• I went to a Penguins game when they still sucked. Therefore I am not a bandwagon fan. (They actually won that game. I guess being a winner is contagious.)
  • Crosby may be a pussy, but so is Eli.
  • Dojikko goaltender Ippatsu KikimusuMarc-Andre Fleury managed to stay upright for more than five seconds.

In other news, I’m going to be trimming my blogroll this week. Generally, to make my blogroll:

  • You must write about anime


  • You comment on my site, or
  • You link to my site, or
  • I comment on your site, or
  • I approve of your site even if I don’t comment it, or
  • You suck up to me in a manner other than commenting


  • Your site is active, or
  • There are old posts I like enough to keep linking to

In other words, I’ll be removing most of the dead blogs from my blogroll. Before removing you, I’ll attempt to e-mail you to ask if you’re still writing. If not, and you don’t find some other way to convince me not to remove you, you’re cut.

If your blog survives the cut, I’ll make good on my resolution to subscribe to your RSS feed.

As this is not a real post, I’ll be deleting it when I’m done updating my blogroll (unless the comments are unusually interesting). Don’t worry, I’ll find another use for the picture.


27 people love sucking up to me

  1. digitalboy says:

    Definitely cut Euphoric Field since it doesn’t even exist anymore lol. Also w007 for increased prominence!

  2. digitalboy says:

    Oh, and why the hell isn’t my fanart in the fanart section?

  3. subprefecture says:

    Thank god.. Baka-Raptor you are the finest and most-proven detector of quality that I know of and trust on the net (anime-wise) – but I couldn’t bring myself to sift through that massive blogroll

  4. OBALLER says:


    hahahahaha im so pumped i actually went streaking tonight (true story)

    i love the penguins… always have always will and i am so pumped they won the cup!!!!!!!!

    oh by the way… Marian Hossa must feel like the biggest douchebag right now hahahahah

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  6. Yea Eli is a huge pussy, but thankfully, the Giants still fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and won the Superbowl. I still can’t believe it. Congrats on the Penguins. But once the Whalers come back, it’s all over (They’ll come back! Maybe someday! I have hope! They’re probably gone for good…).

  7. OBALLER says:

    also might i add that crosby is not a pussy… hes been in a shit load of fights… ppl just say hes a pussy because he “complains” to the refs… but thats what the captain is supposed to do right??

  8. tj han says:

    Your blogroll is really long. But since I only visit your pages and not the main site, I’ve never actually seen it up till now!

  9. Gargron says:

    That’s a right decision! Anime blogs must link to anime blogs only, that’s what “Blogroll” means.

  10. Omisyth says:


  11. I hope I make the cut, I sucked up to you with that Train Man review in your Maddoxian style, and I still write about anime/manga, I’ve just tried to diversify. Wanna hear what I think about Hetalia Axis Powers?

  12. bateszi says:

    Thanks for teaching me about the Brazilian wandering spider (via a link you left on another blog). It is… scary.

  13. Praz says:

    Exactly what does this have to do with octopus?

  14. Is it sad that when I saw the ‘octopus’ part of the title I assumed there was somehow some relation to hentai in the post?

    It still hurts too much to think about the Stanley Cup right now…

  15. Rakuen says:

    Don’t cut me off even though I’m crappy! Nagato-sama will stick a toilet plunger up my ass if that happens. Don’t get any idea of doing so just to see me get raped with a toilet plunger.

  16. Snark says:

    I would like to be on your blogroll…how many internet dollars would I have to part with for such an opportunity?

    As a bonus, I can also offer you an internet concubine. She’s like a real concubine, only internet.

  17. By the way, good luck with your lay-offs, I hope your firings go really well.

  18. Kabitzin says:

    Wanted to say… Hossa sucks.

  19. I wonder how many will be able to survive the cut if the condition is as follows: I will keep you on my blogroll only if your blog is about stuff like lesbians (preferably Shiznat).

  20. OBALLER says:

    @praz: its a red wings tradition to throw an octopus on the ice… so hes saying “mmmm…. octopus” because we beat the red wings… its symbolism haha

    @glo: GREAT office space reference

  21. Baka-Raptor says:

    @digitalboy: I don’t know. Maybe you should draw another one, just in case I lost it.

    @subprefecture: The blogroll was mainly for my own convenience; I needed some way to keep tabs on all the bloggers that commented here. However, now that I’m going to start using an RSS feed, I can start trimming the blogroll down to a slightly less unreasonable length.

    @Glo the Legend: If the Whalers do come back they’ll probably change their name. I’m pretty sure whaling is currently more offensive than Native American stereotypes.

    @OBALLER: I’ll take your word for it. I only get to watch hockey when it comes on NBC, which is about five times a year, usually during the finals when the Red Wings shut Crosby down.

    @tj han: Nothing to see on the home page. Only a dinosaur and some polls.

    @Gargron: Yes, and I can’t figure out how to change the default name blogroll.

    @Omisyth: My sentiments exactly

    @Asperger’s: Too late, I already did. And you made the cut, at least the first one…

    @bateszi: No need to suck up to me, you’re staying on the blogroll (though sucking up to me is its own reward).

    @Praz: What OBALLER said.

    @Day: Have I ever mentioned you’re a pervert?

    @Rakuen: Don’t worry, I only cut your solo blog.

    @Snark: You meet the requirements, you’re on the list. I have pretty low standards.

    @Glo-17: What OBALLER said.

    @Kabitzin: And he says he doesn’t regret sucking.

    @The Sojourner: About four.

  22. Toonleap says:

    Thats quite a long blogroll…I am honored on being there… 🙂

  23. Why are you always so quick to disparage me as a pervert? Half of your readers are pedophiles, and I don’t see you calling them out by name as pervs.

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  26. Kyoin says:

    Well…FU penguin has nothing to worry about.

  27. korosora says:

    Feel free too.
    My blog is an anti-spiral.

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