Season 6: Get thee to a Nunnery

One more year until this picture fits the occasion

Thus concludes:

  • Three years of
  • One year of selling out to WordPress
  • Two years and eight months of my website going downhill

I could take this opportunity to glorify myself, but I’ll let you handle that in the comments. Instead, I’m going to pimp three underappreciated anime series I reviewed back in Season 1.


What do the following shows have in common, other than the fact that I single-handedly popularized both of them? Oops, I said I wouldn’t glorify myself.

I watched both of them because of Touch. Touch taught me that slice-of-life anime can actually be good (Aria). It also taught me that Central-Anime subs some kickass shows (LotGH).


It was the first anime review I wrote. It also inspired a series of monster-with-no-name comics. If you’re one of my fans who hasn’t seen Monster, yet you complain that I don’t review enough “good” anime, kindly take a moment to punch yourself in the solar plexus.

Then go watch Monster.

Ippatsu Kikimusume

The most thought-provoking anime I’ve ever seen. And I don’t mean thought-provoking in the bullshit philosophical sense. I’m talking physics, i.e., thought that’s valuable to society and actually requires intelligence. Also, this series epitomizes a term I’ve been throwing around for years: comical victimization. When it comes to seeing half-naked girls in humorously painful situations, this is the cream of the crop. Caution: may contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence.

Naruto Filler

is Bullshit

Three years down, and according to this hacked road sign in Indiana, there’s plenty more to come.

Apparently Indiana is so boring that people hack road signs for fun.

Finally, I’ve made good on my new year’s resolution to create a My Anime List account. Here it is. I may have intentionally forgotten a show or two. Deal with it.

Note: just because we both have MAL accounts doesn’t mean I’m your friend. You may use my MAL page for business purposes, such as recommending anime and manga. If it becomes a hotspot for small talk and gossip, I’ll delete my account and incinerate my hard drive.

Free comments for 48 hours.

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  1. Congratulations, in internet years you really are a dinosaur. I wish I could say I had watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and am watching Monster and Aria because of you, but a persistent and annoying IRL friend got me to do it. At least you don’t annoy me, and that’s a feather in your hat (I’ve seen you wear one).

    Don’t fossilize yet.

  2. Congrats on your 6 years of dinosaur-blogging!

    I took a peek at your MAL you didn’t put a score! Do some brain-cell killing activity like the rest of us lol

  3. Well Raptored. I see that your page rank is at 4. All glory to the number 4. I have taken note of this Ippatsu Kikimusume thing for any of my future extreme thought provoking needs.

  4. Congrats B-R for this achievement, and I would like to personally throw you flowers for recommending Aria back in the day, or I might still not have heard about it. Changed me in someways, turned me from a pessimist to a slight optimist, which is big progress.

    But yeah, keep up the good work!

    PS. Been such a long time since I have left a comment, think I have forgotten my nickname..
    PSS. I think adding RSS had something to do with the low ratings. Back in the day I used to eagerly F5 the main page, like a child waiting for santa to come, for new wittingly made posts.. But now its gone, for the better or worse, time will tell.

  5. Hey wow, we both have MAL accounts! You come here often? What’s your sign?

    Anyway, grats on the milestone even if you watch old and kinda ugly anime =3.

  6. I read the Touch manga by accident. Didn’t know it was about baseball. I thought it was a shonen romance manga along the lines of I”s. I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. The initial conflict was interesting and the twist at the middle came out of nowhere, and the development of the characters after that was done well. The fourth wall humor was overdone though, I don’t know how/if they incorporated that in the anime. I ended up reading H2 and Cross Game after it. I thought H2 was a better series, but it seems that the anime version of it is rated lower than Touch.

  7. That Naruto review you did was the first of yours that I found, and it’s what got me hooked to your site. I fucking love you, and you’re so right. (I suppose this comment officially makes me an ass-kisser, but I wouldn’t do it if you weren’t so amazing.)

  8. Touch and Monster underrated? Everyone and their damn grandma raves about monster on fucking Asuki. And Touch, while not well known to western fandom, is considered a classic across the ocean. But whaaaaaaatever.

    You did at least get me to watch IPPATSU KIKI MUSUME and that shit was FUCKING AWESOME. I will never forget that crudely drawn blonde screaming OH MAH GAWD! and Kiki killing herself in numerous ways.

    Hail to more Baka Raptor! Baka Raptor Bonzai!

  9. “Well Raptored. I see that your page rank is at 4. All glory to the number 4.”

    Oh wow. He’s finally made it! Congrats to that as well! o

    And it’s been fun times for me since I came across your blog. If this means I’m going downhill as well, I don’t mind. 😛

  10. @ digitalboy: Pretty sure it was ‘underappreciated’, not ‘underrated’. Which makes sense re. Touch (in the West), while Monster seem to me to be one of those things you see the odd person totally obsessive about but doesn’t have the Must Watch cache of something like Eva or Bebop (or, increasingly, LoGH).

  11. must… add baka-raptor… to MAL… to start… vandalizing his wall and initiate girly gossip.

    congrats on 6 years. i must say, i never watched a damn thing you highlighted on his post.

  12. It is true ! Raptors Rules ! Congrats Baka-Raptor for another season full of fillers !

    At this point i’d have to say that your most famous review was the naruto filler that got watched by at least 99% of the otakus that come to your site while your most epic review (Legend of Galactic Heroes) was watched by this one percentage that was left alone…

    Don’t call me an ignorant … but i couldn’t figure out what a MAL account is … too much random results from google 🙁

    I saw on your list you’re watching hajime no ippo sequel… up to this point , can we consider hajime’s series epic too ?

  13. WHOAHHHHHHHHHHHH FREE COMMENTS !!! Baka Raptor has been so kind on us

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•
    _____****__________**** ______
    ___***____***____***__ *** ____

  14. @hayase, biankita & Asperger’s: Technically it’s only been three years (six half-year seasons), but six sounds more impressive. Thanks for your six comments!

    @ghostlightning: The feather is only visible to those with pure hearts.

    @hayase: Make me. Besides, I don’t endorse the 1-10 system.

    @Pode: It’s true, by the same stat counter I was using from back in the day, I only get about three times as many hits as I used to. I expected selling out to do a lot more for me.

    @Kabitzin: I guess March 4th makes me a Pisces. Money is looking solid today, but thanks to watery influences I’m likely to be in quite a fickle, hard-to-please mood when it comes to shopping for something I like. I should resolve to stash away my cash and go window shopping instead; that way I won’t feel any disappointments!

    @adachifag: I only read a few chapters of the Touch manga but distinctly remember seeing some fourth-wall humor that wasn’t present in the anime. There still is some in the anime, though there’s less and less as the series progresses.

    @korosora: 10/10. I mean, +++.

    @Omisyth: Watch them in that order.

    @Eroshiyda: There’s no shame in kissing my ass. You could do a lot worse. Just look at how many people suck up to Eli Manning.

    @digitalboy: I believe their names were Kunyan and Linda. I’m usually terrible with character names, but those two really stuck with me.

    @TheBigN: It’s been at 4 for a while now, giving me significantly less material to write about. The low page rank had such great potential as a running joke. Oh well. I could always fall back on the inside joke of “get thee to a nunnery.”

    @coburn: Get thee to a nunnery.

    @biankita: Now’s a great time to start. It’ll give you great material to gossip about.

    @Day: I don’t think Indianans can spell words that long.

    @TJ: You can just skip to the Alice/Athena episdoes. After all, those are the only ones that matter.

    @Laguna: MAL = My Anime List. And my next post is going to be on Ippo.

    @Asperger’s: Come on, is this not the manliest comment you’ve ever received?

    @issa-sa: Who needs Paint lessons? Paint skills come from the heart.

  15. You don’t read manga, Baka Raptor ?
    Go read Sanctuary. It’s everything your favourite anime ever wished it was.

  16. I promised myself to not watch any Anime that looks old. And Touch seems to be one of them 😮

    Besides that, I wish I could hack road signs. That would be awesome. I would make it say “Lesbians Ahead. Caution”

  17. “For three years, Baka-Raeptor has victimized the net with fiery @#$%^&*#$#$#@.”

    That’s what I think. Baka-Raptor still has the touch. Which is awesome.

    By the way, where have the folks at OiHayaku been?

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