18 minutes of crickets, tumbleweeds, and awkward silence were cut out

  1. This was good, Baka-Raptor. Speaking with more conviction, moving around more, and fluctuating your tone would all make your stage presence more engaging. Standing does suck, I suggest you bring a stool next time. You should do a set at Youmacon, man.

    • Yeah, it really would’ve helped if I’d recorded myself rehearsing. I spent pretty much all my practice time trying to get my jokes in order and finish under the time limit. I also should’ve practiced holding the mic and the clicker at the same time. It was unexpectedly discombobulating.

      Hey, I’d do Youmacon, if for no other reason than to write up some Detroit Metal City jokes.

    • Yeah, I made a joke along those lines. The audience’s minds were blown too, which is why they were unable to laugh. JoJo = Jo x Jo cuz you don’t pronounce the x, get it?

  2. When I saw this in my RSS feed I initially read “sextape”.

    I’m not sure if it’s the youtube video or what but I sometimes had trouble hearing what you were saying. Kind seemed like you were talking too fast as well.

    Ended on the best joke.

    I was expecting something terrible but it was pretty decent. This isn’t your first time doing stand up is it?

    • No, no, the sextape is my April Fool’s post.

      Here’s the deal: I was scheduled for a half-hour panel, so I wrote about a half hour’s worth of material. Then I was told I only had 25 minutes, as there’s a 5 minute setup period between panels. In addition, when it was time for my panel to start, only 3 people were in the audience, so I waited a few more minutes until 3 more people walked in. (A few more wandered in by the end, probably 10-15 at that point.) Basically, I was trying to squeeze 30 minutes of material into 20 minutes and ended up rushing. Next time I’ll just plan for a solid 15 minutes flat.

      That’s how it works, gotta start strong, end strong, and leave all the filler jokes in the middle.

      This 5 minutes was pretty decent. The 15 minutes of terrible was edited out. I’ve done stand-up once before, first year of college, and was pretty terrible back then. Builds character.

  3. Absolutely glorious.
    That Naruto cosplayer, oh man. And I’m glad to see the classic twig stepping mentioned.

    I wish I could have goneeeeeee. 🙁

    Better ctach up on the boondocks, everyone’s favorite anime, in the mean time.

    • I was planning to skip that joke if I didn’t have an audience volunteer. Then I saw a Naruto cosplayer walk in and thought I hit the jackpot! Geez, what a tease.

      A bunch of my jokes fell flat because nobody in the audience saw the anime I was talking about. This is why you can’t do stand-up in front of six people—EVEN THE NARUTO JOKES DON’T WORK! A lot of the panels in general were poorly attended. Panel before me canceled because not enough people showed up. Panel after me had three people. Kinda surprising there were so few people given that I spent an hour and a half in the pre-reg line.

      • Why would you go to a panel to see some random guy doing some, probably lame, standup comedy?

        That would be my attitude if I went to that convention.

        • Yeah, I hit the maid cafe on Sunday morning and got the Butler Parfait. It pretty busy. Told it was crazy on Saturday night.

          Vendors room was pretty crowded. Game room had a fair number of people throughout. Other than that, I have no idea where everyone went. Halls were always full but the panels were barren.

  4. Ah, the prehistoric classics.
    A little too classic in some cases though, don’t you think? At least, that’s what my biggest worry would be; did you get the impression that some of the jokes would be a little passé? Sort of hard to tell with that sample size, I’ll admit…but I’m cringing at it not necessarily because it’s bad, but because I implicitly know I couldn’t get a better reaction with the same material.
    Only, I don’t know which reason is more significant.

    • Here’s how other anime con stand-up comedians tackle the issue: they only make jokes about Pokemon, Doctor Who, and non-specific geekdom. No jokes about any specific anime. Perhaps I gave the audience too much credit, but I don’t regret at least giving them some. Given a larger audience, I’d take the same approach.

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