Talk-A-Raptor -1: The Long, Rambling Pilot Podcast

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Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:11 – Rambling about why I decided to make a podcast
  • 2:20 – Aoi Bungaku
  • 3:23 – Bakemonogatari
  • 4:15 – Cross Game
  • 4:50 – Darker than Black II
  • 5:33 – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • 6:19 – Golgo 13
  • 6:46 – Inu Yasha II
  • 7:26 – Trapeze (Kuchu Buranko)
  • 8:28 – Mouryou no Hako
  • 8:39 – Nogizaka Haruka II
  • 9:16 – Queen’s Blade II
  • 10:00 – Seitokai no Ichizon
  • 10:46 – Umineko no Naku Koro ni
  • 11:46 – Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • 12:16 – Gantz
  • 13:06 – GTO: Shonan 14 Days
  • 13:42 – Liar Game
  • 14:20 – Bleach & Naruto
  • 15:02 – Fate/Stay Night

Relevant Links:

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Darker than Black


Naruto Filler

Queen’s Blade

Nogizaka Haruka

Golgo 13

Inu Yasha

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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  1. I was shocked beyond words to hear that you liked Nogizaka Haruka. But then I heard you say that Queen’s Blade is awesome, and all was well with the world again.

  2. Someone still reading that garbage – Gantz ? WHY ????
    There’s NOTHING in it. Plot ? Nonexistant. Sense ? None whatsoever. Art ? Traced 3D images are hardly the pinnacle of drawing. Bleh.

  3. Love your blog, but maybe podcast just ain’t your thing. The first couple minutes: complete snore. It also sounds like you’re reading off a piece of paper. If that’s the case, just post it instead, or at least do away with the forced “Game Show Host” reading voice.

    • All valid points, all with valid excuses.

      1. The first couple of minutes was a response to criticism of my previous Talk-A-Raptors that I don’t “connect” enough with the audience. So I went with some long, rambling, experimental filler you typically see in other bloggers’ podcasts to see how that’d play out.

      2. I didn’t write out my lines beforehand, but I planned out most what I was going to say and did retakes if it didn’t flow smoothly. The alternative is doing everything on the fly, which would truly result in a long, rambling, not to mention awkward and incoherent, podcast that nobody would want to listen to. I could’ve done a lot better, but my goal here was to make something quickly that’d satisfice, not something that’d be great but take a ton of effort. In any case, it’ll get better with more experience.

      3. If you’re sitting in front of your computer, text and video work a lot better than pure audio. That’s why I’ve never made a podcast before: I thought it’d be boring as hell. But now that I have an mp3 player, I see the value of a podcast as having something to take on the go. This is something you should listening to while you’re jogging, cooking, gardening, or something else that makes reading or viewing an impossible alternative.

      4. The “Game Show Host” voice wasn’t forced; that’s how I actually talk. I thought I was being a bit host-ish at times, but when I re-recorded, I’d sound exactly the same. I don’t really have a normal conversation voice since talking to people bores the shit out of me. All I have are a public speaking voice, an ordering-a-combo-at-Taco-Bell voice, and a grunt-yes/grunt-no voice that I use when talking to my parents.

  4. I like the rapid fire bullet points style. It’d be pretty wordy as a written post, but concise and interesting as a podcast. How often are you going to do one? Once a month?

    • Once a month or once every two months is my tentative goal. However, I doubt I’ll do the laundry list format I did for this podcast. My next podcasts will probably focus on a central theme. This podcast was mainly an experiment to see if I could actually make a 15 minute podcast in a reasonable time (took me about 4 hours, not bad at all). I figured going down a list of 15 anime/manga would be a guaranteed way to hit the 15-minute mark.

  5. Glad to hear you’re liking Trapeze, it’s a very cool show but not necessarily one I expected you to be enjoying (for the reasons you stated, basically). As for the podcast itself, I thought it was fine; given your usual style, I was surprised it’s just you stating your honest opinions in a very calm, conversational tone, I think I was expecting a more reptilian/Starscream sound! 🙂

    • If I did this podcast in reptile mode, it wouldn’t have lasted 15 minutes. Raptors are too efficient. I had to get all human and conversational to make this podcast long enough to last on the road.

  6. I agree about Queen’s Blade II, the first season was pretty much a “tits, swords and some comedy” anime, though I really enjoyed it. The second season is really awesome, and it also added a bit of plot and drama to the “tits, swords and some comedy” list; latest episodes were pretty much intense, much better than many other shows I’ve watched so far, and now this makes me wish there was less fanservice, so that more people could enjoy its awesomness (actually there is a manga called “Queen’s Blade Hide&Seek” which got a -fanservice +comedy formula, and it was pretty enjoyable).
    About FMA, I didn’t really enjoy the first series, probably because I was already reading the manga when I started watching it. I also didn’t like either the season’s finale or the movie (which was really terrible, Mustang was so OOC I thought he was an impostor or something like that), and too many badass characters were never been mentioned (see the Briggs arc, which is about to start in this season… just keep watching it).
    Nice podcast anyway, pretty much synthetic about each show but very effective.

    • Some people watch/hear about one or two lousy 90’s hentai OVAs and get the impression that any show about women with large breasts can’t be good. They need to open their minds. Queen’s Blade isn’t just fanservice; it’s got some great characters and surprisingly competent writing. I’ll name specific examples in my Queen’s Blade wrap-up post.

      If you were already reading the FMA manga, I can see the changes being really annoying. But most people who hadn’t read the manga think the series was great. Until I was told, I had no idea it deviated from the manga. And the movie was extremely satisfying after the way the series ended. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so I don’t remember Mustang too well, but enough time had passed between the series ending and the movie ending that you can probably assume his character changed over time. And they made fun of him in the movie’s omake.

  7. Nogizaka Haruka is stupid, but for some reason, I absolutely love it. Also, the last episode I watched has Rie Kugimiya voicing a character, and that pretty much makes this show even better.

    Queen’s Blade….awesome without a doubt.

    After watching the first 5 episodes of Umineko, I immediately put it on hold, and will marathon is when it finishes. I also have put Gantz on hold as well (like I did with Claymore).

    Also, Nasal Spray is one of the best inventions ever made.

  8. I just can’t believe i’ve stopped everything i was doing to hear a ~15min baka-raptor podcast…

    Brilliant, “I’ve much better ways to waste my time…” hahah, i voted in that poll for you to replay that visual novel until you die…. hahaha XD

    the biggest advantage of it, is that it is easier to post (single/one time record) and the content is way to big for a post too,

    the disadvantages compared to other types of posts : much cooler to watch a Baka-Raptor video post, much faster to read a Baka-Raptor writed post, and both have “visual appeal”, images, checklists, et cetera.

    For the TOC:

    @Introduction: Filler XD, it doesn’t hurt anyone, ok…

    @Darker than Black II: I still believe it is going to be an ++ series, if we ignore rei babysitting that little girl however…

    @Fullmetal Alchemist II: I haven’t seen the first series 😛 mainly because people say it is different from the manga (fillers), and naruto traumatized me with its endless bad fillers… so, everyone who watched FullMetal I says to me that the second series is far superior… although, just like you, people still insists for me to watch the first series…. but i guess i’ll never do it anyway 😛

    @Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I’ll finish watching Higurashi one day, but for now i’ve too many shows to choose from that i’m in shock. o.O ?!

    @Everything Else: Just fine, don’t have much to comment about them, specially Golgo 13, which you made a post prior to this.

    PS: I’m glad you liked my suggestion of using myanimelist tags as an alternative to they “forcing” decimal ratings, however, the fact they don’t support plus signs in their tags sucks.

    • The nice thing about this new Darker than Black season is that there isn’t a lot of that philosophical bullshit that was all over the first season.

      Don’t worry about Umineko for now. Just watch Higurashi whenever you get a chance. +++

      Someday I’ll go down my entire MAL and fill in the tags with ratings. It’ll probably be a little different from my old ratings list. I was being too generous and gave a lot of ~ shows the +.

      • I just tried, and myanimelist seem to support + signs for me in my tags, although you have to do it in the full edit mode, not the quick edit option they give you for tags ~_~

  9. Ah yeah, now I remember that omake with chibi characters! Maybe they made it after many fans complained about the movie, mostly because they changed relationships between Mustang-Hawkeye and Edward-Winry (the two girls were also reduced to the typical anime-girl’s-syndhrome with their total uselessness in the movie) but I have to admit that if you didn’t already read the manga, the movie was good.
    It’s like when I watched the Lord of the Rings movie without having read the book(I am too lazy to read it): to me it rocked, to most fans who already read the book it sucked; that doesn’t mean the movie sucks, it’s just that when you already read/watched a movie/book/manga/anime you enjoyed a lot(even if it isn’t the original work), every remake suffers the comparison with the first one (“Mmmh, I liked more this scene in the other one”, “Hey, what’s wrong with that character? He/she used to be such a badass in the first series, now he/she is a complete pussy” etc.), and actually that should explain why most people who have watched the first FMA series before reading the manga or watching the second series still suggest to watch it anyway.

    • I’ve never read the LotR series, and everyone I know who’s read the books can’t stop complaining about the movies. Then I had one of them explain them describe how things happened in the books, which all sounded lame. The movies had some lame parts too. I never got my second Gandalf vs. Saruman battle. What a ripoff.

  10. Baka-Raptor, I have to be honest with you: You have an amazing speaking voice for podcasts, but I think you don’t like doing videos because you look like a terrorist.

  11. I’ve been considering watching Cross Game for a while but I haven’t seen any decent coverage on it so far. How similar is it to Touch?

    Also, I approve of your current voice / flow, I found it easy to listen to.

    • Similarities between Touch and Cross Game: they both involve baseball, they’re both about moving on after the death of a loved one, and all of the characters look the same.

  12. Where did you get the sub for Mouryou no Hako? It frustrated it that I couldn’t find the episodes. I have only the first one. Phailed 🙁
    and you made me want to watch Umineko again. I’m stuck at episode 11 and hasn’t been able to pick it up again for some reason.

    • You can find episodes here, except the last episode, which to my knowledge has never been subbed.

      Wait on Umineko until all the episodes are out. At that point you’ll hear tons of opinions on whether it’s worth watching.

  13. I am so glad for every positive mention of Queens Blade.
    I cant believe how much hate the series is getting even though its better than your average moe blob series.I cant tell if its due to the fact that its a fanservice series or the fact that these girls arent of the submissive type all those “herbiverous” men seem to dig.Im glad that Baka Raptor is a carnivore and likes his tits.

    Nah,seriously while the first season suffered from its introductionary episode style without a coherent continuing plot the second season kicks some major ass with its tourney style progress.I know that noone believes me but I do actually care about the characters and the plot of the series…

    Only thing that sucks is that they kicked out Nyx so fast meh

    I would wrote up an endorsement but since I know that noone cares anyway I might aswell wait for the better B-R Version.

    Its interesting to see that theyre already introducing elements of the QB Rebellion line so we might even hope for a third season.

    I was amazed that you even asked if you should replay F/S N since those two new arcs Unlimited Blade Works and Heavens Feel are the ones that make the VN kick ass.The Fate Route is very basic shounen lore that introduces the characters while the other two routes are the real deal that question alot of stuff.Not to mention that Lancer finally gets his own kickass scene.

    • Queen’s Blade: There’s a Queen’s Blade Rebellion?! This is the best news I’ve heard since finding out there’d be a Season 2. It’s a shame Nyx lost so early, but she’s still around in a non-combat role. The real tragedy is that Allean lost. But on the bright side, she took Nowa with her.

      F/S N: I was under the impression that the different routes were the same storyline with a few different detours and different endings depending on your compatabilities with each of the girls. I had no idea the stories would branch out into something completely different. UBW and HF will be played.

      • QB Rebellion is set after the current QB tournament and revolves around a new cast of characters that start a Rebellion against the new Queen that turned out to be a tyrant.
        There are only a few Visual Combat Books (ergo new characters) and an introductionary story out so ill guess that itll take some time until well see an anime adaption.Its interesting that they dont rely on the old cast or when they do,a drastically changed one and use some fresh faces instead.

        F S/N: Okay playing the game again just for a different H-Scene would be really lame indeed

  14. You just added a bunch of shows to my watch list without editing a minute of video. Way to be Super Effective, ya jerk. 🙂 Also I find it hard to listen to podcasts without doing other things on the internet.

    • I don’t know how you can listen to podcasts if you’re just sitting passively in front of your computer. You need to be browsing the internet, jogging, chopping wood, etc. to make it worthwhile.

      • Yeah, I don’t have an mp3 player so I treat them like radio shows. I just checked out the shows you were talking about as I listened.

  15. I was avoiding listening to this for a while, but I finally relented… and it was pretty good! I give it ++ ($$)

    I was sad though that the podcast no longer features Titus… he was awesome 🙁

  16. No video but I still love you. Baka-Raptor’s bringing sexy back.

    Good thing you do enjoy my beloved Umineko. Now don’t get any ideas about my Beatrice.

  17. this has nothing to do with this post… but have you seen Crosby lately? 11 points (7 goals, 4 assists) in THREE games… NASTY… and the pens players are coming back off the DL! were gonna win the cup again this year

  18. Hey, I listened to the podcast and it was great 😀 It’s so nice to be able to place a voice with the writing. Gives me ideas to do my own podcast perhaps 😀 Keep it up 🙂

  19. I don’t know why I haven’t commented on this. I saw this two days after you posted it. I’m slacking in my Baka-Raptor worship. Pros of Audio-Raptor: I now know what you’re talking about (anime wise.) I now know what you sound like. And since I usually view this site on my PSP I’m not missing out cuz I can’t see the videos on my PSP 🙁 However, I can download mp3s yay! Cons of Audio-Raptor: You didn’t growl…not once.

  20. Late comment, but you might want to check out Bleac again, at least from the start of the most recent filler. It’s much better than the canon to be honest.

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