Unlimited Blade Works = Unlimited Action

There are many things that visual novels, light novels, manga, and other non-animated works can do better than anime. Action is not one of them. Action is meant to be watched, not interpreted. Nobody wants to read a fight or piece together still shots of a sporting event. Not only is it oxymoronic for “action” not to move, most of the time you struggle to figure out exactly what’s going on, especially in fantasy settings.

Shirou fights in Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel, which focus on how much pain he endures and how much willpower he has, are particularly unsuited for written format. A typical Shirou fight reads something like this:

“My body can’t move!”

Takes 10 steps.

“My body is past its limit!”

Creates two more swords.

“The pain is unbearable!”

Creates two more swords, again.

“My joints are about to break!”

Kills one of the strongest characters in the story.

The Unlimited Blade Works movie is the perfect supplement to the visual novel. Read the VN for all the plot, theory, dialogue, and character development. If you don’t, the movie will probably make no sense. Then watch the movie for the nonstop action. Instead of standing around and talking, the characters stand around killing each other, and by stand around I mean kill each other. That’s making the most out of the two-hour movie format.

Finally, quit bitching about the sex scene being replaced by CG. This is hilarious from a trolling standpoint and legitimately better from a critical standpoint. The sex scenes in the novel were confusing and repetitive, just like sex in real life. During Heaven’s Feel, I put the sex scene on auto-play and started washing my dishes (not a metaphor). I finished 25 minutes later and it still wasn’t over.

Final Grade: ++

I have created over 24 blades

  1. “During Heaven’s Feel, I put the sex scene on auto-play and started washing my dishes (not a metaphor). I finished 25 minutes later and it still wasn’t over.”

    — That is the power of Nasuverse eroge, after all.

    People who haven’t played the VN would go, WTF did I just watch? What a waste of time. My only suggestion to them would be to quit whining and go play the VN and no, fate/stay night anime is not an option.

    • About six years ago, I used to hang around a Type-Moon imageboard (before I even knew what an imageboard was), where I was exposed to every spoiler in the entire Nasuverse. I thought to myself, “I’ll never be a big enough loser to play a VN, so what’s the harm?” I was so young…

  2. Nasu’s written sex scenes are simply horrible. One of the worst of the entire erogè industry…so I can feel your pain. 😀

    • They are so bad. So very bad. I read the first one and laughed my ass off, after that I skipped the rest. I don’t think he ever liked writing them and just had to since it was needed to sell the game.

  3. One wonders why he even put them there in the first place. Not all Visual Novels are erogè, after all…

    But you know what? “Nobody wants to read a fight”? Yeah, well FUCK THAT SHIT I am going to write the most motherfucking BEST FIGHT EVER and it will be EXCITING and HUMOROUS and BLOODY AWESOME. AND PEOPLE WILL WANT TO READ IT.

    P.S. I just realized, è better approximates the Japanese e sound than é…

    • You’re quite ambitious. To prove me wrong, you’d only need to find one person who wants to read it, not necessarily a plurality of people.

      P.S. I don’t care, I’m not French.

      • Well, then. I’ve read a certain fanfic that used Nasu-verse magic mechanics in a completely unrelated fandom, that had action scenes so well-written that I actually for once read them. And LIKED them. There you go.

        (Otherwise I agree – action in manga is just confusing messy lines, in written fiction it’s just walls of text, in movies it looks cheesy, and in video games – well, you don’t think about what it looks like when you’re busy killing Lucifer)

  4. Eroge sex scenes are mostly horrible by standard, that’s why I skip almost all of them, or leave them in auto mode and clean the house. It’s where I got my handle name, @fkeroge. I play eroge afk during H-scenes.

    • And here I thought your name was patterned after the Hokage or something.

      So people actually play eroge for reasons other than the sex scenes? I had no idea. That’s like buying Playboy for the articles.

      • Many visual novels just add sex scenes for added sale potential, much like the obligatory bed scenes in Hollywood action movies – many VNs tend to rely more on art, story or gameplay to stand out. You should try playing the most famous English translated VNs sometimes…

  5. Watch the movie for the action.

    Or don’t because the action scenes aren’t even good, and go watch Sword of the Stranger or something. Just pretend it’s the characters from Fate. The dialog will make no less sense.

  6. well , I found it difficult to read the text during the sex scenes in tsukihime or fate/stay night VN …………….

  7. It’s been a long time raptor! Anyways, I was skeptical about UBW…it was on this iPad streaming site that disappeared along w/black rock shooter…-_-” I wish I would have watched it. I think I was so jaded by fate/stay:night till I refused to give anything other than the visual novel or Fate/Zero a chance. I’m glad to hear it was a good one.

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