who skips for the first four seconds in clannads ending O,o

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