I Watch K-ON So You Don’t Have To

Just how boring is K-ON? Let’s put it this way: I paused episode 10 to rewatch an episode of Akikan.

Akikan: Crappy animation, original jokes

K-ON: Uncrappy animation, unoriginal jokes

Winner: Akikan

The jokes in K-ON are so stale that I’m forced to make up my own jokes to survive each episode.

See 1:39-1:45

I’m the king of the world, on a boat like Leo

If you’re on the shore, then you’re sure not Mio

Mio is a terrible character, though she’s not really a character so much as she’s a prop. Props change depending on the nature of the scene. So does Mio. Whatever the scene requires, that’s what she is. Responsibility? Mio. Carelessness? Mio. Optimism? Mio. Fear? Mio. Violence? Mio. Submissiveness? Mio. Is there a personality trait she doesn’t exhibit?

Rather than her character driving the show, the show drives her character. Face it, Mio is nothing more than a pander machine. The only flaw in her design is that she’s too developed for the truest of pedophiles, which is why mini-Mio (a.k.a. Asuza/Asu-nyan/Asu-nomalocaris) was spun-off.

But Baka-Raptor, pandering isn’t necessarily bad!

First of all, x isn’t necessarily y counterarguments against non-absolutes are toothless. Congratulations, you’ve discovered that two different words exist to express two different concepts. Give yourself a pat on the back. Now, instead of trying to explain why pandering isn’t necessarily bad, stick to the point—explain why Mio’s pandering isn’t bad. You can’t. At least the other K-ON characters pander without continuously contradicting their supposed core character traits. Consider Mugi. She panders to the lesbian-loving audience (a.k.a. the world at large). She digs women—that’s her story and she’s sticking to it. (UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, Mugi only displayed lesbian tendencies in one episode.) At no point does she run off and start liking men, tables, or anomalocaridids. Besides, she’s gay for Sawako-sensei, which is totally believable.

Sawako-sensei panders with her costuming, but as with characters other than Mio, her pandering never conflicts with her personality. She’s supposed to be a bit unbalanced, which is totally understandable since I rejected her.

I did not Photoshop this image

Sorry, Sawako. Even in high school I wasn’t into underage girls. Don’t take it personally. But hey, that’s in the past. Now we’re both 23. Get over it and shoot me a comment.

I’ll give credit where credit is due: Episode 5 was good (but only because of Sawako-sensei). Every other episode sucked. Even Sawako-sensei’s stock has taken a nosedive since episode 5. At first she seemed like she’d be the unchallenged best female character of the season.  Now she’s fallen to somewhere in the 20’s.

1. Alice* (Pandora Hearts)
2. Selvaria (Valkyria Chronicles)
3-20. Every character on Queen’s Blade*
21. Nobunaga’s wife (Sengoku Basara)
22. Winry* (FMA II)
23. Sawako-sensei

*Rankings are not based on sexual attractiveness (otherwise characters under 18, such as Alice and Winry, would have no place on this list). Think of this list as my order of preference for donating a kidney.

I’d stick my organ inside her

Anyway, now that I’ve established in an objective manner that K-ON sucks, you may be wondering why I’m still watching it.

Hey, and I thought you had dropped K-ON! (you had taken quite a hard stance on that one in your previous article)
I don’t know whether I should be relieved that you are watching it anyway or disappointed that you went with the stream rather than assuming your ideas and refusing to watch more ^^


Unfortunately, I cannot drop a giri category show from my lineup for sucking. Each category of my lineup has specific dropping criteria:

Must Watch

Purpose To ensure I’ll be watching at least one great show
Qualifies if I have high expectations before watching
Can drop if It sucks
Cannot drop if It remains watchable
Example Cross Game

Sleeper Hit

Purpose To flaunt my great taste and non-conformity
Qualifies if I have high expectations after watching
Can drop if It sucks and grows in popularity
Cannot drop if It sucks but remains underground
Example Pandora Hearts

Guilty Pleasure

Purpose My viewing pleasure
Qualifies if My subjective rating is substantially higher than my objective rating
Can drop if It subjectively sucks
Cannot drop if It objectively sucks
Example Queen’s Blade


Purpose To ride out my investment in a franchise
Qualifies if I’ve seen a previous season, read the manga, light novel, etc…
Can drop if It deviates extensively from the original work (e.g. filler)
Cannot drop if It’s watchable
Example Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Purpose To stay in touch with the common otaku and criticize his shitty taste
Qualifies if It’s hyped up yet I see little potential (opposite of Sleeper Hit)
Can drop if It loses popularity
Cannot drop if It sucks
Example K-ON

The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice

Purpose To wash out the pedophilic taste of giri
Qualifies if Its badassery knows no bounds
Can drop if It goes tame
Cannot drop if It sucks
Example Sengoku Basara

Shot in the Dark

Purpose To broaden my horizons
Qualifies if I know absolutely nothing about this show
Can drop if It sucks once given a legitimate chance
Cannot drop if It sucks before given a legitimate chance
Example Valkyria Chronicles


Purpose To keep my anime diet balanced
Qualifies if It covers something (preferably many things) not found elsewhere in my lineup
Can drop if A better show covering at least as much clean-up ground comes along
Cannot drop if It sucks but no better clean-up show comes along
Example Asura Cryin’

If I weren’t a blogger, I’d have no need for the giri category. However, as a blogger, it’s my duty to stomach the popular crap so I can warn you not to.  Does this make me a hero? Absolutely.

PS: One of you will get Comment #3000. Free comments for 24 hours.

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  1. Geez, if you had made this post sooner, you would’ve saved me 10 anime episodes worth of my life you know. I could’ve used my giri slot for, oh, I dunno, Phantom or something.

  2. K-ON is not that bad. Even with the inconsistent personality of Mio you mention, it makes fun, plus visually the show’s very nice (nu, except the hands). I watch it because: 1. I enjoy fluid animation whenever I see one; 2. of the light atmosphere around the show. From this point of view, I recommend it (=disagree with you).

    P.S. What’s with Horo? She’s my #1

  3. “I Watch K-ON So You Don’t Have To”

    That’s great because I still haven’t decided if I want to invest/waste time watching this show or not.

    Thanks for reminding me about what I liked in Akikan. I guess I’ll give it a third chance. I’m glad you brought up Pandora Hearts, it was on my to watch list but I completely lost it in the new season shuffle.

  4. @Gargron: You mean the Spice & Wolf Horo? Haven’t seen the show. In any case, the rankings were only for this season.

    @Shiro: Akikan has more moments of brilliance than your typical romantic comedy. However, it also has more moments of crap. Watch at your own risk. And be sure to avoid Episode 10.

    • Yes
      Well, I’m just going to see K-on anyway. Although it is not a big deal, I just want to see “Monitas chinas” (Anime girls in english).
      PS: I am 16 years old.
      My english is not very good

  5. yup, k-on is sucking big time. i’m glad you write this sort of post, as i like to keep mine “positive”. i never really liked mio but OMG is she exactly like you depicted her. mercifully it’ll be all over in 3 eps…

  6. This entire post was filled with nothing but the utmost truth regarding K-On. It’s stupid. I’ll admit I liked it up till episode 5. Episode 5, while the best episode of the series, was also the reason why it sucks, because after that episode, all of the shittiness in K-On was magnified, since none of the comedy ever came close to episode five’s.

    A prop is a perfect way to describe Mio.

  7. @Kyoin: That’s not a bad idea. From now on there’s a suggested donation of $20 per comment. I accept cash, check, and PayPal.

    @NegativeZero: For example…

    @animekritik: Don’t be too sure. There was an OVA for Lucky Star…

    @Glo the Legend: Yup, everything was the unadulterated truth. Especially the part where I rejected Sawako.

  8. No bro, I’ve turned over a new leaf like you said, and am no longer a lolicon. In fact, I like healthy women like Sawako-sensei a lot more now too!

  9. I never started K-ON, but it’s fun reading other people’s coverage especially from the non fanboy group (Baka-Raptor) and the pedo group (Shin).

  10. @Shin: Glad to hear it. To think I almost suspected you of being attracted to anomalocaridids.

    @neothoron: No guarantees. K-ON is draining the life out of me.

    @OBALLER: I’m surprised you even made it that far. If you’ve seen one episode, you’ve seen them all.

    @TJ: You watch To-Love-Ru so I don’t have to. It’s a fair trade.

  11. My damned expectations were raised by Episode 5, but when I figured out it was 13 eps (as opposed to 11, somehow mixing it up with the vastly superior EoftheE), I just stopped altogether right before Mio2 showed up. If I ever do decide to finish, it’ll involve strippers and unhealthy amounts of booze to dull the pain.

  12. Completely have to disagree with you about Mio. Real people aren’t flat and can exhibit a wide range of personality traits. Nothing so far has come across as too out of character for her.

    I do have to agree with Sawako, however. Her stock has dropped tremendously and she has yet to even approach the heights of comedy she provided in her first episode. It’s a shame, really.

    And you can call the show formulaic, but then of course most things in this world are. Even oddball productions by Shaft have some sort of “formula” they follow. Is the formula working? Check the ratings. K-ON! is cute, entertaining, sometimes funny, and always a relaxing watch. It’s quality. It’s popular for a reason. And I’ll never understand why that irks some people so damn much…

  13. I haven’t seen more than 2 eps of Kon so I haven’t said next to anthing about it, but the stuff you said about Mio s the impression I had in episode 2 that made me start to question her.

  14. Sawako had so much potential as a character, and after episode 5, I thought that maybe the series had potential to be good, but then Sawako became extremely lame and the show still sucks.

  15. @kadian1364: 13 makes that much of a difference over 11? Precision must mean the world to you, seeing as how your name contains the precise numeric element 1364.

    @Michael|Low on Hit Points: K-ON is only popular because it’s the spiritual successor to Lucky Star, which was only popular because it was the spiritual successor to Haruhi. Also, nobody in real life who isn’t flat exhibits a wide range of personality traits.

    @fangzhao: When you feel like you brain’s going to explain, take an Akikan break.

    @digitalboy: If I do go to Otakon, I’ll only be able to go for Saturday and Sunday. Last year Otakon fell conveniently between the end of my summer job and the beginning of the fall semester. This year’s date is a bit too early.

    @Glo: She was introduced as Krauser III. Since then she’s done nothing but whine and make costumes. Bait & Switch.

  16. The stuff you said about Mio is what I’ve been wanting to say about her for so long. But nailing the fact that Asuza is basically Mio for the pedos… wow, I can’t believe I missed that. It’s so obvious in hindsight.

    I can’t believe how much “awesome” and “right” you managed to squeeze into one article. The first image set the tone, and then the reference to Lucky Star’s, I mean Family Guy’s manatee writers just sealed the deal.

  17. @Sorrow-kun: I must admit, this post is a work of art. And I’m pretty sure the writers of Lucky Star were fatter.


    @Bill: You mean generic genki girl #782342C? She’s tolerable at best.

    @The Sojourner: But heads exploding isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

  18. K-On! seriously has to go back to one of those Guitar Hero days. I think Mio’s K-On’s rag doll, that’s where I agree with you.

    Thank you for such heroism– that I will gladly take for granted. I’m watching K-On! for Ritsu. All of you Azu and Mio lovers can eat my cock.

  19. Man this anime season’s gotten so bad, I had to start playing video games again. Final Fantasy VII is pretty awesome, I bought it from PSN Store today for my PS3. The same PS3 I used to watch Hyakko, which was awesome too.

    Baka-Raptor, you have a well founded stance on what shows are good to watch, except for when you dissed Kaiba, the closest thing we have to a new Osamu Tezuka anime as we’re gonna get because Osamu Tezuka is dead for 20 years as of this year. He died the year before I was born. So depressing.

    What old school shows do you recommend to watch?

  20. @Asperger. Great Teacher Onizuka

    @Baka-raptor. Being “tolerable” is enough. A big portion of anime characters today are very intolerable.

  21. Dear Baka-Raptor,

    1. Your use of ‘Im on a Boat’ incorporated into a post about K-ON was sheer brilliance.

    2. How do you find the time to watch bullshit anime like K-ON when you are so busy exposing the hypocrisy of the modern world and wooing all women over the age of 18? Is there no limit to your heroism?

  22. “This show is so fucking boring…” …Aren’t they all from this genre? Seriously I don’t even see why these crappy series catch on at all nowadays. Back in the 80s this crap would end up obliterated by Raoh’s manliness.

  23. I sat alone for a good while.
    As usual.
    I was pondering whether I should give this studio another chance.
    They had failed me many times, but I, exhibiting the same level of stupidity as any number of 80’s villains, had failed to end them with my tremendous network of enforcers, because actually giving the order hadn’t occurred to me yet.
    I decided to ask someone for an opinion. The man in the welding mask and bloodstained apron who was attempting to sneak up behind me would do nicely.
    “Well? This K-ON – what of it? Shall I attempt to view it?” I asked the figure. He sat there dumbly, dripping somebody else’s blood.
    “It hurts,” he offered, slowly approaching.
    “Wise council. Yet I remain unconvinced. Have you anything else in the way of argument?”
    “It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts,” he followed up.
    “Then I am decided! Though you will be punished for making ‘hurts’ no longer look like a word.” I disposed of him like the others. It was not easy.

    Eventually, I really should put a “do not touch” sign up next to that idol. The possessions are almost becoming routine.

    P.S.: Don’t be fooled by their prattling fanboyism; the true star of Spice and Wolf is esoteric economic theory, not an intermittently clad ersatz kitsune with an unhealthy apple fixation.

  24. I too got hot for teacher at episode 5, got high expectations for improvement, and then got bored again shortly after. I’m glad for your dedicated service, because I haven’t moved on from there, and probably won’t.

  25. I keep telling myself it’s just three episodes of left. It’s the only way I keep watching. I can’t believe that it only took them till the tenth episode to recycle content. HEY LET’S GO PRACTICE BUT NOT PRACTICE AT MUGI’S BEACH HOUSE ‘COS SHE’S SURPRINGLY RICH AND WE LOOKED SHOCKED EVERY TIME IT COMES UP EVEN THOUGH WE’VE KNOWN HER FOR OVER A YEAR. Ugh.

  26. Hmmm I stopped watching this show after episode 5. But maybe I should watch it so I know how much it sucks? Does that even make sense?!?

  27. @Hinano: Same with you and Hanasakeru Seishounen.

    @Kabitzin: I don’t get all the fuss about Horo. She has a tail. Get over it.

    @Zantetsu: I’m sure Raoh would agree that heads exploding isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But I digress. I fully expected this show to be boring and pedophilic. I hate being right all the time.

    @LJ: I try. I really do. But I draw the line when the comment making the obscure reference has a higher search rank than the reference itself.

    Perhaps Detective Dipshit would pursue it further. I, on the other hand, blew all my patience watching K-ON.

    @otou-san: Bored? Golly gee! You shouldn’t say mildly negative things about a show just because it sucks!

    @Omisyth: The only joke they haven’t reused is Mugi being a lesbian. I starting to think she was only a lesbian for one episode (coincidentally it was the only good one).

    @Epi: Watching to know how much it sucks? That’s what I’m doing. I assure you, it doesn’t make sense.

    @Michael: You need to read my Eden of the East post. Oh wait, you did.

    @Jeff: I appreciate the ego fuel, though I realize that creating the funniest anime blog is about as difficult as creating the funniest episode of K-ON.

  28. @Rakuen: Your comment went up three days ago. I shall assume your cock has long since been gobbled.

    @Asperger’s: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

    @Bill: Here’s my current ranking of the K-ON girls:

    – Sawako done right
    – Mugi (lesbian, not annoying)
    – Ritsu (occasionally annoying/retarded)
    – Azu-nomalocaris (not as bad as Mio)
    – Mio (terrible character, but occasionally amusing)
    – Yui (consistently annoying/retarded, never amusing)

    @Saturnity & Praz: Those sound like interview questions. You’ll get your answers once you pay the price.

    @gg: I detect no sarcasm in your comment.

    • What a curious piece of history.

      That ‘ranking’ is just about one of the shittiest things that I’ve seen during my journey through mediocre, decade-old blogs . Calling Ritsu and Yui ‘retarded’ and ‘annoying’ is just about one of the stupidest, most uninformed things you can say about those characters, and Mio was also done a disservice. It’s almost like this dude was too swept up in that childish “MOE ANIME BAD!1!” movement to give any shit about actually analyzing K-ON and it’s characters in a thoughtful manner.

      I hope to god this dude isn’t as much of a dipshit as when he wrote this all those years ago, but I don’t have my hopes up,

  29. I appreciate the effort. I really do. But until scientists figure out whether you’re warm or cold blooded, I reccomend you spend your time sitting in the shade, doing nothing.

  30. I think I saw the signs of what everybody is agreeing on around episode 03 or whenever it was I noticed that they just kept eating cake and frollicking around nonstop. Oh that moment and the one when it became obvious that none of the characters were ever going to progress beyond whatever singular trait they had been given to pander to otaku fetish x nor was there ever going to be any sort of character interaction that had an ounce of depth or meaning to it.

    I think K-On’s legacy will probably now be seen when in a few years down the road somebody asks what the theoretical limit for packing a series with moe at the expense of all other content is without having it all deflate into a pile of unpalatable (even for some of the die hard moe otaku) waste, people will have something to point to and agree upon.

  31. I try to watch K-On! so I can properly criticize it. I am in an opinion that one who cannot cook has no right to complain about bad cooking, and in the same vein; one has not survived the pos known as K-On! has no right to complain about it either. I have yet to rise to the occasion, I stopped at episode 2.

  32. It was a weird kind of show for me, it was balancing on that line of average/below average but I still bothered to watch it and mildly enjoyed it, not as much as the mountain of fans, but more than people who hate the show.

    Mio is still a horrible character.

  33. […] Working! Episodes seen: 2 Initial impression: B- If Baka-Raptor’s vision actually allowed him to read this, he’d be annoyed by what I’m about to say regarding this show. It is what it is. There’s really not much else to say… it’s a standard slice-of-life moe comedy with a quirky collection of characters who all have their small set of gags. There’s a crapload of similar shows in anime, and this one doesn’t look like it’s going to deliver anything particularly new. I like the OP… the sequence seems to be channeling Azumanga Daioh. If I get a couple of chuckles out of this an episode, then I’ll be satisfied. It’s, at least, not as blatantly manipulative as K-On!. And the characters’ actions are generally consistent with their personalities as well… another one of K-On!’s more noticable shortcomings. […]

  34. Here’s my story before and after reading this review:

    Well I found out about k-on from some internet fad and decided to look around for an english dub (which I always do because I want to do voice acting). I found this guy reviewing it and saying that it was legit and actually pretty good. I then was able to find the episodes on youtube uploaded by a user (not going to name him), and even though it wasn’t very high quality audio, I thought the dub was….not bad. Being a big dub fan, it wasn’t any better or worse than most of the dubs I’ve seen, but what really got on my nerves was the fact that they didn’t dub the songs, which I guess is because they can’t sing or something.

    Anyways, onto the plot:

    Well I had gotten through all the episodes and could not stand criticizing the band because I was in one. Most of it revolved around the fact that none of them really showed moch stage presence, and the fact that none of them were interested in playing music, which I could not understand, but then again it IS just a story and it doesn’t always apply to everyone. Anyways, I got done watching it and decided to do what I always do: search the phrase “k-on sucks”. I do this out of curiosity as to how many results I get or how many people think that certain thing sucks. I assumed I wouldn’t get many results, but I found about 30k. Very surprised, this one was the first result, and I decided to read it. At this time I didn’t really think K-on sucked, but after reading this, I now realize what’s wrong with it. I had that “hey yeah. I guess you’re right haha” feeling.

    I thank you very much for enlightening me to this boring and predictable anime.

  35. Well people can say K-On is crappy because english translations can turn alot of jokes flat and boring especially the subs. If you had any experience in translating a language to another, you know this very well. If you guys see the translated version of K-ON as different product than the original Japanese version, then I can understand and its ok to troll about this anime. In fact, I noticed that American and Japanese have different taste of jokes, and animes are made for Japanese audiences any ways. I love K-ON and Japanese people love this too, so have fun trolling you guys.

  36. Tbh this is site was made just for the purpose of trolling k-on. With anime its not the same as it is with music. Most of the time it has a reason that an anime is popular and if you dont like it you cant say “Everyone else has a shitty taste but my taste is great! You should drop this anime because it sucks too hard!” Then the have having a shitty taste would be you( in the eyes of the majority) so you would have at least a different taste. Furthermore i think you should give arguments why K-on is so shitty instead of just saying:

    Akikan: Crappy animation, original jokes
    K-ON: Uncrappy animation, unoriginal jokes
    That is your own opinion and lots of people think differently about it(lol at your: estabelished in an objective manner)

    Mio is a terrible character because she is everything they need her to be in different scenes(if you put it like that then EVERY CHARACTER is a terrible character because every character is what they need him to be in the situation and it is also like this in real-life. In a happy situation: when the situation around you is good you tend to be optimistic when its not you tend to be pessimistic). Well Mio’s character traits are that she is a seriouse girl with alot of backbone on the outside and a cute scaredy catgirl inside. And btw every human has pretty much every characteristic just more or less of that and in the right situation they tend to show it. Oh and you cant forget that K-on is also meant to be in the comedy genre so alot of these things are to be expected.

    And i had to lol at:”now that I’ve established in an objective manner that K-ON sucks”
    too bad it isnt the least bit objective since it cant even be. All of this is and will ever be based on opinions so it is subjective as long as there are no specified rules to opinions. Even if there were rules to opinions it would still be subjective since the rules were made by man and would be biased(if you can suddenly prove that god made rules for it it is another story but that wont happen).
    So please never write something like estabelished in a objective manner when you talk about opinions.

    If you want to flame something do it with lucky star since it just sucks ass too hard but well thats just my subjective opinion
    Hope i defended K-on well.

  37. I’m aware that this is an ancient post (probably about… 30 years old in internet years), but I cannot praise you enough for tearing apart this uninspired buttfuck of an anime while everybody else still adores it and endorsing underrated shows that really deserve attention. I salute you on your crusade for quality anime.

    • ‘Crusade for quality anime’

      I know this is an ancient comment, but good god that’s so pretentious it’s not even funny. Hopefully these days this person isn’t still spewing garbage like this.

  38. My friend recommended K-ON to me. I watched the first season. I enjoyed it, or at least, so I thought. I admit, I enjoy a hefty amount of moe in my anime. Back then a large helping of moe could help me stomach even the shittiest story line. So obviously I liked Mio, Azusa, and everyone else. So my experience was that it was a good show which I enjoyed.

    Then, it was only a few months later that I started watching the second season. I was enjoying that as well for a while. Or so I thought, again.
    Then, at one point (on episode 19 to be exact), for reasons unbeknownst to me, I stopped watching it. One day, I just dropped it out of the blue. Every day I told myself that I would finish it, but for some reason I just couldn’t make myself do it. Suddenly, I realised that I had no interest in watching K-ON, regardless of how cute Mio was.

    Over 6 months have passed since that fateful day, and I still haven’t finished those 9 measly episodes. And over these 6 months I must have pondered more than once the reason for my inability to watch the series to the end. That is, until today, when I read this article.

    You have opened my eyes to a whole different perspective. Right now I am thinking about Mio and Azusa, and other characters in this show… and I don’t feel anything. For the first time I entertained the idea that K-On.. could be a bad anime. And in some ways it makes sense. I’ll still muster up the willpower to finish K-ON, that’s for sure. And I might squeeze a little more enjoyment out of the moe elements.
    But baka-raptor, I think you might have answered the question that has been haunting me for these many months. I leave this blog a changed man.

  39. It took me until the Christmas episode to realize that I didn’t care about any of the characters or what they were planning to buy each other. It felt like every episode was filler. I quit then and there.

  40. This article is devoid of any value, and while Baka-raptor is entitled to his opinion, anyone stupid enough to say this article was eye-opening, enlightening or whatever other nonsense agreeing with it evidently is uninformed and unread.

    @Sorrow-kun: Your comment reveals that behind your academic technobabble, you’re actually not as smart as you make yourself to be. That’s actually a good thing, it shows you have some semblance of understanding in how to communicate with others. You should’ve written this way for your Attitudes towards Slice-of-life post, rather than adopt a quasi-academic tone that makes it sound as though you need big words to convince others of something that is indefensible.

    @Kaioshin Sama: K-On!’s legacy a decade later is a series that remains remembered as being one of the premiere anime of 2009 and its second season is similarly remembered as being one of the more well-done series of 2010. The shows that you consider “objectively good”, on the other hand, are forgotten. Your small-mindedness and inferior perception means that you absolutely missed the point of K-On! and hated on it for the sake of driving traffic to your poorly-written blog. Thank goodness you were banned from AnimeSuki and stopped writing for Anime History, a banal and trite blog.

  41. Where do I start?

    This is quite possibly one of the most mind-numbing posts that I’ve had the misfortune of coming across during my journey through these mediocre, decade-old blogs. This is almost just as bad as the posts that came from that Taikutsu Remedy blog, which is one hell of an accomplishment.

    K-ON as a whole was done a massive disservice here in more ways than one, and it’s painfully obvious to someone with half a functioning brain. Guess a lot of people back then sadly couldn’t appreciate a laid-back show with cute, loveable characters and a nostalgic atmosphere.

    Did I forget to mention how obnoxious and whiny the vast majority of this comments section is? As if the original post wasn’t enough, the comments espousing this garbage post on top of it did a superb job of killing a good portion of my brain cells. I guess a half-hearted congratulations are in order?

  42. Tremendo amigo, siento que lo re analizan todo xD
    Bueno, me voy a ver el anime solo porque sí, aunque entiendo que no sea la gran cosa, no soy muy otaku aunque veo muchos animes, entre ellos algunos que son buenos, otras veces veo animes mediocres pero que pueden entretener.
    Solo me voy a ver K-on para pasar un rato, después puedo ver algún anime bueno o lo que sea.
    Todos se andan re serios con esa cosa boludo xd encima metieron que era para pedófilos xd

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