Need an excuse to draw me fanart?

I want to enter into a loving, committed relationship with this young lady.

I know you’ve been burning to draw me fanart. Yet only a handful of my readership has done it. It’s understandable. People have a hard time approaching such a gallant, intimidating figure as myself. ((Girls are always running away before they get a chance to give me their Valentine’s Day chocolate.)) Hence, I have no choice but to make the first move.

I will let you interview me in exchange for fanart!

For the super low introductory rate of 3 pieces of fanart, ((I may increase the rate if your art sucks)) I will let you interview me. This is a win-win situation.

  • I get fanart
  • Your blog becomes popular overnight

Bonus points for fanart based off inside jokes.

Rakuen recently arranged such a deal with me. Read the interview. ((Rakuen stuck filler in the interview without warning me, so wherever you see lines of questionable authenticity, assume he wrote them.))

Comment Rules:

  1. Any comment pertaining to the content of the interview must go on the interview page, not this page.
  2. You must first comment on the interview page before commenting here.
  3. If you break either of these rules, I will censor your comment(s).


19 people love sucking up to me

  1. Wait, does drawing a stick figure comic furthering my aniblogosphere as a BL light novel joke count as fanart?

  2. Nagato says:

    Rakuen drew those?

  3. CCY says:

    loving, committed relationship
    But not consensual? Tsk, tsk, Baka-Rapetor. And not like the cool Krauser kind of rape either.

    And personally, I’ll stick to aniblogger slashfic. How many of those do I have to write?

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  4. kadian1364 says:

    Every time I start reading a Baka-Raptor post, I also end up re-reading 4 other posts that may or may not be related to the topic at hand and may or may not be written by Baka-Raptor. Devious!

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  5. Shin says:

    I’ll have y’all know that no matter how much fanart you draw, Baka-Raptor only has eyes for me(in my maid outfit)!

  6. Rakuen says:

    @Shin: Baka-Raptor’s boner turned into ashes, but that still counted as a hard on.

    I forgot to say this in the post, but I don’t plan on editing it: Thank you for not turning down my awesome request. At least we still observed equivalent trade there. But you trashed the studio.

    Wait for Christmas. I’ll be saving that yandere-raptor as a trump card.

  7. RP says:

    Holy crap, three rabbits died in your fan art. Should I be scared?

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  8. Qwerty says:

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  9. mike hunt says:

    I am a baka who can’t follow the rules.


    I am a pedophile who can’t follow the rules.

  10. Rakuen says:

    What’s with these bastards? I knew somehow this post would turn most people into dumbasses (occasionally pedophiles) who can’t follow rules. *facepalm*

  11. digitalboy says:

    BAKA-RAPTOR! Are you planning to go to Otakon this year? My crew is rooming with Patz again this year.

    I am a dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  12. digitalboy says:

    lol knew you’d do that

    I am a genius for predicting that Baka-Raptor will censor comments according to the exact rules he specified in his post.

  13. purelyshin says:

    I just might have to pull out the pen and paper….and the beer….and the gay porn.

    I am a gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dumbass who can’t follow the rules.

  14. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Day: I’ve opened Pandora’s Box. All that remains is hope…

    @Nagato: You should know what your bitch is up to.

    @Shin: That would explain why I’m going blind.

    @Rakuen-6: I might turn yandere if I have to wait until Christmas.

    @Rakuen-10: You and digitalboy-12 have a lot in common.


  15. digitalboy says:

    lol knew you’d do that

  16. Hope that you don’t get stuck as Shin’s bitch?

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