Talk-A-Raptor -2: Now with a Slideshow

Table of Contents:

  • Angel Heart – 0:18
  • Ashita no Joe – 2:01
  • Hunter x Hunter – 3:54
  • Initial D – 4:45
  • Mysterious Girlfriend X – 5:00
  • Polar Bear’s Cafe – 5:36
  • News & Extras – 6:18

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  1. moridin84 says:

    Hmm, say I have some time over the Christmas to watch something. Should I watch City Hunter or Ashita no Joe? I assume I probably shouldn’t watch Angel Heart before City Hunter.

    Also Mysterious Girlfriend X? Ick.

  2. Reed says:

    Angel Heart sounds pretty fuckin’ kawaii.

    Ashita no Joe has some major TWEESTs coming up over the next ten episodes or so.

  3. Jay says:

    Say, HxH is pronounced as “Hunter Hunter”. You might draw the ire of weeaboos out there.

  4. Sam says:

    Bring back Tidus and the carpeted, whitewashed hellhole that I presume is your living space.


    • Baka-Raptor says:

      Lease expired almost five years ago. No problem getting my security deposit back. Place looked like human life had never set foot in it.

      I have plans for Tidus. But right now he’s on leave to mourn the untimely departure of Mrs. Can of Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil.

  5. gan says:

    Interesting…I didn’t know about Talk-a-raptor ‘minus’ versions (after seeing this one,I visited the earlier -1 one)

    Nothing much to say about the anime which you’ve listed…except that; I get the feeling you’ve picked up Ashita no Joe based on a comment I made once! If so, then I’m glad for that.

    Other than that, there are tons of series which you should be watching/reading instead of your ‘~’ shows!

    Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers) –> This is an awesome one. If you’re not seeing it, then do it right now! In fact, this is the type of series which is worth seeing once a week than marathoning! The humor is cleverly used and the plot is really good too! I’m sure you’ll give it a minimum of ++ if at all you’re gonna try it.

    Master Keaton: I’m watching this right now. I’m surprised that you haven’t seen this; considering that it is 90s anime + Urasawa = Kickass. Anyways it’s not that great as Monster, but it’s good. It’s an episodic one, so you can watch it just when you feel like.

    20th Century Boys: Urasawa again! And I’m even more surprised that you haven’t read it (at least I don’t see it in your manga list) It’s hard to say which is better…Monster or 20th CB; I’d say the latter. There hasn’t been a manga which I’ve finished reading in one week of a whooping 24 volumes! It’s damn addictive which I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna miss.

    I’m waiting for the review of Mirai Nikki…I’ve seen almost all of your +++ rated shows (and agree with all of them) but wanted to know what in Mirai Nikki makes it so good (many different sites have diverging opinions)

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      I was just following the Rule of Three. If I get three separate recommendations for a show, I will watch it.

      Heard Space Bros is good but slow. Plan to watch, but not until it’s over.

      Oh, that Urasawa. (I’m bad with namaes.) In that case I have no choice but to consume everything he’s ever written.

  6. The Yoshinator says:

    I like the talk-a-raptor series, yet I can’t find the -1 one. And City Hunter is definitely awesome, so Angel Heart sounds pretty good.

  7. ahelo says:

    If you’re not feeling the magic of Mysterious Girlfirend X halfway in then you’re probably never gonna feel it.

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