Candy Boy is actually about Lesbians

Candy Boy is the most misleading title I’ve seen since Bible Black. Any of the following titles would’ve been more fitting:

Candy Boy has only four characters: the lesbian twins, their lesbian stalker, and their little sister, who also happens to be a lesbian. No boys. Any possibility of the title being an innocent Engrish mistake flew out the window when I saw the subtitle:

Contrary to the stupid title, Candy Boy is the second best lesbian anime I’ve seen (Simoun being #1), which sadly doesn’t say much. Unlike all those fake lesbian shows (Maria+Holic, Maria-sama ga Miteru, etc…), Candy Boy features girls who actually want to have sex with other girls. Other than Sei, none of the girls of Maria-sama ga Miteru care about sex. Neither does Maria+Holic’s Kanako. Sure, she exhibits unprecedented levels of perversion, but where’s the lust? She’s satisfied just looking at girls. She has yet to express any desire to fondle a girl, let alone have sex with one.

I must warn you, there’s no explicit lesbian contact in Candy Boy. One could argue that the twins are non-lesbians who love each other deeply yet platonically and only share their bed because all women are gay like that. I assure you however, they are definitely lesbians. My lesbian mangekyou sharingan sees underneath the underneath. It has determined that, unlike Kanako, the girls of Candy Boy exhibit physical lust, not mere psychological perversion. The difference:

  • Perversion: “I want to sniff her underwear”; “I want to spy on her taking a bath”; etc…
  • Lust: “I want her”

The girls are crazy about each other. It’s beautiful. But what kind of lesbian anime would be complete without the comical tomfoolery of a lesbian pervert? That’s why there’s a stalker. She’s everything Kanako should’ve been.

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  1. @Calaveth: Nothing is more rewarding than the warm glow I feel after successfully recommending a good lesbian anime.

    @Kabitzin: Not yet. I’ve considered it several times but mixed reviews keep sending it back to the maybe list. It’s never been directly recommended to me…until now?

  2. Indeed this title is really out of place! I read somewhere that they had to change the title because “Candy Girl” was taken by someone else, so they supposedly altered the “girl” for “boy” because of that.
    (But this source could be wrong and I’ve read it a long time ago…)

    Baka-Raptor, you should add two more Anime for your non fake lesbian shows list : Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto
    Both of them are coming later this years and they’re really great.

  3. I have a good feeling about this one. We can discuss this over my new AIM account, Baka-Raptor, where the duel over whether Kaiba sucks or not is yet to be had. Will Kaiba suck? Will this anime rule? I challenge you to a chess duel over AIM to resolve all this built up TENSION.

  4. Your distinction between perversion and lust is very good. I like it.

    I also realize that you’re pretty pervert-proof (you don’t wear panties, neither do you bathe). It was really much better in the Jurassic, it’s easier to be moral!

  5. I’ve greatly enjoyed first (ova) episode of Candy Boy, but it lost its magic soon after that. That OVA was also the second best lesbian anime I’ve ever seen, although that sadly doesn’t say much.

  6. It’s called Candy Boy because it was originally packaged with some music CD called “Candy Boy”, no reason other than that.

  7. I’ve seen 6 episodes of candy boy, and damn its good. I heard that its a spinoff of some music promotion thing.”On December 5, 2007, Candy Boy was released on DVD along with the limited edition of Korean artist Meilin’s Candy Boy CD single”

    It ends after episode 7 though.. If you want more good lesbian series, I recommend “girl meets girl” its about a girlish boy through a twist is turned into a girl, and falls in love with another girl. Good drama, and a pretty interesting side character as well.

  8. Candy Boy – A Tale of Lesbians? Count me in!

    You fucking rock, Baka-Raptor. How is it that you always manage to find the best lesbian anime series? (Besides being an obvious lesbian yourself, amirite?)

  9. Only could a show with lesbians that was only made to promote a CD single manage to be so popular to make a 7 ep series ONA. I just wish it was in glorious lesbian HD.

  10. I thought that Candy Boy was beyond dreadfully dull.

    Thirding the ‘go watch Blue Drop, bitch’ thing. You should also keep an eye out for Aoi Hana, as it is AWESOME. Or, at least, the manga is.

  11. Wow you’ve on blogging spree lately. Seems like there’s a new post up everytime I visit. And what’s up with OH? Seems like it hasn’t been updated in forever.

  12. lesbianism again? LOL
    your will probably write about “why you want to be a lesbian” in your next entry, won’t you? ^_^

  13. woops. typo.
    what’s with lesbian shows anyway? why do you love them baka-raptor? i cringe each time i see two women kissing. lesbianism in anime? waaaah /palms on face

  14. God Bless, Baka-Raptor. I’ve been trying to find a decent lesbian series after your analysis of Kanako.

    Hey, is this from some eroge? ‘Cause I’d buy that game.

    @Z: You’re a girl aren’t you? I find it that boys would have a hard-on seeing two girls french kissing and girls excited with two bishounens kissing or at least in the same bed harassing each other.

  15. @Z : Are you a boy ? I asked that because it is the dream of every guy to witness two girls in their “pervertion” little time and actually have a sentiment of “lust” for the situation… i mean… to be in there and participate… Plus ! it is a perfect excuse to be with two girls at the same time without them being all jealousy about it.


    Only a dream of mine…


  16. @Drenoss: Will watch both. Remind me later.

    @Asperger’s: I’m avoiding instant messaging these days. My eyes have been under a lot of strain lately due to overuse of the Lesbian Mangekyou Sharingan.

    @ghostlightning: I only bathe in elements suitable for a dinosaur: thermal mud and volcanic sulfur.

    @gaguri: I’m guessing Simoun is your #1?

    @Amex_Yohko: Geyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    @Pode & anon: I’ve never bought a CD in my life. That probably wouldn’t be the case if more CDs were packaged with lesbian anime.

    @Eroshiyda: It’s all thanks to the power of the lesbian mangekyou sharingan.

    @digitalboy: Why would I watch a show called Candy Boy?

    @Omisyth: The first four episodes are available in DVD quality. It’s beautiful.

    @Day: Lesbians aren’t for everyone. Oh wait, they are. Maybe it’s the lack of drama? Why don’t you want lesbians to be happy?

    @thekungfukid: Am I updating too much? Sorry, I’ll cut back for a few weeks. OH is dead for some reason. The leader called it off unknown reasons. And he still hasn’t paid me.

    @Z: I have nothing against heterosexuality in general. The problem in anime is that many male characters are so pathetic that I can’t stand seeing them hook up.

    @Rakuen: Never played an eroge, never will.

    @Jura: Spoiler: there will never be any shotacon on this site, ever.

    @Laguna: You don’t need lesbians to have a threesome, provided you have money.

    @purelyshin: That’s ok, nobody’s perfect.

  17. If the girls are DOING IT, where’s the fun :[ I don’t think I’ve ever bumped into any Anime which JUST had lesbians who are hot and actually did each other. Boy, that would be such candy for my eyes.

  18. @Baka-Raptor : C’mon ! Where in the world would my ego be if i had to pay to have sex ?

    But it is indeed…

    Still a dream of mine…


  19. @Rakuen: Two bishounens french-kissing? Harassing each other?No! I will choose the lesser evil and watch two women kiss. You see, lesbians are more modest than fags.

    @Laguna Loire: Man, your libido is twirling in the air. LOL

    @Baka-raptor: Now I’m getting it… I agree with you! Some male characters especially those whom women adore (and I do not understand why. in real life, they will probably be bullied), are flat, unpalatable and stupid. Suckers.

    by the way, I’m a robot. I have no gender! ^_^

  20. @Z: “libido” … that’s a word i had to look in the dictionary… LOL, but robots not only have gender but they too have feelings. If you’re confused about your gender maybe you’re bissexual. And women in real life tend to adore the most obvious pimp or suckers like the one you mentioned, only in anime that girls like otakus and nerds… love hina and many others are examples of what girls DON’T DO in real life. Some says girls like money instead of man… but that’s not the case in most times at all. It’s all about hormones , scents and pheromones… feelings just get in the way anyway. But it is different when girls look for other girls… i guess baka-raptor is right, is more like a sentiment of pervertion but this happen to heterosexual girls too, as they often share the same bed, clothes and even bath together… It’s beautifull


  21. I have a HUGE question. How can they be lesbians if they are sisters? They are blood related right? So, how is it possible they like each other? I mean, clearly, they do! They obviously are crazy about each other, but they are sisters! So, someone, please claer that out for me! Thanks! (:

  22. I could not agree more with you! Candy Boy was my first yuri anime and my favourite out of all. Maria-sama ga Miteru had some cute moments but NOT EVEN A KISS?? I’m very saddened about how popular Marimite is.

  23. I personally disagree ! I don’t think that the show is about lesbian sisters . I found it to be significantly more profound than just that . Its about the special , irreplacebale and unseperable bond that these two sisters share from birth . I think that the particular show just isolates any other factors that could play a role in their lifes , and just focuses on their relationship which is all of a sudden at risk , when they realise that they are bound to part ways . Moreover , i think that its about their recollection of their precious childhood memories and their subliminal effort to incline towards these happy and carefree stages of their lifes once again . Also , its pretty apparent that they started realising , that their personallities are quite different after all . That is especially signified by their memory where Kanade was upset because her teddy bear was different than Yuki’s . So after all those years of being always together through all the hardships and happy moments of their lives , now they are meeting new people and engaging in new activities and the show stretches enough (to my opinion) their effort to keep their special bond alive and well . At the end of the story , of course there is some amount of sex appeal to the micture . Something that makes the plot all the more interesting . Needless to say , call me a pussy but i’m a guy and after watching Candy Boy i cried ….. like …. a lot .

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