Non-Psycho-Pass Shows that Need a Second Season

A few years ago, I listed a few Non-Haruhi shows that needed a second season. None of them got one. Haruhi did. It sucked.

Now I hear that Psycho-Pass is getting a second season. Nothing good can come of this. Nothing. Why not give some of these other shows a second season instead?

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

Could the Umineko Visual Novel possibly be any longer? (That’s a rhetorical question; please don’t torture yourself looking into this.) An entire second season could be produced before I finish reading the Umineko VN. Hell, I could probably draw an entire flipbook animation for Umineko Chiru in the time it’ll take to finish reading the VN.

Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice is one of those shows you’d expect to suck because it’s about a little girl who’s always happy for some reason. Then you breathe a sigh of relief as she gets comically victimized by everyone around her. For example, her classmate always lights her on fire. Then she gets violated by an axe-wielding bear. I wish I remembered why.

The first season is nearly a decade old. With the manga still running, there should be plenty of material for a second season.


A poor man’s Legend of the Galactic Heroes is still better than a rich man’s generic yuri/harem/slice-of-life/incest sitcom. Besides, Tytania is excessively pornographic, covering everything from tentacle rape to prostitwins. That’s more territory than you’d think.

Need new material for a second season? No worries, the author just finished writing his first new Tytania novel in 22 years. He must’ve finally finished reading Umineko.


I swore I wouldn’t watch the first season until the second season came out. That was three years ago. Any day now…

Carnival Phantasm

Here’s a show that had no right to be good. Industry attempts to co-opt fan culture are often total disasters. Remember Nyoron Churuya-san? (Not that it was funny in the first place, but the animation took it to new levels of shittiness, ~~~.)

Carnival Phantasm hits all the right notes. It “gets” the fandom. It goes surprisingly easy on the crossovers. It doesn’t settle for “that’s the joke” jokes. It doesn’t explain its jokes or rely on screaming to deliver punchlines. Best of all, there’s still a whole bunch of Type-Moon characters they haven’t thrown in yet. Clearly there’s material for a second season.

Psycho-Pass II: Lesbo-Pass

On second thought, I wouldn’t mind a second season of Psycho-Pass if it honed in on the “character development”. (Did I criticize generic yuri anime earlier in this post? No? Good.)

Lesbo-Pass takes place in a dystopian police-state where video cameras are constantly monitoring society for lesbian activity. When someone’s lesbian coefficient skyrockets, a lethal lesbian SWAT team is unleashed to engage them. They use their dominators to dominate the burgeoning lesbians and lock them up for further surveillance.