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The Useless Character Hall of Shame: Mizuki Asami (Cross Game)

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

You’d think a guy who spent his whole life training in the mountains couldn’t possibly be useless. Indeed, he appeared to be quite the badass when we first saw him. Score Too bad he’s totally irrelevant for the rest of the show. He sucks up to Aoba. Aoba is oblivious. Rinse and repeat. Nothing ever […]

Real Men have Sideburns

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

90% of all betesticled anime characters look like girls. Many have six-pack abs yet act like complete pussies. Only one part of the body never lies: sideburns. In this dark age of androgyny and pedophilia, sideburns are the only reliable indicator of manliness. Thick, thin, long, short, neat, sloppy, straight, tapered—as long as you have […]

Fukai mori no naka de…

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Current Status: Better in some ways, worse in others. This may take a while…

I’m not going on hiatus, I’m just resting my eyes

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Enough is enough. Being half-assed about fixing my eyes hasn’t worked so far and clearly isn’t going to. I need to start taking things seriously if I’m going to have any hope of recovering. To this end, I’m neither writing any more posts nor watching any more anime until my eyes get better. In addition, […]