Higurashi Can Do No Wrong

Higurashi can make as many filler episodes as it wants. Lazy premises, cheesy jokes, plot holes, rampant pedophilia—who cares? I will watch every one, buy all the merchandise, and then burn it when I find out the seiyuu aren’t virgins.

Only Higurashi can get away with an opening theme called Happy! Lucky! Dochy!

The Higurashi franchise has seen a steady regression in its opening themes.

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Perfect)
  • Naraku no Hana (Different title, still thematically appropriate)
  • Super Scription of Data (Irrelevant title, still sung by Eiko Shimamiya)
  • Happy! Lucky! Dochy! (Irrelevant, sung by seiyuu, questionable romanization)

Yet not only is this crappy song stuck in my head, I also spent about two straight hours listening to the magical girl song from episode 2.

Entertaining filler is normally a product of great characters, but I don’t consider any of the Higurashi characters great except Rika, who doesn’t even stand out until Higurashi Kai. The rest of the characters aren’t bad by any means; they’re simply role players. If Higurashi were a sports team, I’d say the characters mainly seem good because of the system they’re playing in. They should’ve lost their charm when the plot and atmosphere changed, yet they’re amusing as ever.

I could say the writing is great, though I couldn’t say it with a straight face. I could say the animation is great, except it probably isn’t, I don’t care, and I couldn’t tell great animation from crap even if I weren’t blind. The best explanation I can come up with is that the characters built up a lot of good will back when they were killing each other. Now they can get away with murder.