Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009

1. Atlanta

  • Holy shit, that is a WIDE highway

  • I stayed at the con hotel and saw nothing else of Atlanta

2. The Convention

  • Rained all weekend. Good thing I stayed at the con hotel.
  • My camera’s batteries died on me, so couldn’t take a picture in my Athena costume until  I got home.

I am such a dojikko.

  • There were no other Aria cosplayers. Also, nobody who took my picture knew who I was. These are the sorts of uncultured neanderthals that go to anime conventions.
  • After disappearing for the past two years, FMA cosplay is making a comeback. Perhaps I’ll do Scar again in the spring.
  • Before my batteries died, the only picture I got was this badass Taiko drumming.

  • Vic Mignogna’s “Fullmetal Fantasy” video may be the highest quality work of “amateur” filmmaking I’ve ever seen. (For various reasons, you can only watch it at cons.)
  • One of his other videos you can see online: The Legend of Middle Tennessee
  • AWA had some of the best AMVs I’ve ever seen in terms of both entertainment value and technical skill. A couple I tracked down:

  • I MUST watch Avenue Q
  • Few lines for a convention so large. Overall, excellent venue.
  • Several panels were dedicated to making fun of lame anime. Sometimes it was hilarious, other times it was tedious. A few times they even poked fun at non-Japanese animation. That’s about as hard as clubbing a baby seal.

“If you listen closely, there are people already jumping off the boat.”

  • Big surprise, I didn’t buy anything. My walls remain blank.
  • One of the guys I roomed with bought an $80 Hatsune Miku towel. I am still not sure who Miku is or what she has to do with anime.
  • Been there, done that—my reaction to most of the panels. Surprisingly, the most engaging panel was on traveling in Japan.

3. Stuff I watched

  • Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne (English trailer): Rin is no longer voiced by Mamiko Noto. Thus, her voice is much more fitting and much less entertaining. (+++)
  • Detroit Metal City (Live Action Movie): Several minor variations from the anime make it worth watching. (+++)
  • Fist of the North Star (Movie): Several minor variations from the anime were pointless or for the worse. Also, some of the scenes were clearly not remastered. (~)
  • Canaan 1-2: Cool action, lesbian potential. May continue. (+)
  • Best Student Council 1-2: Mildly entertaining. Cyndi, the driver girl, is awesome. May continue. Comment if this show is any good. (+)
  • Otoboku 1-2: Boring, pedophilic. (~)
  • Macross: Do You Remember Love (Movie): Watched mainly for the educational/historic value. Not bad (except for the whole aliens-with-feelings thing), but I’m sure it’s better when spread out over an entire series. (+)
  • Spice & Wolf 1-2: Had me at currency speculation. Will continue. (++)
  • Blood: The Last Vampire (Live Action Movie): Crappy acting, crappy directing, crappy writing, cool fight scenes. (~)
  • Cruel Restaurant (Live Action Movie): Worst movie I’ve seen since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Its only redeeming features are that it’s occasionally pornographic and doesn’t take itself seriously.  (~~)
  • Erotic Comic Girl (Live Action Movie): Worst movie I’ve seen since Cruel Restaurant. Absolutely terrible, even for porn. (~~~)

In case you aren’t familiar with my grading system, read up. Some of you who’ve been reading my site for a long time are apparently still clueless.

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  1. “Cruel Restaurant[…]: Worst movie I’ve seen since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants[…]”

    “Erotic Comic Girl[…]: Worts movie I’ve seen since CRUEL RESTAURANT”

    Lol, XD, That’s a good one.

  2. GJ as Athena.

    You MUST watch Avenue Q. That was one great video, thanks for posting it.

    Aliens with feelings is part of the silliness that separates Macross from the srs bsns grimdark real robot shows like many in the Gundam franchise.

  3. I liked Best Student Council. Watch episode 3. There’s some comedic implied yuri, same goes for the rest of the show.

    End is kind of meh, but the side characters really make this show good. Seina is a non-overtly-lesbian version of Shizuru.

  4. Those AMV’s were so awesome, especially the second one. Taiko drummers came to my school once and it was the best God damn day of my life. Those guys are awesome.

    That’s the darkest Athena I’ve ever seen.

  5. Holy Shit ! Baka-raptor cosplaying as a girl ? I still can’t believe it o.O ?!!?!?! what’s next ? sex change surgery ?

  6. Which HnK movie was that now? They’ve released several versions from other characters’s perspectives including a two-parter for Raoh.

    Nice boobs by the way.

  7. Nice cosplay hahah! Raptor-ko!!

    Avenue Q is great, but I think it’s ending it’s Broadway run very very soon. I saw it a few weeks ago and there were signs that it was about to close.

    Best Student Council is alright, the worst thing is… that annoying hand puppet (2nd most annoying side character after the Ostrich from Tide Line Blue) sticks around for the rest of the show.

  8. I should actually feel offended by the Feel Good AMV beeing German at all but it was too hilarious to be angry.

    Avenue Q is actually a pretty popular Choice for AMVS.Seen quite a few ones using songs of it.

    Ah Canaan…At first I thought that it had potential aswell but then it proved to be just another mediocre girls with guns thing that people actually only watch because of the type moon design.The Lesbian Imouto is actually the best part of it.

  9. I missed out on seeing Avenue Q in Australia. Shame there’s no DVD performance available yet, or I’d get right on it.

    You know what else would make a good AMV? Keating: The Musical. Seriously, it’s a comedy musical about the Australian politican Paul Keating and his rise and fall. Sadly, AMVs of this musical will never happen because Australians are lazy and Americans won’t understand the jokes in the said musical. Apart from the hilarious Alexander Downer scene, which has (almost) universal appeal.

    Better yet there’s a DVD of it, so you can try and watch it when you come over here in 2010.

  10. @AGear2Ax: I saw those two movies approximately 10 minutes apart (Cruel Restaurant started at 2:00 AM, Erotic Comic Girl started at 3:30). You’d think the crappiness of Cruel Restaurant would soften the blow, but no, Erotic Comic Girl was still horrible. It’s the kind of crappy porno they show at cons for the sole purpose of giving the audience members easy material to shout one-liners about throughout the entire showing.

    @GL: I got a kick out of the aliens not having feelings. The hug/kiss demonstrations got a good laugh out of me and the other 30 or so people watching the movie.

    @OS: Ah, the Payapaya. It’s a shame they didn’t get to that one in the video room.

    @Shadowblade Edge: I could’ve, but wearing a hat over a wig seemed like more trouble that it’s worth. Originally I’d planned to grow out my hair and dye it, but that fell apart when I had to cut my hair for job interviews.

    @issa=sa: If it got any longer, it wouldn’t fit in my trunk. That came out wrong.

    @Day: Yeah, you pretty much screwed up your only chance to see me not wearing pants. If I were you, I’d spend every moment of the rest of my life regretting it/trying to build a time machine.

    @Glo: Watch Aria.

    @Laguna: Dinosaurs can change sex at will. Didn’t you watch Jurassic Park?

    @TJ: Thanks, I put a lot of skill into buying it.

    @RP: Thank you you. Pegging me is generally a bad idea though. You should assume I can do anything until proven otherwise.

    @Snark: As yandere lesbians are pretty much the best kind of anything, I will continue watching.

    @Zantetsu: This one, basically a summary of a large part of the part of the TV series.

    @Shiro: It involved all of that, just not at the con.

    @Epi: Crap, it ended two weeks ago. On the bright side, it’ll still be playing somewhere off-Broadway.

    @Blowfish: We’ll get over the whole WWII thing once Germany starts making anime. Worked for Japan.

    @SNAG: I generally don’t care for musicals, except that time I was in Grease, and even then, all the scenes without me sucked.

    @Rakuen: That’s what she said.

    @Kyoin: The pornographic parts are decent (it’s porn after all), but the non-pornographic parts are downright pathetic. Really, the only time it’d be acceptable to watch shit like this is 3:30 AM at an anime convention.

  11. Okay, so Athena has a bit of a tan. I still do not retract my statements. Also,

    FUCK, I wanted to watch Aria for like, a year. Instead I forgot about it and picked up shitty fucking Code-E to watch. It’s so fucking boring I think I might shoot myself (emotionally).

  12. WOAH SHIT, I’m featured on a not-really-that-famous-at-all anime blog! YESSSSSSSSSSS

    Seizuring aside, CANAAN is really good. The story is pretty much shit, but the action is awesome.
    Spice & Wolf is really, really good.
    The second season kinda pales when compared to the first one though, due to more focus on LawrencexHoro and less on badass-manly economy.

    Also, that might be the greatest Athena cosplay I have ever seen in my whole life.

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