96 chapters make a novel

    • Well, that’s what I get for commenting before the video finished.

      Anyway, let me throw my hat in for:
      Steins;Gate, which was really entertaining & tense time-travel scifi with an excellent plot. I followed Scamp’s episodics week to week.
      Tiger & Bunny, which was a great action comedy with a buddy-cop superhero vibe that felt a throwback to silver age comic stories. Mecha Guignol wrote some great posts on it. So did Lily.
      Un-Go, which was a supernatural detective mystery with a FASCINATING background setting. Also had some amazing music in it. Day also had a great Un-Go post.

      And Mawaru Penguindrum was my favorite show of the year. It’s melodramatic, over the top, convoluted, perhaps overly dense with symbolism and metaphor, and just wonderful. My partner and I wrote near dissertations on it every week and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

      • Premature commenting happens a lot when people watch my videos. I take it as a compliment, though I’m glad you lasted longer the second time.

        Steins;Gate: ++

        Tiger & Bunny has a stupid title

        Un-Go: supernatural detective mysteries generally kick ass, will watch

        Mawaru Penguindrum: the intellectual route is rarely a good way to advertise a show to me, next time take the lesbian route if applicable

    • If you’re saying that because you’ve played Crystalis, that’s awesome. If you’re saying that without having played Crystalis, that may be even more awesome.

    • rokyubu: good luck getting me to watch women’s basketball

      another: MAL has a pic of a girl with an eyepatch looking like she’s going to kill someone, will watch

      nichibros: heard it’s good, skeptical nonetheless, will likely watch down the line

      idolmaster: emotionally invested from Xenoglossia, will watch

      haganai: amusing title but not interested in school life anime right now

  1. I won’t bother with suggestions. I’m just glad that you are umasou was watched and enjoyed alright 😀

    I will be interested on your thoughts about Gon when it starts airing. I’ve heard the manga is cute but nothing more than that.

    also… wooooo ranma!

  2. May I humbly suggest… Madoka Magica because of Yuki Kajiura.

    Oh! And there’s also Fate/Zero with… you guessed it: Yuki Kajiura. Simple reasons from a simple man like myself.

    • Yuki Kajiura might be the only reason I watch Madoka Magica since everything else was spoiled for me.

      Fate/Zero was spoiled by Fate/Stay Night, will watch nonetheless, most likely when the second season is over.

  3. Throwing in for Steins;Gate, Fate/Zero and Ben-to as well.

    It’s comforting to hear how easy a year off from anime was for you. I suspect I wouldn’t have a hard time of it myself, having just taken more than a month and a half off of anime without even trying (I watched episode one of Ozma yesterday so I can’t say I’ve watched nothing anymore, but still). I’m glad to hear that your fandom is still intact.

    • I’m so backlogged across the board that I still have plenty to do if I quit any one thing at any given time. I didn’t even play a single video game during my year off. Unbelievable.

  4. Furthering suggestions for Un-Go, it was very well done. Ben-to as well if you’re looking for something silly.

    Uasgi Drop is nice, none of the second half of the manga nonsense.

    Dantalian no Shoka was also enjoyable, but I get the feeling I’m the only person who cared, so take that with a grain of salt, perhaps?

  5. Wait, I’m about 100% sure Madoka aired before March… and Ben-To’s only funny ironically. Ironically, nobody realizes the irony of Ben-To :'(

    RE: Your video, your stare is SO UNNERVING. You look at the camera like, like, I DON’T KNOW you sound like an ANIME CHARACTER with your UNNATURAL VOICE and :'(


    P.S. :'(

    yes I am considerably sad today

    • This was all a carefully orchestrated scheme. I decided months in advance that I wouldn’t watch anything that would continue airing past March 1.

      If my video couldn’t cheer you up nothing can.

  6. Madoka Magica (If you intent to watch one thing, watch this one)

  7. Mahou shoujo madoka magica (just call it madoka for short)
    It won many prices, nice soundtrack, original (debatable) and its only has 12 episodes so you watch through it pretty quick.
    Mirai nikki / Future dairy

    It started airing somewhere in October I think, there are 22 episodes now with only 4 more to go.
    The best way to describe this is: yandere, the animation!
    And if you don’t like yandere then I’m sure you will like the terrorist.

    Its like lucky star, the only difference is that its not lucky star…

    Steins gate
    Never watched it, it has something to do with time travel I think.

    Don’t know… a prequel of fate/stay night and WITHOUT that dumbfuck shirou.

    cute idols doing cute idol-like things
    this time they DO sing and WORK for their songs so its not like K-on.

    comedy of the year.
    when an anime tries to be an epic deep horror anime but fails so horribly it becomes funny.
    also BUNNY BLENDER!!!

    Its not my fualt I’m not populair
    A manga,
    about the socially awkward Kuroki Tomoko who’s life sucks.

    • “Fails so horribly it becomes funny” is more Guilty Crown. Blood-C is actually quite dull most of the time.

    • Nichijou is not like Lucky Star. Though I liked Lucky Star, it is NOTHING like Nichijou, which is arguably the funniest show I’ve ever seen asides to Detroit Metal City and Gintama.

      Nichijou is the greatest, but it’s like Lucky Star + hilariousness + interesting characters who are awesome.

    • Can’t believe you’re the only one recommending Mirai Nikki. It has a yandere! So what if she’s straight?

      Nichijou: May watch Nichijou, if only to complement Nichibros

      Fate/Zero: Shirou does suck, no one denies this

      Blood-C: I saw a gif of the bunny blender. Guess there’s no need to watch the series now. Besides, can’t beat Herman Cain’s video.

      Should’ve recommended the manga last year. I won’t be reading anything new for a very long time.

      • Yeah that’s sometimes played for laughs. He’s got the same attitude toward his sexuality as Bugs Bunny: he’ll dress up like a girl if it means fucking someone over.

  8. Ranma 1/2 was one of the first anime I watched too….

    Oh wait, did I say watched as is past tense? I still haven’t finished it. After steamrolling through the first 120 episodes or so in a week that was very fun for me (I loved both the dub and subbed versions thanks to Ranma’s voice actor [Inuyasha’s voice actor {which makes me want to watch that dinosaur show you plugged btw}]), I just died and couldn’t watch anymore no matter how much I tried.

    I’m currently finished with episode 138, which I think is season 7 episode 2. I am completely bored by this show, but I refuse to drop it. I WILL finish it.

    I know something that can motivate me…I vow to finish Ranma 1/2 before the aniblog tournament begins!

    You heard it here first.

    • I only stopped watching because the final season hadn’t come out back then. But I hadn’t picked it up again because, as much as I liked it at the time, Ranma 1/2 turned out to be a ~ compared to the other anime I started watching.

      Good luck.

  9. I’m watching less anime too, over the past two years, i’ve been gradually watching less and less… is this what they call adulthood ? wish i could open a time portal and travel endlesslly an intense loop.

  10. Btw, Baka, One show that i liked a lot was stein’s gate, i think i commented somewhere in your site looooong before, it features a mad scientist and time travel, but not the conventional one we all are used to, it’s a very clever show i think you missed. ok at the end there *reaaaaaaally* is a conventional time machine, but i think i won’t spoil any longer.

    just to mention it, filler comment ratio going up ^^

  11. Just a tip don’t be fooled by the initial impressions of Mawaru Penguindrum and Ringo stalker antics, it really starts to become a piece of shit later
    anyway, if your tastes haven’t changed…

    Steins;Gate -> a MC that isn’t a goddamn wimp and time travel
    Ben-To-> aka the show with the best lesbian of the year
    Fate Zero -> Great animation, IskanGAR, yuri innuendos
    Yuruyuri -> lesbians
    Madoka -> Time travel, no male wimp, yuri innuendos

  12. I’m not so concerned that you took a year off from anime…that’s understandable.

    What has me caught to the quick is that it was THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES that backed you into that corner. I find that both vaguely disturbing and fascinating.

    What have you missed? Well here’s 4 gems you must seek out:

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
    Ano Hana
    Iko Meiro No Croisée

    There are actually NINE (count ’em, 9 ) shows that you must watch. And if you don’t. NASCAR Camping World Truck series driver Ron Hornaday will come to your house and kick your raptor ass back the Pleistocene or whatever the fock. So best get on The Top 9 Anime Shows right now!

    • I’d decided to quit anime long before I started watching RoV. It just wound up being the most convenient bookend.

      Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai: hard to a show with a title longer than any review I’d write about it. Impressive ratings though.

      Iko Meiro No Croisée: Way to recommend a show you have the top Google search result for. I shall assume a conflict of interest and discount your recommendation accordingly.

      • The only proper way to review a title that long is with a one sentence pretentious review five times as excessive.

        Ano Hana captures the all too familiar feelings of nostalgia and melancholy, showcasing just how easily close friends drift apart and are forgotten with the passage of time; not before forcing its cast to come to grips with the tragedy that befell their childhood which ultimately dispersed their camaraderie to the four winds.

  13. Guruguru
    Kimi no
    Hitormi sagashite
    Deki no
    Hooooomu hiiiiiiibikuuuuuuu

  14. – Steins;Gate
    – Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    – Tiger & Bunny
    These 3 were amazing. I would recommend them to everyone…. probably in that order, too.

    – Fate/Zero
    – [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
    I recommend these 2 slightly less, because it kinda seems like they were trying a little too hard to be epic.
    Fate/Zero had an episode in it that made me really like the show and want to watch more. I was very quickly desensitized to the main battle, but there was an episode which had a perspective shift to the victim children. This very effectively re-sensitized me to the main battle. If not for that episode reminding me that children are being tortured, I would probably rate this show as just under [C]. But instead, I rate it as a bit above [C].

    – Level-E
    – Usagi Drop
    These were fun and good, and probably worth watching, but I only recommend them on the side. They’re light-hearted, and so lack epicness.

    I haven’t watched Un-Go or Mawaru Penguindrum, but I feel like VucubCaquix is giving good recommendations, so I’m going to check those out.

    Hmm… looking through the posts a second time, I’m gonna check out Nichijou too.

    • Fine, with this many Tiger & Bunny and Bunny Drop recommendations I’ll overlook the woefully unappealing titles.

      I recall everyone whining about [C] before turning their attention to whining about Guilty Crown. Doubt I’ll watch either one, but if I’m really bored maybe I’ll check out an episode of each to see what all the fuss was about.

      • Even though C is a very style-driven kind of show, I actually think you might enjoy the fact that it’s all about money. It’s just also not that good.

      • Yeah, that’s about what C and Guilty Crown are worth.
        I would give C a grade of C. It’s a good base with which to compare other shows.

  15. Ahh… IRC. I remember when you told me about it… really does change everything.

    What did you miss? Why, the Urobuchi Hat Trick of course!
    Madoka Magica – I don’t care what you think, just watch it.
    Steins;Gate – Being as smart as you are, you’d be able to keep up with the time travel aspect.
    Fate/Zero – Producted by ufotable, nothing more should be said about this.

    And check out Another, it’s an excellent mystery horror, and Nisemonogatari if you liked Bakemonogatari.

    • Haven’t been on IRC since bittorrent came along. Wasn’t bad though, and it was certainly a vast improvement over the tape-sharing system the older fans used to use.

      Nisemonogatari is a maybe. There are a few scenes I may check out because everyone’s talking about them, but all things considered it’s a low priority compared to many other shows listed hereinabove.

  16. Text and porn days had a lot of advantages. Didn’t have all the social icon spam.

    Towa no Quon is likely something you missed. It’s fairly short so I shouldn’t require much time to finish.

  17. Well, I also took a year (well more than that now that I think of it) so I won’t be of too much help. I enjoyed Ano Hana but that’s a bit depressing to jump into first. I finished Madoka today which is nothing short of excellent and definitely a must see but, still kinda depressing.

    “i do whatever my polls say”
    You should make a poll of this.

  18. Ehh? You got fired?! Why??!! Also, how are your eyes?

    Hmm, I think Tiger & Bunny and Level E will disappoint you the least. I haven’t completed Steins; Gate yet (on epi 18 so far), but that’s brilliant so far. And Chihayafuru, which has just finished, has been awesome too (even though it’s basically a sports anime disguised as a shoujo, haha).

    Have fun!

  19. That was one year? With all the WORLD most definitely not REFUSING TO CHANGE that happened, it felt more like a year and a half.
    In regards to Stand Alone Complex, I have to say that the wordiness could more be attributed to the influence of Mamoru Oshii’s movies than anything else. If there’s one thing that man does well, it’s take a staggeringly unintellectual or flippantly-written storyline and strangle it until it only has enough voice left to defend its merits, and the influence of that style can be felt still today.
    I feel I’ve been very remiss for not recommending a good live-action work of his, “Avalon”. It’s probably the only film I’ve seen that responsibly tackles the idea of “escapism” without making me want to take a nap. The gun porn helps.
    There was also an anime film of his, “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”, his brain-child that, at the last second, he was swapped to directing the Ghost in the Shell film instead of, and the end result was that he wound up directing Ghost in the Shell as though it were Jin-Roh anyways, except with less confusion. If I had to sum up Jin-Roh and the rest of the “Kerberos Saga” that it belongs to, I’d say: really cool looking armor-wearing secret police that have been ripped off by video games for the last decade use Nazi firearms and really confusing political gambits to shoot just the right people. They are also totalitarian dogs, here portrayed as a lesser evil to modern Japanese society.

    As I am writing this, I am also being struck about the head and neck by someone who is chanting,
    and it’s really getting rather painful.
    When pressed for elaboration, I got:
    “Ikoku Meiro no Croisee: A cute kimono wearing girl works at a shop for wrought iron signposts meets cute french people and makes a silly face when she’s trying to pretend she doesn’t hate cheese.”

    Good to see you again.

    • Pleasure’s all mine.

      You missed your ideal window for recommending anything live action—is what I was going to say, but after looking it up I must admit I’m intrigued by the Japanese–Polish collaboration. And gun porn. And MaƂgorzata Foremniak.

      Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade rings a bell. I’m not sure why or how, which is irritating enough to make me want to watch it.

  20. Meh, just going to say what everyone else’s saying. Best anime (in that order):
    Stein;s Gate
    Usagi Drop
    Madoka Magica
    Natsume Yuujinchou (although this is out of the question for you I guess)

    Fuck everything else. Also that Naruto OP is so badass.

    • The Naruto OP carried the hopes and dreams of the filler-weary. To its credit, it delivered for a few episodes.

      I’m reluctant to watch anything with spirits in it. Ghosts on the other hand…

      Probably would’ve watched Arrietty if my eyes worked. Haven’t been to a movie theater in years. Thinking of breaking it with the Hunger Games.

  21. C
    Kawamo wo Suberu Kaze
    Hourou Musuko

    Norageki! is quite cynical, so I guess it’s worth the 20 minutes, though I’d say that Pale Cocoon is much better.

    And I’m not so sure about supernatural detective shows kicking ass: UN-GO was extremely clever with its philosophical view of things (comparable to GitS) and Umineko is a fantastic show but there’s always shit like GOSICK.

    • Kawamo wo Suberu Kaze: An anime about a 33-year-old woman? Did I read that right? I didn’t know women that old existed in anime.

      Hourou Musuko: If I don’t watch it, this is why.

      Still haven’t gotten around to watching Pale Cocoon. Will do.

      Never seen GOSICK. Never will.

  22. I was going to post the same list as everyone else, but since you’ll end up watching Stein’s;Gate / Madoka / Fate/Zero anyway, I’ll find a way to discretely enter them into this paragraph. Oh wait, nevermind, mission accomplished.

    More importantly, are you going to MTAC next weekend, because my buddy and I are going and we’ve never been. I haven’t have time off work to do this kind of thing in years, so we want to try to get the most out of it. If you want I’ll carry a big sign that says Baka-Raptor and act like I’m waiting to pick you up from the airport… Nah not really. But I promise you that you’ll know me when you see me. Unless there’s another Jitaku Keibitai walking around. In which case I laugh at him, because my equipment was issued to me and thus free.

    • Won’t be going to MTAC this year. Last time I was in Tennessee, as well as the last time I was at any con, was during the flood of 2010. I’m in New York these days, and the only two cons I’m considering attending right now are AnimeNEXT and Otakon.

  23. I’m only gonna echo Tiger & Bunny and Level E. Mostly because I think you’ll really like the main characters.

    Tiger is a aging single father who keeps his super hero status a secret from his daughter. Though it’s not the primary drive of the shows plot I feel like Tiger’s status as over the age of 30 and with a kid makes him a fairly unique character compared to most anime.

    Prince Baka in Level E is present through most of the stories and is more trickster archetype than rounded character. Still, the amount of shit he puts everyone from his subordinates to a random group of middle school students through is side-splitting. The series wields it’s humor like a like a knife; sharp and liable to cut you.

  24. Penguindrum. It has yuri. Trust me. Also Yuru Yuri if you’re into bad filler anime with yuri. And Tamayura if you want cute girls doing nothing but being adorable and relaxed, Aria style.

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