Akikan is better than half the shows I’m watching

This is by no means an endorsement of Akikan. It is a simple observation that many of the shows I’m currently watching are worse. First, a quick unbiased review of Akikan:

Three things that rock:

  • A suprising dose of original humor
  • Mamiko Noto
  • A hardcore lesbian

Three things that suck:

  • Lame premise
  • Lousy animation
  • A crappy joke for every good one

Overall, Akikan is a 7. The single +. Average. Entertaining but nothing special. Bearing that in mind…

Shows I’m currently watching that are better than Akikan:

  • Asu no Yoichi
  • Golgo 13
  • Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
  • Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae
  • One Outs
  • Ride Back
  • Toradora
  • Tower of Druaga
  • Tytania

I won’t bother explaining this list since I’m assuming it’s not controversial to claim a show is better than Akikan.

Shows I’m currently watching that are worse than Akikan:

Minami-ke Okaeri:

  • Not enough Hosaka

Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4:

  • Only one lesbian (Sei), and she’s practically non-existent this season
  • Shimako never does anything, ever
  • Touko is a bitch
  • Too much talk about feelings
  • Correction, that should be feeling, singular. The only feeling on the show is insecurity. And unlike how real girls deal with insecurity (i.e. having sex with the first guy who pretends to care about their feelings), these girls just talk and cry.


  • Akikan has one lesbian. Maria+Holic has none.
  • Akikan delivers at least three good jokes per episode. Maria+Holic would be lucky to have three good jokes in the entire series.


  • Bullshit inter-episode filler


  • Bullshit intra-episode filler

Soul Eater:

  • Too many crappy jokes
  • Too many annoying characters
  • Not enough Blair
  • Buildup to a potentially great story, no payoff, presumably due to deviation from the manga

Hetalia Axis Powers:

  • The stereotype humor works extremely well when it’s satirical, fails when it’s not

Clannad After Story:

  • Ushio’s arc doesn’t make up for the boring slice-of-life arcs earlier in the series


  • Lucky Star all over again

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  1. Man, I still haven’t watched Haruhi-chan, but thank you for the warning about Maria+Holic. I stopped at episode 4 and missed the rest.

  2. I find Akikan more funny than I find Toradora heartwarming. That said, I agree with your percentile ranking.

    Akikan at first to me seemed like the stupidest shit ever (which it still is in my opinion), but after I watched a bit of it, I realized that it actually tries to deconstruct a lot of typical harem/magical girl conventions. If it went all the way, it could be one of the best anime this season.

  3. > … I’m assuming it’s not controversial to claim a show is better than Akikan.

    I only watched the first episode. From that, I got the impression that it would be about a lonely guy who molest soda cans.

    I can’t imagine that it would engender a dogmatic following.

  4. Just because shows begin to suck doesn’t mean that Akikan’s better. You have around 45 episodes of Soul Eater being awesome compared to 9(?) episodes of Akikan being above average.

  5. I was honestly expecting this to be a joke post where you then say that the shows you are currently watching are Musashi Gundou, Glass Fleet, and Dragonaut. That said, it is kinda sad that Akikan really is better than half the shows you’re watching.

  6. I find Akikan humorous, but the horrible animation and godawful screeching of the ED’s turned me off around episode 4. Since then I’ve been too lazy to watch anymore, although it might be easier to watch in a marathon.

  7. @Eroshiyda: At least one. Her main role on the show is the cockblock the males so she can have the girls all to herself.

    @digitalboy: Pedophile

    @Pode: Nice, I’m still the top referrer for that video.

    @Rakuen: You’re welcome.

    @Merk: Stupidest shit ever? Sounds about right.

    @Imjustalittlegay: gaaaaaaaay

    @j.valdez: Neither did I.

    @Michael: You adore a Toradora?

    @Amex_Yohko: Technically, my comment stood for the proposition that Ushio’s arc was relatively good. The death, however, was totally pointless.

    @Z: A long time ago I debated whether to explain the allure of lesbians all in a single post or bit by bit in several posts. I opted for the bit by bit approach. Yet another reason to hit the archives.

    @Omisyth: I’ve been mildly critical of Soul Eater since the beginning. More on this to come…

    @jpmeyer: Joke post? Akikan as the median in my lineup is no laughing matter.

    @Shiro: Back when I started watching anime, I never cared about animation quality and often skipped OPs and EDs. Nice to know I haven’t changed.

    @Aizen: Lesbian, singular. She’s a good one though.

  8. After praising Akikan, I kinda stopped watching. Dunno why exactly, it still looks entertaining. For my money it also helps that the lead character is a creep instead of a doormat. At least it’s different from the norm.

  9. So half of the shows I’m watching fall under “worse than Akikan” while the other half is nowehre to be seen. That being said, hearing a show’s “better than, uh… Clannad” doesn’t really make me want to watch it any more than before.

  10. @Hinano: They changed the opening sequence after six episodes and remixed the ending song for each episode. If only they redirected that effort toward the animation…

    @Otou-san: For more on non-doormat male leads, see Asu no Yoichi.

    @Day: Consider it payback for getting me to watch Resort Boin.

    @Epi: Yes

    @issa-sa: And “better than Naruto” doesn’t either?

  11. I’ve always thought of OP/ED’s as icing on the cake. Not necessary for a good show but definitely a plus. However, it’s a pain when the ED is ear-bleedingly horrible that I have to jump up and dash to the keyboard to either fast forward or go to the next episode.

  12. The director of Soul Eater has no one to blame but him or herself (i didn’t bother looking it up as it was a waste of my time) if they want ideas on how to make a great anime that deviates far from its source material, they should have watched Fullmetal Alchemist. Also, right now, the main lead in Asu no Yoichi is the only main “male” character in a harem anime that isn’t some nerdy, whiny, depressed, whiny, weak, did i say whiny yet?, person who has basic harem archetypes swooning over him (Clannad After Story doesn’t count as an harem anymore).

  13. When I was watching this anime, I have no choice but to compare this to Inukami!, I sense, even Akikan is quite better, talk about pervertism and humorous content, I can’t think whose more pervert between the two.
    The master of the can or the master of the dog, but this is somewhat good.

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