Flower Girl vs. Kibure: An Objective Analysis


Round 1: Episode 14

Kibure: Watched it five times, never saw her

Flower Girl: Appeared thrice

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 2: Macross 7 Dynamite OVA

Flower Girl: Didn’t appear in it

Kibure: Didn’t appear in it

Advantage: Draw

Round 3: Commercial Bump

Flower Girl: Got one in the Fleet of the Strongest Women OVA, the best part of Macross 7

Kibure: Got stuck with the naked guy

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 4: Degree of Difficulty

Flower Girl: Usually impossible to miss

Kibure: Usually hidden in the background

Advantage: Kibure

Round 5: Quest

Flower Girl: To give a guy some flowers

Kibure: To find all the parts of her dinosaur costume

Advantage: Kibure

Round 6: Success

Flower Girl: In theory.

Kibure: Still missing a leg. Maybe she would’ve found it in episode 14.

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 7: Overexposure

Flower Girl: Arguable. At times she blurred the line between recurring random character (awesome) and irrelevant minor character (annoying).

Kibure: Didn’t appear in episode 14.

Advantage: Kibure

Round 8: Fashion sense

Flower Girl: Dresses like Raptorko

Kibure: Dresses like Raptorko

Advantage: Draw

Round 9: Stores that tell you exactly what they are

Flower Girl: Went to one in episode 11

Kibure: Might’ve gone to one in episode 14

Advantage: Flower Girl

Round 10: AMV Potential

Flower Girl: That song I heard in Dumb & Dumber

Kibure: No clue. Maybe that song I heard in that AutoTrader commercial.

Advantage: Flower Girl

Winner: Flower Girl (5-3-2)