Denpa teki na Kanojo does not fuck around

Remember how Kure-nai couldn’t stop fucking around? Shockingly, in the greatest redemption story mankind has ever witnessed, the author of Kure-nai bounced back and wrote Denpa teki na Kanojo. This time he didn’t fuck around one bit. Just look at the cover. There’s rain…a girl with an umbrella…doesn’t look like anything special…and then—

OH SHIT, A BLOODY BASEBALL BAT! Time to draw a superficial connection to Higurashi.

Here’s a comprehensive list of differences between Rena and this other girl:

  • They part their hair on opposite sides
  • Their eye colors are different
  • Their neckerchief colors are different

Everything else is exactly the same. Is it a coincidence that every show with a murderous character who looks like Rena is awesome? Another connection that struck me immediately is that umbrella girl’s voice is the same as Alice Carroll’s. Have you ever wondered what Alice sounds like as she bludgeons people with her paddle? Denpa teki na Kanojo delivers.

Now let’s talk about the crappy title. I subconsciously ignore titles with words I don’t recognize. How is a title supposed to make an impression on you if you don’t know what any of the words mean? All I could deduce was that “Kanojo” means girlfriend. Lame. Then I found out that “Denpa teki” means electromagnetic. Although this can be cool in many contexts, combining “Electromagnetic” with “Girlfriend” makes it sound like some kind of cheesy robots-with-feelings romantic comedy.

They should’ve just called this show The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice. Right off the bat, someone’s getting raped (I suppose that’s fucking around in a literal sense). Then, the first time we see the main character, he’s punching someone in the face.

The main character looks strange at first. He has all these weird shadows and bulges on his arms. You can see both of his eyes when you look at his face. Speaking of his face, it’s uncharacteristically distanced from the ground when he stands up. I was confused. Since when did male high school students in anime have masculine musculature, above-average height, and haircuts without bangs drooping over their eyes? Non-androgyny is so slice-of-life.

If you think his manly appearance means he’s twice as likely to take shit from women, take another look at the title of this post. Denpa teki na Kanojo does not fuck around. In the second episode, some bitch on the student council is trying to harass him. When he tries to walk out on her, she grabs his arm.

Bitch got OWNED

This series is full of violence against women. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Sometimes it’s ugly. Never does it fail to entertain.

Denpa teki no Kanojo reminds me of Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai). Each installment is a dark, violent mystery. There’s an element of supernatural power. The supporting lead has a comical little sister who hates that her elder sibling is all over the main character. This biggest difference between the two shows is that Denpa teki na Kanojo leaves out all the philosophical rambling that bogged down Garden of Sinners. Rather than fucking around with philosophy, Denpa teki na Kanojo just keeps pushing the story along. The one time it did randomly ask a philosophical question, I was actually disappointed that it cut away so quickly. This has never happened before.

Anime has never been so thought-provoking.

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  1. Hell yeah, this just got bumped straight to the top of my list, probably watch it in an hour or two actually. I’d really enjoy something that doesn’t fuck around right now.

    Also why don’t you throw more things into space, so they too can go through the de-shitifying portal, or just for the sake of throwing them into space?

  2. And I still haven’t gotten around to watching it, for reasons I don’t comprehend! Also, ‘kanojo’ does not mean ‘girlfriend’. I’m fairly certain it’s just another way of saying ‘girl’. I’m guessing you thought it was girlfriend because of Nazo no Kanojo X? Because I had made that same mistake before ^^;;

    I suppose you fail a little less for liking this, even though you still fail quite irrevocably hard for not liking Kure-nai, one of the greatest anime of all time.

    • I want to disagree with you but I checked my list and found out that I gave Kure-nai 10/10. I remember liking the anime but is disturbed with the kid who was kidnapped/acted like she’s legal to be screwed. Actually I am still disturbed by her (since I continue reading the manga).

    • True. Kanojo doesn’t mean girlfriend. But it’s used to refer to your or another persons girlfriend. Still the best way to translate most titles with Kanojo is girlfriend.
      But if you think about it what does “girlfriend” mean anyway? Don’t girls call their female friends their “girlfriends” and guys sometimes say “she’s my girl friend” without meaning that’s she is his lover?

  3. Any show with a Rena-like character is awesome. Period.

    I beg to disagree with philosophy bogging down Kara no Kyoukai. It’s one of the aspects why it’s dark. It says how dark human nature can be. But meh, what the heck, I think you still enjoyed it.

    • I certainly liked the movies overall. The philosophy just got annoyingly filler-ish at many points. Sometimes philosophy is relevant. Other times it’s just there for the sake of philosophy. In one of the movies, Touko rambled a bit and asked Koukuto what he thought. Koukuto responded that it sounded like something out of a cheap novel. At least the series was self-aware.

  4. So you finally got around to watching this, and I completely agree with you, this anime is amazing.
    Too bad the next episode is out in like, forever, I dunno.

    • I prefer to review a series only once it’s done. That way my readers don’t have to suffer through the wait. However, if the wait is really long, I’m inclined to review a series while it’s still fresh in my mind. Plus I had to get started on my New Year’s Resolution of improving my art skills.

      • I can clearly see that your art has improved substantially, the texture on the Ankylosaurus’ scales, the “Denpa teki na Kanojo” cover which is photoshopped so well it’s almost unbelievable, and the proportions and dynamic angle you used in the frame where you kick Katayama into space, all of it is so mindblowingly amazing.

        Good job Baka-Raptor.

  5. “Can you even remember how many men you’ve killed!?”
    “Can you remember the number of times you’ve eaten bread in your life?”

    • A good start. Let’s hope it’s not followed up with:

      “When you kill someone, are you really killing yourself?”

      I’m dropping the next show that gives us a variation of that line. Guaranteed.

  6. hopefully, there is room for a lot of mangas and animes to be throw in the de-shittifying portal, but i guess that this is unlikely to happen due to the sole fact that according to newton’s law, there should be equal numbers of bad mangas/animes and good ones,to keep the balance in the universe, so i guess it is up to baka-raptor’s wisdom for what manga/anime should be de-shittifyed next…


    • Enough shows get thrown into the Shittifying Portal (like Naruto); I figured it was about time something got De-shittified for a change.

      One of my “flaws” as an anime fan is that I don’t do a lot of background research. I don’t really care to know about the author/studio/director/etc. All I care about is whether the final product is good. If I looked into authors a bit more, I’m sure I’d find other authors who put out good stuff after making stuff I didn’t like.

      • Me Neither, all i care about is which studio the anime has been produced, and due to this i started to love madhouse productions and hate Key/Kyoto Animations for their productions… but of course this isn’t a general rule, i shall do more background research too before start bad-mouthing anime … =P

  7. Im really interested in this show, but the site i usually use to watch anime online doesnt seem to have it. it also doesnt seem to have Garden of Sinners. Needless to say, im very dissapointed in my usual source for anime goodness. Any suggestions as to what sites would be good for finding anime like this. id appreciate any suggestions

  8. Seems badass enough. And such a touching redemption story of an Author who wasn’t taking his story seriously. I’ll check it out.

    • Yes, I did them all myself. I know it’s shocking since they look so professional, but it’s true, and I have the original copies to prove it. All the panels were drawn by hand and masterfully edited in Paint. They took about 2 hours total.

  9. After reading your Cromartie High School post and watching the anime, I dont think I could ever believe anything you say about hating robots with feelings. Or hating animals, for that matter.

  10. You got me as soon as you showed me the Picture with the girl with the bloody baseball bat.
    In fact one of my favorite female characters in a Videogame wields a bloody baseball bat: Bad Girl!
    She has more balls than most guys and fucks you up good.

    Ill definately check this show out.Thanks for the hint

  11. Okay read that post ages ago but apparently I skimmed though it too quickly and I didn’t see that TL note about denpateki.
    Well, denpa doesn’t exactly mean electromagnetic, it means electromagnetic waves and the stuff related to that (you know, in some manga, some characters are able to send evil psychic waves, these are denpa too!). It’s also a way to say that someone’s quite crazy and behaves out of the norm. You can insult someone by telling him/her he/she’s a denpa, a freak kinda. But the word denpa is a bit more vast than that description. First it’s linked to somewhat a genre which is about odd events in today’s Japan including massive internet suicides, urban legends and techno-magic related oddities and when you think about it, quite a lot of stories include these themes. But it’s also a music genre mainly represented by MOSAIC.WAV and characterized by awful amounts of noise and hyper high-pitched modified voices. Also linked in a way to the 2000’s moé boom with Digi Charat and all that kind of stuff.
    But to go back to Denpateki na Kanojo, the denpateki part is better left untranslated. I don’t even know how to write about denpa synthetically so translating denpa with one word would be really an achievement. Okay, that was all. Oh and I like this show too and kure-nai sucks.

    I should try to read this wiki article on denpakei when I have some free time and I promise you I’ll come back if I do!

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