29 people love sucking up to me

  1. So if robots have feelings I can have them as temporary slaves? Awesome.

    Cuz really, I’m too cheap to buy a real slave robot.

  2. I was expecting something more snappy. But the pimp hat makes up for it. As well as the racing homer car.

  3. Wow, that was surprisingly touching. A lesser raptor would’ve just totally ignored the robot and let it rust a slow death! And to think the raptor actually forsook inuyasha for a full few minutes to deliver the robot from its misery…

    So, don’t misunderstand how much the raptor really had for his dear robot.

  4. @Qwerty: Yeah, just look at that loser robot Wall-E. Just kept cleaning up trash for thousands of years. Serves it right for having feelings.

    @mike hunt: Call me back and say the exact opposite of everything you just said.

    @TJ: It’s a transformer.

    @purelyshin: It’s true, a puppy stepped into the puddle and got electrocuted. I was too lazy to draw that part.

    @bakaneko: Killing Euthanizing the robot hurt me as much as it hurt the robot.

    @LJ: I take my new year’s resolutions seriously.

    @Sniperk: I never actually drive the car. I own it simply to make my neighbors jealous.

    @Asperger’s: Good, as long as he’s not crying over my crappy art skills…

    @Merk: Let’s not forget dinosaursfuckingrobots.com

  5. I, too, tire of the ‘robots have feelings’ plot. If the robot has feelings, invite it in subtext like Evangelion or Eureka 7, don’t make it a major theme AKA time waster

  6. @digitalboy: I saw the first episode of Eureka 7 on Cartoon Network, missed the second, and never got back around to watching it. If I haven’t watched it by the end of the year, remind me. I’ll make it my first 2010 resolution.

    @lonny: It’s the latest model from La-Z-Boy.

    @Glo the Legend: “SIT!” is three times more efficient than the Japanese “OSUWARI!”

    @Z: Dinosaurs have only three basic feelings: anger, hunger, and pornography. These three can combine to form more complex feelings, such as sadism and road rage.

  7. Clannad After Story 22 was the biggest bullshit episode I’ve ever seen.
    Dude, you did much more in this little blog entry than Clannad did with its 48 episodes.

  8. Nice Remake Baka-Raptor ! But this technique is used in naruto as well and it is called “flashback” …

    It’s excelent to put more “content” to your site… even if it was already there.

    I’m checking the categories now… “observation” seems to be appering in all your post… why ?

  9. @Windspirit: I’m hoping it was based off the game. And I’m hoping in the game it was one of those bullshit endings you get after completing all the side quests, not part of the actual storyline.

    @Laguna: Think back to prehistoric times. I had three original categories: Reviews, Observations, and Random. The Random category got sold out. Therefore, nearly all of my remaining posts either fit under Reviews or Observations. I typically don’t write a true review of a series until I’ve seen the whole thing, so most of my posts get categorized as Observations.

  10. @Baka-Raptor: Have you watched Saber Marionette J Yet ? It features robots with feelings, but it is an awesome series… it has comedy, adventure, a typical harem plot… i think it do not deserve a (***) rating… but it is worth a watch for the commedy itself.

  11. Hahahaha, when I read “IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!” I literally heard Richard Ian Cox’s voice in my head.

    Damn I still remember that anime.

  12. @Epi: It does, in C major.

    @j.valdez: You can’t just pick & choose which robots to enslave. Believe me, I would if I could.

    @digitalboy: After Gantz.

    @Laguna: Haven’t seen it, will consider.

    @Rakuen: It’s called the Persephone, named after a Greek goddess who was captured by Hades and ate six pomegranate seeds.

    @Jeka: Thank you for acknowledging my Inu Yasha dub joke. I thought it was the best in the whole comic.

    @WhydoYouAsk: Well, it’s certainly not GPS, seeing as how my sense of direction is impeccable.

  13. That dinosaur should have given him oil to use him more. If it could transform into a hot female dinosaur, that would have made it that much better for the male dinosaur. I mean, it’d make him feel much less stressed.

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