Umineko: Final Thoughts

Still better art than the VN

Best Chapters

Chapter 3: A survivor?! A real Beatrice?! Capping the number of suspects?! Mo├ętrice?! Sheer number of bombs being dropped in a non-solution arc make this the best chapter.

Chapter 7 Tea Party: An actual solution?!

Beatrice x Battler scene from the Magic Ending: Ryukishi07 can really write when he wants to.

Worst Chapters

Chapter 1: No Beatrice.

Chapter 4: Too much Ange backstory, overdid the magical version of events, lots of characters acting out of character. On the bright side, it sets up the Chapter 7 Tea Party, and the Sakutaro backstory was solid.

Thoughts on other Chapters

Chapter 2: Better than Chapter 1, not as good as Chapter 3. Good setup, but Battler’s incompetence makes it painful to follow.

Chapters 5-6: Not enough Beatrice. Battler fighting the detective was a cool twist. Not crazy about Erika, but she’s amusing for what she’s worth.

Chapter 7: Valuable infodumping, but hard to treat as a real story arc. Will and Lion are both likable. Delightful Tea Party!

Chapter 8: In-story logic games and Bernkastel’s tutoring game were pretty cool. Speaking of Bernkastel, this is the only time I’ve ever liked a character more when I didn’t know she was an evil lesbian. Way too much teasing on revealing the whole solution; it was obviously never going to happen. Pushes the theme of love too hard, but you buy in by the end. Still have no clue what to make of the pirate attack. Battler x Beatrice ending had some of the best writing I’ve seen in a long time.

Best Opening

Chapters 5-6. This applies to both the PC version and its PS3 knock-off.

Best Character

Any scene with Beatrice > Any scene without Beatrice

Honorable Mentions: Eva, Rosa

Worst Character

Pointless and bitchy. Bitchy characters should at least have a purpose.

Dishonorable Mentions: Kumasawa, Kanon

Thoughts on Solutions

The Epitaph: Ridiculously hard, but it had to be that way to keep fans from solving it. Bold move. I approve.

Beatrice’s True Identity: Fascinating but totally implausible. Shouldn’t somebody have noticed? Shouldn’t the whole fucking island have noticed? Hiding behind an unreliable narrator is no excuse. You can only get away with this shit in anime/manga/visual novels.

Game Solutions: Not as satisfying as I expected. Too many co-conspirators, and most fall in line predictably. I can’t say I’ve nailed the solutions in-depth, but you’re looking at at least five co-conspirators per game. It’s inelegant. Something along the lines of the solution to Bernkastel’s training game would’ve been a lot more satisfying.

Final Grade: +