Queen’s Blade Rebellion vs. Princess Tutu: An Objective Analysis

Round 1: Title

Queens > Princesses

Blades > Tutus

Rebellion > (Imagine calling it Princess Tutu Rebellion. So much better.)

Advantage: Queen’s Blade Rebellion

Round 2: Appropriately sized breasts

Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Full breasts on adult women

Princess Tutu: Side-boob on a teenage girl, kiddie tits on a girl who otherwise appears prepubescent

Advantage: Queen’s Blade Rebellion

Round 3: Inanimate humanoid objects with feelings

Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Mecha-maid

Princess Tutu: Puppet that speaks in riddles

Advantage: Queen’s Blade Rebellion

Current Score: 30

I’m only about halfway done with Princess Tutu. I’ll update this match if Princess Tutu launches a comeback over its second half.

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6 people realize this is a blatant filler post and Princess Tutu will never win under any conceivable circumstance

  1. Baphomet says:

    What happened to the poll?

  2. Fat Nakago says:

    Based on your objective analysis, I’ve got Princess Tutu leading 3-0 on MY scorecard.

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