More anime I haven’t seen and can’t meaningfully critique

With my eyes currently out of commission, I’ve had to ignore a lot of anime I’d otherwise carefully and diligently research before ignoring.

Spice and Wolf II: She still has a tail – get over it.

Basquash: Stupid title

Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie: Why bother watching anything that’s open to interpretation?

Evangelion Movies: All I’ve heard is that Shinji masturbates

Arakawa under the Bridge: Stupid title

Sora no Woto: Exactly like K-ON

Durarara: Nothing like Baccano

Detroit Metal City II: Best Anime Ever

Otaku no Video: Don’t care

Black Rock Shooter: Don’t care

Angel Beats: Haruhi clone

Omamori Himari: Stupid title

Katanagatari: Too much gatari, not enough katana

Tatami Galaxy: Anagram for “A Gay Taxi Malt”

Rainbow: Title too ironic

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Great, another maid anime. Maybe I’d care if they called it Kaichou wa Maid Guy.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: Stupid title

Dinosaur King: Can’t possibly live up to the intro

Dinosaurs + The Bridge of Sighs? Holy shit!

Hanamaru Kindergarten: For pedophiles

Chu-Bra: For pedophiles

Princess Lover: For little girls

Fairy Tale: For little girls

Black Butler: Racist

Senko no Night Raid: Revisionist

House of Five Leaves: Stupid title

Eve no Jikan: Robots with feelings

Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~: No ShizNat

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    • Selective intellectualism strikes again. Sorry to take time away from your perspicacious K-ON analysis to read this 100% superficial, not-at-all-introspective-or-satirical filler post.

      • no, you misunderstand; there should be a baka-raptor to do this for blog posts like this; but I do realize that a meta-raptor isn’t as fun, no matter how funny it would be for some of us.

        (I wouldn’t be able to make that comment above if I didn’t get the kind of work and humor put into this)

        • Of course, I know better than anyone that you’re a huge pussy who won’t say anything remotely offensive unless he’s 100% sure it’ll be taken in good humor.

          Truth be told, all my posts since April have taken less manpower than usual. I can tell because after damn near each post I’ve hit myself over the head for thinking of stuff I could’ve added or edited if I’d put in just a bit more effort.

          • Fairy Tale is spelled Fairy Tail, and just so you know, it’s for all ages and genders.
            Anyway I’m glad to be 11 then.

  1. Rainbow is worth watching though. We don’t get these kind of anime anymore nowadays. Not to mention the OP kicks ass.

  2. Congratulations, BR, you just perfectly channeled exactly what happens every time I scroll through /a/. :/


    Sora no Woto: Exactly like K-ON

    Durarara: Nothing like Baccano

    Intentionally backwards I hope.

  3. I am a little girl, i am a little girl !

    Despite that, WHERE THE HELL is the info about the release of the upcoming DMC II? The Swooping Descent Of Dark Emissary: Propagation of Emperor Krauser’s Malice ?

    At all, sounds like filler to me.

    • DMC II is in the same place Haruhi Season 2 was when I wrote my original post two years ago. My posts apparently have the power to turn rumored anime into reality. If this trend continues, DMC II will be out in 1.5 years.

      • Oh, i see, then it is a prediction.

        Since you can time travel i’ve no arguments to doubt it.

        May i ask you if Claymore 2 and Code Geass 3 will come out like the rumors in the blogoshere are saying?

        Thanks in advance.

          • Yeah, i read claymore’s mangá and it makes sense. What intrigues me is how the hell they will make the transition flawlessly… will they adapt the story to raki become a legenday soldier along clair’s ice mountain training, or raki’s relevance in history is so ridiculous, that it doesn’t matter ?

            As for Code Geass Season 3, it is Code Geass ZERO, not Code Geass THREE…unfortunatelly…

  4. At first I was incredulous, but I got to the part with the splitscreen between the dancing CG dinos and the anime kids, and I exactly understood what you meant by “can’t possibly live up to the intro”.

  5. Do gay taxi malts taste minty fresh with the scent of pine? They’d have to since I’m sure gay taxis hang more air fresheners than your regular taxi. And malts are delicious.

    Guess this means I have to check out Tatami Galaxy sooner rather than later.

  6. wait DMC II??? must. see. now.

    oh, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama was a waste of time. It actually started off decent, but got dumb quick.

    also… code geass season 3 better have Lelouch in it, ill be very disappointed if it doesnt.

    • I usually ignore shoujo titles until all the episodes are out. Can’t trust episode-by-episode impressions. If maid-sama gets good final reviews, I’ll consider it. If it gets mediocre or worse reviews, I’ll pass.

  7. As much as I love Mai Hime and the whole franchise, I haven’t seen Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ for that exact reason.
    Arakawa is actually not bad, so it might be nice to check it out sometime.
    Utena is yuri, but eh. Too old school for me.
    Anyways, you’re not missing too much.

  8. This post does not sound like a work of thorough research but some of those anime do not require so much research anyway. Yes, I am referring to those ‘pedophile’ titles 😉

    • I’ve heard rumors of a hot teacher of legal age in Hanamaru Kindergarten, but I know better. There’s always some token non-pedophilic character to trick model citizens such as myself into watching pedophile shows. I’m not falling for it.

  9. Show I watch without thinking I’m wasting my time:
    Rainbow (Regular prison stuff. If you saw Oz, you dont really have to watch it)
    Arakawa under the bridge (mad homeless people living under a bridge. If you are in this situation, you dont really have to watch it)
    House of the five leaves (Homosexual outlaw during edo. If you are totally straigth, you dont really need to watch it)
    Durararararararara (Valkyries, gang wars, both starting after 13th episode. If you thougth Baccano was too slow paced, dont watch it).

    • Haven’t seen Oz. Will watch Rainbow.

      Haven’t lived under a bridge. Will watch Arakawa if it gets solid final reviews.

      I’m not totally straight. I’m about 50% asexual, 35% lesbian, and 15% straight. Will watch House of Five Leaves if it gets good reviews.

      Didn’t think Baccano was too slow. Will watch Durarara.

  10. You should watch The Tatami Galaxy, it’s the anime of the year.

    Nobody watches it though… (´._.)

  11. Let me throw on another “watch Tatami Galaxy”, it’s this season’s “amazing anime that no one will watch”, like Cross Game last season.

    • So, according to you and Michael, Tatami Galaxy is exactly like Cross Game. Sure, I’ll watch it, but if it disappoints me in any conceivable manner, I’ll write nothing less than a scathing critique of it.

  12. I remember seeing Dinosaur King on TV and really liking the hot shouta. (The American one.)

    Too bad he’s not voiced by Saiga Mitsuki. All the hot shoutas I like are coincidentally voiced by Saiga Mitsuki. Just not this one.

  13. Every episode of The Tatami Galaxy is open to intellectual interpretation and interesting inferences. Yet every episode also is really fun and witty at the same time. I’m reminded of a comedy with Blackadder Goes Forth’s intelligence as well, and it really makes me happy. It has a heart of a romantic, the intellect of a genius, and the fun of a renowned comic. It’s just that good.

    • Every episode of The Tatami Galaxy is open to intellectual interpretation and interesting inferences.

      That’d bad.

      Yet every episode also is really fun and witty at the same time.

      That’d good!

      I’m reminded of a comedy with Blackadder Goes Forth’s intelligence as well

      …can I go now?

  14. Eve no Jikan is worth it.

    Angel Beats, well, luckily, the Haruhi clones moments are relatively few, this Haruhi actually listens and has a brain, and you could think of it as “Kyon Strikes Back!” an anime where Kyon has the power.
    Plus, it feels like someone poured Shigogofumi into this series, as I covered in my post. And Shigofumi is great.

    • I’ve already resigned myself to begrudgingly watching Eve no Jikan someday. It’ll probably surpass my expectations. Until then, I reserve the right to assume it’s full of robots-with-feelings cliches.

      Waiting for final reviews on Angel Beats.

      I’m pretty sure one my 108 neglected draft posts is a Shigofumi review. Very good show.

  15. One day I’ll make you acknowledge that even anime for paedophiles can be good. I did not know Chu Bra was geared towards estemeed gentlemen such as myself; all that allusion to breasts pretty much put me off.

    • I did not know Chu Bra was geared towards estemeed gentlemen such as myself; all that allusion to breasts pretty much put me off.

      Same here, but for completely different reasons.

  16. Nodoby said anything in the comments about the CHEAP yet MIRACULOUSLY ENTERTAINING fairy tail ?

  17. No, Tatami Galaxy isn’t Cross Game.

    But it’s so damn good. So damn smart. So damn funny.

    And if it continues with this spark, it’ll be better than Cross Game.

  18. Damn man, house of Five Leaves is turning out to be pretty damn awesome!

    And the Tatami Galaxy is pretty damn crazy. Someone watch episode six and seven, and then tell me they don’t did it!


  19. Just watched five episodes of Rainbow. God damn! Not recommended. Every bad guy is so cartoonishly villanious you just can’t take it seriously. Every “bad guy” is, but not limited to, a pervert, pedophile, sadist and I am not kidding when I say that they all look exactly like the monsters in Claymore. Every single one. Come on! This was made even more ridiculous with the doctor issue. When the doctor was first introduced he was portrayed as a nice and righteous man and was drawn as such. After a few episodes we learn that he is “evil” (humans appereantly weren’t very dynamic in Japan in 1950) and was from then on drawn exactly like those monsters from Claymore and I am not exaggerating. We also learn at that moment that he is a gay pedophile of course (if you hand’t already guessed).

    This maybe wouldn’t be a big problem if the show wasn’t about the boys getting raped (literally and figuratively) every fucking episode which raises the question as to why these people go to risk their fucking careers and reputation just to hurt the seven innocent boys (who are all good of course and shit rainbows from their asses … anyone?) who are just trying to live their lives in peace. It’s sloppy writing and you probably would be better off watching real underage porn. At least you would sympathize with the victim. Even without these issues it wouldn’t be watchable because it’s so bland and uninteresting because it’s basically a prolonged rape assault. Baka-raptor, watch at your own risk. It might ruin your eyes permanently.

      • Hey, what do I know, maybe you’ve developed an ultra high resistance against shitty anime. In retrospect I was probably too harsh on Rainbow but for whatever it’s worth it’s not an anime that vill cure AIDS. If you have nothing better to do, go watch it. Plus, it’s refreshing for the fact that this anime will attract gay pedophiles instead of regular pedophiles, which could score it some originality points.

  20. RAINBOW has the best OP, but if it was more like the 2nd episode it would’ve been really great
    Too much “NAKAMA” and “AN-CHAN”

    I would recommend Angel Beats though, its nothing like Haruhi and has MOTHERFUCKING TK

  21. Seriously, fuck Durarara!. The only good thing that could come from you watching it is the laughs I would make as you tear it apart. Durarara! is if you took Baccano! and made it into a boring, predictable children’s show – in other words, if you made Baccano! suck. Totally not worth it.

    If you want real awesomeness, go for Legend of Koizumi. You’ll just get a bunch of lame bullshit from Durarara!. They should’ve made Baccano! season 2 instead….

  22. As much as I loved the Utena movie, when it comes to telling other people why they should watch it, all I can say is “The girl turns into a car, and another girl turns into a car because she’s jealous.”

    Of course, that’s the main reason I love it…

  23. Watched the Dinosaur King op… made my ears bleed. Thank you. O_o I’d seen parts of the actual show before, but never the opening… how dare 4kids use the same band/vocalist for this trash as they did for Pokemon… yes Pokemon is trashy, but its trash from my childhood, nostalgic trash. So I still like it. And I still know 7-8 of the theme tunes…

    On a side note… Angel Beats… not a Haruhi clone. There are tsundere lead gals in lots of anime. Not just Haruhi. It could have done with being longer though…

  24. Wow why did i ever go to this the guy who made it has no taste is anime he thinks racist and doesn’t give it a shot and needs to grow up and not be so critisim against stuff before you actually watch 5+ episodes so dont give me no bullshit saying *oh i watched the first episode and it was bad* I watched plenty that have bad first episodes then it turns into my favorite anime so shut the fuck up if your going to give me an answer like that.

  25. And by the way if you talk shit about Spice and Wolf then you should just go in die in a hole right now you dont understand the story because you dont have an imagination or a good sense in animes good bye.

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