83 people love sucking up to me

  1. I remember dismissing this site as BS ages ago because in the space of two posts you praised Kamen no Maid Guy and dissed Kaiba. I’ve since dropped my prejudice and subscribed, but Kaiba still rox and Maid Guy still sux

    BTW I thought you would get loads of hits from the bizzilion blogrolls this site appears on

    • I praised Maid Guy after one episode. My opinion of the show took a dip towards the end. Maid Guy himself is an awesome character; the rest of the show just doesn’t do him justice.

      My criticism of Kaiba’s idiotic characters and spoon-fed depth was 100% serious and remains unrebutted to this day.

  2. Nice Timing =)

    – Hey, #4 ? I’m one of your biggest fans since the pre-historic era of pre-sellout, i want a re-count judge ๐Ÿ˜‰
    – If your site got loads of hits, you could earn some money putting ads in your site
    – You could well list my “unofficial” blog at myanimelist.net => http://myanimelist.net/blog/thiago_pagogna
    – And… congrats for more than 4 years of a non-fire-breathing raptor ^^

    • Your first comment was on June 15, 2008. Where were you during March, April, May, and the first half of June? For taking 3.5 months off, #4 isn’t a bad place to be.

      • That means i was reading but not commenting ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I intentionally did not comment on some others posts too, because i didn’t want to increase my filler comment ratio any further (it must be at 90% right now)


  3. Man , I love this site because it is like playing those nes games that are full of secrets. Do you know that when you press any tag from the tags cloud then press the link on top of the page like say: Fan Art, you will get a “Nothing found” page? If I am not wrong , if you used the wayback machine , you can dig out all those pre-sellout posts as well .

    Likewise , if I remembered correctly , there is this index page that list out all the post , pre-sellout or not even without the help of wayback machine if you know the url . Also , from the Prehistoric archive , there is a more detailed FAQS about how the name Baka-Raptor came about and so on and so for.

    In conclusion, I take navigating your site and explore those secrets over anything anytime.

    • You can get 10 votes in the polls if you press: B-A-B-A-UP-DOWN-B-A-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A-START. You get unlimited ammunition if you comment on my I Beat up Raki post.

      During this biennial review, I was debating whether I should re-release the sellout-era non-anime posts. I declined this time, but there’s a good chance I’ll do it in two more years.

  4. I usually ignore YouTube videos, so I almost overlooked this post entirely.
    Yeah, you really don’t find your blog unless you know who you are…or if you search that one thing I searched once but don’t remember anymore. d>.<b

    Do you get many bad comments that need to be moderated anyway? 0.o

    • I rarely get flaming comments, surprisingly. Comment moderation is actually more handy for keeping out spam. Two already got by since I freed up comments.

  5. I got to your website by searching for something like ‘Shinji is a pussy’ (no quotes) or something weird like that on google…I was recommended Neon Genesis Evangelion since it’s “classic” and someone said “oh the main character is a pussy” so for some reason I looked it into google to see what makes him a pussy, and found the article where you and Raptorko reviewed the first few eps of NGE.

    I thought it was sort of boring and you are obviously a Maddox fan (most Maddox-influenced sites are pretty bad in that they just mimic Maddox), so I was going to just leave but then I went onto your main site…and its a lucky thing I did because this is the only anime blog I read, and maybe one of ~7-8 blogs I read at all. Not too serious, not desperately trying to be funny, not too nerdy, not too “pedophilic”, not too casual…very good stuff.

    • Being “too” anything ain’t my style.

      My Evangelion posts were definitely forced, which was the main reason I stopped doing them. Going through each episode scene by scene was getting tedious. I guess even I can’t make episodic blogging interesting.

  6. I found this blog via Animenano, that its.

    We should make a donation round for sending you to rape the tokyo tower.

    • I somehow found this blog when I was obsessed with Maddox. Maddox has a new book coming out, and I’m going to shit my pants when it does.

      Then I’m going to read the book, obviously.

  7. I think the stat I’m most impressed with is the 108 draft posts. Damn. You should release a b-side compilation.

    Congrats on the 4 years dude!

    • I was thinking of doing exactly that. Thing is, with my eyes in terrible shape for over a year now, I’m unable to sit in front of my computer long enough to get through all of it.

  8. I suck up to you the most.

    It’s just that you can’t see it, cause it’s in invisible text.

    On a website no one knows of.

    In space.

  9. Yay I’m in the top ten of something!

    Sucks to be you Lolikitsune!

    Anyway, I’m remarkably surprised to be mentioned in one of your videos, especially since I blog about a lot of artsy crap, and sometimes, a lot of crap.

    I agree with RP that you should release a B-side compilation. That way you can make fun of hipsters!

    • If all your different names were counted together, I’m sure you’d be even higher. Changing names only makes singers more popular. Doesn’t do a damn thing for bloggers.

  10. Congrats on 4 years!

    Google is scared of you. That’s why people have a hard time finding your blog on Google.

    From personal experience, anime blogs don’t earn much in terms of ad revenue, but you might earn enough to cover hosting and domain.

    • I’ll be starting work in about six months. If I could support my site as a broke student, I should have no trouble supporting my site as a (hopefully) rich lawyer.

  11. Damn, I don’t think I can suck up enough to be featured on the main site. Although I do think this is one of the best blogs in the sphere. Anyway, sucks to have such a crappy presence in google. I always get a number of hits from pretentious people looking for pretentious infos/pics on pretentious anime that only pretentious people like I cover!

    *oh and just watched your first talk-a-raptor video. You should watch less anime and play less games, your eyes look 100x as sleepy as before…

    • Thanks for letting me know. From now on, I’ll put on make up, sit a lot farther from the camera, and use an even lower resolution. I have cut down on anime significantly. For some reason, games feel a lot less stressful on my eyes, so I’ve picked those up a bit. My eyes are constantly in a state of discomfort no matter what I do, so it’s not like I have any decent alternatives.

      I’m seeing a new doctor on Monday. Hopefully this one won’t be completely useless like the others.



    Anyway, BR, you are wrong if you think that your blog hasn’t gotten me hits. As a matter of fact, let’s have a look at my Cobra VS. Chu-Bra post. I got 50 referral hits from your site on that post, even though A. it was only a track-backed comment on your post and B. it was made nearly 5 days after your post. That’s pretty fucking considerable if you ask me, especially because the post has a grand total of 200 hits, meaning that referrals made up a forth of them.

    You also may be seriously on the rise. The first time I broke 9,000 hit sin a month was last September, which was right when I started to get bigger. Maybe you’re on your way.

    The easiest way to get google hits is by titling your images accurately. Rakes the shit in.

    • Well, since I don’t draw in much new traffic, it follows that my 300 or so current readers are pretty hardcore.

      Labeling images accurately and putting in all the proper tags is something I’m going to start working on. My image titles are usually approprite, nothing like 198612701.jpg. They could be better, but not much. Another thing to consider is post titles. People are going to be searching for “Denpa teki na Kanojo Review” instead of “Denpa teki na Kanojo doesn’t fuck a round” (though “Denpa teki na Kanojo fuck” might get some hits). I may set it up that my tags for each post show up on each post. That should help a bit.

      • Hehe, reading through my older posts, I realize that a lot of them did not even indicate what anime would be talked about in the post with the title. Nowadays, not only do I try to include the title (usually using the system of “Anime Title – Title The References Hayate The Combat Butler”) but I also will, if possible, throw the names of more popular anime into the title just to make more people interested.

    • Wow, an underage girl unselfish enough to refuse to engage in illegal sexual activity with an older man, even though she knows she can get off scot-free.

  13. I’m stupefied by the lack of traffic your site gets. In any case, great job on the review. Despite the initial impression I had about your voice over a year ago (goofy as hell), I think it’s grown on me. Congratulations on a great job overall on the site.

    • Well, you’re on a wordpress site, so you automatically get a lot of traffic. It’s not so easy starting on your own. Just ask digitalboy how his traffic sank when he left wordpress.

      I have no idea what I sound like unless I’m recording a Talk-A-Raptor. If you blindfolded me and told me you were playing a random YouTube clip, I’d never guess it was myself.

    • ghostlightning, I find your voice twice as goofy as baka-raptor’s :p

      @baka-raptor: I’m still using wordpress, bro. Also, my hits have only ever gone up.

  14. ITS OVER 9000!!!!!! WHAT 9000????

    Also, im not gonna lie, i thought you would have wayyy more hits than that considering your popularity and how every single anime blogger in the world worships you.

    That being said, congrats on a kick ass site. This is one of the 3 blogs that i actually check every day for updates, not that my opinion means a lot to most bloggers, but i have a short attention span, and something has to actually be good for me to look it.

    • My website is designed to meet the needs of the attention-challenged. It’s based on my personal experience browsing the web. I’m always clicking on links, reading three sentences, and moving onto the next page. (Am I the only blogger who does this?) My policy is to try to write stuff I’d actually read myself, so I aim keep paragraphs short and spaced out with pictures or bullet points.

  15. Congrats on four years! Though I was very much ‘WWHHAAAAATTTTT?’ about the average hits.

    I will have to check out Italian Village Pizza next time I’m in Squirrel Hill. Are they aware of how you feel about them? They may wish to post a ‘Baka-Raptor approved’ sign on their front door.

    • One of the first posts I ever wrote was about IVP. I even made a pilgrimage there last year. Though they (probably) never knew my secret identity, they knew my face well enough to get “the special” ready whenever I stepped through the door.

  16. I just began reading last month, and I can’t remember how I found the site… I was searching for FMA: Brotherhood posts? I don’t know, but I’m glad I did because you are responsible for my knowledge of Detroit Metal City. Thank you, sir!

    Talk-A-Raptor has prompted a first comment. Uh oh…

  17. So this is actually a WordPress Blog? How much effort did it take you to turn the wordpress platform into such a prehistoric state?

    What really struck me is your Average Hit Ratio since I really expected it to be atleast 10 times higher.
    Atleast to me you are probably the Anime Blogger with the most interesting posts and I mean it this time without sucking up.

    Anyways Congrats to 4 years of fighting the good fight

    • So this is actually a WordPress Blog? How much effort did it take you to turn the wordpress platform into such a prehistoric state?

      A lot highlighting and hitting Delete.

      What really struck me is your Average Hit Ratio since I really expected it to be atleast 10 times higher.
      Atleast to me you are probably the Anime Blogger with the most interesting posts and I mean it this time without sucking up.

      I feel the same way about me.

      Anyways Congrats to 4 years of fighting the good fight

      I’m also quite fond of fighting the bad fight, fighting the neutral fight, and killing the fight. No fight is safe as long as I’m around.

  18. Here’s the question: do you want to be the most beloved blogger in the ‘sphere, or the one with the most hits? Because the quickest way to more traffic is to drop your quality standards and publish more posts, but who wants to do that?… says mr. lazy himself.

    And while โ€œDenpa teki na Kanojo Reviewโ€ might do better on Google, it certainly won’t do as well on AnimeNano, where it will probably come across as more bland and get lost in the shuffle. Of course, you could use one post title for the html title tag (Google bait) and a different one for the RSS header (Nano bait), if it concerns you that much.

    As for images, Google Image Search was the number two referrer behind Nano for LoHP. Now that I think about it, if you really wanted traffic, shouldn’t you be better titling and tagging your YouTube videos. Those should be getting way more view and driving way more traffic to your site.

    But screw traffic, really! Comments are king.

    • Comments are Jack, or Queen at best. Remember, I went the first two years of my site without any comments section. My Ace stat was always the returning visitors stat. Overall hits are King.

      My Talk-A-Raptor videos thus far have been mostly meta nonsense. People unfamiliar with this site wouldn’t get them, so there’s no point is trying to make them more popular.

  19. I already know, from personal experience: Long-term sleeplessness. When I was a little shit, I’d go without sleep for days out of spite to myself. That was my introduction to chronically sore eyes, periodic headaches, and of course, my favorite, the muscle twitches.
    Actually, I only just had to force myself out of that habit. Dozing off on your feet is not an option when you’re surrounded by burners and knives. I learned that lesson to the tune of a 500-degree-sautรฉ-pan-shaped blister on my dominant hand, and all the baggage that goes with that.

    I recommend regularly forcing yourself into dangerous places that would maim you for inattentiveness, though I can’t in good conscience recommend something that would maim your clicking/throwing/stabbing/pointing/writing/bottle-opening/fapping hand, nor can I honestly say where one of those would be located anywhere near a law school.

    But yeah. I’m honestly surprised by that number. I genuinely have no idea how I pulled that off. There was a spate of girly shows for about a month or three that left me with nothing to say. I believe that was when you fell under the sway of the evil “Giri” spirit who’s too much of a pansy to convince you to ‘stick it out’ half the time. Of course, that spike of shamelessness got you a sudden wave of new readers, only some of whom agree with literally nothing out of your mouth, so who am I to criticize?

    • I do get a lot of sleep. It’s just happens to be non-consecutive. Three naps a day averaging about three hours each. That can’t be unhealthy…

      If anything good has come out of being half-blind, it’s that I have fewer opportunities to be seduced by the Giri spirit. “I Watch K-ON So You Don’t Have To” won’t apply to Season 2.

  20. I was mentioned twice in that video! I kick ass!

    Anyway, I’m heavily surprised to see that you get the same amount of hits per day as my site, although you get way more comments. Hits honestly don’t really matter at all, comments do.

    Can’t wait to see this blogroll trim.

      • Hits don’t matter when people accidentally stumble upon your site while searching for porn and never come back again. That never happens to me. I get hits for baka-raptor, baka raptor, bakaraptor, and baka-rapotr. All my hits are relevant.

        The figure collectors will be the first ones to get cut. I respect their hobby, but I can’t say I care about it.

  21. I’m surprised by your numbers. I would have expected something much bigger. The Google thing doesn’t surprise me, you’re linked from a thousand jillion blogrolls via the text “Baka-Raptor.” Everyone reads you but until you have a post that everyone links to (I would have expected the one about how “something to protect” is bullshit to be canon for anime blogs but there’s no accounting for taste) the Google just doesn’t happen. There’s always Naruto Filler…

    Anyway, you could look at it negatively or you could just say that you have pretty much the highest comment-to-traffic ratio of any anime blog. Congrats on lasting twice as long as me so far, keep it up.

    • Anyway, you could look at it negatively or you could just say that you have pretty much the highest comment-to-traffic ratio of any anime blog.

      I already have. The consolatory effect can only last so long.

      I thought my recent K-ON and Queen’s Blade posts were among that best I’ve ever written. Too bad the trackback count disagrees. “Anime bloggers” needs to step away from twitter, google reader, and all that meta nonsense and get back to writing about anime.

      • More accurately, anime bloggers need to step away from twitter, google reader, and writing about anime, and go back to WATCHING the god damn shit. I think all of my blogging problems would be solved if anime bloggers actually had seen just a decent amount of anime, collectively.

  22. Congratulations!
    Here’s my sucking up to you!
    Anyways, I’d like to think that one of my comments about making a dictionary coining terms describing anime mechanics inspired the glossary although that’s just self-centered of me.

    Lastly, congrats again! 4 years!

  23. It’s so cool seeing who you are!!! Very nice ๐Ÿ˜€ Glossary’s a GREAT idea, and what’s wrong w/Blogroll :(((((( OOHHHHHH PUT MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLYANIME MEMEMME, lol. I’m gonna suck up HARDCOREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re pretty new to the scene, so your up-sucking will have to be deft and artful to make the upcoming cut. Of course, even if you don’t make the cut now, you can always work your way up in the future.

  24. haha, lolz @ the people trying to get exposure lol. I’m still gonna suck up though ๐Ÿ˜€ Or at least I’ll try

  25. Woohoo! Congrats on 4 years! Been enjoying this blog for a long time now!

    I noticed that Titus didn’t die this time… I was waiting for it but… but… damn you.

  26. Terribly late, but congratulations anyway. Even though I’ve publicly made it known that I would like to fellate men, I’m not actually good at sucking up, so there’s really all I have to say :9

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