Talk-A-Raptor 11: An Unbiased Review of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Bonus Comments:

Just wanted to add a few comments I didn’t get around to making in the video. These will be added whenever I feel like it. Also, possible bonus comic coming.

  • I criticized the magnifying glass because it creates a sense of paranoia about missing secrets if you don’t have it on. On top of that, it’s only useful a few times.
  • The difficulty level was satisfying. I died several times, though for some reason most of those deaths came during dungeon crawling instead of boss battles.
  • With the exception of the final battle, I never came close to running out of magic power. While some of the magic powers seemed useful, I never felt the urge to play around with them.
  • Speaking of the final battle, Ganon’s final form, through predictable based on the previous Zelda games, was pretty badass.
  • The other sidequest I did was the Gerudo Training Center. Cool quest, useless prize.
  • I liked that the different shields/tunics merely granted different abilities instead of granting extra overall defense as well. You don’t really need that in an action RPG, and it makes the game more challenging.
  • Here’s A LINK TO a post I wrote in THE PAST about A Link to the Past
  • Obligatory embedding of The Return of Ganondorf

  • Okami is the poor man’s Zelda?
  • No sword beams?
  • One other sidequest I tried was the marathon runner, in case you were still wondering why I didn’t care about the sidequests.
  • The text speed was way too slow. Completely forgot about this until I started Majora’s Mask. Much better.
  • Ocarina of Time manga: +
  • Majora’s Mask: + (dropped). Neat gameplay, too much bitch work.